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Sins Of The Idol: Wrath (Reader Discretion Advised)

WARNING: This post and its corresponding video contains scenes of a disturbing and graphic nature. Issues of domestic violence and homicide are present throughout, so for all those who are sensitive to or dislike these themes of violence, please do not pass the break on this post.

Idols don't show their angry sides to us. They show us playful, energetic and cute personalities filled with hope and sweetness, but we all should know by now that sometimes, it's the quiet and sweet ones who are filled with the most frustration and anger. And sometimes, these people boil over, and everything they have pent up inside starts to spill out.

Let's just hope that all of the hatred and rage unleashed isn't the kind that will end with people being hurt.

Innocence isn't always a part of the package. It's time to reveal the Idol's Wrath.

Wrath - An intense, emotional response that manifests until the point of being uncontrollable. Wrath is often present in the form of violence, injury and hatred. It can be revealed when seeking vengeance. Also known as Fury or Anger.

The colour associated with this sin is red.

Here's a Music Video that I freakin' adore, and one of the first few I ~knew~ had to be on the list for the Sins that I would be reviewing. Filled with disdain, violence and a thirst for vengeance, GiANT KiLLERS is the perfect contender for the theme of Wrath. I could not have picked a better music video,

In hindsight, though, I could have used AKB48's Beginner, if I hadn't been so intent on using GiANT KiLLERS. Dangit, opportunity missed!

This video is truly filled with wrath, however. Every moment is pretty intense and creepy, even the quietest and most innocent of moments. No matter how many times I watch GiANT KiLLERS, there is always going to be something uncomfortable and upsetting about it. Of course, that's the whole point of this video; it is here to unsettle and disturb you, whilst also exacting the revenge these girls feel as they put all their hatred into the trigger they hold between their fingers.

But is using wrath in the name of revenge really a reason to commit this sin at all, or are the members of BiSH as bad as the criminals that commit sin for no good reason at all?

It's time to look at the most hateful sin of them all, the one that calls for the most punishment. No matter what kind of mask we put on, and no matter how much we try to hide it, there is wrath inside us all. This is the sin we will always try to hide, for the sake of society and our loved ones.

Sometimes, however, we need to let it all out. It's time to unleash your Wrath, fellow sinners...

Maware! Maware! MERRY GO ROUND

Okay, this is actually one of the more pleasant scenes. Aside from that creepy silence and the small tinkling of a tiny piano, of course o3o Dat shit reminds me of horror movies o3o

Okay, WTF? Why are their eyes like that!? D8

I can already tell from that nose, that this is my LiNGLiNG. She looks like a creepy doll, though ;;

Okay, who the hell are you? Why did everyone go silent? WHY HAS THE PIANO STOPPED?

SHIT, he makes Chihiro quiver in fear! WTF is this dude doing to BiSH? Does he even know who they are?

Dude, hands off the fanfiction! That's some good Harry x Draco, there! D8<

Dude: "You DARE tarnish my paper with Drarry!? I wanted RONCO!!!"

Seriously, though, BiSH need to get the fuck out of there.

Fuck, fuck, FUUUUUCK, get out of there, girls!

Shit, what the fuck is this guy going to do to Ayuni D? WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HER!?

BABIES!!! ;; </3

I wanna save them and just kick that dude in the balls, y'know?

I feel like this is the look of revenge, y'know?

Aina: "H-How dare he diss Drarry..."

Yo, don't fuck with other peoples property. Fair warning.

So he's an alcoholic and an angry old git? Dude, that's two sins, and counting.

Yeah, I'm already freaking the fuck out for Ayuni's safety. These are damn intense scenes.

Thinking about it, this is a pretty creepy scene. The room feels full, but everything about it is empty and cold.

Okay, am I seeing things, or is that bruise on Aina's cheek in the shape of a faded heart?

Yo, that's sick and creepy. Kinda like how Aina just lip synchs this part so bloody kindly, despite how harsh and loud the lines are.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!

Fuck, it's so much worse when they break away from a scene just before the horrible stuff happens ;; I DON'T WANNA IMAGINE IT!

YO, I feel you, Chihiro. Now, get the fuck outta there and save Ayuni. NOW!


Fuckin' aye, man, she's not a wet rag.

Shit, this scene is suspenseful. The angles amazing, but it really does make me anticipate the worst.

Jeez, those eyes are creepy. Reminds me of the saying 'pulling wool over your eyes', or something to that degree.

Blinded by love, I suppose? Or blinded with the hope that things will one day change?

God damnit, they really do freak you out. No matter how many times I watch the video, those eyes get me. -shudders-

Okay, don't caress them gently and hit them. Sick motherfucker.

Actually, that just makes the whole situation worse. It's as if he thinks that he's showing his love through violence. Yeah, no. Run from that shit, girls, and anyone else who experiences this. Run.

Okay, Chihiro got the keys. CAPTAIN GOT THE KEYS, GUYS, NO LEAVE!

Yeah, no, you're going to Hell, mate.

;; I just wanna hug em all ;;

Oh, shit, they're opening their eyes, they see the reality of it all! They're finally gonna run, yassss!

TBH, though, that make-up was a good metaphor.

Shedding the skin of tolerance, I see.

I can't say innocence, because no eyes are innocent when violence is involved.

YO, you're going down, you fucking sinner.

Momoko's transformation is creepy, but in a good way. And damn, that smile! She finally recognises herself.

Aina's scrunchy face is cute! But good grief, that little wink she does with her painted eye is freaky.

Gotta pucker up and give the people something nice to look at before the big showdown, aye, Atsuko?

I feel like Atsuko takes great pleasure in the knowledge that she's gonna fuck shit up, or is it just me? XD She seems quite excited by it all.

OH, and look, Aina's breaking and entering. Hopefully we won't head into Greed territories, here.

Ah, yes, nothing more satisfying that smashing shit up. Of course, it'd be much better if those bottles weren't empty.

Holy shit, who keeps an arsenal of weapons in their home!? Oh, yeah. Some angry mother fucker.

Trust LiNGLiNG to grab the only Katana available. YAS, GIRL, SLICE SHIT UP!

Mate, Atsuko's on FYRE!!!!!!

Aina: "Say 'ello to my little friend,"

BOOM, BOOM, down they go like domino's.

YO, Ayuni looks freakin' epic. I wouldn't ever wanna mess with her, though.

Just your everyday killing spree, nothin' to it.

I feel like there's some sort of sick pleasure going through Ayuni D, at this point. She looks far too comfortable in this terrifying situation.

Gleeful Chihiro, going for her morning shoot.

Seriously, that smile looks innocent, but it's twisted in this context.

Momoko's a vengeful little sprite, isn't she? Honestly, though, I have fun watching her play hide and go shoot with these guys.

LiNGLiNG: "Ew. You're touching me. Urgh. And you got blood on my Katana. Rude."

LiNGLiNG's the calm and collected one, but when you touch her and get blood on the damn katana, that's when she looks down on you.

I mean, how dare you fall on her after she stabs you? And how dare you bleed on the katana that pierced your filthy abdomen?

YO, dude, this is no time to look at pretty pictures.

... Wait wait wait, you dressed up BiSH to look like the girl who is, I am assuming, your daughter? What in the fuuuuuuck?

Oh, oh! Double reflection! DOUBLE REFLECTION! What does this mean in film terms, Chiima?

It means he's a two-faced piece of shit, readers \^o^ / YAAAY, WE LEARNDED!

Waiter: "Dude, DUDE, they're coming, they're comi---"

TBH, mate, you didn't know. Y;all should ALWAYS knock.

Y'know, despite going around killing all the staff, BiSH are still quite considerate to keep their shoes off in the home. Don't want mud getting into the carpet, now, do we?

YO, you're not redeemed, mother fucker. That coupon expired loooong ago.

Gawd DAMNIT, Aina looks creepy as all heck here. Look at that shadow! LOOK AT IT!!!

Also, damn, the whole squad's here. Better start running, ya piece of shit.

Mother fucker, don't try and ask for fucking forgiveness.

Also, kinda off-key, but I swear, we used to have a set of those curtains in our family living room... o-O

Okay, this is creepy again. Who the fuck is shining a light under the creepy motherfucker walking towards us? John, stop it!

Yo, I'd be scared, too. But shit, girls, don't feel apprehensive.

God damn, why is this so intense!? DX



Nope. Nuh uh. I feel nothing for you. You're pretty much Satan incarnate.

Aina. Aina, bb. It's okay to turn back around and run. Don't worry, I wouldn't blame you D8

;; AINA!!!! ;;

Oh, shit, it's as if they have all collectively realised somethint. Finally, they've opened their eyes completely.

DAMN, LiLINGLiLING! You should have been my Halloween banner, I swear!

Actually, it makes complete sense that he dies via Ayuni's bullet. He did hurt her at the start, after all.

Giant's being adults, yes?



I want to put out there that, despite all my jokes and the lack of seriousness my posts hold, I do not condone the violence that has ensued within the video I am reviewing. The things that have happened within GiANT KiLLERS are serious acts and crimes that I in no way condone from anyone, and acts that I take seriously myself. I just happen to be a writer who makes light of almost everything I watch when I am reviewing it. That is my style, and it won't change any time soon.

Of course, it is sometimes good to look at these kinds of videos, because whilst they are very dark and serious in tone, it grounds me, and it makes me think. So, I really did try my best not to jest throughout this review, because the tone of the video is not as light-hearted as other videos present in this current series.

So, looking at GiANT KiLLERS... yeah, it's a dark video. From the beginning until the very end, violence is present. There is never a moment where it isn't there dark or disturbing, because even the mere presence of bruises or alcohol, weapons and breaking possessions are signs of violence and disruption. It is always dark and twisted, and because of that, we feel uncomfortable, sad and hateful towards the antagonist.

Oh, damn. I've just realised that the video itself makes us feel the wrath that is present in the MV. Holy crackers, that's quite an eye-opener.

But, yeah, this video is violent as all heck, and it can get to a point where it can be a little bit of a trigger for some who watch it. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, and I wouldn't recommend it to those who have dealt with violence in their life before. There are some deep, intense scenes here, ones that made me cry quite a bit when I watched GiANT KiLLERS for the first time. I didn't expect it to get so heavy, or for the topic to include something like domestic violence. The emotions I felt were strong, and I admit it; I was rooting for BiSH to kill the guy in the end, because of the pain he put them through. It wasn't good to think that, and I know this is all fictional and made to create a reaction, but I also know that there is some reality to this; domestic violence happens, and sometimes, those attacked will exact their own revenge, sometimes in the form of violence and / or murder, because another persons wrath can create a new wrath within their victim(s).

So, even if this is a fictional creation, we should still take it seriously, and try to understand it as well. Yes, it's upsetting to watch, and yeah, it's pretty damn heavy, but it's showing us something that does happen, and one of the potential reactions this chain of wrath can create.

In terms of the quality of the video itself, I think that GiANT KiLLERS is pretty amazing. Its tone is always dark, the colour low and cold no matter what scene we are in. There is never any true warmth here, even when the interior has earthy, warm tones thrown in there; because the contrast is taken down a notch, and the shadows enhanced, every scene feels eerie and makes a point of leaving the viewer on edge for what's going to happen next. I'm always on the edge of my seat with GiANT KiLLERS, even though I know what's going to happen. I still feel a great sense of dread as I watch it, and I still feel like I can't breathe whenever the actor they hired hits the girls. This video never fails to horrify me, which, let's be honest, is the reaction its trying to gauge from me.

There are some amazing shots here, too, ones which work so well for the video and only enhance just how intense and terrifying it truly is. Sharp edits, quick turns, continuous tracking shots and low or high angles are used to create intensity, to show us who is the dominant force within this fucked up relationship between BiSH and the abusive man, as well as to allow viewers to feel the fast, violent pace of the whole video. These are the kinds of camera angles and shots you would see in any fierce action scene or heart-pounding chase sequence, maybe even a good horror movie (who makes any of those, nowadays?), because they are the kind of shots that create fear, a rush of adrenaline, and a surge of panic.

I'm a little surprised that there are no dutch angles, though. Ah, well. The video is bloody amazing without them.

GiANT KiLLERS is intense, dark and violent, and it would probably upset quite a few people viewing it, but, it's still an amazing video. It tackles an issue that is prevalent in all societies, and though the consequences of the violent figure are dealt with in a more violent, excessive way, I think it gets the point of revenge and rebellion across well. It may not have been the ideal way to handle things in the real world, but, in the world of Wrath and the realm of vision, BiSH's act of revenge is quite a spectacle, a visually striking one, at that.

It invokes fear, disdain, a hunger for pain and the need to exact revenge. From beginning to end, GiANT KiLLERS embodies Wrath in all forms. There is no hiding from it, and there is no way to run from it until the deed is done.

This is their Sin, and BiSH will not go down until their fight has been won. Will you stand beside them, or will you face their Wrath head on?

It is an unforgivable sin, and it will not be met with the same lack of acknowledgement the other sins have undergone in the past. No matter what, Wrath is intolerable, an act that society look down upon, no matter what form it comes under.

Even in the act of revenge, Wrath is not applauded, no matter how in the right you or others feel.

Now that we have exacted all our frustration, what Sin will appear next, dear readers? There are only three left, so take your pick, and guess which Idols will appear in the up-coming post.

Until next time, Wota. Try not to Sin too much, take care of yourselves, enjoy the music and videos you are graced with, and of course, love thy Idols, no matter how much the sin. And thank you for reading~

Sinful Thinking and Regards,

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