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Sins Of The Idol: Gluttony

Even Idols overindulge. Whether they indulge in materialistic items, or even the joys of food and sweet treats, these beautiful beings whom we fawn over are not immune to the life of a glutton. Whether it is in excess or the desire for luxurious treats, over-excessive eating is a sin, but it is the sin that our Idols enjoy greatly.

Yet sometimes we indulge ourselves a little too much. And when that happens, other people start to pay attention, and it's at that point we realise the truth: we are sinning, and Gluttony has finally consumed us.

Today, let's become Gluttonous for our Idols. It's time to Sin~

Gluttony - The inordinate desire to consume more than is necessary, to a point where it can be considered wasteful. Typically linked to food, this is a sin that is linked to selfishness and a need to overindulge or over-consume. Gluttony and Greed can often be misinterpreted for the other.

The colour associated with this sin is orange.

I would have loved to do another PV for this release, but after much debating, uhming and ahing, I went back to square one. Yes, we are doing Chubbiness' Manma dei ya!, because I swear, this is one of the few food-based MV's that doesn't stray into the realms of lust, that I am aware of. Plus, I love this music video! It's just so colourful!

Of course, I have some slight issues with this MV, one being the fetishization of chubby girls eating in order to stay chubby. I know the song itself is all about being happy with yourself, but, still. You can focus on happiness within oneself without resorting to the idea of gluttony and / or their innate 'chubbiness', I believe.

That said, I wouldn't have my Gluttony themed MV, if Manma dei ya! didn't focus on that very aspect.

So, with all that in mind, it's time to take a look at our next sin! Even though they're happy as they are, these beautiful Idols are still committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins with their Gluttonous tendencies! But will they ever be punished for enjoying the buffet that has been laid out for them?

It's the Sin I commit daily myself, and a Sin I will never be able to shake off! Just like Chubbiness, let's dig in and enjoy all the treats we have been given!

It's time to Sin and become Gluttons, dear readers~

Makaron!? (My body!)

Director: "They're called Chubbiness? Well, make a buffet! Gotta get the message across they eat!"
Staff: "But, they're serious Idols..."
Director: "BUFFET, BITCHES!"

Gym outfits and a buffet of sweets.

Nothing like irony, aye?

TBH, that buffet looks good, aside from the jelly beans. YUK!

YO, girls, can I get in on this, too? Thanks~

Just keep the jelly beans outta my sight, those buggers are gross DX

TBH, food makes me this happy, too.


I love how colourful this whole scene is, don't get me wrong, but I'm surprised they didn't just cover the dance location in strands of licorice.

Feck, now I want cookies and biscuits covered in icing.

It's cute and relevant cause they like food! YAAAY! ;D

Bitch, have a marshmallow. Om nom nom~

I just love how those strawberries are, like, the only healthy thing on that table.

Wait, they had strawberries? >o>

Wait... did they just slap butts?

They slapped butts!

Plaits: "Yaaay, Macaron!"
Twintail Yaeba: "Yoink and nom~"


The face you make when pizza is on the menu!

And then there's the face you wanna make when you realise they don't sell stuffed crust. Damnit!

That face you pull when that one intrusive auntie announces how much weight you have gained over the last year.

... Guys, I signed up for Gluttony, not a sekushii member. DAMN!

Ah, yes, after a nice long run, a drink of vodk-- water is the perfect quencher for thirst! Yum!

Jesus could turn water into wine. Chubbiness can turn water into a motherfuckin' DOUGHNUT!

All the single doughnuts, ALL THE SINGLE DOUGHNUTS!

Those doughnuts look so bloody heavy, how can you eat them!? They don't look real!

Alos, POW,  transformation!

Their expressions are amazing, but yellow's nostrils kinda intrigue me. They remind me of Voldemort, for some reason.

GDI, why are they all so cute? If they were candies, I'd pick them out in a candy store.

"Fuck YEAH, I'm gonna eat this doughnut." -winku-

That's the face of someone who doesn't give a fuck what Auntie Phyllis says about her weight.

A moment on the lips, a life time on the hips! But who cares about that, when life delivers such delicious foods?

GDI, she's gorgeous. Reminds me of Zukki, with that winning smile and delightful aura <3

Parents: "Get off yer damn phone and eat yer food!"
Me: "Kira Kira Doughnut Time!"

YASSSSSSS, kick, girls, KICK!!!

WTF is a football doing in my doughnut corner? GET OUT, SPORTY STUFF! LEAVE!

Cuteness and chub. This is a life I will try and lead, too!

Okay, who is this beautiful specimen? She is pretty much perfection!

Spoke too soon, because perfection is also right here! My little Zukki Rip-Off!

TBH, they have some slick moves in Chubbiness. Gosh darn, they do know how to dance!

Also, damn, I still love how this whole room looks.

It'd still look better with food covering the walls, of course, but what can ya do?

I feel like this move was stolen from Lady GaGa,...?

When you love food so damn much, you start to cry carbs.

But hey, don't worry! We're all happy now, because food!

When the internet trolls take your salty tears to feed their hunger.

Damn, tears do taste good! Just like sugar cookie and royal icing! Mmmm!

Wait, is that cloud cotton candy!? Bitch, gimme some!


Or is it... SUGAR PAPER!? Please say it's sugar paper!!!

TBH, this is the kinda Gym party I could get behind.

I mean, who wouldn't want to go to a gym where you simply eat your body-weight in sweets!? That's the best idea ever!


More butt slaps and happiness, because YAY, we chubby and we like food!

Gosh darnit, why is she so perfect and adorable?

Seriously though, Miss Orenji is totally killing it here, too. I love her! So adorable!

It's like a line of sweet treats. Pretty to look at, and far too addictive for their own good!

Aw dang, there's a curtsy, too! Could they get any cuter?

And now, the buffet is over! When's the next All You Can Eat meet-up, guys? I'm feeling a little peckish, already... >o>

Makasete Kudasai!


It feels like it has been forever since I last watched Manma dei ya!, but whenever I return to it, I remember how much I love it. Regardless of its fetishization, and regardless of its tendency to remind us that these girls are 'big' and enjoy food, I think that Manma dei ya! by Chubbiness is a genuinely fun, cute video.

Oh, and it's gluttonous as all heck.

Its use of colour is one of the most obvious reasons for why I enjoy the video. I love how vibrant, carefree and energetic it feels, right from the get go. The second thing I enjoy about it, has to be the energy and joy of the members. They are truly entertaining, and their expressions are so varied and cute, sometimes even funny, no matter what scene they are shooting. It's nice to look back at this and see everything all over again, whilst also discovering new things about it. Like the butt slapping. I never noticed the butt slapping, until now.

That's quite hilarious, actually.

Of course, one of the biggest aspects about this video is its use for food, hence why it's considered a gluttonous video, for me. And yeah, I don't mind it - I like the video and how cute it is - but I can't deny that the theme has its own underlying issues. I mean... a group about bigger girls, eating? It feels like the director and managers are saying that that's all they're good for.

Now, I'm, not saying food in MV's is a bad idea - they are all around the Idol realm (Heavy Rotation comes to mind) - but making it the main focus, solely because 'chubbiness' or 'extra weight' is typically tied to food and a lack of exercie or a lack of self-control, doesn't seem like a well-thought out idea, in my mind. Yes, I get it; it's a gimmick, a shtick used to sell the group and create a product. But, couldn't they have done something a little more? After all, Chubbiness are an Idol group, just like any other group out there, and they deserve to sing about things that are beyond food, failed diets, or the struggles of being a chubby girl trying to live in a society obsessed with weight.

To reiterate: I love the video, but the more I think about it, the more I realise I dislike the message it delivers. Yes, I do understand that in this life, there are people who have no self-control - I am one of those people - but this video pretty much shows us that the members of Chubbiness are failing their exercise regime, and resorting to food and sweet treats because of it. Of course, it's backed by a positive message, which I can't fault: They are happy with who they are, and nothing can change that. Regardless of how much they weigh, or what they like to eat, they are still cheerful and carefree, like any other person.

This is a message I cannot fault, but damn, why did they have to pair it with a video all about food? God damn selling tactics.

This is a delightful video, and every time I see it, it makes me feel happy. The song is as bright and entertaining as the video is, and all of the members are absolute darlings. They're also pretty good dancers and singers, which only adds to the joy that is Chubbiness, but, it's their whole theme and gimmick, and it's a waste of who they are as people. Whenever people think of Chubbiness, I guess others think 'that girl group who eat and sing about weight", when really, they should think about how amazing they are. Cause, yeah, they're amazing.

... But, they're an Avex group, and when Avex go gimmicky, they tend to stick to their gimmicks.

What I am saying is that, whilst the video is cute and colourful, and a killer for all you sweet tooths out there, it's a video that focuses on the idea that these girls are chubby because they eat a great deal, and because they give up on diets and exercise regimes, because they want food. It's showing off their weakness to gluttony, which is totally a thing - again, I'm an example - but, it's a very shitty way of introducing the group, I think, because holding a little extra weight (despite society's perceived standards) is completely natural for some people, especially when you live a healthy lifestyle that includes a varied diet and regular exercise. Sadly, this video doesn't point that out. It just tells us 'these girls ate and got chunky, but they're happy with it, and they'll keep on doing it!'

Of course, you do you. Eat what you want, but, like anything, eating in excess is not good for you, either.

Now, watch me go back on my own advice. WHOO!

Manma dei ya! is such a cute, fun video. The use of colour is beautiful, and the members look like they're having an amazing time, but of course, the message of the video can get a little twisted, when you look too far into it. I get it. They're chubby, and they're happy, which is good. But, Avex's idea that 'they're chubby cause they eat' isn't really the best idea in the world. You can still be thin, and be a glutton, much like you can eat very little, and still be a little chubby. Everyone's body works differently.

In short: Ya, I like the MV. In fact, I adore it! But, Avex suck, not that we didn't know that already. But, hey, they know how to make a great Idol group! Damnit, Avex! I have such mixed feelings towards you.

Gluttony is totally a sin, but it's a delicious one! And no, we can't deny something so tasty! Yum!

Have you committed Gluttony recently, or is your Sin something a little different? If it's not food you desire, then what is it?

The next Sin will come soon, but if it takes time, don't get annoyed! I won't be allowing Sloth to rear its ugly head, because I will be away, so be patient! Until then, please enjoy your gluttonous ways, or tamper them down and eat in moderation. Whatever you do, though, please have fun.

Until next time, fellow Sinners. Love your Idols, however gluttonous they may be, take care of yourselves, be happy and sinful, and stay safe this season!

Have a Sinful evening, Wota.

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