Thursday, 24 August 2017

Goodbye, Pure-Hearted Ballerina, It's Time To Let Your Dark Wings Unfold... - Houkago Princess 'Sayonara Dualina' [MV Review]

In the cut-throat industry of entertainment, there will always be a dark side to the delicate world that has been crafted for audience consumption. Whether it is in singing, orchestra, acting or ballet, there will be those who do what they can to climb to the top, and when they finally get to the top of that ladder, their true wings begin to unfurl...

What side will you find yourself on? Black, or white?

In their latest re-telling of a classic love story, Houkago Princess take centre stage and pirouette to the sounds of duality and conflict in their very own rendition of the classical ballet, Swan Lake! In this modern approach to the iconic ballet, Sayonara Dualina explores the theme of dual feelings towards love as the members prepare to put on a magnificent performance for their fans.

With each member portraying a form of Odette or Odile, Houkago Princess become royalty who change the colour of their feathers to show off the difficulties of falling in love. Tonight, they will put on a performance that will astound you all as they show their passion on the stage, whilst revealing the true conflict of their heart and mind in the most beautiful way they possibly can. By the end of it all, will you figure out if they are going to be upfront with their feelings, or hide them away behind dark wings?

After waiting so long for its release, finally, I can now reveal Sayonara Dualina and review it for you all! Dedicated to one of the most heart-wrenching love stories of all time, Houkago Princess bring forth another beautiful, mature track that will send chills down your spine. With Maika taking the lead as principal vocalist once again, and a beautiful choreography to show off the groups grace, it's time to fall into a world of duality and love, and see what kind of story the girls of Houkago Princess will paint for us today.

In their first ballet-themed release, Houkago Princess will take to the stage and perform Sayonara Dualina to you all! The curtains are beginning to rise, so please take your seats and don't move! A story of peril and woe is about to begin...

This is A Duet I Dance Alone...

Saturday, 19 August 2017

A High School Harem Begins! Let THE HOOPERS Capture Your Heart and Mind in 'SHAMROCK'! [MV Review!]

It's time to go back to school, and indulge in the daily life of a high school harem! In a world where girls masquerade as beautiful young men, will these eight gorgeous individuals win the affection of one lucky lady, or stay her friends and keep the rest of the world in suspense for her answer?

Let's indulge in this live action anime-manga book romance you've seen and read a million times over! Will the beautiful school prince win the heart of one lucky lady, or will he continue to compete for her hand against all the other charming boys in the school?

I've never been that into THE HOOPERS. Ever since their debut - and the success that followed it - I feel like I've been more than bitter towards them, because they overshadowed my darling Fudanjuku. That said, I am pleased for the groups success; they're a great bunch, and they make gorgeous men. Like, I can hardly believe any of them are women, especially Lee and Haruki! It's amazing how boyish they all look.

Of course, another reason why I never really found myself fawning over THE HOOPERS had to do with the music not appealing to me that much. This is in part due to me not really listening to anything they've released, and what I have heard, I've either forgotten, or it never stood out enough to make me want to go back to it. Until now, that is!

I don't know what it is about SHAMROCK, but for some reason, it stood out to me. It could be it's highly contagious melody, or it's energy-fueled dance sequence from the music video. There's so much about this song and video that is memorable, in my opinion, and I can't help but adore everything about it! I guess this is one of those tracks that certainly feels more 'Fudanjuku' than others, from the style of the outfits to the style of song, but honestly, it really suits THE HOOPERS to a tee. They rock in this, and they are damn eye-catching in every way possible.

It's also worth mentioning that SHAMROCK is actually a cover of UVERworld's song of the same name, released on their fifth single way back when in 2006. Still, there is no denying that THE HOOPERS gave it their own unique spin, creating a more energetic, pop-rock sound that has some bounce to it. Both tracks, original and the cover, are amazing in their own right, though.

And now, it 's time to fall into this world of girls who dress as beautiful boys! Will they charm you with their individual beauty, or will only a few capture your heart as the video goes along? It's time to find out just which HOOPERS boy will entrance you today, and which ones will fall by the wayside!

My Lady, will you take their hands and fall into a gorgeous new world? Let's take a trip together~


Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Oath of "Z" no Chikai! - Momoiro Clover Z Single Review!

I've literally titled this 'The Oath of The Oath of "Z"! lol

Let the fandom roar! Dust off those cosplay outfits you've been hiding away until the next convention creeps up, let the excitement surge through you, and get ready for the power to go well over 9000! It's time to begin an adventure, and entertain ourselves with a little bit of Momoiro Clover Z!

It's been a good few years since we last saw them here, but it's time! Will I finally change my mind on this group, and give them the good ol' college try? Or will MCZ continue to fall below my radar, and forever dwell in outer space, where I'm currently keeping them?

Let's review and find out.

Courtesy of Tanera, I will finally be reviewing something Momoiro Clover Z related. It rarely happens here, due to my insistence that I don't care about the group, as well as my stubbornness to actually listen to what they have to offer. I mean, the last time I even talked about them was during my Christmas 2016 posts, and that was only to add their annoying, sugar-cookie Santa-san track for the sake of Christmas joy. So, yeah, it's been a fair while since I last did something MCZ related.

Now, given the fact I don't actually listen to this group a whole lot, I'm going into this a little blind. So far, I've only heard "Z" no Chikai itself, but the coupling tracks are a mystery to me. So, this is a review as I listen kind of deal, and honestly, I'm hoping that my opinions on the remaining tracks differ greatly from the opinion I've already formed on the A-side. You never know; I could come out of this really enjoying MCZ's b-sides, and thinking of them differently. There's always that possibility.

I'll probably still be on the fence, but hey! This could be the review to open me up to the possibility of listening to more of their music, and finally jumping into the Stardust pool. I know quite a few friends who would happily greet me on that side of the fence, and show me what's good and what's moderately tasteful.

SO, after quite a few years (five, actually), I am going to be reviewing some Momoiro Clover Z! And no, I don't want to, but this is a request, and I said I would do it! And who knows? I could come out of this enjoying the single and all it has to offer, and maybe more. So, let's get ready to look at some Momoiro Clover Z, power up, and blast this single at full volume!

Prep the earplugs, people. This could get shrieky.

Friday, 11 August 2017

All Aboard! It's Time to Set Sail and Sweep the Deck in BOYS AND MEN's 'Ho wo Agero!'

Welcome aboard, fellow Wota, are you ready to sail the delightful Idol Seas today? As a fore-warning, along the way we may experience a few difficulties, including the threat of a giant fish, and the hardships of a few Idol graduations and withdrawals that you might not expect! Of course, these are things that we Wota will tackle head on, because we are prepared for anything in this big, wide Idol world. It's the way of the Idol fan, after all! So, please grab your life jackets, step on board, and check your personal belongings are all there! Also, please prepare for a bumpy ride, because nothing goes smooth in this realm!

Hey, YO! Let's set sail!

Ever since I first saw the preview of this music video, I knew that I wanted to review it, whether it was the single itself, or the full MV. For so long now, I've been waiting for the full length version of the song to come out, and now, I finally have it all. From beginning to end, Ho wo Agero! has finally been revealed, and it's just as glorious as I expected it to be.

I've fallen in love with both this song and its video. When I first heard the full MP3, I cried with happiness, and when I finally saw the music video - which was uploaded some days ago on the groups Vevo channel - I cried with laughter. It's the perfect amount of silly and energy, and I just can't get enough of it! No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh and smile so much! It's a giant bundle of dorky fun, and BOYS AND MEN are a glorious bunch who pull off that silly attitude super well!

And now, I need to share it with you all! Today we are going to do something a little different, and bring the boys to the realm of O!MT. It's something I rarely do, but sometimes, a change of pace is all we need, and in this wide world of Idols and Music, even the boys should be given a chance, sometimes!

So, without any further delay, it's time to step on board this ship and raise the sails! It's an adventure we're undertaking, and for once, it's an adventure with male Idols at the helm! Are you ready to begin a new journey into the world of BOYS AND MEN, and find something new to enjoy?

All aboard the SS. BOYS AND MEN! What adventures will we encounter this time?


Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Blooming Sensation of a Smile! - Tsubaki Factory's 'Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou' Single Review!

The internet is back, so let's start the presses, and get some words out into the open world! It's time to embrace the Idol music, and revel in the beauty that our beloved groups and soloists create! It's a rising sensation, this feeling of happiness, and I can only hope that it blooms even more as I continue listening to the songs I enjoy most!

Will today's single selection make you smile, or wilt with overflowing sadness? It's time to check out some Idol songs, and find out how they make you feel. Let's go!

WOOHOO, I have internet again! To celebrate, I think it's high-time I reviewed this single, because damn, there's so much about it to love! I know a lot of people are praising this release highly, as well as praising Tsubaki Factory for their talent and charm, and I am one of them! That said, I wasn't anticipating reviewing this one here; I was going to talk about it over on Selective Hearing, however, Balma requested I write about it in a comment, therefore, here it is! A review of Tsubaki Factory's second major single, Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou! Honestly speaking, it's probably best I rave about it here; I doubt I could condense my love for this release on SH! I kinda want to ramble, you know?

I've given away my thoughts already (lol), but I've already expressed my thoughts on the MV's as well, so, I doubt you'd be surprised by whatever I have to say, anyways. Still, it's nice to give my thoughts in full, and express my original feelings on the tracks, and such. Here, I have a chance to look at the single in full, and spell out just what I think.

Oh, this will be fun!

So, without any further delay, let's get into Hello! Project's latest physical release, and entertain ourselves with the ever delightful Tsubaki Factory! Will they elicit a smile from you after hearing all three tracks present on here, or will they make you wilt away with a sigh? It's time to find out, so press play and listen closely!

Headphones ON!!!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

[PV Selection] July '17

The lack of internet almost defeated me, and I was going to give you an unfinished post, missing out a few MV's. However, I saved the link for where I find all my Idol PV's from my horrible laptop, and hurrah, I was able to finish the list! Turns out, I didn't pick that many PV's for the last few listed here, anyways, but ah, well! At least I got to see everything I needed to see!

And now, it's time to get on with the post! What did July have in store for us all, and did you enjoy as many - if not more - as I did? It's time to check them out~

As per the usual, it's time to give all the disclaimers and what not! Of course, this is my own blog, so all videos listed here are the ones that I have enjoyed throughout the year, and are based on my preferences, not yours. I am one woman, and I compile these lists for the fun of it, and also as an archive for all the PV's I see throughout the year. You don't have to like what I like, and you don't have to enjoy it just because I say I do. Your mind is your own, and I know you will pick what fits your taste buds.

Also, if there is a video absent from this post that you enjoy, this could mean a number of things. Either I never watched it, do not know it's available, could not watch it (due to region restrictions) or, I did not enjoy it myself. That does not mean anything, it just simply means it wasn't something that impressed me that much to make it on here, or tickled my fancy at the time. That is how it is.

If you have your own list, be sure to share it with me, or your friends! Remember, sharing is caring, and we need to spread the word of Idols all over the world! If there is something that you love and adore, please, let the globe know.

And with that said and done, I think it's about time we played some Idol Music Videos. Are you prepared for some fun and music?

Friday, 4 August 2017

[Music Selection] July '17

I don't care if I have zero internet, I will find a way to blog! And today I am updating y'all with last month's selection of music, filled with all sorts of joy from the wonderful world of Idols! It's time to get those headphones on, tap those dancing shoes, and bob along to the music! Let's GO!!!

Okay, it's time to ignore my random phone games, and listen to some music from the month of July! As per the usual, all music listed here is subject to my opinion, because this is my blog! Anything here, is what I have enjoyed over the course of the past month, so if you don't see anything you enjoyed in July, big chance I either never listened to it, dismissed it, or just downright never liked it. That's how the taste buds of the ears work, peoples!

Of course, that doesn't mean the songs will never appear! Tastes do sometimes change, and songs can become better with age (or a few hundred loops), so there is a chance that something may appear in a later Selection post! Likewise, anything that appears here today, may have appeared in previous posts, and will most likely return in future Selections! For now, though, let's enjoy what July has graced us all with, and listen to some wonderful Idol tunes!

Tune in for more~ 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Updates in Blogging and Life! (August 2017)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the month of August, where summer rears it head and the holidays overtake us all! Hopefully, those who are in school are enjoying the time off in the UK, Europe and America, and for those who are working, I hope you are able to get some rest, and are taking care of yourselves!

Now that my time in University is at its end, and work has officially wrapped up for me (for the time being), I thought it was about time to update the blog, and let you know a few things that have happened! Let's put aside the Idols, PV's and music for a day (what a lie, I'm listening to Idol music, right now!) and talk about something else. There's a few updates to go through, so, let's go!

First up, LIFE!