Monday, 10 July 2017

[PV Selection] June '17

On time, as it should be, we have the June PV Selection for 2017! Once again, we take a look at the music videos from the month gone by, and judge for ourselves what we have enjoyed, and what we have not! It's time to let our Idols take over, and celebrate the beauty of both their music, and the videos that accompany them! Are you ready to be overwhelmed by their cool and lovely creations?

Let's go!

I won't lie, there were times I couldn't be bothered to write about these PV's, out of sheer laziness. Some days, I just don't want to translate the damn titles. I don't mind the writing part; it's taking the effort to romanize the rest of it XD I swear, I'm super lazy, some days.

Most days. Every day.

Anyways, we're finally here, and as per the usual, all PV's placed into this list, are music videos that I have personally enjoyed, and the ones that stood out most to me. Usually, I have more than what is listed here, however after re-watching some of them, I decide they aren't as impressive as I initially thought, so I take them off. It's just how it is.

Of course, this means that, if there is a certain MV you liked, but it isn't listed here, then there is a chance that I either found it ok, but not worthy, or I just didn't enjoy it, or I initially found it worthy, then got rid of it. It happens, tastes change, and I know what I enjoy. I am a one woman pony show, and I can't appeal to everyone's taste. It's just how it is!

Of course, if you want to share your favourites with me, please don't hesitate to do so! I love finding new MV's and groups from you guys, and finding someone new to follow and enjoy! So, send me some groups, and let watch their music videos, hear their songs, and hopefully, I will fall for them just like you have!

Now, let's get this pony show on the road!


I'm currently super tired, so if there are any issues or errors on this post, I apologise, and I will try and deal with it at a later date. However, I need sleep first, so I'm gonna get this over and done with. So, here we go~

June MV's; they were pretty good. Some nice Summer editions, and a mix of everything else. I have a specific favourite from June, though, and I don't know if it will surprise you, or earn a nice little head to the desk moment. Actually, there's two MV's I really liked, and they're both damn different to each other, though I will only specify the 'one' favourite here. The other one, I might leave you to guess, because I would like to see what everyone thinks is my other favourite for the month.

Then again, I am an obvious soul, and you'll probably pin the tail on the favey real quick. I'm transparent like that, y'see.

Anyways, it's time to watch some MV's. So, kick back, relax, grab a tub of ice cream, and enjoy the show. Are you ready for your Idols to start the show? Everybody, let's begin... NOW!!!

Music Video, START!!! ▶

Tsuigeki no iku sa uta by RABBITS ★ Lab.

I was drawn to this MV, mostly because of the mask and the nice, dark look of the music video. Granted, it's not really dark, but the editing is nice and old-school, which I appreciate. Plus, it totally fits the song, which I also enjoy. But, yeah, typical me; I'm a fiend for this kind of editing. It's just so interesting, even though it's nothing that special.

There isn't a lot that goes on here, honestly, but I like the pace and the idea that the singer is running from or towards something - who knows what - and we never see what it is until the end, where we watch her raise a weapon to the back of their head. So, it's safe to assume that she's a murderer, and the bad guy in this scenario, which is really cool. I like that!

It's a nice PV with a good pace and a nice song attached. I enjoyed it, though I think a lot of people will overlook it because of how little goes on.

Sakura iro Diary by Moso Calibration

Isn't it a little late into the year for Sakura songs? Well, fuck it, Idols barely stick to rules, anyways, so why not throw in a Sakura track for the summer season? I mean, as long as it's pretty and tickles your taste buds, it shouldn't really matter. Plus, this song is hella pretty, and rather relaxed and gentle in comparison to some other Moso Claibration music I've heard. I'm really digging it, too.

And, it's PINK! Not my favourite colour, but one that is so damn appealing, and one that looks so freakin' good in abundance, thanks to all the various pretty shades and tones. The only time this colour is ever ugly, is when Professor Umbridge adorns it. Urrrgh!

It's a pretty song, with an even prettier video tied to it, and I love the use of the piano here, too. It makes the song that much more pretty and appealing to me. Sure, it's not the right season for Sakura iro Diary, but who gives a fig? Let's sing the sakura tunes whilst the sun shines bright, and watch the cherry blossoms fall to the ground with grace and poise.

Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa by Kobushi Factory

I like the simplicity of this MV, and though many might call it cheap and without creativity, I think that using such a sweet, simple music video was a good shout. With such an eccentric music video for Ee ja na ka, Ninja nai ka, Kobushi Factory needed something a lot more toned down to keep the effectiveness of the single, as well as to balance everything out. If this was as crazy and nuts as the previous song, then we'd all just have a headache.

Also, I just love how indies this feels! It doesn't feel like a major song, or even a major group. It's such a refreshing feeling for a Haro!Pro MV, and I was really surprised when I first watched this. It gave me total indies feels, and I love that about it. When you're a part of a company that's been around for years, and know what they are doing, crafting something that feels as new and unpolished as this is indeed a surprise. Still, it was a damn good surprise, and I think the PV is wonderful.

The idea of Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa just reminds me of a new group starting out, getting fans by sheer persistence, working together to make the group work, and putting on a good performance for those who turned up. It's adorable, and even how the members interact with the camera, at times nervously or not at all, makes me think they're just starting out. Also, there is a nice mix of practice clips, working together moments, solo shots, and live venue shots. It's something an indies company would totally do, because of cost and location hire, and what not.

Completely indies, despite being a major debuted group with a few years of experience under their belt already. Unexpected, but beautifully done. I love it!

Namida Iro no Ketsui by ANGERME

And finally, the Angels of ANGERME cry, delivering us a song that fits their current namesake. This is such a pretty song, too, and though the group has done songs like this before, they've typically been boring and without the emotion you'd expect from them. This time, though, the ballad feels a lot more emotive, and I can't help but fall in love with its sound. A beautiful, but heartwrenching tune that feels personal to the group.

Oh, and the video is damn pretty, too, though the blue and white tear costumes are a little questionable. Personally, I'm all about the colour here, and how it fits the songs title, but contrasts with the sadness of the song. But, I love the vibrancy it brings, and how even in a world filled with colour and delight, the members still shed their tears and release their feelings.

It's a simple Music video, but it is a pretty one. I'd say the only qualm I truly have, is with the horrid CGI tear. I swear, ever since that forgettable Momona or whatever her name is, entered the group, we've have at least one CGI thing in a music video. Why? They're ugly XD Take them out, H!P, we don't need them!

I meant the CGI shit, not Momona, by the way.

Jibun ēru. by RY's

Okay, so. Some of these girls can play their own freakin' instruments, and not drums or guitars, but actual pretty instruments used in an orchestra. I did not expect that, but damn, they suit this beautiful, light music video! And the song is gorgeous, too, which just makes it even better. I love it when everything looks pretty, and when a group / management implements the talents of their lineup.

So, H!P, take note. Please make use of certain members' piano skillz in your songs, plox o3o K, thanks, BYE.

The music video is really quite simple, and it just feels like a summer walk most of the time, which I enjoy. It just makes me think of gentle walks in the sun, and spending my day doing what I want. It's so sweet and gentle, and I think that is the charm of it. The pace is beautiful, fitting the song well, though it can feel slow at times.

I'd say that my one issue is that, whoever edited this, made the contrast a little too low. It's far too saturated at times, and I have to squint, cause it feels like the sun is on my laptop screen. Other than that, it's pretty, a nice little summer PV. You can't go wrong with one of those.

Melancholic (Band ver.) by Strawberry Syndrome

This song isn't really my cup of tea, mostly because the lead singers voice is far too soft and light for my own tastes, but damn, this video is cute! It's implementing that graphic style a lot of groups seem to enjoy nowadays (especially H!P), giving what would be a plain PV, an energetic and playful feel. The pastel is also calling to me, so yeah, there is that, too XD

I love the costumes the members are wearing, too. They are really sweet and refreshing, and give the group a youthful feel. With a name like Strawberry Syndrome, though, I kind of expected a youthful, cute group. The effects and graphics used enhance that, of course.

It's just an adorable MV, filled with a bunch of cute girls and cute as feck graphics. The song isn't half bad, either, but again, the lead singer is just a tad too soft for me. If they're gonna be squeaky, be loud and proud about it! But, that's just my preference. I still think she's adorable, of course.


I've mentioned BiSH in my June favourites for music, but honestly, I wouldn't have found out about this song, without the magnificent PV that goes along with it. And holy shit, this one is bloody dark! Of all the groups music videos thus far, this has to be the darkest, most fucked up video to grace our presence. It's not even weird; it's just downright eye-widening, and extremely screwed up.

It's also really damn cool, but nail-biting as feck in the beginning. This is one violent music video, filled with action and death and revenge. If you really want to see people have something coming to them, watch this one, because it's quite satisfying in the end. If you don't likle seeing abuse of any kind, however, please don't watch it; there's quite a bit of abuse here, and it is actually quite upsetting.

The thing that drew me to this MV at first was, of course, the drawn on eyes. That's quite weird and wonderful, but it seems the eyes play a part in the whole MV. It's their submission, in a way, as well as the relation they have to the man who is holding them captive. It's only when they open their eyes, that they see the world and what they can do, I suppose.

I would actually love to see a movie about this, because damn, I have no clue what is going on, or why. There is something to do with love, clearly, and how obsessive the man was about it. Perhaps he killed his daughter, in an act of crazy-parental love? Well, I won't know unless I dig, of course, but for now... this is a crazy-good PV. Fucked up, yes, but damn good. If you can handle it, give it a go, because a katana-wielding LiNGLiNG is always needed.

Ho wo Ageru! by BOYS AND MEN

I am obsessed with this right now, so out of all the PV's on here, this one is by far my favourite. I lvoe the song, too, but the cheeky faces and energetic souls that make up BOYS AND MEN just intrigue me. I absolutely love how silly and youthful these guys are, despite the fact that, amazingly, all of them are in their early to late twenties. These guys are all freakin' adults, y'all, and yet they embrace their silly, Peter Pan like natures in this fun, cute music video, which displays all of their charm and cheekiness perfectly.

Already, I'm Team Yuhi (White / Navy, stands at the top at one point), Masaru (Gold and sexy), Takafumi (Pink and adorable as all heck), Tamura (Light Blue, and just plain ol cute and stupidly energetic), and finally, I'm becoming Team Tsujimoto (Red, and a complete doofus, it seems). That said, all of the members are amazingly lovable and dorky, and I'm finding myself endeared to them. This doesn't usually happen, because we all know I'm Pro-Female Idol, with very little care towards male Idols, after JE Management pissed me off in regards to Sexy Zone. So, this is a new one.

Obviously, I can't speak for the entire video and song yet, given it's not fully out, however, after accidentally stumbling upon this treasure of an MV (when looking for HouPri, funnily enough), I've just come to adore this group of energetic male Idols. They make me laugh, and their energy is addictive. I swear, I've already memorised every clip of this MV, from their expressions to how they interact, and their choreography.

Safe to say, I want the full version. NOW!!!

RNR tsu tsu tsu!!! by The Natsu no ma mo no

Okay, I would probably be pissed off if some of these girls broke into my office, and did whatever the feck they're doing. But, Hell, it looks fun. Also, why didn't someone help the girl that fell down in the beginning!? That's just plain rude now, y'all! (Yes, background guy, I am talking to you).

Also, this song starts off pretty damn generic and cute, so when it gets into its heavy screaming phase, it's a complete surprise. And then they just start hitting the poor office workers, climbing on tables, and stealing their stuff. What. The. Freak? Poor, unsuspecting people. I wonder if they will ever recover, from this sudden attempt at disruption and chaos?

This video, though simple, is fun and chaotic in every scene. It's fast-paced and energetic, all the way throughout, and the rapping guy is LIFE, guys. LIFE! It's very clear that, no matter what, the members are having so much fun, and the same goes for everyone else participating in it. It's so high-energy and whack, you can't help but enjoy it.

Such a fun, whacky, weird video. And here I thought it'd be so nice and calm... Yeah, right.

Lalalala・Life by Yumemiru Adolesence

Oh, YumeAdo are back! Not that they ever left, but after that one member was kicked out, and the other one went off to have her vocals fixed, I didn't expect them here again so soon. That said, being four does suit them, and this video is real cute, with a nice, retro feel to it, in sound and look. I love the dresses and editing, especially. The song can be a bit slow at times, but eh, whatever.

Yet again, YumeAdo impress me with their video style. It's classy and looks good, which is something I expect from them, no matter what, and the members look wonderful, too! I especially love this retro feel they are going for, in both look and sound. It feels like they're truly putting on a performance. Have I been transported into another era?

I'm not crazy about the song, but yeah, the PV is supper pretty, and I enjoy watching it. If you want a retro, almost vintage feel, give this one a go. The song isn't much, in fact, it's downright forgettable and boring to hear, but the PV is pretty! So, enjoy, and bask in the YumeAdo loveliness!

Let It Flow by Flower Notes

As you would expect from a group named Flower Notes, this is a very pretty PV, one that includes blooming flowers, pretty girls, and some nice twinkling song notes. It's a simple, lovely music video, and it's pink, which of course attracts me to it.

It also feels like another Sakura song, which doesn't make sense, because Summer. But, much like that other sakura song from our dear Moso Calibration, it can come out whenever it ones. Seasons be damned! So, yeah, sakura song. A pretty, enjoyable track, with a few (note: all members) nasal vocals to lessen the prettiness of it all. But hey, we're not here for the song, are we? Let's talk videos.

I just like how simple the video is, and how pretty the shots can be. I especially love the scenes where the members are sitting down, though the long shorts are wonderful, too, especially when they move across the screen gently. It's so smooth. I also love how we see the members dance sequences change over time, from a dark, empty room, to one that is slowly being filled with flowers and light, as if the music is allowing the room to burst with life.

Given it's a room made of concrete, though, that shouldn't be possible. But, hey, let's not dwell on these kinds of things! Anything can happen in the Idol world, right?

That said, I kind of wish there were more flowers; then the PV would have truly bloomed. Ah, well, it's pretty as is. But, not enough flowers. Surprising, really.

rooms by Maison book girl

I have tried for so long to get into Maison book girl, and each time, I just find that I don't care. Their PV's are decent, granted, but their music just doesn't stick with me, and their style isn't that intriguing for me as a listener, either, and though this song is still not that interesting... damn, this PV is something, isn't it?

And, just sayin', it's definitely not normal. The shots are damn fun to watch, though, and I like how much it screws with my head sometimes. In a way, this is a little creepy, with all the up-close mouth shots, hands popping out of the water, and the sudden cut-off from the MV itself. It's a trip, if anything, though not a fun hallucination trip; this one is void of bright, flowing colours. It's more like a Slender Man trip, minus Slendy himself.

Actually, I should try watching this drunk. I don't advise doing it yourself, though; let the idiot attempt first. AKA, me.

Anyways, if you want something a little more trippy, check this one out. It's fun and interesting, for sure, but if you want something normal... yeah, this is the wrong place to look. This girl group is anything but, FYI.

Mugen hōyō by Yui ga Dokuson

I don't know why, but I like it when videos take on a Chinese feel and look, so long as it's done well, of course. This one is quite pretty, actually, and I love the costumes used, as well as the locations. It feels a little more traditional, with the pavilion and garden surrounding it. With the outdoor location especially, it feels quite serene and relaxed, despite the tone of the song.

Oh, and it's pretty, because aesthetics! Though I feel unsure about the buns on their heads, ahaha.

I won't lie, though; the opening of the video made me think of a brothel, for a second. I guess all the red just made my mind go down the red light district route, for a second. Damn this gutter mind of mine! The rest of it, though, assures me that it isn't, and actually, I like that throughout, we see the video take on a game-like quality, with stats, graphics, and stop-motion sequences to give a jagged, immediate flow similar to that of an old-school GBA or playstation game.

There isn't too much going on, honestly, but the location has sold me. Sure, the costumes are a bit crappy, but they work for the tone and style of the video. If you want something pretty to look at, check this one out.


A simple, pretty MV, with a sweet, romantic summer vibe. We need some sweet simplicity in here sometimes, and I think that HANABI! is a very nice music video, with a relaxing feel in both its visuals and song. Ah, it makes me crave a summer romance... it's so beautiful ;A;

Also, yeah, I was totally attracted to the title XD Whenever I see the word 'Hanabi', I kinda jump at the chance to view the PV, or listen to the song. There's reasons for this, aha.

I am loving the song, too, and I hope I listen to it a lot more once I manage to get hold of the song. It's just so nice and gentle, and the type of song I like, of course. The visuals only enhance just how lovely the song is, which is great, but it can definitely stand on its own. Both are wonderful, individually, and hopefully, this song introduces people to BESTIEM. They seem like a great duo, and they are definitely worth your time.

If you want a sweet summer romance, or just a beautiful, fresh summer song, then HANABI! might be the go-to track. Pretty, sweet, and perfect for those relaxing summer days. Let this gentle sound become the firework of your summer nights.


And there we have it, our June PV Selection for 2017! Hopefully there was something in here that caught your eye, and if not, then we still have next month to intrigue you! Of course, I do hope that you enjoyed the music videos presented, even if it is just in song. We can't like everything, though, because that is how our tastes work; we are all unique, even down to our beloved music styles and group types.

Again, if you guys have any videos you would like to share that have not been mentioned here, please let us know about them! It's good to share, and it spreads the word of Idol even further! Don't hide your interests, let them flourish and show themselves to the world! It's the only way!

For now, though, it's time for me to close this post, and head to bed. It was wonderful to once again share with you all my interests for June in video, and next month, I hope to show you even more wonderful visuals! Please look forward to July '17, and all it holds in Idols and cuteness!

Take care, everyone, and stay happy and healthy. Sing to the sky, dance with energy, and of course, LOVE THY IDOLS! Until next time, you beautiful beings.

Much Love and Harmony,


  1. Chiima ~ Thanks for covering Bonusbaby last month! I know you'll like them! Anyway, I agree your commentary on big CGI tear in Angerme's MV. They're clearly spending half of budget to make that, so the single's MVs seems not as good as their previous MVs.

    On contrary, all Tsubaki Factory's 2nd single's MVs are really good and aesthetically pleasing, something rare in HP. Would you like to cover their single in a review post? I am looking forward to read them! Thank you~

    1. Ahhh, you're welcome! They were so cute! I need to know when their next release is, and if it's out, WHERE it is! Too adorable for words, they are! And yeah, ANGERME are a great group, so I don't see why they aren't giving them some quality stuff. Still, the CGI tear didn't kill the MV... the rest is still great.

      I agree, Tsubaki have a stellar release this year in their second single, and I can't WAIT to see what they pull out of their hats soon! And oooh, I must, I must! :o