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[Music Selection] September '17

Here we go again! After another month, we return to the Music Selection, where I share my choice of songs from the month gone by! With October making its way forward, and September all the way in the past, it's time to start dishing out the new singles and finding my faves... but, wait! We can't forget September's treats, can we, now?

And with September, comes a bunch of new favourites, and perhaps a few oldies that you may recognise and love, already. So, let's get into this, and tune in. Are ya ready to turn the volume up to 100?

This month I turned 25! Wow, big numbers, and halfway to 50! It's weird to think that I'm now 25 years of age, because I still feel 18, but... yeah, that's how age works. Once a year, we hit another number, and the year after that, it only gets bigger.

And, this year, I didn't do a damn Bday post. What in the hey!? But, honestly, I had bigger fish to fry on September 14th. Juicey=Juicey fish... >o>

Anyways... Welcome back to the usual Music Selection, everybody! Hopefully your month in music has been prosperous and filled with variety and happiness! And if not, I hope that there is something here to quench your need for Idols and all things entertaining! Much like always, all songs listed here are based on my personal tastes, and are the tunes I enjoyed throughout the month of September! Whether it is current or released months back, arriving in the future, or decades old, I put here the songs that I have enjoyed, or those that I anticipate! That's the way this works, and for a while, it won't change. Okay? OKAY~

Of course, I cannot listen to all of the Idol music that comes out. I try my best to hear what I can, but, as I am one little soul in a sea of many, there's only so much music I can listen to, and so much I can enjoy. Your suggestions are, of course, appreciated; if there is something missing that you enjoyed, then please let me know about it! If I've not heard it, I shall try my darndest to do so at a later date.

But... I won't always like everything, either. Sometimes, a song is not on here because it's not to my taste, so if there is a song that you suggest, but I never speak of it, then the reason might be that I don't enjoy it, either because it's horrible, boring, or it just doesn't excite me. There can be a number of reasons as to why someone doesn't like a song, and whilst I will happily review it, if the song doesn't stir something inside of me - dislike, delight, energy, anger, the works - then I will disregard it, and ignore it. That is just how I roll, my lovelies.

And with all of that over and done with, it's time to get into the (late) September Music Selection! With the Autumn rearing its head, let's fly away from September, and greet the warmth of Autumn-Winter music. Pop in those earphones, wrap up warm, and entertain yourselves with the remnants of summer, and the beginnings of Fall...


I didn't listen to a lot of J-pop, this month. For some reason, September's dominant sound was the sound of English. Why, I will never know, but, my desire for specific songs was rearing its weird head, leaving my Idols in the dust, save for a few. I had my favourites, as this post shows, but, I feel sad that the Idols were so few and far between, this time around. Of course, this is natural; we have songs we adore at different times of the year, on different days, and such, and I won't deny that sometimes, the break from Idol music is needed.

It was refreshing, to say the least, but I am back in full force! My Idol thirst has returned, and I'm ready to crack on into October, and look at all those beautiful releases that are awaiting my ears! I really do look forward to it.

Well, despite a lack of Idols, I do hope that there is something here for you to enjoy. If not, then roll on over to next month; there might be something there for you to like, if this post is unsatisfactory! Until that time comes, though, let's just relish in the little bit of Idol I did adore. It's time to check them out, and entertain ourselves with the sounds of Idols.

Ready? Set~ PLAY!

=LOVE by =LOVE (2017.09.06)

Because the 48's really can't get enough of nabbing all of Japan's eligible Idol-aged cuties, Sashihara Rino went ahead and produced a 'voice-acting' unit, who officially debuted their self-titled single, =LOVE. And holy shit, I love it.

GDI, what sort of drug does Aki-P and co. put into his music to make it so catchy and fun?

Honestly, I didn't want to like this. Originally, it sounded far too high for my own liking, and it still does, but there is something about the ease and sweetness of it all that is so damn likable. Sugary cute, high in energy, and easy to follow along to, =LOVE is all forms of addictive, and highly entertaining to listen to. I swear, each time I listen to it, there is more to like. It's that kind of song.

Generic as all hell, fun to listen to, and easy to get into. It's a damn ear pleaser, if ever there was one.


Here's another ear-pleaser, despite it's generic sound and rather HouPri-esque feel. Oh, and it's another self-titled single, though READY TO KISS weren't so prideful as to name their debut single after themselves. After all, this is, what, their third single, overall? Who knows.

This is a damn catchy song, though! It's such a sweet, gentle tune, and the overall tone is just very Idol-like and simple. I have no issue listening to this song on a loop, nor do I have any issues getting into it from the get-go. It's just easy, entertaining, and a lovely little addition to my ever-growing Idol playlist of 2017 favourites.

That said, it's not one of my ultimate favourites, but it does a fine job in entertaining and pleasing me, until something better comes along. Still, I can't help but fall back to this one, because it's such a nice song, and makes for a great background track!

August Roll-Over

One In A Billion by Wake Up, May'n! (2017.08.09)

A nice little blast from the not-too-far-past. I mean, seriously, I am adoring One In A Billion! It's high in energy, fun, memorable, and far too entertaining for its own good. The unique vocals from May'n give the song a lot of texture, whilst the cuteness of Wake Up, Girls! allows the songs to have that undeniable Idol feeling that is all-too wonderful, and far too catchy and addictive.

I sing along to this song a lot, right now, and find it quite inspiring whenever I write along to it. It's the sort of song that gives me the motivation to keep on going. I guess it's the pace and style of the song; it delivers such a motivational, cheer-on sound and style.

In short: fun song, makes me happy, and keeps me inspired and delighted. I love this track, because it's wonderful and all forms of entertaining. Thank you, Idol Gods, for delivering unto us all this blessed be song! HALLELUJAH, PRAISE GAKI!

SHAMROCK by THE HOOPERS (2017.08.09)

There is much drive in this song, and an underlying ferocity, I swear. Also, it's hella addictive, and at parts, seductive. SHAMROCK has so much temptation here, I feel like Eve; gimme that HOOPERS apple, snake, and lemme love it more and more!

... Perhaps that MV had a lot more to do with my idea of the song, than I had previously thought. Hmmm... >_>

In all seriousness, though, I find SHAMROCK to be an amazing cover song, and a great track for THE HOOPERS to show off that seductive side to themselves that is oh-so tempting and wonderful. The performance they put on, both in-voice and in-person, feels so genuine and powerful, and it makes me melt. This song, in general, inspires me a great deal, but it also leaves me feeling fulfilled as a listener thanks to how full-on and energetic THE HOOPERS are. There really is no down-side to this song at all; it's all memorable, and forever mesmirising. If I put this track on, I finish it, and I listen to every single moment that is played.

It's the kind of song that makes you pause and listen, and it's one that allows you to mull over just how great it is, in every possibly way. This is no background track, oh, no, no, no!

SHAMROCK is a beauty, and lordeh, I am so glad I have finally seen the light with THE HOOPERS. This is a dime, and I'm not letting it go, hence why it's back again ;)

Wonderful World (Eigo ver.) by Juice=Juice (2017.08.23)

YOOOOOO, I LOOOOVE THIS TRACK! I was pretty much mad for it, throughout most of September, because Wonderful World is a gem in general, but Wonderful World in full-blown Engrish is a diamond, I tell ya, A DIAMOND! It's so freakin' sweet, and has me returning to the old-ish song even more than I thought.

Oh, and PS, I like this version so much better than the original. Totally not sorry, y'all can burn me in the comment section, now. Thanks ;)

I just really enjoy this version of Wonderful World. It's cute, feels sentimental, and the members just sound so freakin' happy singing it! I can hear the smiles in their voices as they sing along, especially Karin and Sayuki, who just sound so elated when singing this! There's so much genuineness here, and Juice=Juice have done a bangin' job, especially when you take into consideration that they sang the entire thing in English.

Sweet, sentimental and maybe a little heartfelt. Wonderful World (Eigo ver.) is one of my core favourites from the month gone by, and lordeh, I would not have it any other way!

Fiesta! Fiesta! by Juice=Juice (2017.08.23)

I really don't need to tell anyone about this one. I mean, you all know well enough that Fiesta! Fiesta! is glorious. Fiery, passionate, catchy and great, this song is addictive on all levels, and delivers a spicy performance that we have never seen from Juice=Juice, before. This was the debut of the newly made 7-member unit, and wow, whoever crafted this piece of art made sure that girls were going to be remembered.

It's a damn rebirth, of sorts, and Fiesta! Fiesta! is the phoenix rising from the flames. We never saw it coming, but once we heard it, we were all better off in our lives. This is a damn tune, if ever there was one.


This song makes me want to dance. I need to wear something frilly and flowy, and spin around. I need some castanets, for crying out loud, just so I can make my own little performance of the song even more Spanish and extra than I need to. I mean... it makes me feel like I need to dance, and it makes me feel so alive! It's such a buzz, and listening to this song is just amazing.

Well done, Juice=Juice. I finally noticed you again. D-D-DAMN!


KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!! by Juice=Juice (2017.10.26)

Okay, so for some reason, 2016 Chiima was an idiot, and passed this song up. I didn't like it, but until very recently - as in, September recent, because I was forced to listen to it in a hotel room before a certain concert - I realised just how good this song was.

Yeah, the opening leaves a little to be desired, sometimes, but the rest of it? Well, it's a damn tune. Not as much as Fiesta! Fiesta!, but KEEP ON is catchy and entertaining in its own right, and wow, that chorus! It's so fun and catchy, and very memorable. I just love how into it the members are, and how cool everyone sounds, overall.

Now that I think about, there's quite a nice bit of texture here in the vocals, too, and the verse and chorus, though different in ways, work well together. We get a cool, collected version of Juice=Juice, before being introduced to the full-force and energy of the group in the chorus. There are two sides to them here, and they work in harmony. Plus, we get to see some adorable actions, too. That's always a bonus!

KEEP ON feels 90's at points - the little ad-libs in the chorus and the outfits help with that, plus, that clicking - but, it's all fun, at the end of the day. I enjoy it a great deal, and have been addicted to the track since that fateful day in London just last month. Boy, am I glad that I've finally seen the light!

Jidanda Dance by Juice=Juice (2017.04.26)

This went from a song I disliked, to one I'm entranced by. I mean, how could I not enjoy it? Catchy, energetic, a little bit weird, and hella funny, Jidanda Dance is such a damn bop, and I can't fathom just why I didn't like it to begin with? Thankfully, it's a grower, and it's now one of my more favoured Juice=Juice tracks out there.

I mean... damn, just how fun is this!?

The high energy and delightful sound are just two of the reasons this song is so fun and entertaining. The MV is another reason why it's enjoyable; the expressions of each member (Sayuki, especially) are a treat, and the members just seem to be having a blast with this one! After receiving the 'cool and collected' Juice=Juice for a long time, watching them unwind and show off a more carefree approach is absolutely refreshing. They look so happy here!

It's fun, energetic, carefree and filled with flavour. It's the juice I've wanted for a while, and finally, it's the juice I've received! No more stale juice, for anyone!

Magic of Love (J=J 2015ver.) by Juice=Juice (2015.07.15)

I honestly didn't know that this was a cover song, until I searched it out. But, after hearing it live during the J=J concert in London, I fell head over heels for this track. It's such a pretty song, and it really suits the group. Lively, fresh and cute, Juice=Juice really showed off their power and joy in Magic of Love (J=J 2015ver.), but still managed to show off that pretty, sweet side to them.

Oh, and all of them sound bloody gorgeous. Like, damn, girls!

It's a great track, with some amazing vocals, and a beautiful instrumental. It's inspiring and sweet, and it makes me realise just how talented and wonderful Juice=Juice are. Magic of Love (J=J 2015ver.) is a true treat for the ears, if ever there was one.

When You Believe by Celtic Women (2010.01.26)

I am a big fan of movie tracks, and yeah, I'm a sucker for the tracks that go with animated movies. Way back when, as a tiny little Chii, me and my sister used to enjoy The Prince of Egypt, and though this was not my favourite song from the movie, it's one that stuck with me. Now, years later, I really freakin' love the multiple renditions of it by various artists. I mean, how can I not? It's such a pretty tune, and so moving.

I don't think that everyone would enjoy this song, but honestly, give the Celtic Women version a try; it's so damn pretty, and feels so innocent thanks to the lead vocalist, whose voice has a charm to it that feels quite youthful and sweet. This version especially feels quite ethereal at times, and yeah, I love it for that, because it's enchanting, and it's that fairy tale quality that captivates me so.

Simply put: It's pretty, and it appeals to me greatly. For some time last month, this was my go-to track, simply because it soothed me, and also because it inspired me. It's so darned pretteh!

When You Believe by Leon Jackson (2007.12.16)

... I swear, I'm not addicted to this song o 3o. And I may be lying about that, because heck, I luuuuurve this song, so much so I had to listen to two different versions of it. I found a third version somewhere, but, I didn't like it as much as these two. Surprisingly, not all cover versions of When You Believe are good. Go figure.

This was the first ever cover version I heard properly, I think. I mean, I adore this version, and it's the form of the song I remember best. The desire in Leon's voice is just so exhilarating and beautiful, and the emotion is just a little overwhelming. I adore this version of the song, more-so than the Celtic Women version, and yeah, it's gonna always have a place in my heart.

I love it. I crave it. Thank goodness I am obsessed with it! Hopefully, y'all like it, too. One day. If not, all is good, but for now... ME LOVE! <3

The Prayer by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli (1999.03.01)

Good grief, here's another animated movie track I freakin' adore. The Prayer is just so damn pretty, and it's just so emotive, too! This is a song I keep on coming back to, for its near-heavenly sound, thanks to Celine Dion's voice. Like, holy cow, she is a good singer. There's something about her tone that is just so addicting, and so damn likable, and here, she just sounds breathtaking. You can really feel the love in her voice, here.

Andrea Bocelli is freakin' divine, too. He has such a powerful, gorgeous voice that fits with Celine's perfectly, creating a pretty balance. I also love that this song is sung in two languages, which only makes the quality feel higher, and gives it a distinct sound. It truly stands out, and I love every moment of it.

I think the only downfall is that, sadly, I don't know Italian, so I can't sing along to it fully. But, hey! There is a Celine Dion only version from Quest For Camelot, so until I learn how to pronounce Italian fluently, I'll just sing that version. Sure, it's not as good, but so what? I wanna sing it, so sing it, I shall!

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban (2004.09.10)

Much like When You Believe, there are multiple versions of You Raise Me Up. I like quite a few versions, including Lena Park's rendition and the original by Secret Garden, because it's such a damn tune. Like, it's one of my favourite power ballads of all time thanks its emotional sound and how easy ti is to connect to. The lyrics are beautiful, the singing soft but powerful, and the message clear and strong. It's absolutely perfect.

You Raise Me Up is a true inspiration, and it spurs me on whenever I hear it. Though it does make me emotional - what doesn't? - this song also makes me happy, and I am so glad that I have returned to it. I'll never get tired of You Raise Me Up, in its many different forms, and I will never give up my love for it. It is a special song, and it will always be a part of my life.

Now... let's sing! You raise me UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!

Monthly JUMP!!

Saijyouku Paradox by wa-suta (2017.10.18)

I came into the latest wa-suta release a little late - October late - however, I am hella into this, and yeah, I look forward to the entire album release, if I ever find it before the month is up. I mean, just from Saijyouku Paradox alone, I get all these fuzzy, excited feels, and I can't help but anticipate the rest of the release. It's such a colourful, cute song, and it's tickling every Idol-loving bone I have in my body.

To say that this song is catchy, would be a giant understatement, because it is so much more than that. I actually think that this song is laced with something more, because I really can't stop listening to it. I crave the bugger, and I wake up thinking about how much I need it.

This is my Idol alcohol. My name is Chiima, and I'm an Idolholic. My music of choice is Saijyouku Paradox, I need it at least once a day. Pleased to meet y'all.

I'm really enjoying this song so far, so, don't be surprised when you see it in my October Selection. It's a fine song, and it is worth every listen, and worth every watch. But, I do wonder... what is the mystery of KAWAII, and will wa-suta ever uncover the perplexities of it? We shall have to wait and see!



So here we are, at the end of another road. The month has been a fun one for music, even if it hasn't including as many tracks by Idols or J-pop artists as I would have liked. Still, I am pleased with my stash of September favourites - one way or another, these songs made me happy, and they filled my September with the beautiful, tinkling sounds of happiness and feeling. Each one is amazing in its own right, and I honestly wouldn't turn back the clock to change any of these.

Once again, if you have any suggestions, please do leave them below! Last month, I received the suggestion to listen to an absolutely delightful single release by Perfume, and I was blown away! So, for anyone else who has a suggestion, please leave it below! There's a high chance I never listened to most other September releases - I was well and truly stuck on Juice=Juice, When You Believe, and others! I didn't venture out much, so, whatever September release you enjoyed, send it my way! Thank you, in advance.

Now it is time to go, and leave you all be. Thank you so much for reading, and for being here to enjoy these Idols and this music with me. I hope that your own September was wonderful, too.

Until next time, my lovelies. Take care, stay happy, be healthy, enjoy music and life, and of course, cherish, love and watch over your Idols. Thank you.

Much Love and Happy Pumpkin Days,

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