Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Final Appreciation Post - Goodbye, ℃-ute.

Before their Graduation tomorrow on June 12th, 2017, let's leave one last message for ℃-ute in a final Appreciation post. It's time to show them our thanks, and deliver our love in as many words as we can before they leave our world, and stop playing their wonderful music...

After 15 years of hard work and dedication, it is time to say goodbye. It's going to be hard, because for so many years this group has graced us with their music, hard work and dedication to the Idol industry, and have faced so many ups and downs, but no matter what, stayed strong and shown us their positive attitudes and brave faces. No matter what was thrown at them, ℃-ute always stood tall and tried their best to show us just how wonderful they are.

Ever since their career as five began, I followed the group as best I could. In the beginning, they were my #2 group in Hello! Project, just after Morning Musume, and even though I have had my own ups and downs with ℃-ute, they have always found a way to entertain me. From their music to their videos, this group has always delivered something that many fans would deem as 'amazing' or 'beautiful', and for so long, they have captured the hearts of many, keeping a firm fanbase and constantly thanking the fans for their support.

I am so glad that, coming into the realm of Idols, I was able to find such a positive, energetic group filled with so many wonderful members.

It's weird to think that, come tomorrow night, this group will no longer be a part of our Idol world. ℃-ute will be a disbanded unit, with a history of memories, happiness and tears that have been crafted through years of hardships and bumps along the road. There is no denying that this group have had it easy, but for so long they have served as an inspiration for many, and are now one of Hello! Project's best groups to have ever come out of the company. They are no longer the 'leftovers', but the leading unit.

℃-ute have come so far since they began, and they have made leaps and bounds in their music, choreography, and more. They are the group that everyone recognises, and the one that many fans look up to. They represent so much, that not a lot of other Hello! Pro groups can pull of. They're cool, mature, sexy, fun and charming, and of all the H!P groups out there, they are the members that try new and different things, that other groups wouldn't dare in live concerts. It's amazing to know that once, they stood at the bottom, and now they stand at the very top and are the group that everyone in Hello! Pro looks up to and admires.

From 2005 until 2017, we have known ℃-ute and enjoyed all they have given us. Since 2002, these girls gave up their ordinary lives to follow a path that could have lasted less than three years, however, the members we see standing tall on that stage today are five girls who had a dream and a goal to reach. Each one of them chose to stand on that stage and show us their energy and smiles daily, and though there must have been times where they wanted to give up, or found the work too hard and both physically and emotionally draining, these girls never once stepped down or stopped what they were doing. For such a long time, they have given us everything, from their time to their smiles and happiness.

We have listened to these girls and watched them for so long, and I am sure that we have taken them for granted, too, because as humans it is what we do. But no matter what, I hope that as fans, we have appreciated and adored these girls with all our hearts, and are looking back today at what ℃-ute have given us. Hopefully, everyone who has loved this group up until now, is proud of all that they have done and achieved, and will look back on ℃-ute fondly.

For eight years now, this group has inspired and entertained me, and despite the times where I have cared a little less about them, I am delighted to say that ℃-ute were one of the groups to introduce me into this crazy world. Though they were never at the top of my group rankings, or lead my H!P loves, I knew that they were great. For all these years, they have been a group to adore and admire, and I am so glad that they are the group many other fans can call their favourites.

No matter where they placed in my mind, this group will always be fantastic, and they will always stand as one of H!P's brightest and best. For so long, they have walked down a rocky road and proven their worth to the Idol world, and now they walk down a smoother path, one that is filled with flowers and happiness, and love from all their fans in the world. ℃-ute has done so much for us, and they have worked so hard to get to this point where they can finally say 'we did it'. They are recognised, loved, and now they are one of the longest standing Idol groups in Japan that has not changed its member lineup with the addition of new members.

Though they have changed, though they lost members along the way, these five stayed together and become the ℃-ute that we know and love today. Without Murakami Megumi, Arihara Kanna and Umeda Erika, we wouldn't have what started out as a promising, young group who were unsure of where they were heading. And, without the graduations of those three, we would not see the group we have today. Their history is what made them, and their determination to grow is what brought them here today.

℃-ute needed their bumps and bruises to happen. It made them stronger, and it made them last.

Once Upon A Time, ℃-ute were the 'leftovers' from the pick who became Berryz Kobou, and yet they stand here today, proud and high on the stage that is undeniably theirs. Fifteen years on, the young, fresh-faced girls who came into Hello! Project with dreams of becoming Idols, are moving forward to become young women with their own individual goals. They havecome a long way, and are now going to start anew, and I couldn't be prouder of them.

Though it's hard to think that soon, they won't be our Idols any longer, I am pleased that ℃-ute's graduation will be a positive one. I don't doubt that it will be filled with tears, however, each member seems to know where they are going in life, and I am sure that all of them decided this with no regrets in their hearts. For so long we have seen them in the spotlight, and it only feels right that they are bowing out now, at the height of their career. They have given us so much, but now it is time that they focus on themselves and what they want.

But no matter what, we will always love them, and we will always look back at what they have done and created. We will sing their songs and dance along to their music, and think back to the happiness that they have crafted for us. I am so thankful that for 15 years they have been here for us.

℃-ute, ありがとうございました。You gave us everything.

You gave us dreams and became our inspiration. Thank you for letting myself and everyone find you. And finally, thank you for finding us.



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