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A High School Harem Begins! Let THE HOOPERS Capture Your Heart and Mind in 'SHAMROCK'! [MV Review!]

It's time to go back to school, and indulge in the daily life of a high school harem! In a world where girls masquerade as beautiful young men, will these eight gorgeous individuals win the affection of one lucky lady, or stay her friends and keep the rest of the world in suspense for her answer?

Let's indulge in this live action anime-manga book romance you've seen and read a million times over! Will the beautiful school prince win the heart of one lucky lady, or will he continue to compete for her hand against all the other charming boys in the school?

I've never been that into THE HOOPERS. Ever since their debut - and the success that followed it - I feel like I've been more than bitter towards them, because they overshadowed my darling Fudanjuku. That said, I am pleased for the groups success; they're a great bunch, and they make gorgeous men. Like, I can hardly believe any of them are women, especially Lee and Haruki! It's amazing how boyish they all look.

Of course, another reason why I never really found myself fawning over THE HOOPERS had to do with the music not appealing to me that much. This is in part due to me not really listening to anything they've released, and what I have heard, I've either forgotten, or it never stood out enough to make me want to go back to it. Until now, that is!

I don't know what it is about SHAMROCK, but for some reason, it stood out to me. It could be it's highly contagious melody, or it's energy-fueled dance sequence from the music video. There's so much about this song and video that is memorable, in my opinion, and I can't help but adore everything about it! I guess this is one of those tracks that certainly feels more 'Fudanjuku' than others, from the style of the outfits to the style of song, but honestly, it really suits THE HOOPERS to a tee. They rock in this, and they are damn eye-catching in every way possible.

It's also worth mentioning that SHAMROCK is actually a cover of UVERworld's song of the same name, released on their fifth single way back when in 2006. Still, there is no denying that THE HOOPERS gave it their own unique spin, creating a more energetic, pop-rock sound that has some bounce to it. Both tracks, original and the cover, are amazing in their own right, though.

And now, it 's time to fall into this world of girls who dress as beautiful boys! Will they charm you with their individual beauty, or will only a few capture your heart as the video goes along? It's time to find out just which HOOPERS boy will entrance you today, and which ones will fall by the wayside!

My Lady, will you take their hands and fall into a gorgeous new world? Let's take a trip together~


Ah, those were the days. Going into class, listening to music, ignoring the teachers and the world around you... Failing up-coming tests...

Yep, those were the days!

Mirai: "That better be THE HOOPERS you're listening to, gurl."
Kashiwagi-Clone: "Who the fiddlesticks are you?"

Hey! Doesn't she look a little like Kashiwagi Yuki, but prettier? The girl, I mean, not the girl pretending to be a boy.

Mirai: "Ah, UVERworld. At least it isn't Fudanjuku, huh?"
Kashiwagi-Clone: "Oh, well, they're on next..."

Good grief, Mirai's a handsome girl-boy o-O

HELLO! You're my new favourite >8D What's yo name, boi?

Kashiwagi-Clone: "H-Holy smokes, you're hot..."

Her face, though. TBH, I'd be shocked if someone that hawt patted my head.

Kashiwagi-clone: "Erm, guys, personal space?"

LOL, who needs personal space these days? Back in my day, we got all up in each others grill 8U

... Okay, I'll stop with the weird lingo XD

Ah, feck, which one are you? Makoto? Well, whoever you are, YAY! President! 8U

President Makoto: "I'll invade more than your personal space, if you get my drift, baby doll~"

Oh, my!

Kashiwagi-clone: "... What the fudge kinda school did I transfer to?"

One filled with a bunch of girls dressed as boys, DIDN'T YA READ THE SIGN?

HOT DAMN, Mirai is a gorgeous specimen of delight. No wonder y'all be fawning over him (her) 8U

But good grief, SENA! Sorry, Mirai, but I'm a Sena fan from here on out!

Well, that's one way to get a girls attention... o3o

Doubt it'll get anyone laid, though. The Pounce and Flounce is NOT Chiima approved, people!

Kashiwagi-clone: "Iya, my hair!"

TBH, I'd freak out if someone messed with my 'do as I'm walking by.

HELLO! Hawt Emo kid, here you are! *^*

Haruki: "Say hello to my little friend."

WTF even is that? A spiky bug egg of some kind?

Kashiwagi-clone: "E-EW!!!"

She looks so shocked, lol why? How the feck did Haruki even find that in her hair? Does Haruki had Superman-quality vision?

Haruki: "Oi, Lee, got a present for ya."
Kashiwagi-clone: "Th-thank you for your service!"

Haruki only wants to keep the girls' hair as nice as his/her's is. Gotta have beautiful hair, everywhere!

WTH are you doing, Tsubasa? Stop that horrible 90's shit, NOW!

Mirai: "You can't be called a girl if you dress as a boy."

What does this remind me of...?

Mirai's been caught! Y'all can't meme without me finding out, Mirai! Now, roll safe!

Roll Safe: "Can't be told to dress like a girl if you enroll as a boy."

Kashiwagi-clone: "Wait... who are you? What are you doing?"
Tsubasa: "Oi oi, lemme see your answers to this test, sweet cheeks."
Kashiwagi-clone: "But I'm really bad at Maths..."


And hawt damn, look at those alternative costumes! Get in some plaid and leather, guys! 8U

WELL, looks like Mirai's putting the moves on our little Kashiwagi-clone! Kabe-DON style!

Man, it's like it's come straight out of a manga! Someone draw this scene for me!

Awww, Kashiwagi-clone is feelin' the love tonight! *^* Go on, girl, get you that man!

Wait, did they all just throw the desks and chairs at the blackboard so they could dance? GUUUUUUYS!!!

Ah, well, at least we get to see 'em dance ;)

Mirai, you freakin' tease!

HAWT DAMN, LEE! *^* You're a piece o' goodness, ain't ya?

Seriously, I kinda love Lee, though he's not featured all that much ;O;

Kashiwagi-clone: "Wait, what are you pulling out of your pants...?"
Sena: - muttering- "Head out of the gutter... head out of the gutter... head. Out. The. Gutter..."

Don't worry, Kashiwagi-clone, there's very little our dear Sena can 'whip out' XD


Look, there's even a little heart on it, OMG! ;O; <3

Kashiwagi-clone: "S-sorry! I'm saving myself for TAKUYA!!!"
Sena: "FFS, it's cause I'm not a real boy, isn't it?"

Sena, you can steal my heart away and confess to me! I won't turn you down, I promise! ;O;

Oh, heck, I may turn you down if Haruki confesses to me, though *^*

This is the scene I have to watch when I put this MV on. Haruki is so damn smokin' *O*

Sena: "Le sigh, guess it's the bachelor life for me, then. Yo, boys, what up? Bros before ho's!"


Oh, hawt damn, Cecil is adorable. WTF is this trickery, Cecil, why you so gorgeous and boyish and cheeky adorbs!?

Cecil: "Here, lemme take those for you, pumpkin~"

Look at that face! How can y'all deny this one your love!? So innocent, so cute, so refreshing...

And cheeky! LOOK AT THAT CHEEKY LI'L SMILE! I wanna pull his / her cheeks and love them, omg! *^* <3

Kashiwagi-clone: "Mirai--- Oh! Oh, my."

The Princess finds herself a sleeping Prince. Now... KISS!

The most beautiful sight, a sleeping Prince who must be awoken by a kiss, and nothing else.

This is honestly one of the nicest scenes. I really love how peaceful and pretty it is, and the look on Kashiwagi-clone's face. That's a girl in love, y'all!

A bunch of girls dressed as beautiful boys play basketball.

Cecil is just too adorable for words here.

Kshiwagi-clone looks upon her Kingdom of fawning men, and realises just how damn lucky she is to lead such a wonderful, shoujo manga style life.

Mirai: "Yo, play with us! Become one of us!"

Even though she doesn't want to date any of them, Clone-sama is still beloved by all the boys as a friend, as she should be. She shouldn't be held at fault for not wanting to date people >o>


I want handsome friends like this, who respect my decisions and understand that just cause they like me, doesn't mean I should return their affections ;O;


Honestly though, is this what kids call dancing these days? It looks like a mess of what the fudgery XD

Kashiwagi-clone: "Holy crud muffins, what kind of choreography did I just think up? Gotta sell that crud to Haro! Pro, stat!"

NO! Don't give H!P any more bad choreography ideas, they have enough!

But DAMN, look at Lee and Cecil! *^* They look hawt, man.

We need more Cecil and Lee! Let's protest until we get more of those two! XD

Kashiwagi-clone: "I love..."

Who does she love?

ALL OF THEM 8U Time to make that Harem basket! Wtf is a harem basket? XD

Okay, why haven't I gif'ed or screencapped Noa at all? Like, Noa is HAWT, man *^*

TBH though, Noa's barely shown in this, and that's a damn crime! Get yo act together, UMJ >8U


Cecil and Lee, though *^* I see why people like Cecil <3 I wanna be loved by Cecil, too, and Sena! And Lee! And HARUUUUKIIII!!!

Mirai's damn gorgeous too, though, so let Mirai love me, too! Just don't tease me with kisses, ya damn tease, you >8V

A line of gorgeous girls men *^*

Oh, no! Kashiwagi-clone, I hope it isn't too late to find your boys! Quick, run further! They're in auditorium / gym hall, jamming to UVERworld's SHAMROCK!

Ah, crap, someone spiked the canteen food again, didn't they?

Lee: "Yeeeeeah, UVERworld!!!"
Haruki: "CHECK IT!"

Wait, is Kashiwagi-clone crying!? Sweety, don't cry, it's just terrible dancing! Everyone has a case of it, somewhere down the line!

Kashiwagi-clone: "It's... it's so beautiful! I'm gonna sell that choreography to Haro! Pro!"


One of my fave scenes, just because it's so nice to watch.


Look at that MANLINESS! Practically radiates off of them all.

The sheer confidence Mirai has is wonderful, too, but damn, Sena looks tasty, and so does Lee *^*

Oh, that's flawless. Yes, swivel for me! That's not swiveling, you idiot

Good grief, they're all so bloody gorgeous! Now, which one should I pick for date night? Or prom? Wait... I'm too old for prom XD Crud!

Well, whatever... who'd you date? Choose wisely, and definitely don't steal my Sena ;)



It's pretty late now, but damn, this is a fun PV! It's not Ho wo Agero! levels of fun, but there's this genuine, feel-good aspect to SHAMROCK, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will make you smile. It's got the three C's going for it: cheeky, cute and cheerful, and then some, but I honestly never expected SHAMROCK to be as enjoyable as it is. It's stuck with me, though, and I've fallen so hard for it. Who knew that a liking for such a short preview, would blossom into full on love for the entire course of the music video, aye?

I think it's pretty safe to say that, yeah, I really like SHAMROCK by THE HOOPERS. It's 100% addictive, and 100% worthy of your time. Oh, yeah!

I think that one of the best things about SHAMROCK is that, in all its simplicity and generic story line, it's this sweet, friendly video that is so warm in atmosphere, with a genuine feel in regards to the relationships between the members and the female lead. It just makes me think of nostalgic school days with good friends, where you create strong bonds and enjoy your time with the people you care for and appreciate. And, regardless of the fact that each member feels so distinct and individual in their style and personality, there is this strong bond of friendship between everyone, showing that no matter what kind of group or background you might fall under, you can still be great friends.

I love how this is filmed, too. It feels like a film at times, with gorgeous cinematography that perfectly captures the expression and desires of each character. Every sequence and moment feels genuine and whole, and I really love how the characters are given a little moment with the female protagonist of this manga-like story line. It truly feels like a shoujo book romance come to life, where the lead is pursued by a handful of beautiful men, with each one trying to get her to notice them in a variety of ways. Some are more confident than others, whilst a few have a quieter approach, or feel a bit shyer. I really love how defined the characters are here, despite the MV being put into a 4 minute block. It just shows how great each member is, and how they've developed their characters for their male alter-egos over time, in my opinion.

I would say that the part I dislike most about this music video, though, is how we barely see Lee or Noa interact with the lead female. It's a shame, because I wanted to watch them develop some form of interest with her. Now, if they actually developed this into a dorama... Well, then we'll get their characters developed! But let me bitter about it, until that actually happens XD

In regards to the dance shots, I really do like them. I think that all of the members look cool, and despite a few weird free-strylin' moves thrown in for kicks, everything looks super energetic and fun! I like seeing the members in the classroom, most, where they dance in front of the desks thrown about in disarray. I think what enhances these scenes is the clear enjoyment the members have when dancing; they all look so happy! I just want to join in with them, and I kind of do, by dancing in my chair when listening to this music or even as I'm writing this review. I probably look like I have an aggressive twitch when dancing to SHAMROCK, however.

I enjoy this music video because it's cute and gives me all the warm fuzzies. I love how genuine it feels, too, and I think that it has some nice cinematography going on. Sure, it's not the best video out there, but it stands out for how sweet and personal it feels. I love every aspect of it (aside from the lack of Lee and Noa story lines), and I love the intimacy of each scene between the members and the female lead, and above all, I love that, despite her rejecting their feelings and choosing to only be their friend, they all accept it, and understand that there is more to her than romance. They expect nothing less than her companionship, and that is so freakin' wonderful, in my eyes.

It's cute, it's fluffy, and it's enjoyable, in all its shoujo-manga simplicity! Are you going to fall in love with this beautiful story of high school boys pursuing one lucky lady today, too?

It's the story of romance that has blossomed into true friendship! But is this the end of the story, or will these beautiful boys find their one true love in the future? Let's continue to watch THE HOOPERS and find out!

And that's all we have for now, folks! Hopefully you enjoyed all THE HOOPERS had to offer, and will check them out after finishing this review! For now, though, it's time for me to go and check out some more Idols! Please take care, listen to some amazing music, and love the Idols who have captured your hearts! Adieu!

Much Love and shoujo cheese,

If you like what you see and hear, be sure to check out THE HOOPERS' SHAMROCK. I promise, it's a good one ;)

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