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[℃-utie Week] And Then The Disc Stops Spinning... ℃-ute's '℃OMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION Disc 6' Rare Tracks REVIEW!

*[℃-utie Week] is a small, week-long series dedicated to the group that is ℃-ute, to commemorate one of Hello! Projects longest standing units before the members graduate and disband to find their own paths in life. Here, the aim is to cherish and appreciate the joy that ℃-ute has brought to us fans, all in the form of reviews and appreciation posts! So, to celebrate ℃-ute in all their glory before they go, let's look back at some of their releases, and enjoy all that made us love this wonderful group, and think back to why we became fans in the first place. Before the departure of ℃-ute falls upon us, let's enjoy the little time we have left with them, and fall in love all over again!

The final post for [℃-utie Week]  is here, which means we are even closer to the final performance from our beloved ℃-ute, who will disband and part ways this June 12th. But we still have well over a week to go, so until that time comes, we will continue to cherish and enjoy the music and visions of ℃-ute!

Before they go, let's enjoy the rare gems that have been collected together for our listening pleasure! Are you ready to listen to one more ℃-utie Disc from their very last release?

I could have easily reviewed the groups final single release, however, as I only recently reviewed it for Selective Hearing, I thought that would be cheating a little bit. So, when asking my friend, Angel, what I should do, she suggested that I listen to and review Disc 6 from ℃-ute's ℃OMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION. So today, this is what I will be reviewing!

Because I actually haven't taken the time to listen to the album yet, this will be my first time experiencing some of the songs on this track list. So, we will be looking at a few releases from the past, and a few from the present, and throughout this post I will see what I enjoy, and what I am not as keen on. But, come on! It's ℃-ute; there is very little they can do to disappoint, at this point.

And as a quick note, on the Western Wota grapevine, I heard that there was some backlash with this release from a few fans. When it was revealed that the group would be releasing three new tracks within the entire collection, many fans voiced their annoyance, because Berryz Kobou only received the one song, Love Together. And, at that, I say hush the fuck up, because Berryz received a music video along with that song, as well as three re-recordings. I think the only re-recording ℃-ute have, is Gamusha LIFE, but that's included in the LP for The Middle Management.

There was a lot that Berryz offered with their release, and likewise, ℃-ute offer something here for the fans. They didn't get an MV, nor did they receive re-recordings of tracks that were special to them in any way. No matter what, we're going to 'lose out', but do stop whining because you feel like your group lost out; they didn't, and neither are the fans of ℃-ute.

And with that little rant over and done with, I think we need to get back on track. So, without further ado, it's time to look at some rare tracks by the one and only ℃-ute, and take a look at their ℃OMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION!

For the final review in [℃-utie Week], let's sit down and listen to the rarest of tracks, and experience some nostalgia and delight! Put on the headphones, sit back, relax, and let the feelings flow...

Are you ready for the sweet sound of music?


Release Date: May 3rd, 2017

Disc 6 Track List:

1. Yuki ga Chirari
2. Come Together (℃-ute ver.)
3. Juliet Juliet
4. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Winter ver.)
5. Koero! Rakuten Eagles
6. Kirai de Kirai de Kirai
7. Chou HAPPY SONG (Single ver.)
8. Gamusha LIFE (Acoustic ver.)
9. Neruko wa Cute
10. Samurai☆Baby
11. Ataru mo Hakke!?
12. Akuma de Cute na Seishun Graffiti
13. Yume
14. RIN
15. Zenbu Owatta Kaerimichi

~Collection Review~

1. Yuki ga Chirari

Hot damn, this one takes me back. I wasn't an idol fan back in the day, when ℃-ute were still squeaky, and only Airi and Kanna could sing, so this song isn't that nostalgic for me... but damn, I did listen to this once upon a time, when I was still discovering Idols and learning more about the joys they brought.

But, yeah... squeaky as fuck, but still as fun as when I first heard it.

Honestly, there's not a lot that has changed about this track, other than the fact that Murakami Megumi was originally a part of it, and dominated half the line distribution next to Airi. It's actually interesting to see that the released version, Sakura Chirari, was a little more fair, in giving some solo lines to both Maimi and Mai.

Other than that, Yuki ga Chirari is no different to Sakura Chirari, aside from the distribution of lines, and change in the lyrics. It's funny to think of this as a winter song, before it became a spring track, but I put that down to me being used to the version that was marketed and sold. I think the 'sakura' theme fitted ℃--ute more, anyways.

It's cute and squeaky, just like the original. Not much else to say there... aside from that, Murakami Megumi was a decent singer! Dang!

2. Come Together (℃-ute ver.)

I've probably heard the original version of this song way, way in the past, but I really don't remember it, so hearing it on this track list feels new and refreshing for me, so we will pretend I've never listened to it before... and yeah, upon first hearing, it's a delightful track, very energetic and cheerful, and it pumps me up. It feels like a cheer song, which makes sense, because... well, it was Ongaku Gatas, for crying out loud.

Thankfully, it's a vibe that fits ℃-ute well, though I am pretty sure that this is old-school ℃-ute I am hearing, on this track. Everything is very squeaky and high-pitched, and Airi sounds extremely young... Thing is, I'm unsure when this track was recorded, because no matter where I look, I cannot find much information about it, aside from it being a cover. So, this may have been a cover song the group was going to do, or originally, it was their song. That, or they covered this song super recently, and Airi just sucked up the helium for the sake of nostalgia. Who knows? For now, it will remain a mystery, and continue to haunt me...

But, I do like this track. It's a fun, upbeat song that I really enjoy. I could listen to it for hours on end, and it would honestly motivate me to do essays, write, or prepare things. In no way is this track boring, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm glad it was added to the 'rare tracks', because it is a rare little treat, one we may not have known existed.

If you did know that this existed, once upon a time, by the way... let me know? I hate not knowing. It pains me XD

3. Juliet Juliet

I wasn't a part of this era of ℃-ute that everyone else know, so I was never a part of the Namida no Iro hype. In fact, I've never been that keen on the song itself; it was just never my style, though I appreciated how unique it was against other songs in the groups discography, at the time of its release. It's mature and cool, and feels very... exotic, if you will. It has a very distinct sound to it that reminds me of Spanish music and dance. More specifically, it reminds me of Iroppoi Jirettai, and how that song feels and sounds.

Needless to say, Juliet Juliet is an entertaining piece, but much like Yuki ga Chirari, I really don't hear or feel much difference in this song, or the track that was released to the public and promoted as Namida no Iro... but, this is coming from someone who is not tuned into the lyrics or style of Namida no Iro. Apparently, the lyrics were overhauled, as was the choreography, all at the last minute, which explains why it looks like such a mess in the original music video.

Well, listening to this track now, I think that I have a newfound appreciation for this style of song. I wasn't exactly the most diverse in what I enjoyed, way back when, and I was certainly set in my cute, bubblegum sounds that were appealing, but wore off easily or got stuck in my head quickly. As an older, more seasoned listener, however, there is definitely a lot of charm to this song; Juliet Juliet is very catchy, and I could easily become addicted to this song. It's a great listen.

It's a song that sounds a little different to what I expect from ℃-ute, there is no denying that, however I like the style it takes. It's use of the flamenco guitar and strumming techniques are really interesting, and it gives the single an overall European feel. I love that, way back when, Tsunku really did love to mix up his style, and show the fandom various techniques in sound, and create something that felt like it belonged in other countries, and not just Japan. He really did appreciate music, didn't he?

A fun song, and one I think I will appreciate even more, now. I spent way too much of my Idol writing life ignoring this one.

4. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Winter ver.)

So, until I started this review, I had never heard this version of Kimi wa Jitensha, and holy shit, if I thought the original was perfect and beautiful, I was freakin' wrong. This version is so much better, and it steals my breath away. What. The Heck? How did they perfect, what was already perfect?

I'm a lover of ballads and all things so pretty, so to make this ballad even more of a ballad, and create something that feels very pure and gentle, makes me feel delighted whenever I listen to it. I mean, seriously, this is a gorgeous reconstruction of the original track. I'm honestly surprised I didn't know about this before, either; it's been around since 2012, meaning that this track isn't a new re-recording specifically made for the single collection.

Well, thank goodness it was included on here, otherwise I would have been blind to this creation. Good grief, it's beautiful.

I really can't get over just how pretty this song is. It definitely fits the theme of 'winter', thanks to its twinkling tones and bell-like chimes. It feels a lot more bittersweet than the original, and I think that if it were to be recorded, a night time music video would be fitting. It has a crisp, refreshing air to its sound, and reminds me of a winter night filled with glittering fairy lights.

I feel like, in this entire track list on Disc 6, Kimi wa Jitensha (Winter ver.), is going to be pretty damn hard to beat. I have too much love for pretty, tinkling tracks like this, especially if they fit the idea of the season they are designed for. It's my favourite form of song, a ballad, and it's just so damn pretty and heartfelt. Good gawd, I LOVE IT! And I am totally kicking myself for not knowing it existed, until now.

Welp. Time to loop this one. I'll listen to other Idol music, after I've spun this one to death.

5. Koero! Rakuten Eagles

I actually recall listening to this song, once upon a time! When me and my sister were first discovering Idols, I think that this was one of the music videos we watched. I remember the simplicity of it, and listening to the track, I recall the energy and cuteness that this song has. Actually, thinking about it, this song sounds like every other Idol group based baseball cheer song I've ever heard. It's peppy, cute, and extremely simple, but it gives you a nice little power-up feeling, and I think that this one could definitely get stuck in your head. It's pretty infectious!

Also, damnit, why are those outfits so cute, and why is the dance so adorable and quirky? It makes me want to love it even more! I'm living for Nakky being in the front quite a bit, too. Go, Nakky!

This song is damn catchy and addictive to listen to, and I love the pure nostalgia it delivers. This was way back in the day, when H!P actually had offers to sing for baseball teams, and promote them and go to games. Luckily, H!P are getting back into that game, however, it's nice to look back and just see how much the Idols supported teams in songs and videos like this one. It really does cheer you up, and make you want to cheer on both the Idols and the team they are cheering for and promoting.

I think that this is a song that a lot of people will like, because it really is a charming little track. Sure, the song is simple, but it is motivational and memorable, too! It has a catchy rhythm, and gets stuck in your head easily. Plus, how could you hate something as sweet as this? It puts a smile on my face, and yeah, I could totally listen to this all day! Yuke Yuke Yuke!

6. Kirai de Kirai de Kirai

I didn't know this song existed until now, but because it was on the Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku single (and after a recent re-listen of it... I hate myself. Good grief, why do tastes change?). , I didn't listen to it. Way back when, I haaaaated that song, so of course, I ignored everything else that came out of it.

I kind of wish I hadn't listened to this one, either, to be honest. Because, yeah, I don't like it, though I don't think it's terrible. It's just not my style.

This is a cool song, but it's horribly slow, as well. It feels like it drags on, more than anything, which is the big drawback for me. I suppose this is how a lot of people feel about pop ballads, or ballads in general; that they take forever, and don't feel like they change or get better. Well, that's Kirai de Kirai de Kirai, for me. It does nothing for me as a listener, and though I can appreciate how cool it is, and how good everyone sounds... I just don't want to listen to it.

Stop. Skip. NEXT TRACK!

7. Chou HAPPY SONG (Single ver.)

This is the track that blew everyone's minds. Just before the song itself was revealed and announced, fans who liked to play around with music editors discovered that, when Shiawase no Tochuu (℃-ute) and Because Happiness (Berryz), were mixed together, they both created one complete song, which was absolutely genius! I remember looking at Ai no Album ⑧ by Berryz, and thinking that Because Happiness felt so incomplete. Well, there was a reason for it, and this was it!

Good grief, Tsunku is a genius, but it was hilarious that the fans revealed it before he could even announce it. Well done, fandom! XD

We all know this song. We all know how special and creative it is, and we all know how genius and unique it was for Tsunku to create two completely different songs, that when combined, became this wonderful piece of music. It's beautiful! An energetic, emotive track that displays the joy and energy of both Berryz and ℃-ute perfectly. It also cemented the fact that, no matter what, the H!P Kids will always and forever be a great aspect of Hello! Pro, no matter where they go.

... Good gawd, I'm gonna miss them. No matter how much I might have not liked Berryz, I can't deny that these girls were all amazing together. This song is such a wonderful display of happiness and friendship, and it just makes me smile every time I hear it!

... WAAAAAH, we're never gonna hear the KIDS sing this song together again, are we!? ; A;

8. Gamusha LIFE (Acoustic ver.)

Available on the LP edition of The Middle Management / Gamusha LIFE / Tsugi no Kado wo Magare, the acoustic version of Gamusha LIFE is a pleasant, and admittedly prettier version of its original pop counterpart. It also feels a lot more country, thanks to its slow, gentle approach in the instrumental. I really feel like I should be sitting on a porch or patio, the sun in the sky, during a summers day if I'm listening to this track.

I feel like, if you wanted to cry during Gamusha LIFE, go for the Acoustic version. It's a lot more heart-wrenching thanks to its tone. Gawd damnit, why did they make such a beautiful rendition of this track!? And why was it only on the bloody LP!?

Because, rare tracks, motherfudgers XD

I honestly like both versions of Gamusha LIFE, and whilst this one does differ greatly in its style, it still sounds familiar, and I know what song it is from the get-go. It just feels a lot more relaxed, and fitting for the countryside. I could totally see ℃-ute singing this track during the Satoyama and Satoumi events, and I honestly suspect they have done just that. It's the perfect song for that setting.

It's very pretty, and it's totally worth a listen. If you've not stuck your headphones in for this one yet, then do so, now. It's bloody beautiful!

9. Neruko wa Cute (from the stage play Neruko wa ℃-ute)

I've never heard Neruko wa Cute. In fact, I've never heard of it, period. I very rarely watch the stage plays from Hello! Pro groups, unless I am really interested in viewing them, but I am even less interested in the old ones that include tiny ℃-ute. XD

And, listening to this track right now, I have even less interest in the stage play or track list... it's not very well recorded, is it? That said, it does sound adorable, but, I can barely hear the members over the instrumental. It drowns them out (probably for good reason), though their high voices do hurt my ears, too XD It's not a very appealing track.

I think that this track is more for those who have followed ℃-ute since the beginning of their career, and know their track list more than a filthy casual like I do. It's something that people will appreciate, if they went to the play or have heard the group sing it at some point in their career. I don't doubt its cuteness, nor do I doubt its nostalgic qualities. However, what I do know is this; I really don't like it, and heyll, I will never listen to it again. BYE!

10. Samurai☆Baby (from the stage play Keitai Shosetsuka)

Like a lot of the songs on this disc, I have never heard this one before, though unlike the previous song, I do quite like this one! As a track, it feels very stage play-like, which works, given the songs origins. I've not seen this stage play, either, by the way... however, the song is quite appealing, so I would watch it over another, based on how much I enjoy the song.

Sadly, much like Neruko wa Cute, the instrumental of the song feels like it's drowning out the vocals of the members, which is a shame, because I would love to hear louder, clearer voices that don't sound like the members are singing from the very back of a hall. That's the biggest nope for me, on this track, but the rest I like.

This one is a group song, so there are no solos whatsoever, which pleases me. I like it when we can hear how nicely a group blends, and when line distribution is even (or, when I don't hear a member getting special treatment over others). Plus, this is just a really cute, fun little song that feels very carefree and sweet. I think it's a nice little number, and it would actually be nice to see ℃-ute sing it as they are, now. I'd like to compare the maturity and power of their vocals from then, to now.

... And that's it. I've not got a lot to say about this one, other than, it's cute, and I like it Just power up those vocals, mini ℃-ute!

11. Ataru mo Hakke!? (from the stage play Ataru mo Hakke!?)

From the get-go, this song sounds promising! It has a nice, powerful opening, and the vocals sound a lot more solid and clear than the previous two stage play tracks. It's nice to hear, and hey, the girls sound great here! It's the old-school ℃-ute we knew and loved, back when there were six of them, and it's nice to see Umeda Erika standing with the group again. This was the group I knew, before they became five; I rather liked Erika, before I went over to the side that holds all things Chissa.

Once again, just as they have done in previous tracks, the members here sound super young, despite the fact they had been singing for quite a few years since this stage play began. Still, its nice to see that youth and energy radiate from the members here. They feel so fresh! I love it.

This is a cute, upbeat song, and it makes me feel good just listening to it. I don't think it's the most memorable of tracks, nor will it make it onto my list of favourites any time soon, but I can't deny that it has its charm, and I do find it extremely likable. It's a very sweet, happy song that will make you smile if you hear it or watch the performance. Plus, it's got a cute little dance to go with the tune! D'awww!

Like the other stageplay tracks, I do think that this one is thrown in there for the nostalgia factor. It's for those who have been around a while, and probably watched the stage play when it first came out. It's a nice, musical trip down memory lane, and I think it's a really sweet addition! So far, of all the stage play songs we have heard already, this one is my favourite. It's cute, the track doesn't drown out the members' vocals, and it feels very wholesome. Thank you, H!P, for giving me a stage play song that was worth the listen!

12. Akuma de Cute na Seishun Graffiti (from the stage play Akuma no Tsubuyaki)

I think that, if there is going to be a stage play song by ℃-ute that even casual fans would know, it would be Akuma de Cute na Seishun Graffiti. I remember the pictures for this play floating around the internet, and though the song itself was never released nationally, it was available at performances for the musical that the song promoted. Plus, of the four tracks that are from stage plays on here, this one is the better of the four.

I mean, come on; it's the power of five! Plus, this one is filled with a lot more personality than the other three tracks, and feels a lot more playful and creative, as well. I like the unique style it has (in comparison to the other stage play tracks), and the little ue ue add-ons the members are doing. It's cute, and humorous. The addition of it shows this isn't that serious of a track, and creates a playful, cheeky feel for the song.

Akuma de Cute na Seishun Graffiti is catchy, memorable, and addictive if you listen to it too much. It has a fun chorus, and I think that if I tuned into it enough, I would start to sing along after a fair few listens. I can see myself dancing along to it, too; it has a beat that makes me want to get up and wave my arms around. It's super jumpy, and it makes me feel super energetic.

I'm surprised I've actually not heard this song before, despite knowing of its existence. Well, regardless, now that I've heard it, I hope that I return to it. It's a delightful addition to this disc, and shows off the charm of ℃-ute once again! Hopefully, if you listen to this for the first time, too, the charm will infiltrate your brains and show you the delight of ℃-ute! Come to the ℃-utie side...~

13. Yume

The first of three new tracks available only on this release, Yume is an upbeat, unique track that feels like something I have never heard from ℃-ute before. I mean, they have probably tried their hand at this style before, however, I've not found anything like it yet. And, despite my initial thoughts on the song... I actually do like it. Originally, I really was not keen, but hey! This one is a grower.

Oh, and just to clarify; I've heard this track before starting up this review. I listened to this song, out of all three new ones, before delving into Disc 6 of the Single Collection. I really didn't like it, at least in the beginning XD

Yume is a really great track, so ignore what I felt about it before really giving it a try. It's one of those songs that reminds me of a chase, as if the members are rushing towards their dreams and reaching out. In my mind, they are running together, but their goals are separate, which feels very fitting. For so long, the group has been reaching for the same goal together, and now they're reaching for new dreams and goals, but are still racing towards them together, until they disband.

Okay, I've made this song feel more emotional than it probably is, but to me, that's what it represents. A dream, moving forward together, but reaching for different things. That is how I view ℃-ute as they are, now.

I love the sound of this song, how upbeat and hopeful it feels, and how amazing the members sound. They really have powered up since they began their careers as Idols, and it's amazing to hear just how polished they sound, and how beautiful their voices are with this instrumental track. It's a damn gorgeous song, and I honestly do wish this song had a music video to it... it would be a beautiful video, I'm sure, with the members racing towards a stage, and delivering their final concert.


14. RIN

Okay, I've not heard RIN yet, but HAWT DAMN, THAT OPENING! Yes, gimme more! Keep it coming! I love the power and how happy and energised it feels! It's like I'm listening to a group that is confident in what they are delivering.

... And then it gets weird, and reminds me of some old-school ℃-ute, because why not? Actually, the more this song plays, the more adorable and nostalgic it feels in its sound, as if we are going way, way back. It's super cute, though, and the more I listen to the song, the more I enjoy it. It just reminds me so much of ℃-ute before they were... well, how they are now. And it makes me want to cry, because it's so cute and pure, and it feels so old-school.

Gawd damn, why are they doing this to me!? Why make me feel?

I think that this song will do one of two things to you, depending on what you are like as a listener. For the first type, it will make you feel happy, but for the second type (aka, ME), it will make you cry, and feel like it's the end of something amazing, which it is, but, shush. It's such a happy, fun song, but there's something about it that gets me all emotional... and I can't help but cry.

Ah, crud muffins.

As I write this, I haven't listened to this song a great deal, but already I have such strong feelings towards it. It's such a powerful song, in my opinion, and I think that it is a beautiful nod to the past in its sound. The ℃-ute we know now are powerful, hopeful girls, but here, they take us back and show us a style we haven't heard in a while. It's such a bittersweet sound for me, though I am sure it just sounds sweet to many others. I can't shake how personal it feels, however, or how emotional it feels.

I didn't expect this song to make me feel this way, but it has. It's a great track, and one of my favourites! What a beautiful way to nearly end the album, even if it did put me in a state of silent tears.

15. Zenbu Owatta Kaerimichi

And now we come to the final track, the one that will end it all, and bring this celebration of [℃-utie Week]  posts to a close! And hey, this isn't the song I expected. At least, not from that opening.

Wow, what a change of pace!

Opening with a very cool, mature-sounding piece, Zenbu Owatta Kaerimichi quickly changes its tune, and becomes something so much cuter than what it started out as. It's an adorable song, and once again, it reminds me of something ℃-ute would have released in the early days. It's pace is pleasant, the girls sound adorable, almost far too youthful for the group that I have come to know, and it feels like a song I could totally march to! It's a youthful, adorable track, and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this was something Tsunku had in the vault from years before, but never used, until now. It feels too old-school for modern ℃-ute.

I think the one short-coming of this track has to be the abundant use of the cool, club-like tone of the track that keeps popping up every now and again. It kind of ruins the vibe for me, and just makes the song feel like it is confused and unsure of what it should sound like. It's trying to mix cool and cute, but it's not doing it right, making the track sound... well, not very appealing.

Actually, it ruins it for me. I wish this song didn't have it. It's not my favourite track, even with out, but it would certainly sound better. Just sayin'.

The conclusion of this song, though... well, that's a beautiful addition. Just hearing the members voices as they say 'thank you for all your hard work!' gives me all the feels. But, I feel like this is the wrong song for doing that. Either Yume or RIN would have been more fitting. But, again, if the additional sounds of whatever were taken away from this, I would probably feel differently, because this does feel super nostalgic, after all.

Well, we can't do anything about it. This is the final song we were given, and though it serves as a lack-luster ending to a fairly decent set of tracks, it does have a nice little surprise at the end where the members chime in and announce their thanks to those who have worked with them. It's sweet, brief, and it makes the end of this disc all the more bittersweet.



After listening to the final disc from ℃-ute's ℃OMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION, I have to say that I am pleased with the selection, as well as surprised by some of the choices made here. I like that there is a variety of songs, and they range from old to new that many fans will look back on, remember fondly, whilst also finding new tracks to enjoy that they might not have known existed, before now.

For myself, key tracks that I enjoyed were Kimi wa Jitensha (Winter ver.), RIN, Chou HAPPY SONG (duh), and Gamusha LIFE (Acoustic ver). Tracks like Chou HAPPY SONG and Koero! Rakuten Eagles served as nice little slices of nostalgia for me, whilst RIN provided me with its only little dose of nostalgia thanks to its sound. It may be a new track, but it is riddled in old-school ℃-utie style, and it feels so happy and innocent, something that ℃-ute haven't needed to use in their sound for a while now, what with their mature sound and looks. It was a beautiful addition, and of the three new tracks, it is definitely my favourite, and you can bet I will be listening to it a lot more, from now on.

Of course, one of my other favourites is Kimi wa Jitensha (Winter ver). It's such an amazing track! I love how it sounds, and how it truly captures the sound of winter in its instrumental. The more I think about the song, the more I want to kick myself for not knowing of its existence. It's so damn gorgeous! Gargh!

In terms of the tracks that let me down, I feel like the final track, Zenbu Owatta Kaerimichi, was the one that disappointed me the most. I liked the actual sound of the instrumental, when the opening tone didn't infiltrate, but the more I listened to it, the more I didn't like it. It's just a style I am not keen on, nor do I like how the song seems to feel confused. It's weird, and it feels out of place. Hopefully, there are more people out there who like it, because I do want other people to like the songs on here. I just don't like this one, is all.

Overall, though, this was a nice little nostalgia trip in music! There were some gems thrown in there that we never knew existed, and it was great to hear the original versions of some of ℃-ute's earlier releases, as well unreleased or discontinued tracks that are now hard to find. The additions of the Acoustic Gamusha LIFE and Winter Kimi wa Jitensha are amazing, too, because they show us just how much more effective a song can become, when the style and tone is changed. Though I didn't like all of the songs here, I do appreciate what Disc 6 provides. It's filled with nostalgia, and shows us the pure joy of ℃-ute, from when they began, until now.


It may not be five stars, but I do like what Disc 6 on ℃OMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION offers from ℃-ute. From cute to cool, emotional to cheerful, we are given something that will please everyone! It's the ever-changing style of ℃-ute, wrapped in a bundle that we can appreciate and listen to, even after this wonderful group disbands on June 12th, 2017.

It was wonderful taking a look back and hearing just how far ℃-ute have come. From young Idols, to mature ladies who have begun to find new hopes and dreams, this group has grown and walked down a path that many Idols leave before they can even hit the ten year mark. And now, it is time for ℃-ute to stop at a crossroads, and make their way down their separate paths.

Thank you for listening to their music, and watching their videos with me this week. It's been wonderful to write all about ℃-ute, and celebrate the joy they have brough in both sound and vision. For now, however, this song will come to its end, and the headphones will come off.

But before the music stops playing forever, let's enjoy the presence of ℃-ute for just 9 more days. Until then, dear readers, please take care, and cherish your Idols.



  1. I think RIN and Yume both sound like anime opening songs. The girls would look great if these two songs had an MV to go with them!

    1. Oh my gosh, yes! THEY DO! Now I want a PV, desperately. I would have loved one, to be honest. Somethign as pure as C-ute... WAAAH! Sadly, we will never get one, and that saddens me most.