Tuesday, 8 August 2017

[PV Selection] July '17

The lack of internet almost defeated me, and I was going to give you an unfinished post, missing out a few MV's. However, I saved the link for where I find all my Idol PV's from my horrible laptop, and hurrah, I was able to finish the list! Turns out, I didn't pick that many PV's for the last few listed here, anyways, but ah, well! At least I got to see everything I needed to see!

And now, it's time to get on with the post! What did July have in store for us all, and did you enjoy as many - if not more - as I did? It's time to check them out~

As per the usual, it's time to give all the disclaimers and what not! Of course, this is my own blog, so all videos listed here are the ones that I have enjoyed throughout the year, and are based on my preferences, not yours. I am one woman, and I compile these lists for the fun of it, and also as an archive for all the PV's I see throughout the year. You don't have to like what I like, and you don't have to enjoy it just because I say I do. Your mind is your own, and I know you will pick what fits your taste buds.

Also, if there is a video absent from this post that you enjoy, this could mean a number of things. Either I never watched it, do not know it's available, could not watch it (due to region restrictions) or, I did not enjoy it myself. That does not mean anything, it just simply means it wasn't something that impressed me that much to make it on here, or tickled my fancy at the time. That is how it is.

If you have your own list, be sure to share it with me, or your friends! Remember, sharing is caring, and we need to spread the word of Idols all over the world! If there is something that you love and adore, please, let the globe know.

And with that said and done, I think it's about time we played some Idol Music Videos. Are you prepared for some fun and music?


Okay, I am finally getting this out! After losing the internet, and not finding the link for my usual Idol MV playlist for 2017, I didn't think I'd be finishing this off, and giving you a list that wasn't complete. However, I have prevailed, and now present to you all my PV's for July 2017! HUZZAH! Hopefully, August won't be that difficult, but knowing the whole no-internet deal, yeah, it's not gonna be fun. Oh well.

SO! These are the pick of the litter for July 2017! What videos are here that you have enjoyed, and are there any new Idols and groups that have caught your eye? Let's watch on, and find out what there is out there!

Press START! (But don't fast forward!) ▷▷

Sayonara Duarena by Houkago Princess

This is, in fact, a June release, but because I was away, and far too excited to check the date this PV came out, I missed it completely on the June PV Selection. So, it's gonna be a July MV, because I saw it on July 1st. So, sue me.

I like this MV. I don't think it's the best that HouPri have ever produced, but in terms of its production value and location, as well as the costume design, it's pretty damn great. It looks very attractive, and the whole light and dark contrast is very appealing. Also, that damn music; it's beautiful. I also like that this MV has a tad more drama added to it, though the story line offers very little. A small rivalry, that is never really looked at again, aside from sly glances and coy smiles. I wish that had been explored a tad more, but whatever, I guess it's like Universal showing off the rivalry between Nana and Maika, how both are leads, etc.

Still, it's attractive, and I like that they kept this one in the ballet theme. Sure, I wish they had gone down the actual story route of Swan Lake, rather than the Black Swan theme, but eh. It's decent, and it's pretty to look at. And, hey! They changed their feathers! *^*

Hana Moyou by Tsubaki Factory

Now, we all know that Tsubaki Factory have blasted the rest of Hello! Pro out of the water, this past month. Their latest release is downright stellar, and the music videos are top tier, and so damn gorgeous. Hana Moyou is damn impressive, too, and though it uses quite a few simple techniques, it looks flawless and works well with the song. Also, the gray and colour scenes contrast beautiful, delivering a bittersweet taste to the visuals.

I especially love how the colour of the flowers contrast the gray, downcast visions of the members, who are not feeling as lively as the flowers they hold. Very pretty, and very metaphorical.

Oh, and the music video is fierce. Like, damn. The members are great here, and Kishimoto Yumeno especially pulls off the mature, fierce vibe really well. She is stunning, and the one my eye is constantly drawn to. Honestly, though, everyone here is great. They look amazing, they do both happy and serious well, and the choreography is perfect. It works so well with the music, like, damn.

A great PV, for a great song. I can only applaud H!P, and pray that they continue making great MV's for all of their groups, and not just the favourites of the month. Please.

Waratte by Tsubaki Factory

I feel like everyone went nuts for this song, and at first, I didn't. I like it so much more now, and actually, it's a gorgeous song, but holy shit, this MV! It's so entertaining and fun, and the members' experiences are wonderful. Such a passive, uncaring look for a song that is all about smiles, and the like. You'd have thought they would smile a bit more, aye?

It must have been fun to film this, staring at one another for hours on end without smiling and trying to keep a straight face. Not an easy feat to accomplish, lemme tell you.

When they do smile, though, they all radiate.

The effects and colours used in this are wonderful, though, and I love how blocky and sharp everything looks. There's so many patterns, too! You'd think we'd get sick of the patterns used, but even the bold flower prints on the members' outfits don't look like they clash against the background. It's all very flattering, in fact.

I like how everything looks, and I enjoy how things are done here, from the practical effects to the edited ones. It's entertaining, pretty to watch, and a fun little video all around. For what could have been a plain, simple MV, became something a lot more entertaining, thanks to an abundance of colour, and some impressive performances by the members of Tsubaki Factory.

〇〇〇〇〇 by Babyraids JAPAN

I am totally here for the song (mostly), but hot damn this PV looks cool! I mean, Babyraids look freakin' cool, period. They are a fierce, energetic group, and I love their vibe. I love how they just dominate that tunnel and take up the space. They really command attention, making this simple MV into something fantastic.

It might just be me, though, but y'all know I love what I love.

I love how the members' outfits love, too, especially against the dark gray of the tunnel they are dancing in. They stand out, the pop of orange really drawing attention to everyone. The effects are quite nice, too, simple but fitting for the song and video, thanks to all the circles used.

There's really not much to talk about, because again, it's a simple PV. It's so basic, but it's so fun to watch, because the members are great, and very eye-catching. Their performance is awesome, from their expressions to their choreography, and I enjoy everything about it. I want the full thing, STAT!

My Favourite Jewel by Ohara Sakurako

It's Sakurako Ohara, of course I am here for the song. Her voice makes me weak at the knees, but yeah, the PV is quite cute as well, in all of its 2 minute glory. I mean, doesn't she look so pretty!? Plus, the cinematography is nice and pleasant to look at, especially with the rainfall. I love seeing the rain captured on camera, it feels so relaxing. I do love the outdoor camping scenes, though. It's just like a fairy land!

From what I can see here, this song feels very fitting for the video. It's nice and pleasant, has a very sweet feeling to it, and is quite simple in execution, but beautiful, just like the song and singer.

Simple and sweet, just how I like it~

Shuukatsu Sensation by Tsubaki Factory

I've reviewed this music video already, so all of my opinions are laid out, ready and waiting, but for the sake of not boring you all with endless words and multiple images; it's hilarious, despite how dull it looks in tone. Seriously, this MV is a giggle waiting to happen.

The energy of the members, the choreography, and how prim and proper everyone looks, despite how outlandish and weird the dance is, is amazing. All of the members keep such stern, stiff expressions on their face (though at times, you know they want to laugh), yet manage to express such energy and cheer in their dance routine. It's great! The members did such a stellar job, and I can't help but enjoy Shuukatsu Sensation the more I watch it.

Tsubaki have done a stellar job, and I urge those who haven't watched this MV, to go ahead and watch it! It doesn't matter if you don't like it, but please, watch it. Give it the chance it deserves. Thank you.

Destiny's Prelude by Nana Mizuki

Put an instrument into a forest, and you have me at your mercy, PV overlords. Heck, why not a full orchestra, whilst you're at it? And hey, maybe Nana Mizuki, for good measure? All of the pretty things, because they appeal to Chiima! And make them rustic!

Seriously, though, this video is damn appealing, and I need to root out the full version at some point, because it's nice and dark, and reminds me of a fairy realm in despair. Anything that reminds of a fairy tale, is worth a few watches, and this one is just so damn pretteh, though there's not much substance, either. Still. PRETTY!

I'm pretty much in love with the surroundings of this MV, and how everything looks. I mean, Mizuki sounds amazing, as per, but I am definitely in this for how dark and enticing Destiny's Prelude looks. It's hands-down gorgoeus, and feels a little mysterious.

Ryakusu na by HAMIDASYSTEM

This is a pretty PV, with a nice mix of personal and impersonal shots throughout. The use of selfie camera shots is really nice, giving the MV a more personal look into the members, whilst the professional shots show off that 'Idol' side to them, as well as their hardworking, dedicated sides in the backstage scenes. It's a homey, cute video, and quite indies in its feel.

The song isn't much though, is it? But whatever, I like the video, and hey! I like the look of the members too! Especially the blonde one. She reminds me of Mihotan (ex-HouPri, READY to KISS) and Kisora (Tsubaki Factory).

... Yeah, I totally just watched this video cause of blondie >o> But, YEAH, I like it! Makes me feel all happy o3o

Party ni wa ikitakunai by SKE48 Team S

I definitely dif the mannequin challenge vibe. Trust ol' AKS to get in on that trend, only to have Jurina screw it up by looking at the camera. HA! Nah, really though, I dig the style they've taken. It looks very classy, and a lot like a picture, cause mannequins!

It's a very attractive looking video, though the lighting pisses me off a lot, in the trio or solo shots, especially. I mean, can you not shine all the damn lights on their face to make them look whiter? It's so gross, lols.

It's only a short video, so I'm unsure if the entire video follows the same pattern, but so far, so good. It looks nice, and the location and costumes are great. Basically, well done, Aki-P, or whoever manages the SKE girls.

En wo egaku by SKE48 Team KII

Wow, SKE have some damn pretty MV's! Too bad the songs suck this time around, though admittedly, En wo egaku is kind of damn pretty, and it matches the bright, bubbly colour of the MV, as well as the comfort and energy it seems to exude, all at the same time. Seriously, this is a really pretty MV and song, and the MV's look so cute!

Maybe I'm a closet KII fan, hm?

I like everything about this short PV, from the colours to the costumes. It's a nice kaleidoscope of happiness, and the members seem so cheery and sweet! Hopefully, the rest of the MV is just as nice looking, and continues the fun array of camera shots. I am freakin' loving the shots from above, and how they create this flurry of fun and energy from the members!

It's cute, and I want to find the rest of the video. Bring it to me, someone. STAT!

Diamond no Kiseki by MIO

Oh, lord, I am weeeeak for this song, and it kills me that I've still not found a full version. I'm gonna have to buy it, I really am. For now, though, the short MV will have to do, and whilst it's definitely not the best, it's not the worst, either. It screams 'INDIES' from the roof tops, but there's still some class to it. MIO is especially sweet, and DAMN, girl, listen to your voice! You are a nice little songstress!

This MV is all forms of cheesy and cute, but it's definitely nice and encouraging, and I love the addition of the cheerleaders. It just feels so supportive, natural and cheerful! This is such a delightful track, and yeah, I'm here for the song mostly, but heck, the PV is cute, too! Cringe-worthy, yeah, but cute!

Now, let me sing about diamonds, and all dat shit! YUR!

One In A Billion by Wake Up, May'n!

Wait, Wake Up, Girls! are still a thing? And they'r collaborating!? SAY WHADDAYADDA? This is kidn of damn awesome, and damn, this song is really catchy, in sound!Plus, those costumes are super adorable, and everyone seems to interact beautifully together! They're really cute and energetic here, too, making this PV a bundle of fun to watch!

Oh, and don't they just sound amazing!?

One In A Billion is an adorable watch, filled with great members, and fun little quirks and actiosn that will make the song and video fun and memorable to those who view it! It's a nice little spin on the idea of 'cooks', giving them a bit of an edge, and definitely livening up the restaurant experience. For sure, I want to go to a Wake Up! Café, and experience the joys of all these beautiful chefs at my disposal! Let's go to the café, everyone!

Masaka Singapore by NMB48

One of my friends (Vivian) told me this was the shit, or something along those lines. She was right. Like, damn, this PV has some substance, and holy shit, it's funny as all heck! Sure, it contains the age-old bikini's that are getting boring in MV's (though they're looking a lot more colourful and creative, thank goodness), but the rest of the video is damn interesting and well planned out. It's engaging, entertaining, and works to the charm of NMB48!

The members are awesome here, too, truly engaging with the story line and song. Their expressions are perfect, and their actions are just great! Too bad they were given a damn recycled piece of garbage for a song DX

I may need to try and do a PV review of this one. It's an interesting video, and it made me laugh and smile quite a bit.Well done, NMB! Thumbs up for you!


I don't follow PassCode at all, but I know of them. I know their music is pretty decent, but wow, this MV is a pretty watch. It's very attractive, though the song is... well, it's something I either like or dislike, depending on the day. I could see myself enjoying it, one day, but not today. The video, however, I am entertained by.

Like, damn, you is a pretty lookin' video!

The opening itself is enough to hook you, beginning with one member seemingly drowning herself in a bathtub. The rest of the members are in their own kinds of predicaments, it seems, with one's hands chained to a tree, another blindfolded in the middle of nowhere, etc etc. It's intriguing, and for 2 minutes and 40 seconds, a lot is thrown in there, and everything is filmed beautifully. It's so. Damn. PRETTEH!

The stark white scenes contrasting against the edits of the night scenes are especially glorious, don't you think?

It's a good looking PV. What more can I say?

Niji iro Shout by ROSARIO+CROSS

The song. THE SOOOONG, I am here for the song, because I love ROSARIO + CROSS. There's some damn wonderful editing here, too, synchronizing the music with some of the scenes beautifully. Also, once again, ROSARIO + CROSS are on-point! They are really entertaining, their choreography is sharp, and the members look super invested! I love them so much! YAAAS!

I really can't get enough of this group, and though this isn't their best PV out there, I think that this is a really fitting piece for their up-coming album. It does what it needs to do, showing off the group together and how wonderful they are, as well as showing off their 'shouting' to get the theme of the song across.

It's a nice little performance video, with some simple but effective editing, and an amazing performance from ROSARIO + CROSS, once again. Good grief, could this group get any more stellar than they already are? I hope so.

DRY AI by Q'uelle

Okay, I don't follow Q'uelle, no matter how many people have told me to. I know people adore this group, and I understand why; they are amazing, but they're also not my cup of tea. Until now? I mean, this song... wow. And this video is stunning, too, especially with its colourful lighting and dark atmosphere. It's freakin' gorgeous, and makes me think of how powerful and enticing this group is.

The name of the song is amazing, too. It let's you know what you're getting into, and it sounds like it's going to be powerful, too. Like, DAMN. Maybe I should get in Q'uelle, after all?

Too bad this is only the short version of DRY AI, because it is such a promising, enticing tune. I love it's sound, I love its look, and I love how mature and confident the members look. This PV is stunning, and worth your watch. Check it out, and fall for the power of Q'uelle!

Teki na Sunrise by Yumeoi Shoujo

This is an advertisement, right? Because seriously, it looks like an Idol's version of an advertisement for a beach resort, or a hotel, of some kind. Well, whatever it may be, this PV is a heck of a lot of fun! Like seriously, it's so damn entertaining, and the song! Wow, what a catchy little track! It feels a little generic, like other groups have done it before (they probably have), but whatever. I enjoy it, and gives me great summer vibes thanks to its carefree, fast-paced tune! It's such a fun track!

The members are super entertaining to watch, too. They're really vibrant and cheerful, creating such a friendly, charming vibe throughout the entire video. They aren't below being a little silly, either, and they even try their dab hand at a bit of rapping? Weird, but definitely fitting for the quirky vibe this video is going for.

It's a bright, entertaining video filled with perfectly summery things, that will definitely capture your attention if the song doesn't first. The members are damn adorable, and the music video has some fun camera angles and beautiful locations that will surely capture your attention. Hopefully, Yumeoi Shoujo and Teki na Sunrise will creep into your brain, and won't go away until summer comes to its end! Now, I want a Tequila Sunrise!

Yoake zen, niji ga sasu by Lovely☆DOLL

I'm always of the mindset that Lovely☆DOLL can only do cute and sweet, but when they want to try their hand at mature, they work pretty well with it. In look, this video feels a lot more mature than other videos the group has produced for their works, and for sure, this is one of their better presented MV's. Like, it's very sleek and professional, showing off that serious side to them I don't usually remember. I mean, colour me impressed. I never expect this group to put something out that looks like this.

I was genuinely surprised when I first saw this MV.  Heck, I was surprised when I heard the song. It's so damn good! But, back to the video. It has a surge of power to it, and everyone is so freakin' amazing. They're in sync, and you really feel like Lovely☆DOLL are a group. I mean, it feels like just yesterday when the newbies rolled in, and yet this group feels so complete.

I just hope this isn't a damn graduation MV, cause if it is, I will bawl. This group is perfect as is, dangit!

It's a great PV, with some beautiful imagery and wonderful lighting. The cool tones suit the group, showing off a mature, stylish side that I don't see them pull off much. It's so fitting, and so beautiful, and I'm glad I stumbled upon this one. Lovely☆DOLL have amazed me.

Smile♡Invitation by Hikanon

I was so attracted to the bright colours of this MV, I mean, how could I not want to watch it after seeing so much happiness in one still frame!? And thankfully, the video itself is just as lively as you could imagine. Yeah, it's a bit too freakin' bright at times, but everything else is just sweet and pure! It's so innocent and cute, and I feel utterly refreshed whenever I watch these two girls together!

I have no clue who Hikanon are, but dang, I kinda wanna find out if there is any more to their discography. This duo is super cute, and they have such wonderful chemistry. Plus, they fit this adorable, over-the-top vibe beautifully. I think they will gain a lot of fans, for both their youth and their charm, and dangit, I want to root for them, myself! They're just too adorable and slightly addictive.

Smile♡Invitation is a treat for the eyes, though at times it can be bright, but the duo that is Hikanon make each second worth the watch. A cluster of colour and charm makes this adorable PV quite wonderful, and I hope that these girls have great success! They're freakin' wonderful, man!


I feel like I can get addicted to this song, like, holy heck, it's a catchy tune. I'm not heavily into THE HOOPERS, in fact, they're a group I try to enjoy, but can't seem to. They have awesome PV's, and the members are damn dashing, but, yeah... I'm a Fudanjuku girl. There's a part of me that's like, 'why are THE HOOPERS' more recognised than the originals? I'm salty like that.

But, yeah, I dig SHAMROCK. It's a damn catchy tune, and I definitely added this PV for the song, but good grief, the choreography, the PV. It's really fun, and very tempting, like the members themselves. I like the nice little touch of 'drama' here, where they are all vying for the one girl. It's cheesy, predictable, and so over done, but it's very Japanese, and very cute to watch.

SHAMROCK is cute and fun, and very charming, and works well as a little drama PV. There's some wonderful acting here, and I applaud all of the members. They look and sound amazing, and damn, they've got a good lead singer! Reminds me a little of Kojiro... Yeah, she's a total Kojiro clone, I swear XD

Seriously, though... WHO DOES THE CHICK CONFESS TO!? I need to know, guys!

#Hash tag wa tsuke rare nai by notall

I really like the idea behind this video, and I love that there are hashtags seen everywhere, in our everyday lives. It's very freakin' cute, and really relevant to what a good deal of youngsters care about, these days. The media is filled with hash tags, asking you to '#' what you're reading, watching and doing, all for the sake of figuring out what you like and enjoy, so that advertisers can get to you.

This is truly a trend-setters #dream!

Also, dang, there's a chick with the shirt How Depressing written on it. How depressing it is that I am likening this to an advertiser's dream, aye?

Oh, and the song is really energetic and cute, so I can't fault it there, either! I enjoy both, the sound and the look of the video, from how cute it is, to the camera angles and sweeping shots used, as well as the lighting and energetic bounce to the choreography. The members are darned charming, too, which only helps to make notall seem all that more appealing to me!

It's a cute, simple video with a nice little nod to the # sign. Hopefully, it will gets us all #rambling on #Twitter about #notall soon enough!

Min min Rokenro! by Funaki Musubu and Yokayama Reina

As of late, Hello! Pro have been dishing out the digital releases. I guess they've got a bunch of songs in the archive they want rid of, and thought it best to go this route. Or, with CG currently being a digital-release only group, the agency thought they'd put their one brain cell to use, and see just how well digital singles sell. I mean, H!P aren't exactly known for putting out this kind of content; it's not what they do.

Thankfully, it seems to be going well, and thus far, Min min Rokenro! is the most interesting release (aside from Fiesta! Fiesta! of course), probably because it was given a PV that featured the members, and actually looks okay. The double Inoue digital song was just ghastly, in vision. Thankfully, this one is adorable, and suits the theme of the song. Plus, it shows off just how adorable both Musubu and Reina are! It suits their youth and liveliness well.

I also really like the little hand drawn bugs, too! They're freakin' cute XD

Another World by AOP

Okay, I am digging this song, but I do like the PV, too. Originally, I didn't think much of it, aside from a pretty location and some nice camera angles. But, as it went on, I found myself really enjoying it. In fact, I am quite sad to see it's not the full version.

As the title would suggest, Another World features the members of AOP reaching out to another half of themselves trapped in another world, possibly the world of mirrors, giving the video a slight Alice Through the Looking Glass vibe. Except, their 'other selves' are almost like computers, and are glitching when they come into contact.

Oh, and I finally noticed that in the beginning, as one member runs towards the camera, the background glitches out a bit, as if she has been transported to this world, from another one. Intriguing!

Hopefully the plot thickens in the full version, because 'other worlds' greatly intrigue me. So, bring it on, AOP! Lemme finish this song, and see how you get to and from these worlds, and what will transpire as you travel through to another world!

Kimi igai kyomu by Let's Poco Poco

From the get-go, this PV called to me. How it has been filmed, how it's edited, everything about it seems quite flawless to me. I really love how things play out here, and how the members engage with certain situations. At one point, we see a member in a 'solo' scene as the drama plays out in the background, something we should have more of, and other times, we have a standard solo shot that would fit into any Idol PV. Then, we have the actual drama itself, with some scenes playing out in slow motion to show the full extent of what is happening to the members.

The editing is great, the members are wonderful to watch, and I love how clean and clear the whole video is. It's such a simple story line, and a lovely set up, but it is so effective, and it has roped me right in. Some of the shots are freakin' gorgeous too, Plus, the song isn't that bad, either! It feels like something I'd hear from the 48's, but it's definitely got a charm to it that I can't fault.

It's a great video, and a nice little track. Hopefully I keep up with this group, because damn, I am impressed! It's a simple but effective video, with some awesome editing and great camerawork! I can't fault the members, either. Everyone has done a stellar job, and created something high quality, despite all its simplicity!

Hikari no Symphony by Lovely☆DOLL

Okay, if I thought the last MV by Lovely☆DOLL was quite mature and serious for them, I might have been wrong. I mean, whilst this isn't that serious, it is definitely a mature vibe for the group, showcasing just how lovely they truly are. It's such a surprising, beautiful sound for the group, and damn, this video is gorgeous! It trumps the other one, definitely, and showcases just how gorgeous these girls can become, and how amazing their videos can look.

I'm getting a serious mature vibe here, and maybe even some sentimentality. Yet again, I really hope this isn't a graduation release, because damn, these girls are all amazing, the strongest Lovely☆DOLL has ever been! They look and sound so amazing!

From the costumes to the camera work, and the scenes shot, everything is absolutely mesmirising and beautiful. I can't take my eyes off of this music video. It feels like it's a 'rite of passage' in a way, showcasing a transition where the members have become young adults, and are showcasing the power they hold as both Idols and young women. Maybe I'm reading too deep into it, but that's what it feels and looks like to me. It feels like they're growing up.

Truly, this is a beautiful music video, and I'm amazed by it. I didn't expect it, but wow, Lovely☆DOLL are truly growing. They're becoming amazing in their own right, and owning everything here. They are truly charming me, every single one of them, and I'm so happy I was able to view this and see it! Wow!


And there we have it, the August '17 PV Selection! Hopefully there was enough here to sate your Idol thirst, and I also hope that you have enjoyed the PV's on offer and found some new girls and groups to follow and fawn over. And if not, well, there is always the next month, and besides, what I enjoy might not be your cup of tea or flavour of soup. That's just how we roll as humans.

For now however, let's enjoy everything July has provided us all, and anticipate the releases of August as they trickle in. Once September rolls by, you shall see me again in another one of these posts. Thanks for reading~

Until next time, everyone. Take care, enjoy the music our Idols provide us, stay happy and healthy, live life to the fullest, and of course, LOVE THY IDORU!

Much Love and Music,


  1. I feel like the The Hoopers get more attention overseas at least because they're a bit more accessible to overseas fans what with them actually doing performances in Europe and stuff but I agree, I wish Fudanjuku were more popular :c

    Shamrock is super catchy though!

    1. Yes, that's very true. I mean, I'm glad that the creators of Fudanjuku found great success with THE HOOPERS, but for me, Fudanjuku are still the ultimate cross-dressing unit ever ahaha.

      I KNOW, RIGHT!? IT'S SO GOOD XD But it's a cover, though a nice cover. They've made it a lot catchier and lighter, compared to the original hard rock version.