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The Blooming Sensation of a Smile! - Tsubaki Factory's 'Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou' Single Review!

The internet is back, so let's start the presses, and get some words out into the open world! It's time to embrace the Idol music, and revel in the beauty that our beloved groups and soloists create! It's a rising sensation, this feeling of happiness, and I can only hope that it blooms even more as I continue listening to the songs I enjoy most!

Will today's single selection make you smile, or wilt with overflowing sadness? It's time to check out some Idol songs, and find out how they make you feel. Let's go!

WOOHOO, I have internet again! To celebrate, I think it's high-time I reviewed this single, because damn, there's so much about it to love! I know a lot of people are praising this release highly, as well as praising Tsubaki Factory for their talent and charm, and I am one of them! That said, I wasn't anticipating reviewing this one here; I was going to talk about it over on Selective Hearing, however, Balma requested I write about it in a comment, therefore, here it is! A review of Tsubaki Factory's second major single, Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou! Honestly speaking, it's probably best I rave about it here; I doubt I could condense my love for this release on SH! I kinda want to ramble, you know?

I've given away my thoughts already (lol), but I've already expressed my thoughts on the MV's as well, so, I doubt you'd be surprised by whatever I have to say, anyways. Still, it's nice to give my thoughts in full, and express my original feelings on the tracks, and such. Here, I have a chance to look at the single in full, and spell out just what I think.

Oh, this will be fun!

So, without any further delay, let's get into Hello! Project's latest physical release, and entertain ourselves with the ever delightful Tsubaki Factory! Will they elicit a smile from you after hearing all three tracks present on here, or will they make you wilt away with a sigh? It's time to find out, so press play and listen closely!

Headphones ON!!!

Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou

Release Date: July 26th, 2017

Track List:
  1. Shuukatsu Sensation
  2. Waratte
  3. Hana Moyou
  4. Suukatsu Sensation (Instrumental ver.)
  5. Waratte (Instrumental ver.)
  6. Hana Moyou (Instrumental ver.)

DVD Track List:
  1. Shuukatsu Sensation Music Video (Limited A)
  2. Waratte Music Video (Limited B)
  3. Hana Moyou Music Video (Limited C)
Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou
~Single Review~

1. Shuukatsu Sensation

I have so many friends that call this song a 'bop', and yeah, I agree. Shuukatsu Sensation is a damn bop, because no matter what, whenever I hear it, I want to dance and sing along to it. It's hella catchy, and hella addictive after you've heard it a couple of times. Eventually, it's going to get stuck under your skin, and you're either going to love it, or hate it with every fiber of your being.

At first, I wasn't overly keen on it. I thought it was okay, but there was nothing about it that sucked me in. Well, that mindset didn't last long, and I quickly found the appeal of the song. Sure, the music video enhances it a great amount, but even alone, this song is damn good. It's memorable, energetic, entertaining, and showcases the vocals of the members well, both together and alone. Also, regardless of its energy and cheerful sound, this seems like a mature song, too, perfect for youthful listeners.

Oh, and it's damn hilarious, but that's probably the video working its magic.

There is an amazing amount of energy within Shuukatsu Sensation, both in its sound and image. Visually, it's such a quirky video, despite its dull, gray backdrop and almost sullen feel, tone wise. For something that looks so unappealing and bland (much like the idea of working a 9-5 everyday), there's a lot of thought and elements of fun thrown into this video and song, which keeps the viewer on their toes, anticipating what might come next. It's surprising that there's so much detail here - from the lyrics, to the way the members are dressed, to how they express themselves and more. It's calculated really well, and I can't help but like the song more, because it's been thought through so thoroughly.

Oh, and because the video itself is hilarious, thanks to the stoic stiff manner, despite the really funny, weird choreography used, as well as the nature of the song. It's serious, but silly, and it knows it. It's making a dull situation, seem entertaining and carefree, which viewers would never expect.

Shuukatsu Sensation is a fun song, with a message that fits the idea of Japan and what society expects well. It's a song that Tsubaki perform beautifully, and one that will certainly get them noticed. For me, the stand out points of this track are definitely its energy, carefree nature, the quirky sound it has, and how contradicting it is to its lyrics, in a way. For something that speaks of such a dull top (ie, job hunting), Tsubaki Factory really brought their A-game, throwing a curve ball, and surprising us all.

Heck, I'm freakin' glad it charmed me! This song is damn addictive, and so fun!

2. Waratte

Originally, Waratte was the song I least liked. It didn't appeal to me as much as Shuukatsu Sensation or Hana Moyou did. Now, the tables have turned, because I really like this song, probably just as much as I do Shuukatsu. There's something about the both of them that is equally enjoyable, and like Shuukatsu, the second track on Tsubaki's second siingle release is memorable, cheery, and quite infectious on the mind! It's ingrained itself into my brain, and I can't get it out! Sometimes, I just sing it randomly, that's how secure it is in my head.

Not that I'm complaining. I really like Waratte, and think that it is just as much of a bop as Shuukatsu is. I want to sing along with and dance to it as much as possible. Also, it makes me feel really happy, and I just can't stop smiling whenever I hear it! I guess that's a given, though, seeing as the name is a literal translation of 'Smile'.

Waratte is certainly a little more bouncy and alive than Shuukatsu, in my opinion, with the vocals sounding a lot more chipper than the previous track, a little lilt in their tone to make it higher and more cutesy. I don't mind, actually, because it suits the track really well, creating a brighter sound that is easily recognisable, as well as quick to get into your head. It's so catchy, and very entertaining, to boot.

Let's just hope H!P keep up with this sort of quality, because damn, it's really good, and I love the variety of beats they're playing with! It's great!

The song also matches the vibe of the video perfectly, and much to my pleasure, the editors have added in simple but effective edits where the video is synchronized to the beat of the song, creating some jumpy cuts that feel in-time with the song itself. The bright colours and bold patterns are also really appealing, too, as are the colourful shapes and fun edits. Everything matches well, and the pace is absolutely wonderful. The stoic expressions at times are also quite hilarious, contrasting with both the sound and title of the song, for the sake of hilarity. I really love that about this.

Waratte is really fun, and despite not enjoying that much at first, I really love it now. I love how it sounds, how it looks, and how it makes me feel. It's a happy song, and it wants to put a smile on your face as you listen to it, and watch the accompanying video.

Even if it's energetic like Shuukatsu, and cheerful in its tone, there is definitely something about Waratte that makes it unique. The pace is slower, the vocals a lot more cutesy, and the tone so much brighter and summery than the cheeky sound of Shuukatsu Sensation. Both tracks might be equally upbeat, but there is definitely a defined identity for each of them, and neither are 'similar' in what they deliver.

3. Hana Moyou

The third and final track is a little different to the other two, bringing in a familiar sound that feels very H!P, at least to my ears. A cool electro sound, Hana Moyou brings two kinds of sounds together, creating both a sizzling and cute song, one that delivers a bittersweet message. It's quite energetic and upbeat, just like Shuukatsu and Waratte, but this one feels like there is more of a focus on the instrumental itself, the expression of the vocalists, and the sharpness of the choreography. It's all about emotion in all forms, vocally, in their expressions, and through their bodies.

Shuukatsu was silly with a hint of maturity, whilst Waratte was cute and fun, but Hana Moyou is definitely a lot more serious in its tone, and feels like its a song where the members are really giving it their all. And, now that I think about it, I do listen to this song and think very highly of it. One second, I think it's the song I wouldn't listen to as much as the other two, but once it's on, I remember just how amaxing it is. I remember why this was the song I was attracted to first, out of them all.

Honestly, Hana Moyou is just amazing, and it shows off this serious, cool side to Tsubaki Factory. It is downright charming, and one of the better Hello! Pro-centric sounding tracks I've heard in a while.

I think that, despite being the last track on this release, Hana Moyou is the perfect middle-man. It's a lot sharper than the other two, which feel so much more rounded thanks to their natures, and though Hana Moyou itself shows off this sweet, cute side to it that is undeniably youthful, it quickly transitions back to a more serious sound. It has a bite to it, and I love that. There's an undeniable edge in here, and I think that by trying to smooth it out in the sweet verse only enhances the quality of this song even more.

I feel like Hello! Pro made a good choice here, because whilst I do think this song is a little sexy, I can't deny that it suits this group well. They feel mature here, despite their youthful features, and they rock this track. They're really giving it their all, and damn, they look fierce!

The music video only seems to enhance the fierceness and bit of the song. From their choreography to the pacing, the song feels like it's never going to stop. There's constant flow and movement, and every bit of space is used up and has purpose. It looks absolutely incredible, despite how few scenes we actually get, and how little change there is. But, it still looks incredible, and damn, those camera movements! They're gorgeous! Actually, much like this song is the middle-man of the track list, I feel like this video is also a perfect middle visual for the other two. It has the colourless style of Shuukatsu with the choreography, outfits and space, and the brightness of Waratte thanks to the abundance of flowers.

This is a very well done video, and though it doesn't have much going on visually like Waratte or Shuukatsu, it fits the tone of the song perfectly, matching the sweet scenes with the cuter sound, and the serious scenes with the sharp, fast pace of the choreography and the grayed out members against the colourful bouquets.

To round it up; this song is awesome, and I still love it. Every time I think 'Ah, it's going down a notch', I just listen to it again and realise my blunder. Hana Moyou is incredible, and the perfect medium for both Shuukatsu Sensation and Waratte. I love it, and I think it's a superb addition to this single. What a way to end it all, aye?

🎶 Conclusion 🎶

I already told y'all that I love this single, and yeah, I can safely say that I think it's one of the best from H!P this year. Though it isn't that diverse in its pacing or tone, all of the songs are distinct in their sound, with strong, energetic instrumentals that are complimented by the vocals of the Tsubaki Factory members. Each one could easily stand alone, and each one has its undeniable charm that will draw you in and crawl into your head if you aren't careful. There is really no superior track; all three of them are amazing in their own right, and each one deserves the title of 'bop'.

Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou is fun, lively and entertaining, and I think that each song (and video) is worth your attention. Definitely give it a go, and don't skip! I want you to find a song you enjoy above the rest, or even one you fall in love with. This release is honestly worth the time you can spare, lovely readers.

This is an awesome release, at least it is in my opinion. I know some people won't enjoy it, and that's fine; we're all blessed with our unique tastes in music and Idols. But, for those who have yet to give this single a chance, I say have a go at it, and see if you enjoy it. Yes, all three songs are upbeat and fun in their own way, but they're unique, too. It would have been nice to have a better mix of sounds, but the three tracks we do have are, in my mind, perfect.

This is a fun listen, and a wonderful release from the charming Tsubaki Factory! I just hope their next release is as entertaining as this one was.

And with that, my dear readers, the review comes to an end! Hopefully you have enjoyed the music on offer, and will look into any other songs by Tsubaki Factory. If not, well, it can't be helped. Hopefully there will be something that interests you another time, but that will have to wait for another post! Until then, everyone, thanks for reading, and thank you for being a part of this beautiful Idol loving community!

Take care, relax, enjoy life, live happily, listen to music, stay healthy, and of course, LOVE those freakin' Idols!

Much happiness and energy,


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