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[℃-utie Week] The Beginning of Five ~Where Fandom Was Born~ - 'Campus Life ~Uamrete Kite Yokatta~' MV Review!

*To add some (un)necessary info dump: The [Week with...] series is a week-long series of posts, dedicated to graduating members or groups of Idols I enjoy / love. It is something I began with Tanaka Reina during her Graduation, in order to fully appreciate the member before she left Morning Musume. This series has continued with many other members since, in order to enjoy the releases these groups or members have been a part of, and to look back at some of their finer moments. Posts can vary from reviews, to solo song footage, birthday lives, and more, depending. 

**[℃-utie Week] is a small, week-long series dedicated to the group that is ℃-ute, to commemorate one of Hello! Projects longest standing units before the members graduate and disband to find their own paths in life. Here, the aim is to cherish and appreciate the joy that ℃-ute has brought to us fans, all in the form of reviews and appreciation posts! So, to celebrate ℃-ute in all their glory before they go, let's look back at some of their releases, and enjoy all that made us love this wonderful group, and think back to why we became fans in the first place. Before the departure of ℃-ute falls upon us, let's enjoy the little time we have left with them, and fall in love all over again!

With only two weeks to go until the departure of one of Hello! Project's better groups, it's about time to celebrate all things ℃-ute this week here on Okay! Musume Time. And, what better way to kick-start this set of nostalgia-riddled posts, than with the music video that started it all?

And no, I'm not talking about Maasara Blue Jeans. I'm going a bit further into their career, than that. Are ya ready?

When I was thinking about this week and the posts I would do, my original intention was to delve into the extensive ℃-ute single collection, and pull out things from the very beginning. The thing is, I was not a fan then. My fandom did not start until around the Shock! era - the era where they became the five we know now. And, unlike Berryz, who lost one member and never changed since, ℃-ute has met a few more member changes, until finally coming to the Final Five. It is this form of ℃-ute that I have known and enjoyed, and so, I have made the choice to focus on only this version of the group.

It is, after all, the ℃-ute that I know best. So, apologies to all the hardcore ℃-uties out there, but I'm not going to be reviewing from the very beginning. We're starting from the middle.

Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ holds a lot of memories. It was the first ℃-ute song I truly enjoyed that had been released at the time I knew of them. It was also a song I played to the death, and one I danced to a lot. Before blogging, way back in the day, little Chiima at the age of 17 danced. She also danced in heels, that looked fairly similar to the ones ℃-ute are wearing in the music video, with minor success. Seriously, those were the days. I was heavily into my singing and dancing, way back when.

Fat chance you will see me doing something like that, now. It was hard back then, and I'm pretty sure I'd just fall flat on my face, now.

So, yeah, Campus Life holds some good memories for me. It's why I wanted to take a look at the song, and review it. I'm pretty sure I would have reviewed it anyway, at some point during this nostalgia week of all things ℃-ute, because it's one of my favourites, if only because I have this giant attachment of carefree delight pinned to it. It brings me joy, and again, it was one of the first ℃-ute songs at the time that I really enjoyed, that was a new release of theirs.

And because of this, today I will be taking a look at the music video for Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ by ℃-ute, released all the way back in 2010! 7 years ago, there were five who brought delight with this song and dance, but does it still hold up to this day? Let's take a look, and find out.

Suki, Suki, Suki~

Well, that shade of pink is an eyesore XD And why did this title card last 9 seconds!? Cut it at 5, if it doesn't do anything!

... Is it just me, or do C-ute's outfits look like the fruit salad sweets they sell in old-school sweet stores?

Yeah. Yeah they do. I've found their wardrobe departments key inspiration.

Okay, enough sweets! We need some Nakky legs in frame! Om nom nom! <3

When the whole Squad rolls in. #SquadGoals #FruitSaladGang

Let's just say, I'm so glad Maimi grew her hair out. I much prefer her without a bob.

You know, they also kinda look like those rhubarb and custard drops...

British sweets have weird flavours...

Nakky: "AHAHAHAHAHA your hair sucks, hun."

Nakky, stop laughing at Maimi! She can't help havign a bad hair day );

Hawt damn, Airi looks young! What a fetus!

... She still looks this young, actually >o>

Airi: "Oi oi, 'ands off the merch."
Chissa: "Caw blimey, that's soem quality green you got there."
Mai: "Can I have one?"
Airi: "Bugger off, yer limey scavengers."

For all those who have ever wanted to see someone hit Mai XD

Mai: "Yeah, this is some good stuff, guys. Pure green."

Okay, this reviews heading beyond it's usual PG rating. MOVING ON XD

CHISSA! Good grief, I miss your long hair, You were a BABE! <3 STILL A BABE!

That pouty mouth gives me life.

I don't think Nakky has aged. What's this chick do, bathe in the fountain of eternal youth?

She's still pretty much perfect, FYI.

Oh, good Lord, I forgot how big MaiMai's head was, once upon a time.

Good thing she finally grew into it.

Okay, so, I love this choreography. It's simple as heck, but it's entertaining and energetic, and fun to dance along to! Just try not to do it in heels. It kinda hurts.


The dancing Fruit Salad Wrappers give me life, yo.

Good grief, Nakky is perfect. She steals the show with her cute little smile, even when she's in the back <3

Suki, suki, suki~

Maimi's looking for all those sexy gravure mags. Why else would she be looking at the top shelf?

WTF is a JE member doing in this PV!?

Okay, I legit thought that Mai was a boy, then XD

Airi is so done with my shit.

Mai: "And then my inner Goddess did the mango tango... Okay, Chissa, wtf is this shit? Please don't tell me you wrote this trash."
Chissa: "Lol, no, I just copy and pasted from E.L. James."

A master class in Fanfiction by ChissaMai. I'd attend XD

Name a more iconic duo, that isn't a Ben and Jerry's combination.

I'll wait.

Let's be real; the Airi, Mai and Chissa scenes are what give this entire MV life, aside from the fun choreography and those killer rhubarb and custard outfits.

Kinda wishing Maimi and Nakky did more, let's be honest. They don't act like goofs, like the other three.

Nakky: "Mirror Mirror, in my Hand, who is the worst singer in H!P Land?"

Well, your voice is pretty damn passable, so not you, kid.

THIS DANCE IS SO FUUUUUUUN, OMG!!! <3 I wanna follow along, but it's 3:31am, and I think my neighbours would bitch and whine, so no.

Nakky: "Hoochie, Hoochie, Hoochie~"

Wait, what o3o

Okay, this is a well-filmed scene. Night angles, nice shot, a good pace... dang, I love this scene!

Mai: "HUGS!"
Chissa: "AIRI, BABY!"
Mai: "Well, fuck you very much, then."
Airi: "C'mon, toots, I'll show you my van~"

Okay, why is Chissa so perfect? Why is she a Goddess?

And holy shit, Nostalgia HITS!

Guys, I wanna cry ; A;

Airi: "Why ain't this bitch Oshi'ing me?"


Okay, this scene is adorable. Airi's a little goof.

Kinda reminds me of how I am with my friends ;; Good Lordeh, I miss people. ;O;

And Airi is freakin' adorable. How can anyone dislike her sweet smile and wonderful presence!? Such a sweetie!

Oh yeah, their legs look so good here. Who cares if they look like Rhubarb and Custard drops, or fruit salad sweet wrappers? As long as the legs are out, Chiima's a happy Blogger! >8D

Maimi: "Chissa, baby, call me tonight."
Chissa: "Kewl kewl, will ask what you're wearing later, boo."

And then there was a pavement.

Suki. Suki. Suuuuukiiiii!


Because I am a truthful Human Bean, I will admit to you all that I cried when looking back at this PV. I am a sap by nature, a crybaby of the highest and finest quality, and when nostalgia hits me hard, the happiness comes forth in the form of tears.

I was also a tad tired and tipsy from drinking when screen grabbing this, so, that was maybe a reason why I cried, too. Heightened emotions, and all that jazz.

It's nostalgia, and we all know that memories are beautiful, but, the memories can also hurt. This time around, the nostalgia hurt. When this song and video came out, I was a carefree, happy Idol fan who danced along to Campus Life, thinking the group would never leave. Right now, I know better. Soon, they will go.

It brings up a lot of overwhelming feelings.

The reason why I have decided to start this week-long series of posts with Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ is because it's an important part of the groups history for me. As I have previously explained, this was the real start to my fandom for ℃-ute, and the true beginning of the group as the group of five that we have come to know and love. It was different to Shock!, and it showed the strengths of each member perfectly, especially Chisato, who had received so few lines in past releases. It was like the group had been reborn, and as a new Idol fan at the time, I was there to see it.

I was also ridiculously into the choreography for this song, and the sound of Campus Life was just entertaining. I found everything about this PV release enjoyable, from the costumes, location and the quirky choreography. It made me happy, and it still does, because it's such a likable sound. It was the start of something amazing, and way back when, I wanted to support this version of ℃-ute like many others do, now.

Oh, and I really loved this outfits, back when this first came out... I'm kind of questioning my past self's taste, right now.

But honestly, even with the fruit salad wrapper outfits, this is a cute PV. It's entertaining at points, and a nice little watch. It's not the best I've ever seen, granted, but it does enough to keep you entertained. The members who make the video as fun and delightful as it is, has to go to Airi, Chissa and Mai, because those three really stole the show. I guess it helps that they were the only members shown to be doing something outside of the alternative lip synch scenes and indoor shots, but whenever they were on-screen together, they were amazing. Airi was especially entertaining, with her playful nature and cheeky smile. It was super adorable to watch, and it felt real. I honestly felt like I was watching old friends play together, and not just a few Idols who had been strung together for a music video.

The PV is also nice and colourful, which plays up to the sound of the song. The dance shot is where the colour stands out most, of course, with a bright blue sky and the groups pink and yellow outfits standing against the tennis court backdrop. Sure, there are a few shots that look darker, but those tend to be the indoor scenes. Admittedly, those scenes are not my favourite; they kind of take away from the light-hearted cuteness of Campus Life, in my opinion.

I find the solo shots really nice to watch, too; I love seeing the members express themselves here, with Airi being one of the stand-out members in terms of how flawlessly she portrays herself. She is so cute! Chissa is also wonderful to watch - I remember fawning over her a bunch when this PV came out - and she has some great expressions, too, but honestly... Airi. Airi is adorable as heck, and she totally owns that camera!

Of course, whilst there is much to like about the video, I do think that, in comparison to some of ℃-ute's other releases - both old and new - Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ does pale in comparison, especially when it comes to originality and how entertaining it is. Sure, it's fun enough, and it fits the sound of the song, but it's not exactly... gripping. I mean, for the first minute or so, until the choreography was really shown off, I was bored. I couldn't get into it. I felt so disappointed, wondering why it looked so bland in comparison to how I saw it when I was around 17, but it did pick up, and I was reminded of why I loved this song and its PV; because it's the song and the choreography that make this, as well as the additional scenes thrown in there showing off how great Airi, Chissa and Mai are together.

Everything else, that's just... there. This PV really doesn't have that much going for it, when you think about it. It's satisfying enough to watch, but it's not great, either. But, I can't help but love it as much as I do, because it's one of the first PV releases from the group at the time I discovered them, that I adored completely. My memories are attached to Campus Life, and no matter what perspective I look at this PV from as I am now, I will always think of it fondly, because whenever I look back at it, I see and hear the happiness of my early days as an Idol fan.

Campus Life reminds me of those blissful, starry-eyed days where I was a new Idol fan, a time before I even started blogging or thinking about writing about and for Idols. It was an innocent time, and hearing this song and reliving it all over again just takes me back to that innocence. It's both a happy and sad feeling.

Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ may not be perfect, and it may not live up to the PV's we see today from both Hello! Pro and other Idols, but it's a PV and song that I love, if only because of the nostalgic attachment I have for it. It makes me happy, and it takes me back to a simpler time. It may not be everyone's first choice when picking a song from ℃-ute's discography to review, but this is me, and I have so much affection for Campus Life by ℃-ute. From then until now, I will always love it.

I love.
I love.
I love.

Oh, how things have changed in the lands of Idols since this song was created... But, I am so glad I was born into this world to see that change. Aren't you?

Until next time, everyone. Please take care, stay happy and healthy, watch over those you love most, and of course, cherish your Idols whilst we still have them.

Do widzenia, dear readers. Let's enjoy the music before it filters away...

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  1. *hugs* I somehow missed Campus Life in their career even though I was there for SHOCK, but similar to you I found the song and dance absolutely entertaining, fun, and catchy. So much of idols and H!P has changed since this song, I agree.

    Chissa's long hair though! I miss it too! But yup, she still a babe, ohoho ;)

    Now that you've mentioned it, holy snickers - Nakki hasn't aged at all dear lord.