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[Music Selection] May '17

After writing so many music and video reviews based around ℃-ute, it's time to kick back, and listen to something else! From the month of May, what sort of tracks have I listened to, and what do I hope to tune into for the future of June? It's time to enjoy the music, and celebrate our Idols! Are you ready to hear something refreshing from May 2017?

It's time to listen to what our darling Idols have delivered for us from May '17! As per the typical, all songs listed here were chosen by yours truly! As this is a solo blog project, everything is subjective to my tastes! So, if there there are a few songs missing that you enjoyed, or if there is something here you dislike, please do remember, I either did not like it myself, or never heard it! One person can't listen to everything, sadly! I'd need all the time in the world!

Also, my tastes are 100% my own! I do not, and will not, expect anyone else to enjoy what I like! You have the freedom to enjoy your own music, and if what I like does not fit your style, then so be it! I am simply sharing what I enjoy, so that I can expand musical tastes, and invite you all into this wonderful world of Idols, and all the music that they provide!

Thank you, and now, it's time to sit back, and listen ! Are you ready to press play, and fall into this world of Idols?



May is the month in which I became an alumni of my University. It was also the month of planning and writing ℃-ute Reviews, all in reparation for the ℃-utie Week! So, a lot of my focus from the past month has been, understandably, focused on ℃-ute and nothing much else! In the beginning of May, however, I had to focus on my final essays and submit them, so that I could gain my final grades and find out if I have passed University.

Thankfully, I have. I am now a Graduated alumni! Weird, huh? Well, the actual Graduation ceremony isn't until July (however, mine is deferred), so until then... well, I'm just a graduate without a ceremony. Strange,

Well, despite the lack of variety in my musical life, I do think that this months pickings, though sparse, is still a good mix! There's quite a bit of ℃-ute in there, as you'd expect, but there's also some other Idol groups who I hope will take your fancy! Even if it's only a handful, let's listen to some music, and appreciate our Idols to the fullest! Are you ready tog et into some music and singing?

Press PLAY!!! ▶

May '17

Seishun Call Me by ROSARIO+CROSS (2017.05.08)

Though they are still standing underground in the Idol circuit, I have great faith in ROSARIO+CROSS to one day make their breakthrough, and enter all of our hearts. For me, this is a fine, young group filled with joy and and energy, and good grief, they have some crazy addictive songs! Seishun Call Me is one of them, and I love it so freakin' much!

Much like, Short Hair and HELLO! Mirai, Seishun Call Me is an energetic, catchy tune that may feel generic at first, but once it gets in your head, it sticks, and you won't be able to get it out any time soon! It's such an addictive track, and every time I hear it, I feel excited and ready to sing along. It's something that ROSARIO+CROSS are so good at doing; creating addictive, fun tracks that are easy to join along with, and that are highly memorable and entertaining for all listeners.

I doubt I will ever come to dislike this track; it's too likable, and like their previous music videos, the accompanying visuals for this song is entertaining, fast-paced, and driven by its cute, high-energy choreography and the members' bright smiles. It's super fun, and I am so glad that, yet again, ROSARIO+CROSS have dragged me into the joys of their music. This group makes me feel so happy, and I hope that they keep on bringing me delight in the future.

A youthful, cheerful song filled with energy of ROSARIO+CROSS is a perfect addition to my summer track list! Will you be tuning into Seishun Call Me any time soon, too?

RIN by ℃-ute (2017.05.03)

This is a bit of a *late* edition for my May picks, however, it is just as deserving as Seishun Call Me is, in regards to being on here. I really do adore this song, and I love how nostalgic it feels. Old-school ℃-ute at its finest, if you ask me, and a beautiful addition to what was the end of the groups releases, now that they have graduated, and all. RIN, though by no means their best track ever, feels like a sentimental nod to the past, acknowledging the days where the groups name matched their musical style, and understanding that this what allowed the group to grow as singers, performers and personalities. It's a beautiful way to say goodbye, and to give the fans a slice of the past, in the present.

It's pretty much like saying 'This is the beginning of the end'.

This song has given me so many feels since I first heard it, and honestly, I couldn't think of a better song to give ℃-ute as a way of goodbye. It's a true ℃-ute number, and still fits the members perfectly today. I am so glad that they were able to express one of their final songs in such a cute, energetic, cheerful way, from start to finish. It feels like they finally met the finish line with this track, and reached a goal together.

This is a vibrant song, and it feels so thankful. For being able to listen to this track, I am also thankful. Thank you, H!P, for given ℃-ute this final number, and returning us to the days when they were more than these five we know and love. I will always cherish this track.

♥ ♥ ♥

START!! by PartyRocketsGT (2017.05.17)

I don't proclaim this to be the best song ever, because it isn't, however, I do think it has some raw charm to it. It's a cute, entertaining track that has some drive, and it makes me happy whenever I start it up. START!!, though generic and by no means revolutionary, is still a decent track that is memorable, and entertaining for anyone who likes this type of sound.

But, yeah. It's a basic bitch, if ever there was one XD

There is something undeniably familiar about this track, which is actually why I like it. For some reason, especially during the bridge, it feels similar to something AKB would do. It's such a friendly, nostalgic sound in a way, and feels like a sound that AKB would have done, when they were still decent and not trying to milk money. Plus, even if this song does sound generic, it doesn't sound empty, but it feels like the girls are truly passionate and trying to give it their all. The energy reflects the song nicely, and I think that these girls have done a wonderful job here.

It's a sweet, simple song, and it fills my room nicely. I want to learn it, so that I can sing along and join in! I feel like, out of all three songs listed here, this one would sound awesome in a concert, especially with the fan cries to back it up. Whilst it may not sound like much on the MP3, I think that this one is a powerhouse when performed live. I may need to find it online, somewhere, just to ease my curiosity.

April Roll-Over

If I Become An Adult by BONUSBaby (2017.04.20)

Good grief, I adore this song. It's such a peppy, vibrant track, and every time I hear it, I can't help but adore it even more! Though it isn't your conventional K-pop track (with it being, I dunno, generic as fuck and sweet as pie), I really can't get over the charms of If I Become An Adult by BONUSBaby! It's too damn adorable, and I love every short moment of it!

If I had heard about this song earlier, I won't lie, this would have been one of my April favourites! It's such a carefree, energetic tune, and I love the lightness it has in its sound. It's a refreshing little track, and makes me think of a calm, effortless breeze in spring.I love it so much, and I am so glad that the song was proposed to me by Balma some time ago! I've become crazy addicted to it, and hope that soon, BONUSBaby will release more to complete my life, and continue my liking of them!

A cute, fun song filled with sweetness! If you don't like cavities, STAY AWAY!!!

Feel! Kanjiru yo by Juice=Juice (2017.04.26)

I feel like many of the people I know, probably don't like this song. Given that it's a light, sweet Spring track, I can see why it wouldn't suit the tastes of some people... I mean, it's not a vibrant, exotic sound that crashes into your mind, or sweeps over your senses. It's gentle and a bit like a breeze, with a much more relaxed sound than most Western fans like. Myself, however... Yeah, I love this song. It's a fuckin' ballad, for crying out loud. Y'all know I'm weak for this kinda crud.

It's hella pretty, though, and I love that the video actually compliments the song. Everything fits, giving both the song and the video a natural feel. It also helps that this type of song, surprisingly, fits Juice=Juice well. I didn't expect that.

I love the vibe Feel! Kanjiru yo as a song. It's got a beautiful pace, and all of the members sound decent here. I like how mature and calm it feels, and how well the members blend together, whilst still maintaining some form of power in their vocals. They don't weaken their voices, which is great, and good grief, Sayuki sounds so good! She is definitely my favourite singer here, by far. What an amazing girl.

After a long time of not caring about their music (much), this song has really pulled me out of my Juice=Juice rut. I'm very thankful that they've found their way back to me. Well done, Juice=Juice!

Sweet☆Smile by SUPER☆GiRLS (2017.04,26)

I keep singing this damn song, and there's something about it that makes me want to hate myself for liking it. I mean, it could be that it's a SUPRA☆GARSU song, because I really don't like it when I enjoy their music, in general... So, yeah, that's it. I like it, and feel guilty for doing so, because usually I love to dislike this group.

And this song is super generic, but holy shit, it's so likeable and catchy! It's a really fun track that I just can't help but sing along to, even if I just think about it. Recently, it's become my go-to song for snap-chatting to my friends when I use filters, because it works so well when squeaked up. It's also really easy to remember, and just fun to randomly start bursting into song to.

Basically, it's a fuckin' cracking track, and despite hating myself deep down for enjoying a SOUP☆GRILLS song this much, I still really do adore it. Damn me, and my weakness for catchy, generic, cute tracks.


Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ by ℃-ute (2010.04.28)

Given that this was the kick-starter review for my ℃-utie Week set of reviews, there should be no surprise that this stands as one of my songs from the month of May. I adore this song and all it represents for me as a fan, and no matter how crap some people think it sounds, I love it! It's the song that kick-started my liking for ℃-ute, and from the day I first heard it, until the day I go, this will stand as the song that started it all. Nothing will ever change that!

I love this catchy, cute song. It was such a refreshing little ditty, and a nice change of pace from SHOCK! It served as a reminder that, yes, this group was all together in this Idol world, and it wasn't just a platform for Airi's solo career. It's a song that gave me hope for the group, and showed me their potential, whilst also giving me an idea of how close they could be. It made me realise that ℃-ute were a group worth watching.

It also gave me endless hours of choreography practice, and was probably the reason why, for a while, I walked around in heels a lot. It's not easy, practising a dance in heels, let me tell you!

This is a cute, sweet song that's fun to listen to, and even more fun to sing along and dance around the room to! I'm glad that this song was a part of ℃-ute's discography, and I'm even more proud to say that it's one of my favourites from them! It's no JUMP, but it's definitely a winner!

Kanashiki Heaven by ℃-ute (2012.09.02)

I love the original Kanashiki Heaven, even if it does sound like Maji Bomber (which I also like). It's such a catchy, entertaining track, and it was the perfect amount of cool for both Airi and Chisato when it was revealed. And yeah, I am so glad it was recognised for its awesomeness; this is one of the best B-sides, and it was able to earn itself an A-side release.

It's the power of good music, yo. I just wish A-sides sounded this good, always, but it's H!P, and Idols... we could only wish.

I've reviewed this already, for ℃-utie Week, so I don't need to go into much detail, however, I do want to say that I adore it, and that I am so glad it was decided that both Airi and Chisato would lead this one. It would sound a lot weirder if any one of the others had replaced the other two. They chose the groups two best vocalists, and let them create magic. It's a beautiful, cool track, and I am so glad that everyone appreciates it, collectively. I doubt anyone could hate this song.

Kanashiki Heaven really is heaven. Damn.

Tokai no Hitorigurashi by ℃-ute (2013.11.06)

I have to admit that, right now, I don't like this song. It's one of those tracks that, if you listen to it too much, it becomes too much, and starts to get on your nerves. For me, it's become a grating little piece of nope, and whilst I still enjoy it (in small doses), I can't handle it right now. That said, during the time where I reviewed it, I enjoyed it so much. I really do like this song, I promise, but... yeah. It's gotten to me, and I can't deal, not right now.

Still, I appreciate the joy that this song (and especially it's music video) has brought me as a fan. It's an entertaining track, and though slow at times, gives us a good idea of the members' voices, and how each one sounds. It would have been e a great introductory track for newbie ℃-ute fans, because all of the members' vocals sound distinct here, and everyone has a different outfit and style that let's them all stand out individually.

Tokai no Hitorigurashi, though it's become an annoyance as of late, is still a fun track. I like the sound of it, I enjoy how catchy the melody can be, and I think it's a nice little song that easily gets stuck into your head. However, it's just become annoying, and I guess that's the weakest aspect of it; it can start to sound shitty, the more you listen to it, thanks to how grating it sounds. Urrrgh.

Still, I appreciate it, and I do enjoy it, when I feel up to the song itself.

Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle (1987.09.18)

This one is suuuuuuuch an oldie, but holy crap, IT'S SUCH A GOODY! Seriously, this track has been one of my jams this past month, and it's all because it started playing in a pub. After that, I had to find it on youtube, and now, here we are. I can't get enough of Heaven Is A Place on Earth, because this is such a classic tune. I doubt anyone could hate this track.

I love this track because it's just so nostalgic. I used to hear it a lot as a kid, and growing up, it's one of those songs that I remember listening to, at random intervals. I would always sing along and dance to it, and even when I had a CD and tape player, I'd put this one and jam along to it.  It's a song that has no age, in my mind, and it will forever be a classic in my life. Sometimes, I just need a reminder that it exists, and when I hear it all over again, I remember just how beautiful it is.

I swear, Belinda Carlisle has a heavenly, gorgeous voice. She sounds so wonderful, and her vibrato is absolutely unf. I wish I could sing like she does. Mixed with the instrumental and the reverb, her voice is just made of pure delight. I love how she sounds like she's really feeling the song, too. Oh, and even the music video is a fun watch. I really like how it looks, and how they captured her expression and the drama of her movements.

Nothing beats the classics, aye? XD

Monthly JUMP!

GiANT KiLLERS by BiSH (2017.06.28)

I'm slowly but surely getting into BiSH. Though they aren't as freaky or weird as their predecessor, BiS, I still find the group interesting, and adore their music style. Hopefully, the up-coming release of GiANT KiLLERS will continue that intriguing, fun sound they have, and show me even more of what this group can deliver.

So far, I have heard some short previews for all of the original tracks that will come with this mini-album, and the leading track is already out on youtube, along with its music video. It's an interesting song, and fits the groups creepy vibe. It's also one of their best videos, yet. I really enjoy how dark and twisted it is.

Here's to the mini-album, when it comes out, and hopefully you will see a few songs from it in next months post.

crescendo by PINK CRES (2017.06.

I actually have very little interest in this group itself, however, I have seen some friends talk about the mini-album on social media, and the reactions are, surprisingly, mixed. One has stated that the release is boring, bland at best. Another has said that this is an amazing release, and because of these two drastically differing views, I need to listen to it. I want to know where I stand.

Colour me intrigued, people.

So, this is less for the music, and more to ease my curiosity. I want to understand if this truly is as bland and boring as one person says, or if it is a great set of tracks. I'm going in completely blind, and as someone who truly has no interest in the group. Next month, we will see if any of them have made the cut. Let's wait, and see~


And there we have it, the Music picks for the month of May! Though only a small handful of the songs are from various groups, I am glad that this last month was filled with the sound of ℃-ute! Before they left, I was able to appreciate their music, and realise the strength of the group and just how wonderful they truly were! Of course, I was able to enjoy other groups, as well, and return to older songs that I have loved before now!

Though the groups I heard were limited, May was still a fantastic month for music, and what I have enjoyed, are the songs that I have played over and over again.

For June 2017, I look forward to what the month brings, especially in the form of BiSH. Hopefully, all of the Idols we adore return with even more memorable and entertaining music, and delight us with their hard work and happiness. For now, however, it's time to bid adieu! Until the next month rolls around, let's listen to these songs diligently, and find our favourites!

Take care, everyone! Live life, stay happy and healthy, smile to make someones day, fill the air with music and joy, and of course, LOVE. THY. IDOL!!!

Much Love and Happiness,

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