Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Job Hunt Begins! Before H!P Can Fire Anyone Else, Let's Get Tsubaki Hired! - 'Suukatsu Sensation' MV Review

Now that my University days are over and done with (at least until the Masters degree beings), it's time to start job hunting, and finally become an adult in society! So, to get me motivated and ready for the long search ahead, let's tune into the latest release from Tsubaki Factory, and begin the grueling task of interviews and dressing to impress!

Please take of me during this long-awaited interview, and thank you for your time!

I swear, Tsubaki Factory's latest release has everyone a-fluster. The Western fandom is going nuts, and yeah, I can totally see why. All three songs are amazing in their own way, and each music video is downright glorious, with Shuukatsu Sensation being the most genius of the three. I mean, damn, Hello! Pro finally put their heads together, used that one brain cell they use between each staff member, and created something original and funny.

What. The, Heckety heck?

Honestly, I don't know whether Shuukatsu Sensation is a genuine, serious song, or if it's just parodying Japan's ideals. Either way, I'm enjoying the crap outta it!

Actually, this whole single is a damn gem, and further proof that Tsubaki Factory are one of Hello! Pro's glowing gems that they need to let shine! This is a damn strong release, and Shuukatsu Sensation is only the beginning! For now, however, we will focus on the sensation that is job hunting, and Tsubaki Factory dressed as Office Ladies! It's time to take a look at the mature and serious Tsubaki Factory, and head into the workforce to become shining examples of society, for today and tomorrow!

Forget your passions and desires in life, and work until you die! It's time to get serious, leave our student days behind, and focus on business and capitalism. Let's begin this job hunt, and create a sensation!

Yorishiku Onegai itashimasu!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Forever Momochi! A Final Farewell - Tsugunaga Momoko ~The Last Graduation Appreciation Post~

*Apologies for the late Appreciation Post, however, due to being away and other Blog posts that needed to be posted, I decided to save writing this until now. Even though it's late, please be assured that I still want to appreciate and celebrate Tsugunaga Momoko, even after her Graduation from both Hello! Project and the Entertainment Industry. So, whether you like her or not, please celebrate all that Momoko has given us, and say our final goodbyes to her. Right here, right now, let's think about only Momochi, and the happiness she delivered to her fans, and everyone else!


My original aim for celebrating Momoko's graduation was, of course, to write a bunch of posts about her. I wanted to do about three days' worth of reviews, because whilst there is so much to celebrate about this girl, I had already written about her beforehand. With Berryz Kobou's disbandment (it's not a hiatus) back in 2015, I'd already covered some PV's that included the former Idol. Also, I had written a post where I appreciated her before her graduation. So, there wasn't a lot I could do, anyway, plus I had time constraints.

So, I will only be doing this post, and it isn't because Momoko is not important. She is, hence why I'm doing this Appreciation Post (for the second time), even if it is a lot later than expected. I want to share my thoughts on Momoko, where she stands with me, and formally congratulate her in finally graduating this Idol world, and making her way in life as a regular woman, and a fantastic teacher.

So, without further ado, it's time to celebrate all that is Momochi, in words! For her 15 years of dedication, and her determination to become the perfect Idol, let's thank the wonderful Tsugunaga Momoko, and look back with fondness!

Everyone, it's time to be thankful and nostalgic. Let's remember Momochi forever, with fondness, smiles, and horrible pigtails I wish I could chop off!

Monday, 10 July 2017

[PV Selection] June '17

On time, as it should be, we have the June PV Selection for 2017! Once again, we take a look at the music videos from the month gone by, and judge for ourselves what we have enjoyed, and what we have not! It's time to let our Idols take over, and celebrate the beauty of both their music, and the videos that accompany them! Are you ready to be overwhelmed by their cool and lovely creations?

Let's go!

I won't lie, there were times I couldn't be bothered to write about these PV's, out of sheer laziness. Some days, I just don't want to translate the damn titles. I don't mind the writing part; it's taking the effort to romanize the rest of it XD I swear, I'm super lazy, some days.

Most days. Every day.

Anyways, we're finally here, and as per the usual, all PV's placed into this list, are music videos that I have personally enjoyed, and the ones that stood out most to me. Usually, I have more than what is listed here, however after re-watching some of them, I decide they aren't as impressive as I initially thought, so I take them off. It's just how it is.

Of course, this means that, if there is a certain MV you liked, but it isn't listed here, then there is a chance that I either found it ok, but not worthy, or I just didn't enjoy it, or I initially found it worthy, then got rid of it. It happens, tastes change, and I know what I enjoy. I am a one woman pony show, and I can't appeal to everyone's taste. It's just how it is!

Of course, if you want to share your favourites with me, please don't hesitate to do so! I love finding new MV's and groups from you guys, and finding someone new to follow and enjoy! So, send me some groups, and let watch their music videos, hear their songs, and hopefully, I will fall for them just like you have!

Now, let's get this pony show on the road!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

[Music Selection] June '17

Let's sing together! With June well and truly out the way, it's time to celebrate the joys of July and the Summer it brings! Come forth, music of the sun, and let your energetic beats play! But before July's music can think to even leave an impression upon us, I think it's time to take a look at the songs of June, and see what our darling Idols have delivered for us!

Are you prepared for the sweet music that is about to play?

June was partially dominated by C-ute, due to their graduation that took place last month, but I have been able to listen to more music, aside from that. Honestly though, I've been busy, so the list isn't as big as I would like it to be. I feel like June especially, I really didn't take much notice in what was being released. Still, what I've listened to, I have enjoyed. Hopefully, you will enjoy it, too.

Of course, as always, if there are any songs on here you dislike, or there are songs missing that you have personally enjoyed, please do remember that this is a one-woman blog, and that everything posted here are the songs that I have enjoyed from the month gone by. It's all a matter of preference, and for me, these are the preferred songs of the month, past, present and future!

If you have any songs you would like to share with me, though, please do! I am open to hearing new songs and finding new groups. Please share with me, and let me listen to the songs and Idols you love!

Now, it's time to play some music! Let's press play, and sing along with energy and joy! Are you ready?


Friday, 7 July 2017

[PV Selection] May '17

I'm late to the PV party once again, but let's not dwell on that. We have some videos to watch and get through, so let's begin this ritual of music and visuals! Are you ready to check out some Idol PV's, and see which ones suit your tastes?

Who shall we discover on this lovely July day?

Once again, I have delayed my PV Selection post by a month. Let's pray the same doesn't happen to June's posts, because I have things that need to get done. Still, what's done is done, and I will move forward, like I normally do, and give you all the low down on my favourite PV's from May '17! It's always better to be late, than to never have the post arrive!

As per the usual, any videos posted here are the ones that I found amusing. I will not post what I dislike on this list, because it is a collection of what has entertained me over the course of a month. If a PV isn't here, then I either didn't like it, or thought it wasn't worth the words, or I've missed it completely. But, if you want to voice your preferred videos, then please do! Sharing is caring, after all!

Of course, all opinions are my own here, too. Don't like what I say? Well, just accept it. I don't bow down to other peoples ideas and opinions, just to make them happy. I'd rather be disliked, and know myself, than to lose myself to be liked. That's just how I work here. This is a solo blog, and I want to do what makes me happy, and say what I feel! So, there we go!

If you yourself want to share songs or videos you have enjoyed over the course of the year, please let me know! It's always nice to hear from people!

And now, it's time to press play! Let's watch Idols together, and enjoy the music and visions they create for us mere mortals! Ready, GO!!!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Contract Terminated! Kobushi's Fujii Rio Fired From Factory!

Today on July 6th, it was announced by Hello! Project's management team that Fujii Rio, who was supposed to graduate at the end of the Hello! Project Summer tour, has recently left the agency, after her contract was cancelled.

You can read the official statement HERE.

Currently, the only reasons for Rio's sudden departure are vague. Management have stated that Rio's contract was cancelled, as she did not comply to the rules that they had set, therefore resulting in a premature departure from the Kobushi Factory member. According to the announcement, both management and Rio had talked about what she would do before graduating, however as she had not stuck by the rules or her promises to the agency, they found it better to let her go now, as she was not responsible enough for Up-Front or Hello! Project.

However much of this is true, we do not know. Still, it is safe to say that, for Rio, there is / will be some blame on her part. Rarely does a company cancel a contract, unless there is a dispute or scandal of some kind.

Still, it's a little annoying, and I'm not even a fan of this group or the member in question to begin with!