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[PV Selection] May '17

I'm late to the PV party once again, but let's not dwell on that. We have some videos to watch and get through, so let's begin this ritual of music and visuals! Are you ready to check out some Idol PV's, and see which ones suit your tastes?

Who shall we discover on this lovely July day?

Once again, I have delayed my PV Selection post by a month. Let's pray the same doesn't happen to June's posts, because I have things that need to get done. Still, what's done is done, and I will move forward, like I normally do, and give you all the low down on my favourite PV's from May '17! It's always better to be late, than to never have the post arrive!

As per the usual, any videos posted here are the ones that I found amusing. I will not post what I dislike on this list, because it is a collection of what has entertained me over the course of a month. If a PV isn't here, then I either didn't like it, or thought it wasn't worth the words, or I've missed it completely. But, if you want to voice your preferred videos, then please do! Sharing is caring, after all!

Of course, all opinions are my own here, too. Don't like what I say? Well, just accept it. I don't bow down to other peoples ideas and opinions, just to make them happy. I'd rather be disliked, and know myself, than to lose myself to be liked. That's just how I work here. This is a solo blog, and I want to do what makes me happy, and say what I feel! So, there we go!

If you yourself want to share songs or videos you have enjoyed over the course of the year, please let me know! It's always nice to hear from people!

And now, it's time to press play! Let's watch Idols together, and enjoy the music and visions they create for us mere mortals! Ready, GO!!!


It's been a long while, hasn't it? A month without PV's... Well, no, that's a lie, there were PV's. I just never posted about them much, because in June, I was so focused on talking about C-ute, and their impending Graduation. Now that they've graduated, though, I can focus on other things, other music, and more PV's! Well, maybe. We shall see. It depends on how busy I become in real life, doesn't it?

Anyway, looking back at May's PV's, there are some good ones out there. Nothing that stands out in particular, at least not for me, but there are some great Idol groups out there, producing some wonderful content. Hopefully, you will find something here to enjoy, too!

So, without further ado, let's get into this post, and watch some Idol videos! Se, no... VIDEO!!!

Wagamama shinsei Hominina by Zenbu Kimi no seida

Though the vocals are... well, there's something left to be desired, I can't deny how fun I find this video. It's very bright and energetic, and the use of the graphics is something you might see from H!P, nowadays. It's a bright and creative piece, filled with colour and energy that is so damn catchy! And hey, the songs not that bad, if you don't mind shit vocals or can easily ignore the voices that these members possess.

I think I've come across Zenbu Kimi no seida before, and whilst I'm not a fan of the group itself (right now), I think that this is a very distinct, cute video that will appeal to quite a few people, especially lovers of the garish, out-there videos that feel a little jarring and anti-Idol, in all its abundance of colour and distortion.

Distorted, energetic, and hella entertaining. Give it a try, if you're fine with your ears being suffering for 4 minutes. If not, just watch it with the sound off. That works, too.

Hallelujah☆Wonderland by Chubbiness

I swear, we don't see much from Chubbiness nowadays. It's as if they only really perform, and are barely given singles or PV's, which is a damn shame, because these girls are filled with personality and cheer that is endearing and sweet. I really like the members, their smiles, and just how positive and fun they are. Of course, they sing about food a bit too much (because, y'know, being chubby, it's the one thing you think about. Nothing else), but I like their sound, and I like the girls and how wonderful they are.

This video, a compilation of behind the scene clips and concert performances, shows off that charm and positivity that this group has. There's a little bit of eating too, because why the fuck not, however everything else about it is super sweet, and a real cute watch. It really feels like the girls are just all-around nice girls, who truly love being Idols, and being round one another. It feels so comforting to watch, actually, and I feel like the girls are just so natural in front of the camera, I almost feel like I know them, too.

It's a cute vid, and I think it's sweet. Definitely give it a shot if you love Chubbiness, or even just like them!

Hakken-sha wa Watashi by Tapimiru

I was drawn into this video by its vibrant look, and the girl in the thumbnail, who I know as Ta pimiru, now. What a fun, unique name. Luckily, the video fits the vibrant look the thumbnail promises, and it's a really fun trip into a video-game world, where nostalgic graphics come into play, and a young girl switches between reality and the game that allows her to escape the loneliness of her world.

With a mix between location and greenscreen, this is a really fun video, with some beautiful editing and an almost bittersweet story line. It feels a little familiar, escaping into another world because of loneliness, but I like how positive the video becomes, though magicking away a girl who doesn't like you seems a little harsh. Still, it's a fun element to the video, and I think that this was a really great piece for a cute song. A song I really like, actually.

It's a fun, vibrant video with some nostalgic graphics, and a fun in-game vibe about a girl who is lonely, and finds a world where she can make her own rules, and enjoy her life. It's a wonderful watch, and I urge you to check it out! If you don't, I will make you disappear with a swish of my wand!

Shiawase ni Naritai by Bitter & Sweet

Y'all know what I like, by now. I like everything, pretty much, and I especially like simple, beautiful videos with sweeping cameras and divine angles that set my heart racing. I love the simplicity of things, how a landscape can look through the camera lens, and the beauty of the light and the sky that surrounds the landscape.

This video embodies it all, and by gawd, it's perfect, especially for this beautiful pop-balled. Good grief, could Bitter & Sweet have gotten it more perfect? This is a gorgeous video, and it captures the beauty of the song well, thanks to the use of the pier, the beach, the beautiful sea, the bridge, and the two members who make this wonderful group.

And lrodeh, Asahi's voice. I swear, an Angel is singing!

It's such a beautiful song, and I feel inspired. I need this song in my track list, now! How have I not been listening to this non-stop!? It's gorgeous!

Watch it. Enjoy it. Take everything in. This is freakin' beauty, right here. Good grief, this is breath taking!

te to te with GReeeeN by whiteeeen

I really like whiteeeen songs, I've figured, and this one is another that I enjoy from the group. It's a light, pretty sound, and actually, that makes more sense now that I've realised it's a song for a SEA BREEZE CM. It has such a refreshing, gentle sound, and it's super pretty. The chorus is a lot more upbeat, but I like that, and though it doesn't have perfect vocals, I admire the raw and genuine quality this song has.

Yes, I am here mostly for the song, though I do like the video as well. It's a sweet little piece, and it fits the video perfectly. A nice romantic touch, with a cute song to help the story along.

This feels more like a drama, compared to the other music videos I have added to this list, and I like that. It's not original, by any means, but it's filmed nicely, and feels very charming. It's super cute!

3WD by Task have Fun

The groups name is a bit weird, but, I'm at the point in my blogging life that I know better than to question a groups name. Anyway, what drew me to this video was just how dark and fun this video is. Dark in its backdrop, not its story line or lyrics, because it's a safe video, so don't fret. Also, the members' expressions are something to enjoy. The girls are all very expressive and cute here, and they all look amazing in each take! The short haired girl, especially. She looks wonderful, and catches my eyes every time I watch the video!

The on-screen English lyrics are also a fun touch, as well as the use of effects. It actually feels like this is the sort of video Hello! Pro would do, because it seems easy and you don't need a budget. It's very good, though, and it looks like it's got some quality to it. Also, these girls don't shy away from expressing themselves, something that H!P PV's can lack, at times.

It's a simple video, and there really isn't much to it, but if you like expression, a flare for graphics and editing, then take a look. It's entertaining enough. It just happened to catch my eye, is all.

ANTIQUE by Misako Aoki x merry merli

This is less about the song, and more about the video, though the song itself is a tad creepy. I like creepy, sometimes, and it's nice to see the group merry merli step away from the fairy tale, whimiscal wonder of their past songs, and deliver something a little more eerie and gothic. It's an effective song, and the video matches its vibe perfectly. It's like a creepy story book, where the members are trapped within its pages and have to make their way through the distorted wonderland of stories.

This is definitely an interesting concept, and at times, the members of merry merli and Misako herself feel like paper dolls, or figures we are playing with in this dark world.

This is a nice little nod to Alice in Wonderland, for sure, but it feels like it has a tinge of American McGee or Tim Burton to it. It's not innocent or cute, really, but instead twisted and dark. Though the video is slow-paced, it's so damn creepy, and I get a little jittery watching it. It just shows you how effective it is, I suppose.

I like it, in all its weird, dark glory... Let the nightmares begin~

My First Love by Yuna from ANNA☆S

I won't lie, at first, I thought this was Anna, from ANNA☆S, and not Yuna, who is the younger sister. Wow, she's grown up, and she looks a damn lot like her sister. I didn't expect that.

I used to be able to tell them apart, once upon a time. Damn, it's been a while!

Anyways, in regards to the video, I'm definitely here more for the song, however, I like the sweet simplicity of the video. Sure, it's very run of the mill, much like whiteeeen's te to te was, however, I like simple and sweet. It can hit the spot, and this one did just that. It fulfilled my need for generic and cute.

Also, damn, Yuna is so pretty! And her voice is even better than I remember! Also, is that location the same as the one where Sexy Boy was filmed? No, it is not. I checked. Completely different locations XD

Cute, generic, and sweet. It's a little like a drama music video. If there isn't a short film or drama attached to this, though, I'd be surprised. It's well filmed, and very pretty. Nice~

Maebure by AKB48

From just the thumbnail, you can see that this video is really pretty to look at. It's soft and sweet, just like the sakura blossom, and it looks pleasant. The song, sadly, leaves much to be desired, and feels like another copy of something the group has already done. I mean, it's an okay sound, somewhat pretty, with the chorus being the most promising and best part. The opening's quite meh, but, the chorus is fine.

But, this is all about the video. Screw the song, it sucks in comparison. This is just a pretty, gentle video, filled with pink and sweetness. There's no story line, from what the short version shows, but it still looks gorgeous.

That said, it's AKB; they could do a little better, though all of the props here are gorgeous. Good grief, it makes me want a pink room, with unicorns and sparkles galore. Whoever designed the set, deserves a metal.

That said, though it looks super pretty, I won't be going out of my way to find the video in full. The song is not my cuppa tea, mate. -sips pretend tea-

Anog oro no go-hyaku endama by AKB48

Okay, so, I'm not actually that interested in this song, though it is pretty, and at times I lose interest in the PV. However, my interest in this video lies in its sepia tone, and how it looks similar to a painting at times. In the way the members stand, how the colours of their outfits blend together, and how old and rustic it looks, this video feels like a beautiful painting with moving imagery. It's quite fascinating, in a way.

Though the 48's can sometimes go down familiar routes with their videos (such as their summer PV's), they can sometimes go a new route, and create something that looks like this. It's simple, but it feels artistic and fresh, and I like that. I like how old-fashioned but new this video feels, and the song matches up to it perfectly.

I may go seek out the full video to this one, because it intrigues me. I hope the pacing stays the same, and I wonder how the song and video pan out. Hopefully, it will not disappoint.

Wasure na gusa by 26-ji no Masquerade

I am definitely in this (mostly) for the song, but damn, that's a pretty music video. It's light, airy, and simple, and all of the members look happy, and fit the video perfectly. It's a nice mix of outdoor, professional shots, and on-stage and backstage shots that create a personal touch for the video. It's like we get to see all sides of the members; the personal and the professional, and that's nice. It makes me feel like I want to watch the group more, and support them.

It might not help that the song is the sort to get the feels going. It's kind of a ballad, a bit more upbeat, though, and it feels sentimental to the group. The type of song I enjoy, of course, and the look of the video, in its light and brightening environment, suits the sound perfectly. The gentle looks of the members works well here, too, and none of them look out of place.

It's an enjoyable song and video, with some nice clips filled with smiles and loveliness. I may check this group out more in the future, they seem quite promising. I enjoy the song, and I like the MV. Not the best out there, but, it's lovely, and I do like lovely~

FAN+TIC by Bando ja nai mon!

Compared to the other music video this group released, FAN+TIC is more in line with what I expect from Ban do ja nai mon! It's hyper, cute, and it's definitely a little bit of an ache on the eyes and ears, thanks to its extreme use of green screen and effects, its rip-off Sailor Moon vibe, and its use of shit vocals. Then again, it's Pony Canyon; of course the vocals aren't that great, at least for some of their groups and singers.

Still, I really enjoy this. It's energetic and cute, and despite it being a rip off, I love the Sailor Moon and Magical Girl vibe. It's super fun and entertaining, and a nice contrast from the rock vibe the song and video takes on at some points.

It's entertaining, to say the least, and a must-watch. The way it's edited is a bit of a trip, but a fun one, and I feel like it will entertain the heck out of you, if you can handle the voices. If not, just mute the feck out of this one, and slap some Sailor Moon music over it.

Nana Iro by Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku

Okay, this video is pretty. I don't pay attention to Ebisu that much, because I really don't find their music overly appealing, sometimes. This song is really pretty, though, and the simplicity of the video appeals to me.

Watching this, though, I can't help but think that most of these girls can't sing, aha. Still, they do well here, and I think each member does well in their lines. It's a nice, emotive song, and I like how the colour of the song translates into the colour of the clothes the members wear, and how those colours change. A nice little touch of editing, that works beautifully, though it's very obvious it's edited. Still, the effort is there, and it works.

Also, damn, I didn't peg that they were a bouquet of flowers until the end. That's quite funny, and really damn sweet.

It's a nice song, and I may find myself listening to it more and more, but the video is definitely something that appeals to my tastes. Bright, simple, and colourful. Nicely done, Stardust.


I generally don't care much for PREDIANNA, however, this song calls to me. Good grief, this is epic! I'm definitely here for the song, and not the PV, though the video does a nice job of enhancing the musics atmosphere and style. It's not there to enhance the song itself and sell it for the sake of prettiness. This song isn't weak enough to need a PV to hold up. No, it's there to simply show off how the members will perform it, which is nice to see. Usually, Idol songs need a PV to enhance the music. Just look at current Hello! Pro and 48 releases.

This is one damn epic song, and I want to listen to it so much more. If this doesn't appear on an up-coming favourites for my Music Selections, hit me and remind me to go back to it. It's glorious. Holy crap!

Natsu no ka no Pa・do・do~u by woltanative

I was more or less fascinated by the editing style of this video, but upon a closer listen, I am also digging this song. It's great! I really like the vibe both the video and the song have, and together, they fit perfectly. How everything is edited, fits well with the style of the song and gives off this fragmented vibe that is just wonderful.

Sure, it's a style we've seen a lot so far this year, and even last, but it's a style I love seeing over and over again, especially when it's used in various ways.

It's a great video, with some nice editing and great shots. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really do enjoy it, and think it's a fun video. I wish I could edit like this, honestly.

Go, watch, enjoy. Or, get a headache from it. Either way, please, watch it. For moi~ ;)

Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka by Kobushi Factory

Here's another fucked up video, in terms of its editing style and choices in everything it shows and encompasses. Damn, this is a fun video, and though a lot of people seem to not care for it, or the song, I think it's great! I'm enjoying just how catchy and energetic it is, and how whacky the video is in its final form.

Like, damn, did the director for this one smoke a bit before hitting record? Cause, that's the only sound explanation for how nuts and entertaining this is, and the abundance of colour. It's like we fell down into Wonderland (for Ninjas), and experienced something unbelievably jarring and weird. For me, it's a good thing, though I can see why people would find this a bit uncomfortable.

I think that the movie scenes actually work well with the song, too. Nothing feels out of place, because even the movie scenes are a bit weird and hyper, like the rest of the video. It's all just an abundance of stupid, at the end of the day, and you can see that Kobushi Factory had a blast with this. I had one, too, so whatever the guy was smoking when directing and editing this, I approve of it. We need more silly, energetic videos like this.

It's like we've returned to the good old days, in a way. The silliness feels so reminiscent of Koi no Dance Site and Morning Curry, etc.

I enjoyed it, and think it's a wonderful addition to the groups forgettable singles they have released thus far! Well done, Kobushi Factory!

Let's not discuss the elephant in the room, regarding Rio's departure, shall we? GOOD!


And there we have it, the PV Selection for May '17! Hopefully you found something here to enjoy as well, and maybe even a new group or Idol to follow in the future! But even if you didn't find something you liked, please be sure to share with me what you have enjoyed so far this year! I'm always happy to find new groups to enjoy, and new Idols to become attached to!

For now, however, it's time to go. I will see you all in the June PV Selection, where we will look at even more glorious releases from the Idols we love! Until then, toodle-pip, stay safe and warm, and love those Idols of yours! MWAH!

Much Love and Peace,


  1. Did you see Rooms from MBG yet? Another quality MV :)

    1. It's in my June MV Selection!!!! XD So, yus, I have! And usually, I don't care for MBG... ¬o¬

  2. What's the blogger theme you use called?

    1. Picture Window, then I just customise the HECK outta it XD