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[PV Selection] August '17

Like Cinderella, I am late to my very own ball, but hey! It's my blog, so I can arrive any time I want. Still... there's no excuse for a post to come out a month late, when I only do it once a month, right? RIGHT! I'm just useless, and forget things sometimes. This time around, I just got busy, and forgot. Woe is me, all that jazz. WELL, HERE WE ARE!

At least I didn't ignore it, as I planned to. Seriously, I just felt like giving it up XD I really must stop being so negative, and try to manage my time better. Sounds like a plan I will never see through, aye?

OKAY, I'll stop blabbering now. Let's go through the typical spiel. GO!

As per the usual, let's get on with the disclaimers, and all that jazz! Like always, all MV's recorded in this here blog entry are subject to my opinion, and are of course the videos that I have enjoyed from the month gone by, times by two. This does not mean that the PV's not featured are terrible, or that I hate them; they just didn't grab my attention like others did. PLUS, some of those MV's did make it on here, but didn't appear in the final edit of this post. It happens, because opinions change, and my initial view was possibly a lot grander than before. That is just how it is.

Of course, if there is something that doesn't appear that you think I must see, then go ahead and talk about it in the comments! I am open to your suggestions, and I know full well that I can not have seen every MV out there! I am simply one human bean, and one blogger, so if I've missed something, I want you to know that I would like to watch it, if I can!

And with all that said and done, it's time to look at some MV's, and a little bit of commentary on each one! Are you ready to entertain yourselves with our beloved Idols? If so, it's time begin...~


The month of August brought along quite a few delightful music videos, I believe! With an abundance of colour, a lot of creativity, and the final glimmers of summer, the selection I present to you are some of my favourites from the month that went by quite some time ago! The list is a lot shorter than before, of course, but what has stayed is what lasted in my memory. They simply entranced me, in one way or another, and I hope that there will be something here to endear you to a few new groups!

So, without further ado, it's time for the August PV Selection! Let's get into it, and enjoy some Idol love in the form of music and visuals! Which video will catch your eye today?

Ready... Set... GO! ▶▷

Kaito♡Black Cats by Erabareshi

Okay, I have no clue who Erebareshi is, but damn, this is a cute MV! Following that age-old story line of cat thieves that is weirdly popular in Japan, Erabareshi head over to the popular manor house that has served as the main location for many MV's, including Otome no Gyakushuu (ANGERME) and Manatsu no Yoru no Yume (Houkago Princess). Here, the members show off their wealth in beautiful dresses, glittering shoes and gorgeous jewelry, all before donning their cat thief attire and messing with the guard dog on duty as they make their way towards the hidden treasure.

This could honestly be a Halloween MV. Its cool hue and use of costumes, as well as its mischievous approach, is quite fitting for the up-coming season of trickin' and treatin'. Of course, it's really cute, too, and there is very little that is scary about it... but, I love its charm and cuteness, more than anything. Plus, it shows us that, despite being quite well-off already and lady-like in looks, these elegant young ladies are just as greedy as any thief.

I find the song just as enjoyable as the music video, and the choreography, though quite symplistic, has some nice little cat-like quirks thrown in there, and seems like it's fun to do. The rest of the MV's antics are, of course, genuinely entertaining; I love how the guard is a dog (guard dog, lol), and how the thieves are cats, depicting stealth and elegance, as well as a tendency to be sneaky. Also, it makes the animosity between the guards and the thieves a little more entertaining; it's a chase between cats and dogs, obviously!

Fun, cute and memorable. I really like Erabareshi's Kaito♡Black Cats, and hopefully, this won't be the last release for them that entertains me.

#SukiNanda by AKB48

#SukiNanda is such a feel-good, beautifully filmed music video! Showing off various locations within Okinawa, as well as introducing a whole new senbatsu (with a few familiar faces), the members of AKB48 deliver a memorable, tour-ific MV that is filled with delight and pretty scenery. It's truly mesmerising, and I can't help but enjoy every moment we are given.

All of the shots are gorgeous, I love seeing a bunch of new members introduced into the senbatsu, and I think that the use of the # throughout the MV arequite fitting. It also feels like a moving pamphlet; you get to see the visions that other people have already experienced, and they are things you want to see and do, as well. I swear, #SukiNanda is the perfect trailer for what you should go to see when travelling to Okinawa, and why you should do it.

Oh, and it's a perfect summer MV, too! It feels like a genuine summer, filled with smiles, sun and friendship, and less like a typical bikini MV courtesy of AKS. It's just so freakin' fun!

I would say that, the one thing I didn't really care for here was Mayuyu. Out of all the members, she seemed the least enthusiastic or genuine. Whenever it came to any acting scene, there was a complete look of misery on her face. Whether that is because this is her final senbatsu, or because she no longer gives a flying fig, I don't know, but, it put me off. Thankfully, that was the only downside to this gorgeous piece. Everything else was simply perfect.

Kyokai no Pendulum by Momoiro Clover Z

I've already reviewed this single, and I mentioned that I liked the MV for Kyokai no Pendulum, though the outfits are a shame. Still, I think this is a gorgeous video. The tone fits the sound of the song perfectly, and that revolving camera! Wow, I can't get enough of it. It's freakin' stunning, and feels so damn dramatic, in all the right ways.

I really need to find the full MV for this, because again, wow. It feels like time is running out for the members, and they are doing all they can to keep going towards their goal. It's so. Damn. EPIC!

... What else can I say? I like how it looks, the costumes are butt-ugly, and I think that this MV is cool as heck. Now, where's the full thing? WHERE!?

Yuugure ga Nijinde mienai yo by ROSARIO+CROSS

My beloved ROSARIO+CROSS take on a more serious look and sound in their latest music video, and despite the pops of pink throughout (on both their outfits, and in their make-up), the members deliver a mature and slightly bittersweet approach to their usual upbeat, Idol style. Filled with both cool and warm tones, Yuugure ga Nijinde mienai feels almost lonely, even when the members sit and dance together. Their expressions are typically serious and void of joy, and in every location we see them in, there is no one else, despite being outside or in an area that should be bustling and alive.

Every moment I watch this, I just feel such sadness, because each member looks and feels so lonely. They are doing such a wonderful job, portraying something that feels so adult and serious, despite trying to depict a type of vibrancy through some of their costumes. I mean, typically, when I see a pink outfit or a bold lip, I think of confidence and happiness, but here, it has the opposite effect, and it's quite powerful in what it says; a mask of happiness on the outside, but inside, there is anything but.

From the tone of the video, to the way it has been edited and the use of its lighting, wardrobe choices and location decisions, I find this to be absolutely breathtaking, and a whole new take on ROSARIO+CROSS' image. They have done such a brilliant job, and shown off this mature, serious side to them I don't typically see. WOW, Yuugure ga Nijinde mienai yo is simply breathtaking!

Ame nochi hikari by Ringo Musume

That opening, though! I wasn't prepared for such a cute, energetic MV after that opening, because it felt so despondent compared to how the song and video really are. But, after setting up the video on a serious note, we are treated to a vibrant choreography, bright smiles and playful interactions. Of course, we are still treated to the members dancing in the rain, their shoes and socks splattered with mud, but it feels so carefree, despite how cold it feels at first.

I love how there are so many locations to this MV, too. From the small orchard, to being outside in the rain and dancing in the mud, or walking beside a field of sunflowers and walking through the school, we see so much variety in the MV. Everything about this MV feels like summer, and even though we don't see them in bikini's at any point, the various locations, vibrant green grass, sunlight streaming through windows and the constant use of water just makes me think of a fun summer day, and even summer rain!

I mean, typically, we don't see rain in a summer themed PV from our Idols, so to see it here is a nice little treat. And honestly, seeing them make use of the water (whether it be from the rain, from a river, or when using a hosepipe) actually relaxes me.

The song is great, too! I can't get enough of this sound, but, I think the PV is just as wonderful. It has so much going on, giving it a vibrant, fun look, and plenty of variety throughout so that you never get bored. It's gorgeous, beautifully filmed, and fits the sound of the song well. It's both cool and cute, and, wow, maybe I'll need to look out for Ringo Musume more? This is wonderful, and makes me wanna follow them!


Hey! It's that new seiyuu unit Sasshi created, with an AKS-like song, and too many members to count! YAY! More Idols! 8U

Seriously, though... I like this. I love the energy and catchy sound the song has, and the video isn't half bad, either! Taking place on a beach (oh, wow. Surprise surprise, there), where all of the members search for the beautiful location on a map as they are lost in the woods, we see the members of =LOVE dancing energetically on the beach, washing clothes, working together and showing off their team-building skills in a bid to survive on the island.

Thankfully, this doesn't take a Lord of The Flies turn. I mean, if it did... -shudders-

It's all very cute, and very Idol. All of this 'we are friends' and 'let's work together' shite that makes me oh so happy whenever I see it, whilst cutting through to clips of the members practicing for this very day where they have their music video debut. It's quite sweet, obviously, and yes, I like it. The bright colours and happy smiles help, as well. In general, though, I like how clean and fresh it looks. It makes me think of summer, and thinking of summer makes me happy!

SO... Cute. Fun. Happy. Team-work. What more could I want from another generic AKS-like group? ;)

Tomadotte tameratte by Next Girls (AKB48)

Fun fact: I always wanted a barcode tattoo, once upon a time. Now, I write about Idol PV's, one of those being this barcode video. I mean, damn, it looks so cool, with its monochrome look and stripy costumes. Best of all, as the scanner crosses each girl, their true colours return, and the life comes back into them. It's quite nice to see, actually.

There are some wonderful effects going on here, too, and some fun editing techniques that just make me wanna squee with delight. It's crisp and fun, and very cool. It's a great watch, and though it has a simple look and feel throughout, the editing and style of it feels a lot more luxurious than you'd think. Hopefully, the rest of the video is as promising and addictive as its beginning; it looks and sounds great, and wow, so pretty!

Jibuntachi no Koi ni Kagitte by Future Girls (AKB48)

Gert damn, I do love seeing red and black together. It's such a stylish combination, and so enticing to look at. I love how the featured member - Sakaguchi Riko - wears both, allowing her to stand out amongst all the others. She looks great!

What caught my eye with this MV, however, is the use of the fairy lights; I love how each member is tangled up in them, laying quietly and looking like mannequins or models. It's quite pretty, though a tad disturbing, at points, especially when the members look up or away into the distance with very little life in their face. I don't know whether I should admire their beauty, or worry about a lack of a pulse.

Well, at least the MV has me thinking, right?

There isn't much else to the MV, aside from the typical choreography and solo shots, so, I can't say much else. I love the colour palette, and I love the use of the lights. It's very gorgeous, and quite eye-catching.

Darashinai Aishikata by Under Girls (AKB48)

D-D-DAMN! 4 AKB MV's, all in one post! Will Hell freeze over? Until I visit the place, I won't ever know, but for now, I am really enjoying this music video from Under Girls. It's stunning, and each moment has been captured beautifully, especially the scenes where each member is falling. Simply stunning!

The makeup for this song is on-point, as well. The use of the eye-shadow makes the members look a little lifeless, and the dark tones of the shadow and the lipstick matches the darker shade of the MV. And those outfits! So nice and crisp, but, a little creepy, as well. I just keep thinking of vampires, for some reason.

The song itself, I'm not crazy on, but, I like the look and feel of the video. It's a nice, serious affair, and I get such a 'damn, they are so cool!' vibe whenever I watch it. Of all the MV's from this release, this one has to be the most visually entertaining. It looks gorgeous, the effects used are amazing, and it has a mature quality to it that the others lack. WOW, this one is awesome.

Private Summer by SHOWROOM Senbatsu (AKB48)

Oh, Lordeh, I think this is pretty! It's just so cute, and those little box rooms are great! Also, I love how this is such a blatant tie-in for SHOWROOM, whilst also depicting a literal 'showroom' in a cube.

But, yeah, Cuteness galore, plenty of colour, bright and pretty, and of course, right up my alley! It's super adorable, and at times, I get a PriPara vibe... mostly when the girls come together in the actual 'showroom' itself to dance and sing. It has a nice, virtual feel that is kid-friendly, playful and bright. I doubt this would make anyone angry when watching it.

I wanna find the full thing, now! I need all this pastel and brightness in my life, and damnit! These members are too freakin' cute! Who are they!? Guys, tell meeeeee!

Blue Bud Blue by Tojo Haruka

I seriously just love how blue-toned this video is, and how it makes use of shadows and light. Like, it's really damn pretty, and dang, it looks so cool! Plus, wow, Tojo Haruka is gorgeous! She looks like a porcelain doll!

There is some great camerawork here, too - it's never stationary, which I love, giving us low angles, high angles, sweeping shots and more. There are also quite a few effects in here, too; some shots give off a broken mirror effect, whilst others simply duplicate. Oh, and there are LAAAAZERS!!! It feels weird, watching the lasers, when the rest of the music video is quite natural at points, but, it's not bad, either. In fact, I like how techno and club-ish it feels, matching the tone of the song quite well at points.

But, damn, I do love how Haruka looks in the shadows. Everything about this PV is gorgeous, and I am besotted with it. The lighting, the darkness, the blue tones and everything... it's beautiful, and I'm quite enamored with it.


A simple music video, but hella cute all the same. Filmed in the same interior location as Kiete, Shirayukihime (HouPri), Mugen Climax (℃-ute), The Perfect Idol (wa-suta) and others, we also watch as the members of READY TO KISS venture outside to various locations, where the sky is beginning to dusk as each girl contemplates their love lives.

Wearing what I can only describe as leftover Christmas wrapping, the members look positively sparkly and cute in their Idol outfits, before showing off their everyday clothes that feel relaxed, demure and pretty. Of course, my preference is the outdoor attire, but, I think that the overall look they give off in their latest outfits are quite nice, too. But, it does make me think of Christmas, more than anything, so... yeah XD And this ain't no Chrimbo MV, from what I can tell!

I like the whole simplicity of this MV. I mean, there's not a lot to it - it's very basic and very Idol - but, it's still pretty to look at, and easy to watch. Also, it's a nice little debut for the latest members of R2K, and yeah, I like the little kisses towards the camera they all have to do at some point. Some can't do it as well as others (no, don't just close your eyes! SMOOCH!!!!), but, it's sweet, all the same, and works with the songs title.

Simple but pretty, and reminiscent of wrapping paper. READY TO KISS is adorable, and I like the song, too! Yay!

Yellow Sweet by Uchida Aya

I'm not as crazy for this song like I was with SUMILE SMILE, but, I really do appreciate just how pretty and bright this MV looks! It's just so cute, and it feels like it has a slightly childish feel, which works with the look and feel I get from Uchida Aya. Innocent, vibrant and carefree, and perfect for the sweet tooth we all have when it comes to our Idol songs!

It's only a snippet of the entire MV, but what we do see is a good idea of just how adorable and yummy this PV is going to be. It's filled with so many treats - Aya being one of them - and looks so sunny and energetic!

The only downside, however, is the song itself. It really is dull in comparison to the MV, and it just brings down the overall tone. Like, honestly, you'd think they'd fit the PV with a much nicer, energetic song? I swear, it's just so savoury, or like cardboard. It's bloody cardboard, this song.

Give me my SUMILE SMILE back, any day!

Boku no Tinkerbell by Petit Milday

I swear, Petit Milady always have adorable PV's. They're like fairy tales, in their own right, and this time, it feels like they're delivering a play. Set in a bedroom with a window overlooking the city view and a night sky, the fairies of Petit Milady use their magical powers to entertain themselves before flying over the sky.

It's all very cute, very sugary, and very practical in its use of effects. Both members are adorable, too, and they make the video a fun little watch. Sure, it's quite simple in its execution at times, but I like how it doesn't leave its effects to CGI or chroma key.

... And no, those half-naked men were totally not expected! But, d-d-d-DAMN! What a delightful surprise! -cackles- I don't know what the heck they have to do with Tinkerbell, or even the theme of Peter Pan... but, why should I complain? EYE CANDY!

So far, from what I can see, this is a fun little MV that makes use of its setting, and actually keeps the idea of Peter Pan / Tinkerbell alive.The use of the bedroom, mischievous fairies, and the city setting located outside of the window and the overall vibrance of the colourful set feels just like a story book. It's innocent and fun, until the half-nekked men come into play, and is just a fun watch, overall. But, will it please everyone? Who knows!


I feel like this is going to be a perfect Halloween release. There'sa beautiful, dull gray tone that would be fitting for a horror movie, a colder, almost basement-like setting, and - GASP! - is that the location we just saw win READY TO KISSES MV!? Why, yes it is! But this time, it's less warm, and a lot more cold and uninviting than we usually see it. I never thought I would see that location used for a darker MV.

We see throughout that there is someone torturing the girls dressed in white, almost playfully, taking away their innocence until finally, Hina gives in in order to exact her revenge and save her friend. Sari seems to play a pivotal role in this, trying all she can to bring both Hina and Rei to the dark side so that they can serve her. I mean, it may not be that way, but as I watch it, it feels like there is a plan in place so that both Hina and Rei eventually become evil, or at least vengeful for what has been done to them.

It's dark and beautiful, a little bit creepy and filled with some pretty imagery. It fits well with the time of the year that is, now, but I have a feeling this is NECRONOMIDOL's typical look... Still, I enjoy it, and it looks amazing! I may need to watch out for this group a little more, too.

IZA! by YOANI 1-nen C-gumi

I think I fell in love with this one at first sight, because it's just so cute, and so nicely done! I mean, it's not extravagant or expensive, by any means, but it has such a fun, entertaining look, and I love how it looks so playful and like it should be an anime or a manga itself! I wouldn't be surprised if this was an anime opening at all, actually. It sounds like one, and heck, it looks like one! I just love how it seems like the members are singing for an OP, and suddenly, they become the characters themselves.

... Turns out, the group is part of the Yoyogi Animation agency, soooo, no wonder they did an MV like this. Still, I am impressed!

It's such a cute PV, and I really enjoy how it comes to life as both a live-action and animated music video. Sure, it's a giant commercial for Yoyogi Animation itself, but, whatever; they get to show off their artwork, whilst also promoting a growing group who have a catchy, cute tune that would be perfect for anime. Plus, it's really fun to see with how everyone interacts with the set they're thrown into, and their expressions as they view a specific scene taking place.

IZA! is a really cute MV, and it's bright and energetic, as well. I love how, in the end of it all, the experience the members went through brings them all together and allows them to jump over their previous hurdle, and perform together a lot better than before. It really is a cute, entertaining MV, and the song is catchy as heck, too! I definitely wanna watch out for this group, because they're just too good, and their music seems to be really fun and bright.

Sutendappu Girls! ~Dai 1 Wa Dame Dame Kaiju ni Goyojin~ by PASSPO☆ 

Why must groups these days insist on stupidly long titles? Well, whatever, I'm not here for the title - I want the MV, and wow, this is super fun! Set in a comic book style, the members of PASSPO☆ are each given their own panel - whilst also infiltrating one another's whenever the need overcomes them - where a flurry of colour, effects and text creates a storyline where each member defeats a ninja, before they all come together to defeat a giant mud monster that breathes fire! It's all very surreal, and so freakin' fun to watch.

I think that I have said a lot already about my liking for colourful PV's - because, let's be real, a lot of bright, vivid and pretty MV's have graced this page today - but, to make it loud and clear for y'all... WOW, THIS IS SO BRIGHT AND COLOURFUL AND PURDY!!!!!

Did I say it loud enough, or did I even say it enough? Hmm...

Okay, so like everything else on this list, this is fun, and it makes me happy. Sure, I'm not crazy about the song - it's quite forgettable, actually - but the MV itself is quite creative and has some jazzy effects. I love its theme and how it plays along, and how it really does feel like a moving comic book. It seems like a simple enough theme, and it looks to be a simple execution, but, the style is something that I will never get tired of, and no matter what, it will always impress me. So, yeah. I like it! :D

Natsuiro Dreamer by YumeFuwa Macaron

Oh my gosh, this is just so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Yes, the effects are horrible at times, but oh my gosh, why is it so adorable!? In both sound and vision, Natsuiro Dreamer just feels adorable, giving off more of an excitable summer vibe than a 'let's relax' vibe. No matter what, this video feels full of energy and happiness, whether it is based inside or outside.

I really can't help but smile whenever I watch this! It's just so entertaining, and it makes me feel elated when I hear the opening bars, and when I see how energetic and cute the girls are here. You can just see the joy they have as they dance and sing along. This really is a song and video filled with the joys of summer and friendship.

What I enjoy most about this, though, is how it shows off the fun of its effects, and the fun of being outdoors. The video doesn't keep the members of YumeFuwa Macaron inside a studio, with all their furniture; it takes them to the beach, and we see their excitement at being at the sea, whilst also showing off their antics indoors and dreams of the beach. We also get some playful, vibrant effects which actually suit the name of the group. It's all dreamy, fluffy and filled with the sweetness of a macaron. Well, at least they were aptly named.

This is only the preview of the song and video, but if you can find the full version, I urge you all to take a look! It's so much cuter in full, and I really can't help but enjoy myself whenever I watch or hear it! The end is especially cute, with all of the members wearing outfits like they have just jumped out of a cartoon. They look damn adorable!

Definitely check this one out, and try to pay no heed to the cheap effects; they're there for fun, and whilst they do look tacky, they match the overall vibe of the video. I doubt this was ever meant to be taken seriously, but honestly, I like it, a little. It just makes the video that more kid-friendly, and a little bit more happy!

Boku no Friend by Mewhan

Are they soul mates, or simply friends? I have no idea, because this is only a short music video, but it does show me enough to think that the two girls featured are really close to one another. So, of course I'm going to think 'oh! Are they lovers?'

From what we can see, this is a beautiful, well filmed video that has some gorgeous shots and themes running through it. The two girls featured share a special bond, and come together quite a bit through it, whether they are sending off balloons, drawing on the blackboard, or standing behind the curtain, doing who knows what. But, for some reason, this video also feels bitter sweet, especially when we see a lone balloon at the end, and a girl looking up at it whilst one of the two girls runs through a darkened hallway.

Did something separate them, or did they eventually part ways, the balloon the final part of their memory?

I really don't know what the video is about, yet, but I plan to find out. So far, though, I love how it looks, and I love its vague message. It makes me want more, and intrigues me. That is a good enough reason to enjoy it, I think!


And there we have it, the month of August and the MV's I enjoyed from that month! Of course, there are 0 objections to hearing about what you enjoyed, so post your own little list, and share with all those around you, myself included! But, I do hope you found something here to enjoy from August. If not, then maybe September's MV's charmed you, one way or another?

I will have to wait and see~

For now, I am done. So, as always, I hope you enjoy the MV's picked this time around, and I hope that you are staying happy and healthy, enjoying life, listening to your favourite music, and of course, loving your Idols!

Until next time, everyone. Take care, and enjoy!

Much Love and colour,

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