Monday, 9 October 2017

BLAST Away Those Doubts! BLAST Your Ear Plugs Away! It's Time To Experience The Power of Momoiro Clover Z's 'BLAST!' [Single Review}

After reviewing that one MomoClo Z single, Z no Chikai, I seem to have neglected doing the second request that dear Tanera sent me, though honestly, I didn't forget it. I never intended to leave it this long to review the blasted - no pun intended - single, either, but good grief, procrastination happened, and well over a month later, here I am, finally reviewing the bugger.

Welp... at least I didn't leave it to fester, *pretending* to forget it, or refusing to review it, for whatever dumb reason. Because, here I am, ready to review it.

Let's just pray it's better than the trash I had to listen to, last time. Pleas, oh please, let this one be a blast.

Now, that pun was totally meant to be there, but enough with all that. It's time to get into it, and listen to some more MCZ. Prep them ear plugs, guys.

We all know my deal with MCZ. I ignore them, and live happily ever after, a blissful bubble of delight and Idol music that is never infiltrated by whatever they bring out. This is the life I lead, and a life I enjoy, thanks very much. Still, I like that you guys request and suggest stuff; it means I get out of that safe little bubble haven I have made for myself, and it gives me the chance to explore more.

Sometimes, as a blogger, I forget that I need your suggestions as much as I give you suggestions, via my reviews. So, to hear your suggestions, and what you wish for me to review, gives me an idea of what you like, and finally hearing it, why you like it. I may not always agree with your tastes, of course, but that's part of the fun. We get to see why I don't like it, or why I agree with you.

So, basically; feel free to suggest something. I may not get around to it until a later date, of course, cause busy busy, but that doesn't mean I won't give it a chance, either. I'll happily oblige, if I have the time to do so.

In short: I may not care for MomoClo Z like others do, but, I will review them, because I was asked to. Having not heard this single fully (snippets here and there), I can't say much about it right now, so all of my initial opinions will be placed here, as well as some after-thoughts once I've listened to each song more than once. It'll be on a loop, as per the usual, so of course, I hope that I enjoy it.

I mean, I don't exactly care for MCZ, anyway, but I don't want a repeat performance of disappointment with a single of theirs. I am wholeheartedly praying that I like this one, cause I know MCZ do have good music, somewhere in their discography list. I just haven't heard any of it, lately.

So, we're gonna head right on into this, with the hopes that instead of blasting my ears off, it blasts my socks off. Please, please, please be good!

Let's go!

BLAST! by Momoiro Clover Z

Release Date: August 2nd, 2017

Track List:
  1. Yum-Yum!
  2. Survival of the Fittest -interlude-
  3. BLAST!
  4. Itsudatte Chousensha (何時だって挑戦者) (Limited A + Regular ver.)
  5. Kyokai no Pendulum (境界のペンデュラム) (Limited B + Regular ver.)
  6. Yum-Yum! (Off-vocal ver.)
  7. BLAST! (Off-vocal ver.)
  8. Itsudatte Chousensha (Off-vocal ver.)
  9. Kyokai no Pendulum (Off-vocal ver.)
~Single Review~

1. Yum-Yum!

I didn't expect the first song on this track listing, to be something other than BLAST!, but, it is what it is. And, surprisinly, Yum-Yum! is everything I never expected it to be, either. I mean, it's mellow, smooth and easy on the ears. The vocals leave much to be desired, of course, but the sound of it is honestly appealing. It feels like a parlor song, if anything.

When the members come together for the chorus, I feel like that has to be my favourite aspect of their vocals. They harmonize wonderfully together, and the use of the claps in the background give it such a real, personal touch, as if they're all clapping along to the beat in real-time.

The part that doesn't appeal to me, however, is when they begin overlapping with random speaking parts, all over one another. It feels so out of place and messy, for such a smooth and pleasant song. It's the one aspect that I think completely ruins the genuine feel of the whole track, because it just seems so... forced and out of place. Aside from that, though, the song is genuinely appealing, and wuite a good listen.

Also, Momoka's voice in this is heavenly. She really stands out, and is quite possibly the best of the lot thanks to how much power and force she puts into her voice. Also, she is probably the only one who suits the song completely; the others are far too cutesy and squeaky for the song itself, thanks to how much slower it is, compared to their other songs.

I like Yum-Yum! for a few reasons, but there are parts of it that are a complete miss. It's unique for MCZ, at least for my ears, but it's a pleasant sound to hear from them, and it's good to hear such variety from them. A little more serious, and a little more left-field, but good all the same. Now, if only they would knock off those terrible talking parts, then it'd be a lot better.

2. Survival of the Fittest -interlude-

It's only an interlude, so of course it's not that long. However, it's a very pretty interlude, with some nice spoken lines that fit quite nicely into the instrumental. It feels quite intense the more it moves along, and the use of overlapping voices gives it an echoed, almost haunting feel.

Actually, it makes me think of space, a little. The effects and way the voices are edited together just feels otherworldly, and quite creepy. The final BLAST! BLAST! BLAST! is hella effective, too.

Short, but sweet. It allows you to really anticipate the up-coming song, in my mind.


The leading track, at #3, and as it opens, it sounds incredible. This is a really cool song, and honestly, everyone sounds incredible the longer it goes on. There is an intensity to this track, and its pacing is absolutely perfect for the instrumental.

And then the chorus kicks in, and we get some MCZ goodness. Hyperactive in parts, cute, fast-paced, high vocals and all that jazz, before returning to the cool, epic sound that hooked me from the beginning. Oh, and speak-singing is thrown in there, too, and it freakin' works. It sounds so damn good, and just makes this song feel so much more epic than it was before.

Even the squeaky-ass voices aren't annoying me here, because they all sound great, no matter what. Maybe they were told to deepened the voices for this one? Well, whatever, I like what they're doing - it's a freakin' blast, and wow, that interlude really did its job. I was prepared for something good, and MCZ delivered.

There is no denying that there are elements of the classic Idol song here - the bridge and final chorus prove that this song has Idol tendencies, especially with its cheer-like feel and crowd-pumping sound that I could swing a towel to, but it is also undeniably unique and serious, as well. It's nothing like I have heard from MCZ before now (but, I don't make a habit of listening to their stuff, either), and it's just so serious and epic. Everyone sounds pretty great (except Pinky and Purply, but meh) and honestly, I can just see myself getting into this song.

It's bloody amazing, and the chorus is my jam right now. It's the perfect amount of energy, delight, fun and addiction. Guess who will be swinging a towel around her head, or at least imagining she is?

The music video for BLAST! isn't what I expected, though. The members each go against various opponents, trying to win matches in Ping Pong, fencing, judo (?) and heavy weights, giving it an Olympian, competitive feel. There really are no Idol-like images throughout the entire thing, except for the throw-in dance shot towards the end, and Pinky's came-hog tendencies. Otherwise, it's all very athletic and filled with adrenaline.

I would enjoy seeing the Idol-version, however. I bet it would be hella cute, filled with glitter and generic-ness, and all that happy bull.

So, yeah, I like the song. It's a lot better than I anticipated, and more. Everything about it is addictive and entertaining, and lordeh, Momoka is amazing in this. Heck, Momona is, too, and Shiori. There is so much to like about BLAST!, and very little to nothing to dislike about it. A good track, a good MV, and a hella fun time ahead for anyone who deigns to listen.

BLAST! is a blast, and my ear plugs will be left on the side, this time. You win, Tanera and MCZ >o>

4. Itsudatte Chousensha

Okay, this one opens with some nice power behind it. It feels like one of those songs that will definitely be inspirational, down the line, giving me some drive to write and dance along to.

And wow, it just gets nicer after that opening. Though it becomes a lot softer, a little more Idol and generic, it still feels like an inspirational, entertaining song that will keep me happy for a good while. It sounds incredible, in fact, and I have a feeling this song will become my favourite, between BLAST! and Itsudatte Chousensha.

Y'all can't kick the generic love outta me, guys. It will never happen, and this type of song... yeah, this is my jam. It's just so catchy and fun and addictive, and it appeals to me in every way possible.

I could totally see this song becoming a crowd pleaser, because it's just so upbeat and cheerful in its sound. It may not be your typical Idol-cute, but it's such a bright, positive sound, and it just cheers you on. It's that kind of typical cheer song you would expect from an Idol group like MCZ, but it packs a punch, and it it brings on the energy.

Goddamnit, I'm already addicted, and this is only the first listen. I really, really like this one, guys, that I am sure of. Hopefully, I won't get sick of it too soon. It's too good to hate!

... Tanera, what have you done to me? >_>

5. Kyokai no Pendulum

What in Musume's ever-changing name is happening in this opening? It's so damn cool and freaky, and it feels like a Halloween track. All I can say to this is, Kyokai no Pendulum's opening is epic on so many levels, and gives me such a creepy, church vibe. I feel like I'm hearing something a choir would sing along to, or the students of Hogwarts.

It has that witchy, eerie feel, and dang, I'm enjoying it. Nothing like a witchy feel to a track.

Now, this is the song I did hear, I believe. I watched some of the MV, but soon after, forgot the track, mostly because I clicked through the short video release for the sake of seeing what it was all about. Now, however, I can hear just how great this song is; there is a freakin' choir in the background, and the instrumental just keeps getting even more dark and intense as the song moves along. I'm getting goosebumps and shivers, y'all, it's that creepy-cool and intense.

Man, I like this, and now I'm gonna have a hard time figuring out which song I like the most.

Ah, fu--

This may just be my Halloween track of choice. It's intense, loud, creepy, energetic, Gothic and passionate, and it sets me on edge. It's a fun song, and I am digging how incredible all of MCZ sound here; there is great intensity and power in their vocals, and it's such a rush to hear how amazing everyone sounds together.

Heck, they sound amazing individually, but thankfully, a good chunk of the song is sung in chorus. Well, the parts that count; if there was a bunch of solo lines in the chorus, I might cry.

The music video, from the beginning, looks incredible. The side angle of the opening pendulum is gorgeous, giving it a slight edge and allowing us viewers to feel a little disoriented and uncomfortable because of the angle they've begun with. The rest of the video is just as intense; the tone and colouring of the video is cold and dark most of the time, before opening up to the brightness of the members' costumes in various scenes. The costumes are a little awkward, though; far too jaunty, in my opinion, but, the alternative outfits are really cool, and fit the intense sound of the song.

The one time I do like those hideous, blocky outfits, however, is when the camera revolves around the members. Those scenes are the best, and show off just how cool MCZ can be. It feels a little off-putting, of course; camera's generally feel static, and you sometimes think that they should not be able to move like that, but they do, and it feels so right to use that kind of motion here.

Sadly, I have no idea where to find the full MV for this song, yet, so I've not seen it all, but it's great, so far. Intense in all the right places, dark and enticing, with the one flaw of having such disgusting costumes. But, we can't have everything, now can we?

IN SHORT: I really freakin' enjoy this song, which is now my new Halloween track for '17. It's Gothic sound is creepy enough to keep me running back to it, and the church-like quality it holds thanks to the background choir is simply beautiful and haunting, on so many levels. I am entertained by Kyokai no Pendulum, and think that it is a stunning piece of music, and one of the best tracks on here.

Gorgeous. Entertaining. Wonderful. This is everything I could ever want, and more, from a group I don't even like that much.

Good grief, I might just be in love.


....Tanera, how dare you. How dare you introduce such a good Momoiro Clover Z single into my life? This isn't even me being a sarcastic prat; I genuinely enjoyed this release, sans that one mistake that is Yum-Yum!'s fake-ass ad-libs, because honestly, it's incredible, in so many ways.

And no, I didn't slam my head before writing this post. I finally, genuinely do enjoy a whole MCZ release, as much as it pains me to say so.

From the get-go, this single was a surprise. The pleasant sound of Yum-Yum! stumped me, because with a title like that, I expect sugar and delight. Then, BLAST! is, as its name might suggest, a blast, and it leaves me wanting more. Then, you get Itsudatte Chousensha, your A-typical Idol track that is all forms of fun and happiness, the one track that would have definitely hooked me from beginning until end.

And then there's freakin' Kyokai no Pendulum, a solid track if ever there was one. In so many ways, this final song is perfect, ticking all the right boxes and satisfying greatly as I listen to it. As an entire single, though, BLAST! was such a delight to listen to, because it is filled with so much variety and holds so many divine sounds, all of which appeal to me, in their own unique, flavourful ways.

This single is a force to be reckoned with, and, damnit, it's almost perfect. Not quite there, yet - Yum-Yum! ruined that for it - but, holy heck, it's close.

Screw it all, this deserves the Full Five! One for each member, and one for each track available, Interlude included. Tanera, I hope you're happy.

Honestly, I didn't expect to get this kind of a rating out of BLAST!, but that is only because Z no Chikai was such a disappointing fail. Thankfully, BLAST! has restored my faith in MCZ, and has allowed me to understand the quality of their sound, and see why you all like them. It's singles like this - the good, diverse and entertaining releases - that allow me to see why I should follow a group like MCZ, instead of living in my blissful bubble of whatever music I am currently into.

Because, in all honesty, MCZ are good, and they do create some stellar sounds. BLAST! is the perfect example of why Momoiro Clover Z are great, and why they have such a strong following. Here, they delivered a crisp, distinct sound for each song, and never once lost the songs power or unique quality against the others. Every one of them stands out, for whatever reason, and every one of them is appealing and entertaining.

BLAST! is memorable, it's entertaining as all heck, and I really, really like this one. There is so little I can say about it, that would paint it in a bad light. It's all good, and it's all worthwhile. Give it a listen, and listen good, because no song should be skipped over, ever.

Now, leave me be. I have some intense Itsudatte Chousensha listening to do. Leave me be!!!

Tanera, I blame you. 100%. Thank you.

Until next time, everyone. Take care, stay happy and healthy, enjoy life, love music, and care for yo IDOLS! They need our love!


Much Love and Intense Wota-Wailing,