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The Job Hunt Begins! Before H!P Can Fire Anyone Else, Let's Get Tsubaki Hired! - 'Suukatsu Sensation' MV Review

Now that my University days are over and done with (at least until the Masters degree beings), it's time to start job hunting, and finally become an adult in society! So, to get me motivated and ready for the long search ahead, let's tune into the latest release from Tsubaki Factory, and begin the grueling task of interviews and dressing to impress!

Please take of me during this long-awaited interview, and thank you for your time!

I swear, Tsubaki Factory's latest release has everyone a-fluster. The Western fandom is going nuts, and yeah, I can totally see why. All three songs are amazing in their own way, and each music video is downright glorious, with Shuukatsu Sensation being the most genius of the three. I mean, damn, Hello! Pro finally put their heads together, used that one brain cell they use between each staff member, and created something original and funny.

What. The, Heckety heck?

Honestly, I don't know whether Shuukatsu Sensation is a genuine, serious song, or if it's just parodying Japan's ideals. Either way, I'm enjoying the crap outta it!

Actually, this whole single is a damn gem, and further proof that Tsubaki Factory are one of Hello! Pro's glowing gems that they need to let shine! This is a damn strong release, and Shuukatsu Sensation is only the beginning! For now, however, we will focus on the sensation that is job hunting, and Tsubaki Factory dressed as Office Ladies! It's time to take a look at the mature and serious Tsubaki Factory, and head into the workforce to become shining examples of society, for today and tomorrow!

Forget your passions and desires in life, and work until you die! It's time to get serious, leave our student days behind, and focus on business and capitalism. Let's begin this job hunt, and create a sensation!

Yorishiku Onegai itashimasu!

Well, that's an interesting way to introduce yourself.

Tsubaki: "First you churn the butter, spread it on the bread, and bow to your food in thanks."

I'm going to have such fun interpreting this whack-ass dance moves XD

 I'd be a tad concerned for on-coming traffic... o-O

This is exactly how I envision the word 'mix tape' to look.

Tsubaki: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Hello! Pro firing everyone, left, right, and even the centers!"

Asakura Kiki; a picture of perfection in the work place. This is the kind of standard Hello! Pro are looking for now, future auditionees!

Wow, Kiki's mouth is wide o-O

Also, am I the only one who thinks she looks dreadful in this? I mean, she looks like she went to JE for a haircut.

Okay, I love my Kisora, but...

Oh, Heavens baby, noooo! My poor child looks void of a soul DX

Riko-sama: "Please, H!P, don't fire me like you fired Rio..." -sobs silently-

TBH, no member is safe from H!P's wrath, these days. It's getting as bad as the 48's and HouPri!

This passport photo effect is cool. And simple. Bonus points o3o

I don't like how gray they look, though. But, that's the work place for ya; dull and gray.

These are the looks of three young office ladies who have given up on having a life outside of stationary and tight skirts.

AHAHAHA, Mizuho's face XD She's trying her best not to smile here.

That typing, though. Serious business, yo.

Camera-san was not steady with this shot, but holy heck, I love the locations they've used! And damn, Tsubaki be looking feisty!

Tsubaki: "Hire us, before Up-Front can fire us!"

Let's play a game! I Spy with my forever winking eye...

A former H!P Idol who is trying to sneak back in ¬.¬

Oh, look! It's Tree-san! And Kumai, too! 8D

Yurina-senpai: "Urgh, Management had better not leave me with those Kobushi newbs..."
Kiki: "Erm, actually, we're Tsubacki Factory---"
Yurina-senpai: "Same freakin' difference, n00b."

Random graduate appearance... Check.

Yurina-senpai: "I'm only here to cash in on Up-Front's promise to keep me relevant, aha."

Yurina's giving Tsubaki a few tips on H!P, and how they can avoid getting fired, or how to better cover up their boyfriend scandals.

And here we see Tsubaki Factory conspiring against the rest of Hello! Project...

Yurina-senpai: "So in order to stay relevant in H!P, you need to either become the cutest Idol in the world, or you have to get rid of everyone else, Battle Royale style."
Yumeno: "Wait... we have to get rid of people?"
Saori: "Oh heeey, I like this idea!"
Kiki: "Wait a second, I AM the competition!?"
Mizuho: "Uh huh... and how did you get rid of Ishimura Maiha, Kumai-san?"
Yurina-senpai: "Signed her up to an elite all-girls school that required no part-time jobs."

-sobs- If only I could find someone who looks at me like Kisora looks at Yumeno -sob sob-

Yumeno: "Urgh, do we HAVE to do this now?"

Oh my days, I FOUND A TYPO! It is 'create', not 'creat', you cretins.

Tsubaki: "Drive the car, then slide under the lorry to avoid a crash!"

I am gonna forever oshi 'Old Man holding an umbrella who accidentally stole this scene by walking up the stairs' forever, now.

hOLY SHEET, they look like mindless drones o-O

Welp, this is what happens when you become a H!P Idol. Void of life, colour, or anything remotely entertaining, because they refuse to let their personalities shine D8<

Kinda like big-ass companies and office jobs, actually... Heeeey, WAIT A SECOND!

Oh, Lordeh, this ain't flattering on a lot of these girls, and my baby Kisora is definitely not exempt from looking terrible, here.


When the architecture intrigues you more than the Idols in tight skirts XD Seriously, though, this shot and its position is LIFE.

Tsubaki Factory: "Gotta stick together through all these scandals and Haro! Pro dropouts."

I do love how these girls look, though. Don't think we've had a fitted suit-style PV since FOREVER LOVE, and that was A+.

Oh goody, it's time to impress the Big Boss! What ya gonna do, girls? Show him your stellar interview skillz? Kidnap him until he submits and gives you a job? Steal his soul and make him agree to everything you ask, before feeding said soul to the Momochi Overlord?

Mr. Director: "Hmph. What can you bring to Japan that Kobushi Factory can't?"

... Wait, you're seriously asking them this? ¬.¬ -le sigh- Girls, give him the list.

Tsubaki Factory: "Choreography in tight skirts!"

Uh huh, yeah...

Kiki: "Light pelvic thrusts!"

Can't fault that, a valid reasoning, there...

Risa: "BRAWN!"

Mmhm, I can see all that muscle, hidden beneath that fitted suit.

Tsubaki: "And Asakura Kiki, front and center!"

Damn, they make a solid argument. How can you deny them, H!P Director, sir?


Oh... Oh, Yumeno honey, no. No, no, no. Don't you dare bring that shit back here, we only just left it behind in Jealousy Jealousy!

Tsubaki: "Come on! Let's go job hunting and ditch H!P!"

Kiki is milking this, you can tell XD

My Lord, these shots are damn beautiful. This PV has some serious camera action, and ba-la-ba-ba-baaa, I'M LOVIN' IT!

Tsubaki: "Please buy our mix tape, thank you very much!"

Er, girls... GIRLS! The guy is at the desk, not by the foliage. Lordeh, go to Specsavers, or something, and get your eyes checked.

Well, let's just hope the guy hires you, based on your stellar dance skillz in tight skirts. I mean, that's impressive, in its own right.



Oh, wow. This Music Video is pretty impressive. I mean, going into it, I never expected Shuunkatsu Sensation to be... well, this. Despite its gray tone and almost depressing aura in look, Tsubaki Factory have delivered a really fun, unique take on the idea of job hunting, thanks to the light-hearted and humorous choreography. Seriously, it's a damn fun watch, so don't let the bland looking thumbnail fool you here.

Also, this song has really grown on me. I like it so much more now, when previously, I didn't rate it too much. So, to know that it's a grower is great, and also, this song is daaaamn strong! Yumeno is especially wonderful here, though her 90's head-bop needs to go. That was second-hand embarrassment, there.

I can see why so many people enjoy this music video, but I can also see why some don't care for it. It has a very dull view in its colour palette, despite the energy and silliness of the choreography, and there will be a few who don't agree with the message, though I'm about 98% sure this is a parody of the very ideals Japan's government and workforce has. I mean, this song is all about looking for work, dedicating yourself to the company until you leave, and doing nothing else but work, work, wooooork. That's pretty damn bleak, if you think about it, but again; I think this is a parody, otherwise, the choreography would be as uptight as the outfits and hairstyles Tsubaki Factory are sporting. These are just my views, though,

Or, I could be wrong, and this is encouraging youngsters to give up on their hopes, dreams and personalities for a bright, energetic future, and head into the office to do nothing but punch in numbers and type letters. It depends on how you view it, and for me, this feels more like it's making light fun of that lifestyle, than promoting it (given these girls are all Idols, and may never leave the entertainment industry for a 9-5 desk job).

Either way, this is a very clever video, and I like that there was a lot of thought put into it, from locations right down to the colours used. It's such a dim, blue-toned video, and if the song wasn't as upbeat as it is - or the dance as weird as it looks - I would probably feel bummed out by it. But even the members' expressions, forever without emotion or life, make this video look fun and entertaining. Despite everything, Hello! Project have created a humorous, intriguing MV that I want to keep watching, just in case I spot something new.

Also, that dance. That. Fuckin'. Dance.

The music video is shot so well, too, and the scenes all flow together nicely. Sure, there are some instances where you can see that the members wait just a fraction of a micro-second before they begin to dance or walk somewhere, which is the editor's fault, but other than that, everything else flows well, and the pacing is really nice. And lordeh, those locations! I applaud the crew who decided where everything would be shot, because we get to see a nice amount of Japan that we otherwise wouldn't, in a Hello! Pro PV. I especially love the scenes where the members dance around the office buildings, and how the camera sweep across all of the members, floating upwards as well so we can still see the pristine, pretty buildings against the gray washed backdrop of the sky.

... Yeah, this is a hella pretty PV, all gray things considering.

Honestly, I am surprised that something this clever, and this well-made, has come out of H!P. I know that they have done a stellar job with their music videos lately, but this is some top tier shit. It actually feels very 48/46 in its style, and even suits the mold for what Aki-P would create, lyrically and# looks wise. It has a very 'Japanese' topic which even the Western fans can get behind, because it's giving a positive sound to interviews and job hunts, despite the fact the task itself is dreary as heck. I mean, this song sounds like such a convincing interview, in itself!

But, again, I can see where people would find this bad or even terrible; it has a message some would not approve of, because of Japan's views on working and the social norm that everyone will work as soon as they leave school. But, if you don't look that deeply into it... then yeah, it's just a fun, sassy MV with a lot of blue tones, and some amazingly stupid choreography paired with a bunch of placid facial features.

Again, I like this music video, and I think it's genius. I'm glad that H!P did something as clever as this, and it only makes me like Tsubaki Factory more as a group that they could pull something like this off. The only drawbacks? They all look too young (except you, Kiki), and Yumeno really didn't save herself from awkwardness in that head-bop scene. Just... no.

Shuukatsu Sensation is great, and a step in the right direction. No wonder people are going hella crazy for this one! It's an awesome tune, and an amazing, hilarious video! Thank you, Hello! Project, you stars!

Now it's time to stop my silly blogging, and head into the world of work! Mr. Interviewer, please let me devote myself to the company to the fullest, and never leave until I faint from being overworked!

Until next time, everyone! Work hard, and keep your company proud! Oh, and love those Idols! We gotta work to get those good, right~?

Much Love and successful job hunts!

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