Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Haro!Promageddon: Let The Salt Flow! - Hello! Project Group Member Additions!

*I did not coin the term 'Haro!Promageddon; someone on Twitter did, thank them, they are a genius. I have no clue who created the term, however XD

After the shock announcement that Hello! Project would essentially dissolve Country Girls after the graduation of Tsugunaga Momoko, and that both Yamaki Risa and Ozeki Mai would become part-time members of H!P to focus on school (a decision that wasn't theirs, from what Risa's blog post tells), it was then revealed that the remaining members (bankable loli's) would all be entrusted to other groups, and continue activities within CG during school breaks and holidays.

It was also announced that Hello! Project Kenshuusei Danbara Ruru, Ichioka Reina and Kawamura Ayano would make their debut, too, much to the delight of the fans.

And today, on June 26th 2017, the group placements have been announced! Be prepared, dear readers and fellow Idol lovers, because the salt levels are high, and not just from my on-going saltiness at CG's near-disbandment... ¬.¬

From the video we were given today, all members in question, and the leaders who represent the new units they will be under, met for the first time to see just who would be where. It's a similar scenario that we have seen previously, and it allows us fan to watch how other members react to newbies joining their respective groups. It can be super sweet and heartfelt, and I love seeing just what everyone says and how they greet the new members who will become a part of their legacy.

This time, however, something seemed a bit off. Watching it was definitely heart-pounding, and Twitter set me up for the excitement that would be finding out who goes where. More-so, I was excited to see where the three Kenshuusei would end up, because of them all, they are the girls who are going to finally debut and shine on stage!

With Morito Chisaki, Yamagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu, however, I was a little more wary. I mean, these girls were already in groups, and have already shown themselves to be really cute, hyperactive young girls who have expressed themselves in a way that is so very Country Girls. It's going to be weird to see them elsewhere, and I admit, even after sitting for so many hours on this information and processing it all, I'm still unsure, at least on two of them.

I'm also still super salty about CG, but, this is how H!P want to go. So! It's time to check out who goes where, and my thoughts on it. Whether you like what I say or not, I really don't give a fig, but it's time to share! Let's talk H!P, and bitch and whine as we please. On we go~

First up, we have Ichioka Reina (16), who will be debuting with her very own unit! This isn't a surprise, because with the dissolution of CG, Hello! Pro Management were probably thinking about how they could make another quick buck, and debut a bunch of newbies along the way. It's no secret that, generally, H!P get rid of a lot of their trainee's because they have no clue what to do with them, but it's also no secret that, as of late, H!P have also been trying their best to debut who they can, when they can. So, the new unit doesn't come as a surprise to me.

What does come as a surprise, however, is the reaction I have seen from people. A few fans in the Western side of this fandom don't seem too pleased with this, and for good reason. With CG's near-disbandment, and Hello! Pro's decline in single production, fans are worried that management won't be able to juggle the amount of groups they already have, let alone the up-coming debut of Ichioka's group. I understand completely, and yes, I'm worried about that, too, because H!P aren't like AKS; they don't know how to manage so many releases - or their groups - effectively. But, it's nice that they want to give more Kenshuusei a chance.

Still, it's like they are counting all of the eggs in the hutch before they hatch. It feels like they are getting ahead of themselves, and whilst I am all for new girls debuting... maybe not in H!P right now?

But, what do I know? I'm just a fan, and for all I know, H!P could have a plan in mind. Come July 15th, they'll reveal said plan, because they want a new system in place.

Anyways, I'm happy for Ichioka, and I'm glad that she will shine in her own group. I just hope that CG's dissolution wasn't based on H!P wanted another group, but wanting to pull the plug on another, just to debut it. Urgh.

I really have no order for this, but next up, we have Morning Musume '17's new addition, Morito Chisaki (17). Now, this isn't a surprise for me, because whilst Chiichan herself looked pissed to high heavens, I had a feeling that H!P would have done this more for the fans, and less for Chiichan herself. A popular member of Country Girls, it's no surprise that H!P Management would want to bank on the charm and popularity of CG's most profitable member, in their flagship group. Plus, with Duu leaving soon, it seems like they want to get another marketable member in there, and quick. This, I understand.

Thing is, it's too fuckin' soon, and we've only just introduced 13th gen. Even for MoMusu standards, this is waaay too fast of a new generation addition. And, even though I get why they want Chisaki in there, I feel like they should have consulted her first and foremost, cause oh lordeh, she looks salty AF.

She is me, the salt is real.

Even Mizuki seems off here. Of all the reveals, this one was the most cold, I think. There wasn't any warmth, nor were there any hugs or absolute delight when leader and shin member were introduced to one another. It just felt very distant and off. I know people are saying 'but that's how they are!', but for me, it just doesn't feel comfortable.

Even the reveal to the other members was quite cold. Some of them seemed pleased, however the others just seemed to question why a new member was coming in. I really can't say how they felt, because I'm no mind-reader, and Idols will lie to our faces or to the camera just to appeal to the fans. However, from the looks on their faces, some didn't seem to keen on the idea of a new member. I doubt it has anything to do with Chiichan as a person, and more to do with UFP putting more members into a group, that is still trying to find their footing now that 13th gen are there.

It's gonna be a bit tough, and I feel like fans will be hard on Chisaki at first, however, I do look forward to seeing how she does in MM. Yes, she's ultimately there to bring more money and fans into MM, and right now, she doesn't seem that excited. But, once she gets used to the group, I think she'll be fine.

Still... it's like history is repeating itself. Someone on Facebook mentioned that, like Fujimoto Miki, Chiichan auditioned for MM once, didn't get in, and was placed elsewhere. Now, she's being taken away from her other successful group, and being added into a group she may not want to be a part of now.

Weird, how things happen... huh.

I look forward to her progress, but, yeah... GIMME THE SALT!!!

Okay, so here's one I both like, and question. First off, Danbara Ruru (16) in Juice=Juice feels pretty right. From the moment she was introduced to Yuka, and then to her new fellow members, it felt like she was perfect there. The others were happy to see her, there was warmth and love. Yanagawa Nanami (15), however, was a little more off. Not as weird as Chisaki and Morning Musume, mind, but still a little off.

However, Yuka accepted her gracefully and with extreme happiness. You could tell that she was delighted by the turn of events, same with Yanamin. Still, it feels like Yanamin, as of right now, is a weird choice for the group. In looks and sound, she's not exactly their choice of fruit.

Now, before people say I'm being horrible (which, people have told me), let me get it out there that, truthfully, I don't think that Yanamin is the type to go into Juice=Juice. Down the line, she could surprise me, and I'm open to seeing just how she grows with group. Also, she could be made for their sound; CG's style might actually work against her, because whilst she may look cute, that doesn't mean her voice fits that type of sound. Juice=Juice hardly ever do cute, so, Yanamin might surprise us in that aspect.

But, for now, she looks like a weird pick. It's kind of like Momoko in Berryz, when they went through their failed sexy era; she'll stand out like a sore thumb, however, she'll also be a marketable asset to the group. Hopefully, they find a way to show her off favorably, because whilst Yanamin isn't one of my Top Tier Idols, I do want her to find her footing, and shine in Juice=Juice next to Ruru.

But I doubt I'm the only one confused by this decision; a few fans have expressed their own issues with this, and I feel like even the members of Juice=Juice are a bit wary of her addition, too. And no, it's not because they're like 'isn't she in CG?' or that they never knew about the dissolution - if that was the case, Dawa and ANGERME would be questioning it, too, and so would Mizuki. Honestly, I just think that the other members are in my position; thinking that it's weird someone so young, and clearly not their aesthetic, is going to be in the unit.

But, again; she could be completely right for Juice=Juice. We don't know yet, and I look forward to finding out.

I am really happy about Ruru being here, though, and seeing Juice=Juice freshen up. For such a long time, I've wanted this, and people have told me I'm dumb or silly to think of it. They've been bland for so long, and finally we have some more zest! Let's pray that Ruru and Yanamin liven things up!

And finally, with the best additions of them all, it has to be Kawamura Ayano (17) and Funaki Musubu (15) in ANGERME! Of all the additions, this one felt the most precious and heartwarming, because the moment Dawa saw the girls, and the second they were introduced to the current lineup, it seemed like there was nothing but excitement and acceptance from everyone else.

And, weirdly, I'm cool with ANGERME growing. Honestly, it would be nice to see a rival group go for the giant look, similar to MM, and show them how it's done. Plus, of all the groups, I feel like ANGERME's is the closest, and that they're the most delighted by this turn of events. It's really sweet to see how accepting they are.

Juice=Juice were accepting too, mind. So, Morning Musume, please take note on how to actually give a fuck about the new additions (though I understand the trepidation you may have, lol).

This was the best choice, though, because of all the members thrown into new units, I feel like Musubu and Ayano are the best choices for ANGERME. They have the personality and shine-factor, and I feel like both will be a forceful duo who will stand out, and demand the spotlight. All of ANGERME's members are, undeniably, individuals who shine brightly, and everyone has a great personality. Though I don't know Ayano as much, I think both she and Musubu are a perfect fit, in looks and in energy. It's even more heartwarming to see that Dawa sees this, too.

I would have loved to see Yanamin here, too, however it's not meant to be. Hopefully, Musbu and Yanamin will come together during concerts, but for now... it's goodbye to the cutest dynamic duo );

Still, pretty happy with this duo! Hello, new 6th generation of ANGERME! You'll fit right in~


... And those are my thoughts. Sorry if everything seems a bit rushed, but I've got packing and napping to do, as I'm off to Belgium at 5am, so... yeah. Things gotta get done. Hopefully you guys have gained a little insight from this post, and if you have your own thoughts, please let me know, and share with me whether you like this change of pace, or not!

Until next time, my dear readers. Take care, stay happy and healthy, smile to make someones day, and of course... LOVE. THY. IDOL!!!

Much Love and sleepiness,


  1. I really agree with on your thoughts about Chisaki's addition to Morning Musume. They just got their 13th generation and now a short while later, we have Chisaki. It really feels too soon. For me, it also felt a bit forced. Seeing how salty/pissed Chisaki was and the mixed reactions from Morning Musume, I kind of have the bad feeling of there may be an internal conflict due to the agency's decision about this. /whacked;

    Ruru's perfect for Juice=Juice while Nanami's an oddball but who knows, she may surprise everyone in the future and have the fandom shook. Only time could tell~ And for Musubu and Ayano, I believe they'll be perfectly fine in ANGERME. They will really help contribute to the group and add personality and shine~

    1. It feels like it's far too soon, but apparently, everyone's taken to Chisaki quite well. It must have just been the initial reaction, and all, and staff not thinking it through. Which makes sense, they barely think. Hopefully, they are fine down the line, but it truly was too soon.

      Let's pray there are no new additions for a full year. Or two. Doubt that'll happen, though.

      I think Nanami will be okay, her jazz skills might work for the group, and her voice may be perfect for them, too. I just hope she does fit, and it's not a random mismatch. We will just need to see how it all plays out, for now~

  2. Chiima, considering we're both long time fans of H!P in general, this is the first time something like this has happened and it was really shocking but it's also exciting to see what their future releases will be like with these member transfers and such.

    Also, long time since I've commented on ur social media/blog platforms. Glad you're still doing this tbh. And glad you're back into ur youtube vids as well.

    1. KONNO!!! :D It really is the first time, isn't it? It's so... weird, but, I look forward to seeing what happens. I mean, this could actually be good, down the line. I mean, I want it to be good, though the destructive side of me wants the project to sink, too. But I mostly want good, I SWEAR!!!

      Thank you so much, I've missed you ;O; I love doing this, I hope it'll be a while before I bow out XD I have too much fun!