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[Music Selection] July '17

I don't care if I have zero internet, I will find a way to blog! And today I am updating y'all with last month's selection of music, filled with all sorts of joy from the wonderful world of Idols! It's time to get those headphones on, tap those dancing shoes, and bob along to the music! Let's GO!!!

Okay, it's time to ignore my random phone games, and listen to some music from the month of July! As per the usual, all music listed here is subject to my opinion, because this is my blog! Anything here, is what I have enjoyed over the course of the past month, so if you don't see anything you enjoyed in July, big chance I either never listened to it, dismissed it, or just downright never liked it. That's how the taste buds of the ears work, peoples!

Of course, that doesn't mean the songs will never appear! Tastes do sometimes change, and songs can become better with age (or a few hundred loops), so there is a chance that something may appear in a later Selection post! Likewise, anything that appears here today, may have appeared in previous posts, and will most likely return in future Selections! For now, though, let's enjoy what July has graced us all with, and listen to some wonderful Idol tunes!

Tune in for more~ 


Let the music of July flow into your ears! The month gone by has been one of extreme delight for me, because I actually have a decent list of July hits to talk about! Boy oh boy, I'm excited, because usually, I've found myself turning back to the months gone by for my tunes! For July, however, it has mostly been tracks from the present, and some that will come about in the future! How fortunate! Oh, I do wonder will come up on my playlist, and if any of these will have appeared on your own music loves for July '17.

With a mix of mature, lively and pretty, these Idol songs have entertained and inspired me. So it's time to take a look, dear readers and listeners, and entertain ourselves with this months pick of the crop. Are you ready to press play, and enjoy all that will be revealed?

No skipping, now! ▷▷

Sayonara Duarena by Houkago Princess (2017.07.19)

Like any other release of theirs, I have been waaaaiting for HouPri's Sayonara Duarena to come out, because good lordeh, this is one wonderful song. I love it. It's all the right amount of maturity and cool, and it works for this group really well. It's a surprising track, in my opinion, and when I first heard it, I was hooked. The high notes were the biggest surprise, though, and I was completely taken aback at the beginning, but damn, it's what makes this track so awesome, and I can't get enough of it.

I also successfully managed to make a new HouPri fan thanks to this track, too. HA!

It's a great song, one of the groups best, and they have a good deal of great songs in their discography, at this point. HouPri is only getting bigger and better, and that pleases me greatly. A mature, energetic track that hits all the right spots, and fits the bittersweet tale of Swan Lake beautifully. Now, if only they would give the other members lines, then this would be perfect.

Well, at least they gave the best singer nearly all the lines, aye? XD

Hana Moyou by Tsubaki Factory (2017.07.26)

This was the first track I truly adored on this entire single, and I still think its glorious. It's not my favourite any more, but damn, Hana Moyou is one addictive, energetic track. There's some interesting sounds used in here, and it makes me think of a chase or an adventure whenever I listen to it. Also, like Cheeky Parade, the sound of the song seems to switch around a little and change its tune and pace, but it works. It's a flawless transition, and I think it suits this group beautifully.

And Hell to the Yeah, am I glad that this isn't a Just Try! 2.0. That song fucking sucked, so thank you, H!P, for learning your lesson, and rectifying the hot mess to create this wonderful track.

It's an addictive, energetic track, and I think it is bloody gorgeous. I love listening to it, I love how Tsubaki sounds, and I think it's entertaining. You may disagree, but damn, I love this one. Let me get even more addicted to it, and enjoy my Tsubaki darlings! Au revoir!

Shuukatsu Sensation by Tsubaki Factory (2017.07.26)

Okay, so initially, I wasn't crazy for this song. And then it got stuck in my head, and I began to like it more and more. And more... and yeah, now I love it. It's actually the favourite of all three tracks on Tsubaki's latest single release, because damn, this song is made of addiction and all things glorious. It's entertaining, the sound of the song is intriguing, and the members sound amazing.

Also, hallelujah, H!P gave Yumeno some glorious lines. Like, damn, gurl, look at you killing it, up there!

The video for Shuukatsu Sensation is all kinds of amazing, too, but this song can stand on its own. I think the video has definitely helped to push it further (actually, all of the MV's have), but the song is a stand-alone kind of track. It is, as many of my friends have defined it, a grand ol' BOP! It gets wired into your head, you want to dance along to it or simply tap your feet to the beat, and it's just all around awesome (though I know for sure, some might not like it. WHHY!?).

Shuukatsu Sensation is damn fun, and it's a good listen, if you've not given it a go yet. I like it, it's my style of song, and it makes me happy when I listen to it. Now, let's dance (but not copy that head-bop shit Yumeno tried). WHOO!

Miracle of Diamond by MIO (2017.07.12)

I freakin' LOVE this song. Too bad I can only listen to all of one minute of the damn thing, thanks to it only being available on itunes (and CDJ, but I have no money to buy it right now). What I have heard of it, though, I adore. It's generic fun, with that feel-good attitude we all love to have. It's just a good time, guaranteed.

Unless, y'know, you hate that type of song. Then it's a bad time, guaranteed.

For me, this is a pretty song. It's easy to get into, easy to sing along to, and it makes me feel happy. Hopefully, I can find the full MV at some point, or grab the song for myself. Until then, however, I will have to live with small MV previews and restricted Japanese itunes samples. This is the life I lead.

Hoshi wo Tsunaide by Oda Kaori (2017.07.26)

The opening of this sounds suspiciously similar to Heaven (Candlelight Remix) by DJ Sammy, or is that just me? Well, regardless of what I hear (or mishear), this is a damn pretty song, and hey! It's been a hot minute since I last looked into Oda Kaori. She hasn't done much since last year, actually, but it's nice to see an old favourite has returned, because daaaamn, her voice is gorgeous.

I'm not overly crazy on this album, though, but I do love this song. It's, as I said, pretty!

I think that Hoshi wo Tsunaide fits Kaori's vocals beautifully. It's a sweet, peaceful track that, at times, can make me cry. It gives me all the fuzzy feels, whilst also acting as a great song to write to. I was inspired a lot by this one, at least for my fanfiction, which is great, because I've been in a story writing rut for a while. I just love how bittersweet it sounds, or how it hopeful it can feel. It's just a damn nice song, to me.

Oh, it's a pop ballad, too. So, yeah. Now we know why this is my favourite track on a sub-par album, aye.

If you're in pretty things and ballad tunes, check Hoshi wo Tsunaide out. If you don't like that kind of sound, though, give it a skip. This is what she does best, though, and lordeh, she sounds gorgeous. Kaori!!!

BANANA MINT by Juliet (2017.07.19)

I totally love this track purely for its name... NAH, I love the sound of it, too, but the name was an indicator of how much I would like it, I swear. I mean, what a bomb-ass name, BANANA MINT. It sounds nuts, and this song is as energetic as its title might suggest. It's just really fun, lively, and summery. It makes me think of the beach and dancing in the sun. It makes me think of happiness.

And yeah, this is happiness, because it's a damn fun song, and also... JULIET IS BACK! Sadly, we're minus Hami. NOOOOO!!!

This is such a great track, the energy matches the idea of summer perfectly, and Juliet sound as amazing as ever. I really love their vibe here, and I think that, out of all the songs present, BANANA MINT is the most memorable, and the most enthusiastic. There's a lot of great tracks on here, for sure, but this one sticks with me. It's just so good.

Oh, and the end is so sudden, but damn, if you repeat this song and put it on an endless loop, it's such a good transition. It's flawless, and it just feels like the song is never-ending. Well done, composers and mixers, y'all did a stand-up job with this one.

And now, I kind of want a banana mint choc chip sundae. Or close to that. It sounds damn yummy!

Let It Flow by Flower Notes (2017.07.19)

Here's another surprise for me, because I never expected to like this one. In fact, I was not really a fan of Let It Flow, in the beginning, and even now, I question just why I like it. Like, what's so special about it? What's its deal? Why do I actually find myself a teeny bit addicted to the track? I mean, it's not like it has anything great about it.

But, it's memorable, and I like it. Somehow, Let It Flow is a great song for me, and I really do enjoy how it sounds and what it evokes from me. It's a pretty song, for sure, and I think that it has some nice sound effects thrown in, but yeah... I don't get why I love it so much, right now.

Maybe its the rawness of it all, and how real the vocals sound. It's an imperfect creation, with a beautiful instrumental track to boot. And yeah, we all know I'm a sucker for the prettiness of everything.

Simply put, I really like this song, though I still question why. It's a song I would definitely go for, though; energetic, sweet, pretty, and a good time, all around. Give it a go, and see how you fare. It might just surprise you, like it did me.

Stay Gold by Flower Notes (2017.07.19)

I didn't expect to actually enjoy this whole single, but good grief, I do! And the coupling track that comes on both versions of this single, Stay Gold, is a new favourite, too. It's such an energetic, fun track, and I really love the sound of it. Okay, so it feels a little reminiscent of other Idol tracks out there, but who gives a frick if you enjoy it? I really love the positive, cheerful vibe this song gives, and the members of Flower Notes sound glorious here, too. Raw, powerful and determined, just as Idols should be. None of that vocal editing bullshit, y'know?

I really do love how raw and unpolished their vocals sound. It just makes the songs feel all that more textured and real. That's why Let It Flow is so good, at least to my ears.

Again, the positive tone gets me here. It just really energises me and makes me want to work hard and write some more. The track is beautiful, and really compliments each song present on either edition, but it never outshines the other tracks, either. It's a great coupling song, and beautifully crafted. Hopefully, it's not the last time I think so highly of a Flower Notes release. I mean, this one is freakin' beautiful! Dang!

RAIN by SEKAI NO OWARI (2017.07.05)

I truly enjoy this song. Sure, it starts off a bit slow, and I'm always unsure what I'm getting myself into whenever I start it, but holy heck, RAIN is a gorgeous little masterpiece. It's also the main track for the Studio Pnoc movie, Mary and the Witch's Flower. And yeah, I can totally hear that 'animated movie' quality to the song. It's quite light at times, though there's some punch to it as well, and it has an almost ethereal sound thanks to the main vocalist. He really does have some splendid vocals, whoever he is.

I love the feel of this song, most of all, and those heavenly vocals. It feels so freakin' pure and gentle, like I'm falling into the sky, or something. It's just a beautiful piece, and worth every listen. This definitely isn't my usual group that I go to - they aren't Idols, for one - so I'm glad that I gave them a chance, and found a new favourite.

Now, if only their DJ would take off that damn clown mask, then I might just listen to more of their music, and watch the videos to them! Gargh!

June Roll-Over

Sakurairo Diary by Moso Calibration (2017.06.14)

Like a good chunk of tracks I enjoy, I never expected to like this one. I mean, I do enjoy Moso Calibration, but this song seemed a bit too high for me. Still, it worked its magic, charmed its way into my heart, and managed to find itself on my list. It's also the only June Roll-Over, too, so there's points for that, somewhere.

But, yeah. I like this one. The song is cute and puts me at ease, and it just find it damn pretty. It's also a nice little sakura-themed track.

It's a song I wouldn't exactly expect from this group. Usually, they are very high-energy and super upbeat in sound, so a calm, almost peaceful song was a bit of a weird one, for me as a listener. I think it's a nice track to go to, however, to show off that serious, sweet side to the group. They aren't in your face, but that's okay; we sometimes need a change of pace, to see how amazing a group is in all kinds of situations. Well done, Moso Calibration!

Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa / Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka by Kobushi Factory (2017.06.14)

I almost forgot to put this on here. I really don't know how, because I have thoroughly enjoyed this single for a while now, despite the fact that this group isn't exactly my cup of tea. Still, music is music, and I care little about who sings it, just as long as I enjoy it. And yeah, I really adore these two songs. They're hella good!

Well, if you go by Oricon sales, or the general public, you may think I'm nuts for actually finding this single awesome, but whatever. My shitty tastes are completely my own XD

I think that this single is pretty decent. I like the upbeat nature of it, the cheer-on song of Shalala! and the absolute nut-case that is Ee ja nai ka. They're both really addictive and fun in their own rights, and are so damn memorable! I can't believe that these two songs came out of Kobushi! I mean, they've had some snooze worthy tracks lately, so to see them bring out something as entertaining as this... yeah, colour me surprised. Still, I'm glad that H!P wanted to give them something fun and silly, and something that would captivate a few people.

I'm actually sad this didn't do well, but eh, what can ya do? Can't please everyone!

I enjoy it. I think the single is a blast, and though the B-sides aren't much to write home about, this is a pretty decent single, with some fun sounds and energetic delivery! If you've judged this before even listening to it, then please give it a go, and then make up your mind. Whether you like it or not, at least try! OKAY!!!!


The Lament of Falling Stars from Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Super Music Collection (2014.12.03)

I recently finished up the Delta episode available on my Omega Ruby game, and during one cut-scene, this song appears. There's also another great track that's a part of the game, but holy crap, I am in love with The Lament of Falling Stars, and listened to it non-stop at one point. I still adore the track, and thankfully, there's a 30 minute loop of what is actually, like, 2 minutes of instrumental bliss, somewhere on youtube. It's just so frekain' PRETTEH!

This is such a bittersweet, soothing melody. The story line that goes with it is a little heart wrenching, and me being me, I blubbed along to it. Right now, though. I just love listening to the song. It calms me down completely, and gives me something nice and gentle to listen to if I don't want anything with lyrics added to it.

That said, I would not complain if someone ever decided to do a fan cover, and create some pretty lyrics to this wonderful piece.

I love Lament of the Falling Stars, and I am so glad I was able to catch it in the game. It's so PRETTEH!!!!!!!!!

Kimi no Uta by Yasuda Rei (2017.05.24)


... Yeeeah, it's back again, because I'm a bit of a glutton for the beautiful ballads, and also because Yasuda Rei is a Goddess sent down to our Earth, to purify our ears and remind us of all the beauty in the world. Or some BS like that XD

In all seriousness, though, I am luuuuurvin' this song and all the feels it brings. It's a damn treasure, and I am completely head over heels for it. I pray that there's another Yasuda release this year, cause DAMN, gurl, you are killin' it with that heaven-sent voice and killer track. It's hands down one of my top tier songs of the year, already, and we're not even finished with 2017 yet.

It's gorgeous, and I'm 100% in love. I don't know how I can get this one out of my head, guys.

Monthly JUMP!!

Ho wo Ageru! by BOYS AND MEN (2017.08.02)

I have basically been waiting for the full MP3 to come out, since my first viewing of this groups MV for Ho wo agero! and damnit, now I'm waiting for the full MV, too! Seriously, this song is so damn addictive, and that's just the first 1 minute, 20 seconds of it.

Luckily, the rest of it is just as glorious, too (because I now have the full MP3, gehehehehe!).

I am really enjoying this song, so I look forward to the full release, too. It's amazing, it makes me happy, and I look forward to hearing more from this group, and finally falling in love with a group that's made up of the opposite gender! Muahahaha! :p I've wiped my memory of my love for Sexy Zone. Yeah XD

〇〇〇〇〇 by Babyraids JAPAN (2017.08.02)

I like Babyraids, though their music doesn't always appeal to me. I am really enjoying 〇〇〇〇〇, however. It's nice and upbeat, makes me want to jump around, and feels fierce, just like the group itself. It's also pretty addictive.

I'm hoping to hear the full thing eventually, because whilst there is a decent amount on Youtube, it isn't the full thing. I want to hear this song from start to finish, and experience the full effect of Babyraids JAPAN!

It's cool and fun, and it tickles my fancy for something a little harder than the usual bubblegum Idol affair that is out there. Hopefully, I can get my hands on the full version, and soon, because I cannot be deprived of this glorious song!

Nigemizu by Nogizaka46 (2017.08.09)

I stumbled upon the full MV for Nogizaka46's latest single release, Nigemizu, and kinda fell for it. I know, I know; NG46 aren't exactly the best for good music (in fact, their songs are pretty bland, in comparison to other Idol groups), but damn, this one is freakin' pretty. It really appeals to my tastes, though it does get boring, some days. I have to switch it on, on the right day, otherwise I don't like it XD

The fickle ways of a damn blogger.

Honestly though, I do think that this song is pretty, and the music video is completely whacko. It has no linear structure, whatsoever, but that's okay. It's a bit off-kilter for the song, yet still enjoyable, and shows off that dramatic aspect of the group. But, yeah. Pretty song, with a soothing approach that Nogizaka46 do rather well. I'd say the only thing that's off-putting about Nigemizu would be the breaks with a piano playing. It's out of place and weird, and not in a good way.

Well, at least that aspect matches the PV, in a way.

#SukiNanda by AKB48 (2017.08.30)

This is a very recent release, but thankfully, the full music video was released, and holy crap I be in loooove! Screw the fact that this song sounds like one of AKB's older, better summer tracks (Ponytail? Ue Kara Mariko?), because #SukiNanda is pretty fun and summery, and it sounds so damn appealing. Then again, it's a Sasshi-centric song, so of course it's going to be good. Generic, but fun, as one would expect.

So, yeah. I'm looking forward to this one. Plus, there are a lot of new faces in the Senbatsu this year! I guess that is in part thanks to a bunch of oldies not returning to ring, to see if they place or not. I mean, I noticed that Sayanee wasn't here. I forgot about Kashiwagi, as per. The newbies, though, I am enjoying. Everyone looks wonderful in this, and they suit the bright, energetic vibe of the song.

It's a nice little track, and it has this old-school AKB vibe that really works for them right now. I just hope that the rest of the release is just as decent!

Fiesta! Fiesta! by Juice=Juice (2017.08.23)

I know that Fiesta! Fiesta! itself is already on iTunes as a pre-release, however, I am looking forward to the full release, because it includes Juice=Juice's first English cover of their track, Wonderful World. Plus, this is the debut of the newest generation! And damn, Juice=Juice have finally gone from rotten to fresh, thanks to the addition of the newbs! Woohoo!

Well, they actually got their vibe back in the last single, but I feel like that's because H!P got some inspiration after deciding to add new flavours to the group that was going bland. At least, in PV's and sound, not necessarily lives or events.

I know that the new members can be a sore spot for some, however I am excited for what both Ruru and Nanami can bring. So far, Ruru sounds amazing, and though Yanamin seems vocally weaker in this track (at least in live performance), I think that everyone sounds great. It's a fierce, energetic song, and I hope that we get even more songs like this!

Damn, maybe my interest in Juice=Juice is filtering back...? Shit, does that mean I'm going to like H!P again!? No, H!P, get back in the bag! STAY!!! DX


And so the month of July and its music comes to a close! Hopefully there was enough there for everyone to enjoy, in sound and Idols, for the month gone by! I also hope that you have been listening to plenty of music yourselves, and enjoyed every piece thoroughly. And if not, then please wait until next month! More music, more Idols, and so much more to fall in love with! August seems to be a promising month, thus far, so let's hope we receive many splendid songs from the groups and soloists we adore!

For now, though, let's enjoy what we already have as we anticipate the on-coming releases! Thank you for reading everyone, and until I see you next time, please take care, stay happy and healthy, listen to the music and of course, love the Idols you support most!

Happy listening, and have a beautiful day!


  1. Can you review the Rosario+Cross album when it comes out?
    I love them, but their new song is kinda a letdown...

    1. WAIT, THERE'S AN ALBUM!? I just thought it'd be a new single!?

    2. No, they're doing an album. Don't you check their website? lol

    3. In the past 3 weeks I've moved out, prepared for my brothers' wedding, been job hunting and recently lost the internet because someone drove into our telephone pole. So, no, not lately.

  2. R.I.P Sexy Zone fandom days. Same :'D

    I'm glad you're getting into BOYS AND MEN! I like them a lot. Ho wo Agero is literally my jam atm

    1. AHAHAH yep, a complete R.I.P there. They don't deserve my love after what J-Ent did to them XD

      Wait, doesn't that mean they need my love even more? 8U Eh, whatevers, their image and songs are garbage, now XD

      BOYS AND MEN IS THE BOMB, OMFG! And they are such DORKS, I LOVE IT! Ho wo Agero is everyone's flavour of hjam, yo XD