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Sins Of The Idol: Greed

Our Idols are perfect, at least to our clouded gaze. But, like everyone in this wide world, Idols are mere mortals, too. They suffer the same ways we do, but instead of flaunting their imperfections, they wear a mask of absolute perfection, all to please their fans and onlookers.

But like everyone, Idols sin.

For 7 posts, our Idols will sin. With a focus on the negative, let's enjoy watching our Idols commit acts that go against the virtues they tote with pride. Let's finally see them for the imperfect humans that they are, and see what kind of Sin they will play beside...

Tonight, we look at Greed. Just who will embody such a strong desire for excessive wealth and materialistic objects...?

Greed  An insatiable desire for wealth or material gain, a longing for unnecessary excess. One of the three sins linked to Desire. It is a sin that will never be sated, no matter how much is acquired. Also known as Avarice or Covetousness.

The colour associated with this sin is yellow.

Ever since my first viewing of Kaitou♡Black Cats, I've wanted to review this music video. Of course, I never got around to it, but after thinking long and hard about the list of PV's I wanted to review for this Sins Of The Idol series, I realised just how purrrfect Erabareshi and their latest release were for it! I mean, seriously, it has greed written all over it!

Whether we look at it from the perspective of the Guard Dog, or the characters of the Erabareshi Cats, both parties are guilty of the Sin. Riddled with a desire to gain even more wealth than they need, we watch how Erabareshi rush to steal treasure that was stolen before, and how they try to keep their treasures from the filthy paws of the Guard Dog. Neither want to share, and Erabareshi do not rush to give their newly acquired wealth to someone who needs it.

So, for that, I condemn the members of Erabareshi to the sin of GREED! I won't even dare to mention what the punishment will be, for committing such a sinful act!

Well, I hope that these girls can repent for their sin, one way or another! It'd be a shame to see them punished, even if they did do something wrong.

But, why did they do it? Was it all in the name of taking what wasn't someone else's? Were they taking back what was rightfully theirs from the beginning? Or was it truly a selfish act, one that benefits them in the end of it all?

Let's take a look, and let's find out! Are they guilty of SIN, or do you think it's all a misunderstanding? It's time to watch and see!


Oh damn, I want a house like that! Can someone make me a dolls house that looks like this?

Guard Dog: "Oh, hi thar."

Were you Kabe-DON'ing the damn door? e.e

... Wait, wtf is dis? So the lead Idols aren't the thieves? WHAT?

Why in the heck is the damn dog in cahoots with gangsters, aye?

Okay, this is actually pretty damn creepy. I wouldn't want that dog anywhere near me or my Idols!

Good grief, that's a lot of treasure you have, there! Care to share a little? I gotta commission someone for a doll house...~

Guard Dog: "Naw, bitch, dis is mine!"


Why does this remind me of that one-off anime series, Kaitou Reinya? Like, srsly.

Shiho: "Does this make my chest look bigger~?"

Diamonds are a girls best friend (according to the early 50's, that is).

Erabareshi: "Let's live in luxury!"

-proceeds to jump around like children. Trashes place-

Fuuka: "Ooooooh, SHINY! Mine mine mine~"

Yo, this chick reminds me of Ogura Yui. Same under-bite and all!

Azuki: "Chuu~"

Okay, this one is a cutie. Also, dude, I think those are plastic? Don't eat 'em, they could be a choking hazard, not to mention inedible.

Erabareshi: "Let's scout for new members~"

Wait, hasn't AKS taken all the eligible Idol-aged candidates already?

Erabareshi: "... Hey, let's scout a few 20+ year old Idols!"

Nah, HouPri's got that one covered.

Ah, Idols. Always ready for the spotlight~ So cute!

Yuri is a winking QUEEN! Me love her long time, and she would have suited the era of 'Land of the Winking Wota' once upon a blog ago.

Fuuka be giving me those adorable vibes all over again! And, GASP, there are some edible ears!!! WAAAH!


But damn, none of these Kaitou Idols compare to Ranko! She can steal my heart, my wallet and my bank figures any time! I mean, there isn't much to my name, anyways, but STILL!

Steal everything, Ranko! I will give you my all, you gorgeous thief, you! <3

A picture of perfection! Gracious ladies who look to attain a few treasures for themselves! Le GASP!

Sometimes, the rich only wish to become richer. It actually makes sense that such wealthy girls would want more of what they already have.

Arisa: "Mufufu, you have figured us out. Ah, no matter how much we earn or gain, this desire shall never be sated. We must continue to grow our wealth, no matter what~"

WTF is Kurumi doing in the background tho? XD

Kurumi: "Naw, bitch, piss off. This is MY PRECIOOOOUS!"

Azuki is truly the embodiment of adorable. Like, how can you not find her cute!?


YOOOO, Guard Dog, don't sleep on the job! Your stolen treasure gonna get stoled.

Oh, look, I butchered my spelling again >o>

Fuuka: "NAI!!!"

Oi oi, you're gonna steal, I'm allowed to tell! I think? I dunno.

Whose side am I on, anyways?

The way Azuki just looks at the screen, and the little pout Fuuka delivers. Ahhh, it's all too much! These girls are great in this, they look so sassy! <3

Oh, and...



I just like watching cute Idols dance, okay! Plus, there's a damn awesome Azuki close-up here! <3

Oh, wait, there's more to this mansion / castle than just the columns and checkered floor!?

Also... CAT CHASE!?


Caps are important when it comes to Ranko <3

I really adore this choreography. It's hella catchy and fun to watch!

Nyan nyan nyaaaan~

Shoulda been the CD cover.

Wait, the dog has a gun!? Quick, run, Erabareshi Cats!

But lol, Azuki is bloody taunting him XD What cheek she has.


Nope, nothing to see here. Just innocent, wealthy ladies standing still as can be, pretending to be statues. MOVE ALONG!

Hot damn, we've entered the realms of Lust! Guys, not yet! We're not on that post yet!

TBH, Arisa is pure lust in this. She seems to be the designated 'sekushii' member. She really is a beauty.

FFS, guys, you're meant to be taking this seriously! Nyan hands and peace signs!? This is an investigation, not purikura!

Ranko: "I'll purikura this investigation if I wanna! Grrrr!"

Yuri: "Bitch got told~"


DAMN! Ultimate Waifu material, ermagerd! <3 <3

Ahahahaha, this is great, I love the animated scenes XD

Okay, guys, remember to clean your paws when you leave the bathroom, next time! You're getting prints all over the linoleum!

The excitement of Ogura Yui's rip-off! She's so happy to steal everything from y'all!

Fuuka: "Let me have ya wallet, and ya heart!"

Shiho: "Oh, noes."
Arisa: "Yo, who put their phone on in the cinema?"
Fuuka: "NYAAAAA!"
Yuri "Purikura pose!"

Their reactions are great, tbh XD

Azuki: "Neko PUNCH!"

Aw, shit, Azuki's ready for fisticuffs! Prepare yourselves!

I call this the Nyan Nyan Nyan POOF~

Ranko: "Aw, shit, Busted!"

Yuri: "Yo, don't rat us out! Lesson of the day!"

Oi, oi, stealing's bad!

Oh, shit! Creep-o-Dog, alert!

Creep-o-Dog: "Welcome to ma crib, bitches!"

This is actually a lot creepier than I anticipated XD Something about a giant dog looming dangerously closer to a few girls does not sit right with me... >o>

Bloody aye, Azuki XD This chick is priceless XD

Azuki: "I'll fight yer, yer mangy mutt!"
Yuri: "Fisticuff time, bitch!"

Azuki: "Arrrgh!"

The difference between Azuki and Arisa is giant, but damn, they're both wonderful.

Azuki's a diamond, though. Here's the REAL treasure of the MV.

This looks like a move from Thriller, or something. Maybe the Monster Mash, actually. Either way, girls dressed up in Halloween cat outfits coming closer... Yeah, I could see it in the Monster Mash.

What'cha gonna do, bottle flip to see who gets the treasure?

Aw, damn, Guard Dog's got some sweet moves! From here on out, you'll be known as Guard DAWG.

Yuri: "It's okay, Kitties, for I have... A BONE TO PICK WITH HIM!!!"

Aw, shit, we gonna do puns and jokes now?


Honestly, though, Kurumi's not convinced. Neither am I, honestly.

Yuri, how the fuck did you get past those bottles of water? They're meant to be an invincible wall of terror for you kitties.

Yuri: "And... FETCH!"

Welp. That's what a bunch of gangsters get, for getting a literal guard dog to protect their treasure.


Actually, they didn't, but whatever. This pose still looks cool!

OOOH! Will they get the treasure! Will the door ever open!?

YASSSS, AZUKI, YOU BABE! Thank you for making dreams come true, and allowing your greed to grow!

Aw, damn, look at all that plastic gold and costume jewelry! It's all you have ever dreamed of!

The sheer excitemend on Fuka's face, though XD All of their expressions are gold, actually XD

Yup, time to bag it! Now, get out, Kitties, before the Guard Dog returns!

That is a conga line of success, that is.



Well, maybe ya shouldn't have fetched the damn bone, ya drongo!

GAWD GRIEF, RANKO <3 Absolute babe!

Arisa's gorgeous, too, like damn! How is someone this pretty!?

Ahahaha, is this a taunt? The Guard DAWG couldn't even shoot the Kaitou Kitties, so it must be.

And ooooh, look, a spotlight! And yet it can't find the culprits. Ha!

So. Farkin'. CUTE!

Okay, so the Guard Dog knows it was a bunch of Ladies who stole his moolah. Why'd they let him into their parlor, though? They knew who he was, after all.

Oh, wait. They liked to taunt. How cruel.

DAMN, they got him begging! Is he that desperate for the treasure?

A thief takes from the thieves who thieved what he had thieved. Oh, what a twist!

Arisa: "Saigo wa Neko PANCHI!"

Well, that's one way to keep your treasure out of some dawg's hands, I suppose?

And, they're still adorable, whether they pose as Phantom Thieves or elegant ladies of a manor house.

Okay, THIS shoulda been the CD cover. Aren't they beautiful?

Still getting those Kaitou Reinya vibes. But, damn, me love the animation! So cute!

Saigo wa Neko PANCHI!


So, are they guilty, or do you think I'm being a little harsh?

As I don't understand the opening, I can't say for sure what the narration is about, here. There could be some form of clarification as to why the members of Erabareshi are stealing the treasure. It may even say that it was theirs, before the Guard Dog and the gangsters stole it away. Or, it could just be the Erabareshi are greedy themselves, and that they were looking to make a quick dime in a trade that is sure to get them some cash. Who knows?

Whatever it is, though, I still think that these girls are guilty of Greed! But, their guilty act makes for a really fun, cute music video filled with mischief, hilarity and charm.

Before this, I've never really given Erabareshi a chance. They've barely stood out to me, but this time, they hooked me. With a catchy song and a fun concept, I found myself enjoying what the group had to offer, and realised just how great they are. Some of the members are downright adorable, many of them are great on camera, and others are just gorgeous! Plus, they all work really well together, and all seemed to have a whale of a time in this piece. No matter what they were doing - sitting around in gowns, running around the mansion or doing solo shots - there was always a smile and a twinkle in their eyes, and they were having fun. It's what I like to see from my Idols, same as anyone else.

Oh, how can you not fall in love with these girls after this release? It's so addictive!

One of my favourite aspects about this release is the play-on theme of the Guard Dog. A literal guard dog, who walks around in a hat and tie, and guards the treasure.It's a joke on its own, but so genius! Plus, I love that they (the producers) have the members of Erabareshi as cats, creating a dog and cat chase throughout the entire music video, whilst also playing on the fact that these elegant ladies are also sly and stealthy cats. It's quite creative, and leaves an element of hilarity once the antics begin.

Of course, the setting is absolutely perfect. It's the same mansion that was used for MV's such as Manatsu no Yoru no Yume, Otome no Gyakushuu and others, but by using various parts of the mansion, rather than one, we are given a little more texture throughout. There is the luxury of the parlor room, then the cold but pretty interior of the main entrance hall. We also get to watch the Erabareshi members and the guard dog run around the balcony area, which enhances the idea of the chase and how much they are running around the place, trying to catch one another or lose track of each other. I love that it feels like they used the whole building, instead of just one room. There is no waste, here.

The way various tones are used is great, too. Scenes like the dance shot, chase scenes and spotlight shots are a lot cooler in tone than the scenes that show off the elegance and wealth of the members when they are in their gowns. I feel like the 'wealthy' scenes are richer in tone, to show off that idea of wealth, whilst the coldness shows off more of a barren quality, enhancing the idea that they are lacking such wealth, and trying to attain it again. Plus, it captures the differences between the two; the warmth of the members as elegant ladies, but the coldness of their counterparts.

Oh, and the animated scenes. They're bright and lively, and a lot cuter than the rest of the video, of course. It's quite hilarious, watching those scenes as the music plays, and shows off elements of the story line that cannot be portrayed in live action. It's nice to see the animation in the video, actually, and it doesn't feel jarring at all. It adds to the overall texture of the song and video, and brings it to life. Of course, it still reminds me of Kaitou Reinya, but I like how it works with the live action sequences of the video itself.

This video is actually quite animated, anyway; the way the members express themselves, how they act like cats, how they move and exaggerate certain things feels like it's meant to be a cartoon, at times. It's not a bad thing; I think it adds to the charm and energy of the entire thing, and with the animation and live action placed together, this video actually feels quite complete. I was very happy with how everything went, and how smoothly the story-line ran.

Basically... I enjoy this! It's really cute and charming, the members were a joy to watch, and the use of animation and live action was really well done! There wasn't an excessive amount of cutting to the animation, either, which could have easily been done; some companies do that to save on the cost of hiring out a crew and making costumes, etc, but here, the animation is used sparingly, and when it does pop up, it moves the story forward, and gives us an idea of what needs to be said and done, that couldn't be don via a live action sequence. So, I am very thankful for that, because it only made this video more charming, and endeared me to Erabareshi a little more.

Kaitou♡Black Cats is entertaining, and even if it is a little bit greedy, it's an MV I will happily sin along with.

... Did I just do a play on words?

So, yeah. It's gold, and it's worth the watch (if it isn't blocked in your country). Hopefully, you find a little treasure out of this one, too. But, don't get too excessive with what you enjoy! If you do, you might find yourself condemned for sinning with greed!

Nya! Is it greed if you're stealing from another thief? I think YES!

What sin will these Idols commit next? With Greed down, there are now 6 to go! Who will these remaining Sins belong to?

I will see you in the next post, where you will find out! Until then, however, please take care, enjoy your Season of Fear and Treats, and of course, please do love those Idols, regardless of their Sins!

Much Sinning and Trickery,

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