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Okay! Musume Time: (7) Contest ~Share The Love~ (And Share A Slogan) - 16.10.2017 - 30.11.2017 [EXTENDED]

It's time for another contest! After almost two years since my last contest, I thought that it was high time to share the Idol love with you all once again, and give something back to you all for supporting Okay! Musume Time all these years!

The prizes this time are a little more fixed than previous contests, so I do apologise, BUT! I hope you all enter, regardless! Thank you, in advance!

Important / relevant information before we get into this post:
  • The contest will run from October 16th, and end on November 18th 30th. All entries posted after this date stamp will not be considered.
  • Any questions may be asked via e-mail, at
  • Comments on this specific post are my preference. E-mail entries are accepted, specifically for Anonymous posters, due to needing to contact you.
  • All comments will go through a spam check before being published.
  • Youtube comments are taken into account (NEW RULE)

After such an energetic year in Life, Blogging and Idols, I wanted to celebrate my 7th year in blogging with a contest for those who read, comment, support and enjoy the rambles and idiocy I place onto this very domain! No matter who you are, or where you may be, please know that this is a contest for all of you, and a giant THANK YOU for the tremendous amount of support, love and even the disregard you have shown me for the past (nearly) 7 years!

Of course, like all contests, the prizes I will be giving away are limited to only two; I do not have all the money in the world, nor do I have the means to give everything a little something for participating. Just know that, no matter what, I appreciate you all, and the effort you put into this contest. I just wish that I could give everyone something, aside from these words ):

And now, I want to wish everyone who enters luck in this contest! It won't be a hard one (promise), with this contest standing as my easiest, yet! All you have to do is comment, share the love, and inspire me a little! That is all I ask from you, this time around~

Okay, my yammering's done... Time to get into the details!

What Ya Get!
(The Prize!)

This years prize is fixed, I am sorry to say. But, I hope that it's a prize you all want to try and win, because I think it's something you would all enjoy! After experiencing the joys of Juice=Juice this year in September, I decided to purchase a little something extra, just for this blog. It was a whirlwind decision, and whilst I would luuurve to keep it all to myself, I know I have no need for it. Plus, I kinda have my own, so, there's no need for me to hoard it all to myself!

So, without further ado, here is the first prize for my (7) contest! Check it out~


Juice=Juice LIVE AROUND Photo Set!

Included are all seven members' solo shots from the set, which was available during the World Tour that Juice=Juice undertook from September until October (and now, through to December). I know that there are a lot of J=J fans out there - some who never had a chance to purchase the photos for themselves, and some who could not attend the concerts held - and so, I would like to give back to you all, and pick one winner to take these precious photos home to either add to their collection, or to start a collection!

So, if you like what you see here, enter and try! You will only have a chance if you give it a go~

And now, let's take a look at Prize #2, for the runner up! Check it out~


Juice=Juice Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiru yo CD (previously opened, but unused)

Even though the CD is opened, it's never been used, and I already have another version of the single, so I would like to re-home this one. I feel a little bad that I am giving away an open CD, but, I know it is in good condition. I just hope that one of y'all will be happy to win it, and listen to the joys of Juice=Juice from one of their recent releases! Plus, this could be the beginnings of a single collection, for some of you!

And, if you already have it, I'll see if I can do something else for you... but, until you enter, I won't know whether this is already a part of your collection, or not!

So, hopefully these two prizes have convinced you to enter! But, what do you need to do? How can you win these lovely Juice=Juice items to add to your ever-growing Idol collection? Is it tough, or easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy?

Read on, and follow the rules! This is what you gotta do~

What Do I Do?
(Theme & Ideas)

After very little thinking, the idea for my contest came to me like lightning! This year, I have been into giving my various banners 'slogans' to match the themes and tropes of my blog, myself and my writing. So, for this years contest, I want you guys to create: A SLOGAN!

But it doesn't stop there! Aside from the slogan, I would also like for you to comment about why you like Idols, or, more specifically, why you love Juice=Juice! As the contest is themed around J=J, if you love the girls, tell me why, and also, let me know your favourite member!

See, it's as simple as that! Your comments don't even have to be that long, and neither do your slogans! Oh, and if you want, you can post two slogans per person - no cheating, now!

So, just a recap on what you gotta do... (DUU!)
  • Create A Slogan - Fit it around my blog, myself, Idols, etc. If you think it fits me, then write it down!
  • Keep the slogan short and sweet! I don't want to be writing a sentence for my banner(s)!
  • Tell me why you love Idols, or why you love Juice=Juice! And let me know who your favourite J=J member is, guys!
  • Two slogans per person! So, thinking caps ON!
  • You can create a slogan in another language! Japanese, Spanish, German... ANYTHING! As long as you translate it for me, it can be whatever language you like! I don't mind~

And to give you a few ideas, here are some of my past slogans featured on the blog! So, get inspired, create a slogan, and share the love for your Idols and Juice=Juice! It's a simple as that, and doesn't take too much time, I think!

Hopefully these will inspire you, so, check them out and see what you come up with!

Also, the winning slogan(s) will be featured on my blog on a new banner, and I will choose the ones that either entertain me the most, or the ones that seem to fit who I am, what my blog is about, or how you view me as a writer, reviewer and annoying, Blogging Queen wannabe.


(Oh, and I'll post your comment about why you like / love Idols and / or Juice=Juice. Just so ya know~)

Dem Rules, Yo!
(Follow 'em, guys)

Like any other contest in this round, spinny world, I have rules you must abide by. So, follow 'em, and we will all be happy campers! Cheers!
  • 2 slogans per person, one comment regarding Idols / J=J per person! Your slogans can be in separate comments, but no more than one Idol / J=J related comment!
  • Keep the slogans SHORT! Look at my examples, and see how long I make 'em! I don't want a story, mind ;)
  • NO CREATING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! This is called cheating, and it's highly unfair. I frown upon it.
  • NO COPYING!!!! This is something I will definitely frown upon. Plagiarism ain't cool, yo, and can get you banned from the contest.
  • Your age is of no matter to me, BUT, if you are under the age of 18, please ask a parent or guardian if you can enter the contest. I don't want your folks thinking some stranger is sending you dodgy packages. 
    • If you are below the age of 18, please state 'Permission granted' in your comment / e-mail message regarding the contest.
  • This is open WORLDWIDE! If I can send it to you, I will.
  • Do NOT send in any entries that may contain harmful, illegal, defamatory, explicit and / or indecent content or material.
  • Please do not send your personal details (name, e-mail, age, etc.) via the comment section. This is for the sake of your own privacy.
  • Keep to the topic that has been given.
  • Hand in by the deadline. Entries past the date of November 30th, 2017 shall not be accepted.
And, as with any rules, there comes the:

Entry Requirements
(Y'all need dis)
  • If you are commenting via the blog, please register an account with Blogger. This is so that you are aware I have replied to any comments given.
    • You may delete this after the contest, if you please.
  • If you do not wish to register for a Blogger account, e-mail your entry to:
    • This is so that I can contact you easily.
  • If you do use e-mail for your entry, please title your e-mail: O!MT (7) Contest - Slogan
  • Have a username, first name or user-handle that I can credit, if you are the winner.
  • Provide a valid e-mail address if you are the winner (I will ask you to e-mail me if you win).
  • Provide a valid shipping address if you are the winner (and name, etc.)
The Deadline
(Or, Doomsday)

As previously stated, the deadline for this contest is NOVEMBER 30TH! So, a month and two days away! I have made it so that I end this contest on the 7th Anniversary of O!MT, however, I may not announce the winner until a week or so afterwards. This is so that I have time to look through all of your comments, and pick out the winners.

The deadline (and start date) is also in the title for this post, so don't delay, guys! A month is not a very long time!

Final Comments?
(What more can I say?)

... I've got nuthin'. So, aside from what has been said, all I want to say to everyone is GOOD LUCK! I hope that you join in this contest, and share the love for Idols, J=J, and try to make up a slogan that you feel will fit my blog, myself, and anything else!

Take inspiration, share your love, and create something that will make me giggle, smile or nod in appreciation. Anything that comes to mind (just, pls, don't steal~). But, above all, have fun with it! I want you to enjoy creating these slogans, and share what you think this blog is all about, what I am like as a writer, and why you adore the Idols you adore.

Once again, everyone; GOOD LUCK!

Take care, everyone. I look forward to your entries~

Much Love and Lucky (7)'s,

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