Friday, 11 August 2017

All Aboard! It's Time to Set Sail and Sweep the Deck in BOYS AND MEN's 'Ho wo Agero!'

Welcome aboard, fellow Wota, are you ready to sail the delightful Idol Seas today? As a fore-warning, along the way we may experience a few difficulties, including the threat of a giant fish, and the hardships of a few Idol graduations and withdrawals that you might not expect! Of course, these are things that we Wota will tackle head on, because we are prepared for anything in this big, wide Idol world. It's the way of the Idol fan, after all! So, please grab your life jackets, step on board, and check your personal belongings are all there! Also, please prepare for a bumpy ride, because nothing goes smooth in this realm!

Hey, YO! Let's set sail!

Ever since I first saw the preview of this music video, I knew that I wanted to review it, whether it was the single itself, or the full MV. For so long now, I've been waiting for the full length version of the song to come out, and now, I finally have it all. From beginning to end, Ho wo Agero! has finally been revealed, and it's just as glorious as I expected it to be.

I've fallen in love with both this song and its video. When I first heard the full MP3, I cried with happiness, and when I finally saw the music video - which was uploaded some days ago on the groups Vevo channel - I cried with laughter. It's the perfect amount of silly and energy, and I just can't get enough of it! No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh and smile so much! It's a giant bundle of dorky fun, and BOYS AND MEN are a glorious bunch who pull off that silly attitude super well!

And now, I need to share it with you all! Today we are going to do something a little different, and bring the boys to the realm of O!MT. It's something I rarely do, but sometimes, a change of pace is all we need, and in this wide world of Idols and Music, even the boys should be given a chance, sometimes!

So, without any further delay, it's time to step on board this ship and raise the sails! It's an adventure we're undertaking, and for once, it's an adventure with male Idols at the helm! Are you ready to begin a new journey into the world of BOYS AND MEN, and find something new to enjoy?

All aboard the SS. BOYS AND MEN! What adventures will we encounter this time?


BM... Boys Musume? e.e Bloody Mondays? Bijin Mama? Biscuit Mole?


The best way to start a PV is with force and attitude!

Oh, and a bunch of good looking guys.

There's so much going on, I love it XD

Why do I get the feeling they're all complete dorks? (Because, Chiima, they are.)


... Wait, they're not rolling pastry, are they? o 3o

Flap those arms, Masaru, and maybe you'll fly!

Y'know, the more I watch this, the more attracted to Shunsuke I become... o3o

Aww, crud muffins XD MICHI, THIS IS YOUR DOING!!! XD

Lol, wtf is going on in the background, there?

Yutaka x Takumi: "BROOM FIGHT!!!"
Tatsunori: "Outta my way, bitches!"

Tatsunori: "Guys, I got the keg!"

Wow, he must be hella strong to run around so freely with that barrel, aha XD

Honestly, I'm just enjoying whatever is happening in the background, and how aggressive Yutaka is XD

Oh, and look, broom guitars!

Good lord, Masaru has such a smooth face. What face products does he use?

Takafumi: "I see AKB filming a new bikini MV!"

Spying those half nekked Idols is a rewarding job, one can assume.

This is how we all look when a new Idol MV comes out by a group we love, don't deny it!

Command me, Captain Yuhi! *^* <3

... Too much? XD

Shunsuke: "Magic~"

He gonna make some girls / guys heart melt one day, isn't he?

This is like, picture perfect. That cheeky, good-looking trio in school you once knew. Gawd damn, these photogenic dorks.

Yukihisa is so aggressive in his performance, despite trying his best not to smile and giggle XD

These two are adorable, ahaha.

Tatsunori: "Fuck this piece o' paper."
Yukihisa: "WTF, man!?"
Yuhi: "Get outta my way, I'M THE BOSS MAN!"
Yutaka: "Yo, Takumi, bake me a pastry."

This scene is amazing, I just love how everyone's in a flurry and the other three take over XD

Tatsunori, you dork, why did you grab the compass? Good call, though XD

I think this is the best interpretation of the chicken flap I've seen since forever. Nice way to spice that shit up, BOYS AND MEN.

I don't know whether I want to like Yukihisa, or just care about him a bit. I mean, he's adorkable, but I don't like his teeth XD

BOYS AND MEN: "We missed a spot there, OH!"

Lordeh, Tatsunori can jump o-O What was he, a monkey in the past?

If they were cleaners in my house, y'all know I wouldn't complain. Sigh, if only I was on that ship with them, too! ;A;

Well, if you wanna strip the clothes away, I won't complain o 3o

HOW IS TAKAFUMI SO CUTE!? He's got such a refreshing face! I just wanna hug and mother him, ahaha XD

But good grief, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the delicious looking Yuhi O-O <3 Yum yum yum~

... Masato, is that a wink, or do you have something in your eye?

Masato: "Urgh, it's an eyelash."

Knew it!

This is so ridiculous, and yet they're still all kinda hawt, despite that XD

Seriously though, Shunsuke and Masaru, DAMN >o>

BOYS AND MEN: "Scrub the deck, HEY YO!"

I actually love this set, despite its cheapness, aha.

Well, that's a lot going on in one picture. ALL THE EXPRESSIONS XD

There's very little you need to say when perfection is already there in your face XD


QUICK! Put him back in the barrel, he cannot see the terror of this world! We must keep him pure and unknowing!



Yuhi: "Shit. who let Masaru drive!?"

Those driving skillz, tho.

Yutaka: "Guys, I see someone filming a Gravure DVD!"
Masato: "WHERE? I gotta see this!"

Wow, these guys work hard to get all the latest in Idols, Gravure and bikini's!

Takumi: "Oh, crud muffins, Ogawa Rena's standing behind a GUY!!!"

FFS, TAKUMI, SHUSH! Keep a lid on it, before you get an Idol fired!

This is the exact representation of how the H!P fandom feels whenever a member is fired or caught up in a minor scandal. The AKS fans just await the impending AV DVD announcement.

... Okay, WTF? XD

The Johnny's Ent. fish is coming to gobble up the competition! ARRRGH!

Shunsuke: "Not today, you scaly mother fudger!"

Shunsuke means business!

Johnny's Ent Fish: "Om nom nom, give me your talent!"
Yukihisa: "Not me, not me, not me, I'm the pretty, popular one!"

... Why did I immediately think of a, ahem, crown jewels fight when I saw this scene, and not the innocent broomstick flying I should have? >o>

Tatsunori: "My broom's bigger than your broom~"
Masato: "It's not the size of the handle, but the way it handles!"

Oh, my!

Tatsunori: "Ooh! You're a pervert!"

NO!!! Whoever directed this is! ARGH!


Lord, that is a beautiful panning shot. I could cry!

This energy is everything, too, and damn, look at that sunset lighting!


They feel so powerful! Give me some of that power, BOYS AND MEN!

Yutaka: "You won't like me when I'm ANGRY! GRRRRRRRRRR!"

Look at Yutaka, showing off his muscle from all his baking! Arm day, EVERY DAY!

Masaru: "Everyone, we have defeated the Johnny's Ent. Fish. But this is not the end, for Johnny's Ent. will send bigger fish. Next time, we should aim to fry."

YAS, CAPTAIN MASARU! Lead your lowly crew to the top, and make even J-Ent see that you're not to be taken lightly!

Yuhi, you look so farkin' cute. Why can't you look at me like that, huh!? TToTT

Yuhi: "Wait, what do you mean fry!? We're gonna boil J-ent!?"

Masaru: "No! We're going to cut them down, and show 'em whose boss! TATSUNORI! Don't talk over me, ya little punk!"
Tatsunori: "Whoa, I was just saying how cool the plan was! I wanna fry J-Ent, too!"
Masaru: "Then pay proper attention, and stop looking at that Sashihara Rino spread in Young gangan!"

Masaru: "Everyone, in line! We're gonna fry some boy bands."
BOYS AND MEN: "For the future!"
Masaru: "For Universal Music... JAPAN!!!"

Now I need a move with BOYS AND MEN, where they make this stance before a big fight scene against the evil Warlord, Johnny's Ent.

Ah, crud, this shoulda been my new banner >o> AH, WELL!

Masaru: "Down with J-Ent!"
Yuhi: "Moga Mogami! Why did you leeeeeave!?"

WTF, Masaru, what's with that face!? XD

YASSS, MASATO, YASSS! Get into the spirit of going into battle with the J-Ent conglomorate! Go, Go, GOOOOO!!!

Ahahahahaha, this had to be giffed XD Thank you, Yutaka, for your cuteness XD


I think that Tatsunori's my favourite, you know? o3o He's the one I wanna take a cheki with, for sure XD

But DAMN, Yuhi, why so yummy? *^* I salute you! ;)

TBH, I wouldn't smile after being sea sick, but to each their own XD Nice of you to help out there though, Takumi.

I swear, despite how manly and hawt he is, Shunsuke is just one giant goofball.

Speaking of goofballs... He's too cute! I love his hair! But damnit, those teeth XD

Oh, wait, Kento's nabbed the damn good line? Well, dang, he's got a decent voice o3o

... Wait. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait. Is that... it is! It's...


And man, oh man, that is some intense and vigorous thrusting they're doing, there!

Jazz fingers everyone, do the jazz fingers for the fans! Make it SPARKLE!

Seriously though, look at that upward sweep shot. Oh, my! *O*


Chicken flaps, pelvic thrusts and shoop shoops! Could this MV get any freakin' better!?

*sobs* It's beautiful! Shoop, my pretties, SHOOP!

Lol, of course Tatsunori's the one stepping out to be unique XD Also, wtf is this dance move, it's fabulous! XDA

boys and men: "Scrub, Throw, Beat, SAY! Johnny's Ent. Shall Walk the Plank, Aye!"

The brand new BOYS AND MEN chant, everyone.

And after defeating the dreaded Johnny's Ent. Fish, surviving through all the scandals, grad announcements and sudden withdrawals, BOYS AND MEN have safely made it to the Isle of the Idols, where Bikini PV's are rife, and music plays all day! But where will their ship take them, next time?



Wow, there a lot of gifs o-O I mean, given how active the music video is, it makes a lot more sense to gif the hell out of it, because otherwise, there'd just be a blur of members, and that would annoy me greatly. I like focused images (it's the only time I crave perfection), so if your computer / laptop / phone has slowed down considerably, I do apologise, but AYE! Gif's Ahoy, me hearty!

Seriously though, this is a fun music video. It's freakin' great, and I find it incredible hilarious from beginning to end. I honestly didn't know how it would go after viewing the preview so many times, but now that I've been able to watch it in full, gif it to the heavens, and take some time watching it and inspecting every little detail, I can safely say that I am 100% satisfied with this delightful product. It makes me laugh, it makes me giggle-snort, and it makes me so happy, all thanks to its dorky, cheerful nature. It really is an amazing video, in all its hilarity and simplicity.

Like, seriously, it's so simple, but the smallest of things make it so damn good! The director really didn't need a lot to make it great, aside from an idea, some props, and the charm and personalities of all the members. Oh, and some weird-ass choreography that included PELVIC THRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSTS and shoop shoops.

I swear, this is the best use of all those horrible dance moves, especially when you pair said moves with the utter seriousness of Masaru, and Yukihisa's giant grin. It's too damn good, I say!

Ho wo Agero!, from start to finish, is a bundle of energy and fun. Though its set in one location, the pace, energy, cheer and use of lighting and camera work makes the video extremely entertaining to watch, and there is never a dull moment that passes by. Something is always in motion, and there's going to always be something new to catch your eye, whether it's the background antics, or the way the choreography has been done. All of the members stick out in their own way, with Yutaka's almost reserved look, the absolute adorableness of Yukihisa, Shunsuke's manliness, Yuhi's mature yet innocent features, and Masaru's baby face but fierce determination. There''s something here about them that sticks out and makes me notice them all, though I have to say, the real winner for me is Tatsunori; he's bloody ridiculous! This guy is absolutely amazing, always showing a new expression and smiling so brightly. He's really stolen my heart with his handsome face and exuberant nature. I can't get enough of him, and I think that, of them all, he really stole the show, right next to Masaru and Yukihisa.

I still love Yuhi, though! I won't ever let him fall from my ranks! Ahaha!

The members are really a big part of this video, because they make it such a fun, cheerful space. Every scene involves them, and you can't help but be drawn to whatever they're doing, whether they are in the back or the front. These are guys who truly know how to entertain and make the platform theirs, and that's absolutely incredible. Of course, the set they're on for Ho wo Agero! is great, too. Sure, it's indoors, and doesn't really go anywhere, but the use of lighting and light effects creates a true sea-bound experience. I love the sunset scenes and the use of a fan to make it look like the wind is blowing during the rainy sequences. The way everyone interacts and reacts is perfect, as if they really are going through a storm, though they definitely up the reaction for comical effect.

Of course, I love the camera work as well. It's done really well, especially during the storm scenes. I love how everyone moves and how the camera tilts and shifts to create that effect that the ship is tipping. The way the set comes alive, too, is amazing. I like that the waves actually move and that, when the storm is happening, the members are swimming away from a giant fish made of cardboard. It's so damn funny! Their expressions and how they interact is just wonderful, and I love that this wasn't a CGI based MV, but one where the members could actually touch and experience everything in full. Is it cheesy? Heck, yes, but it makes it even better. This already fun song, became an even better music video than I expected! I'm so amazed at its quality, and I love how silly every second of it is.

And damn, I love those costumes! Where can I purchase a pair of Yuhi or Masaru's trousers? They look hella comfy, guys!

Ho wo Agero! is fun, cheesy and cheerful, and there's an undeniable fierceness about it that is very apparent in its choreography and sound. This is such a lively track, with an even livelier video to show off just how fun it really is. If this doesn't get stuck in your head, and if it doesn't entertain you, I will honestly be very surprised, because it's just so likable!

A carefree, energetic release that is full of life, and hopefully, a release that won't lose its flavour any time soon! This is incredible, and I'm so freakin' happy that I came across it! I love Ho wo Agero!, and quite quickly, I'm falling in love with BOYS AND MEN. Hopefully, this adventure in liking a male group won't end prematurely.

It's a great video, and yes, I urge everyone to watch it (if you can)! Give these guys a chance, and set sail for a new experience.

Land Ho, everyone! Have you enjoyed your expedition on SS. BOYS AND MEN?

Until the next post, everyone! And don't worry, I won't stick to the male Idols for long, we'll get back to the girls in good time, promise! ;)

Please take care, stay happy and healthy, enjoy life and music, have safe travels, and of course, adore those Idols to the fullest!

Safe journeys and much love and sunshine,


  1. well shit that was really good.. I may have to start following these guys, do you know where i can find information on them? their wikipedia really sucks

    1. Aha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really love this MV, I'm so happy I found a boy group worth the love... I may have to compile a bunch of info on this group, I know they have a few websites (they have an international one that's English, but it's not been updated for about a year, or probably more) plus the Japanese wikipedia, etc.

      If need be, I'll get my Sherlock hat on and do some digging, like I've done with Fudanjuku and HouPri lols.

  2. Yukihisa is my fave. He's hilarious

    "The Johnny's Ent. fish is coming to gobble up the competition!" I'm crying

    1. Yukihisa is adorable ahaha, I can myself liking him more the more I find out about the group, but so far... TATSUNORI!!!! <3

      Well, J-ent need to find SOME way to kill off the competition, right?

  3. Boys and Men have been active since 2010 and I'm glad more international people are starting to notice and like them because they are really worth giving lots of love! They're songs are frequently fast and happy like this one :D but yeah sadly there hasn't been any international fansites of them up till now, only this fansite just started last year. I hope you would find them like-able and start to love them too :3 Btw Shunsuke is really luuvable, well all of them are really luuvable i tell you XDD

    1. they're super talented, and so adorable! I never knew they were a thing until this video popped up in my recommended feed! But I doubt I will ever look back, they're such a charismatic and funny group!

      I hope to write about them a little to a lot more, they're just such a fun, energetic group, and YES, they deserve the love! Tatsunori especially!!!! <3 <3 XD XD

      THEY'RE ALL LOVABLE! Especially