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[PV Selection] March '17

AAAAAND I am hella late with this one, and honestly, what excuse can I give this time? Deadlines... Trips abroad... Yeah, those are the two excuses I have, and I'll stick with them, cause they are the truth. I was a busy bee last month (and early this month), and yes, life trumps blogging. I did what I had to in order to keep on top of deadlines, and also to spend as much time enjoying myself as possible.

Who said I have to keep to a blog schedule? Er, me. And yet I break that promise I make myself XD Oh, welp~

Anyway, it's time! Let's talk Music Videos! Ya ready for a Month-Late March PV Selection? :p

As always, all Music Videos added to the list are subject to my opinions and personal taste! If there is something in here you dislike, or something absent that you enjoyed, chances are, I was not all that keen, or did not find it as riveting as your wonderful self. That is how taste works, my dears, but suck it up! We can't all enjoy the same thing, can we now?

Of course, what I put on here does not stop you from enjoying what you love, so I say, make a list yourself, or just share your favourites with someone via word of mouth! Sharing is caring, after all, and we should all let people know of our love for Idols! So, why not share? ;)



Okay, so, despite this post being well over a month late, I actually had it ready waaay, waaaaaay before this. Like, it's been sitting here for a good while, waiting for me to type out my little reasons for why I like what video. It's simply because I've been out of the country and dedicating myself to some hardcore library sessions that it's not been done earlier. That's the bloomin' truth, guys.

The list itself went under some revision, and I managed to get rid of like... 5 or so videos from what stands now. I mean, those videos were good, but they were also not that memorable and a little plain, and on a second or third viewing, I was like 'Nope'. I ain't sharing what I ain't caring for. So, what is left here, is what I enjoyed. Hopefully, you will enjoy them, too.

Press... START! ▷

Final Squall by C-ute

With their graduation from the Idol world impending, C-ute have released three new Music Videos from their very last single, with Final Squall featuring the group performing for their fans as the faulty sprinklers rain down them all.

Though by no means a great MV, it is an enjoyable and sentimental creation, giving the fans a chance to appear in one of the groups last few music videos. It feels appreciative, and gives us a chance to see the energy and happiness the group exudes as they perform on stage, no matter what the conditions are.

The lyrics are pretty fitting for the video, as well, and I do enjoy the costumes (though the one shoulder jackets are fugly) and how delightful C-ute themselves are. It's fun, entertaining, but not the best, either. It's the sentimentality that drives it, more than anything.

To Tomorrow by C-ute

What can I say, I appreciate the prettiness of it all. Also, can I just say, this looks like a Mano Erina PV, right down to the scenic shots and the dresses. Oh, and sorry, Chissa, but that dress is atrocious. Fire whoever dared to dress you in the wardrobe department, please.

Okay, so, again, there's nothing that great about this MV, aside from the fact that it's pretty damn sentimental. In sound, it's very pretty (but bland), and in how it looks, it's also very beautiful, except for those studio shots. But, the true sweetness is in the fact that the current leaders and sub-leaders of H!P are included as backing dancers. Oh, and a few of the tinies from Kenshuusei. So, yeah. Sentimentality, bitch.

It's nice, and it serves its purpose. Not my favourite, for sure, but I like that H!P are getting all sentimental with this group and making it feel like it's not just C-ute, but H!P as a whole, because that is who C-ute are: The are H!P, and the very last remnants of the original company that we have come to know and enjoy. So damn bittersweet, in all its cheap but lovely glory.

The Curtain Rises by C-ute

Hey, they're performing in that one science-y looking space that every indies Idol have performed in! Noice!

Oh, and this is the best MV they've brought out for their last single. It doesn't have the same amount of sentimentality, of course, but it does have the visuals and juxtoposition to entertain and intrigue you. I like the use of effects, the use of light and dark, the costumes and more. It's very appealing, and looks great. It fits the sound of the MV, too.

It's striking and dominant in how it looks, and I love the contrast it has against the other two music videos. There was some effort put in here, and I applaud that. Too bad we can totally see where the budget went out of all three MV's we've been handed XD

Kuro Ito by Jyu Jyu

Though I may not always keep my attention on the Idol worlds gloomiest Idol trio, I have to admit that I am fascinated by the very entity that is Jyu Jyu. The way they dress, their sullen looks and the way they present themselves in their videos is quite addictive and memorable. Oh, and their songs are cool, if a little creepy.

Though on the plain side, Kuro Ito is a fun video to watch. It has some nice effects with the mirrors (though very obviously edited at points), and I love how the lights flicker on and off throughout, before switching off completely in the end of the video. I love the use of their shadows in the background, too, and how effortlessly their dresses flow throughout. It gives off a delicate and innocent feel to the video, despite how eerie the song seems. It works.

Simple but effective, with some fun but fairly obvious effects going on throughout. I enjoy it, and the song works damn well. Jyu Jyu are great in general, though, and I need to listen to them a lot more. Creepy-Cute is awesome, yo.

Vacancy by SKE48

Okay, it's simple. It's pretty. There's a gray wall, so I'm pretty sure they borrowed H!P's studio for a day. But, there's also colour, and, damn, Jurina with blonde hair is hawt! That's probably the best choice she made in terms of hairstyle, because mate, it's made me like her.

Oh, and the song is really cute and fun. But, guys. JURINA'S HAIR!!!

In all seriousness, though, I need to find the whole video for this song, because whilst it's basic as fuck, I love how carefree and cute it is, and I like how it looks! It feels like it's going to become something even more colourful and bright as it goes on, making it a wonderful, spring-like video. So, it may start off looking a bit too bland and gray, but it does pick up and bring some life back into this overly gray setting.

And the choreography looks fun as heck. Again, I need to look for the full thing, because I could really get into this. I mean, I like the song already, but I need the full thing to see if my attitude stays the same. Who knows?

Nonai Shokyo Game by BRATS

Okay, so I feel like BRATS has become a group almost everyone knows by now, because of some kick-ass music and some decent vocals from the baby-faced vocalist. And yeah, this video is here mostly for the song, but also the power-fueled video and the epic use of cinematography. I like the mature and destructive feel we are given throughout, and how this song and the vocals match the dilapidated building BRATS play in. It's like their own, crumbling playground.

I can honestly see a lot of people enjoying this group, mostly for the contrast of a baby-face lead and her friends performing something heavier than most Idols are used to. Of course, the best part is that they look like they're having fun and are truly passionate about this, which helps. It's a fun video, and a good song. I can't find any faults with it really, and it's nice to see new or up and coming singers take on songs like this. Well... Idols that aren't doing it for a gimmick, that is. *cough*BABYMETAL*cough* *ahem*Idol formerly known as LADY BABY*ahem*.

... what >o>

Seishun Karedadadasshu! by Bando janai mon

Listen, I like videos that focus on a video game aspect. I'm a nerd for that, because childhood memories and all that bullshit. Also, they happen to make for some creative, fun as feck and jazzy music videos, and though this one isn't as nostalgic or imaginative as others, it does take on a few fun aspects and makes use of that 8-bit game format we all know and love from the 80's-90's. Gimmicky, yes, but still enjoyable to watch.

Also, it's just a darn cute, hyperactive video. But it's Bando janai mon, so what else would you expect? That said, it's also not as weird as I'd expect... it's pretty damn tame, for the group that's in it.

Well, what can I say? It's fun, it's cute, it's a tad nostalgic. I'm happy it's around, but it's also not the best PV I've seen. I can appreciate what it delivers, however, and the delight it brings me. It's a pretty catchy (albeit forgettable) tune, too!

Kokoro Tsunagaru by Himekyun Fruits Kan

D'awww, now this is a cute MV! Sure, it starts off looking all bland and pale, but then it gets all cute and colourful, making good use of some green-screen and imagination. Yeah, it looks simple and cheap, but I appreciate the effort put into it and how quirky the video itself is. Also, this song is pretty bomb!

I'm basic as heck, yo.

Though the group itself needs some work in timing, I really do think there is potential here. They are an entertaining, sweet looking bunch who have good chemistry with the camera, and seem to work well together. I like the charm of the video and how cute and friendly it feels, and I like that there is some contrast in the choreography sequences and the alternative scenes. It gives it some balance, and makes it feel like a story book adventure. I'm pretty sure kids (or easily amused adults, like me) would feel entertained by thus. It's 100% sweet, and though it is simple, it's pretty effective.

-finally checks who this group is-

... Wait. What? This is Himekyun Fruits Kan!? Wait, what the fudge? I thought they were out of commission? What the fu---

*This service has disconnected*

Mellow Dawn by NEVE SLIDE DOWN

I feel like this should have been called Never Slide Down, but whatever. Typos for the win! I do them all the time. Also, typos mean nothing, because this group, from this one song I have heard from them, sounds great. I really enjoy Mellow Dawn, despite its obvious use of vocal effects. I do like the video, too, but it's the song I like most.

It's a pretty simple but effective video, however. The way it opens with the members holding  flames and singing into microphones, whilst switching between shots of the band in the dark is beautiful. It may not be the most visually stimulating, but it has pace and looks great. I think it has a classic touch to it, and matches the beat of the song well. Nothing is over or underdone here, and I highly appreciate that.

The switch between night to day is effortless, too. I love that transition, it just flows perfectly with the timing of the song.

It's simple. It's a decent song, and I appreciate how effortless it looks and feels. Well done to Mellow Dawn.

404 Not Found by Fujita Megumi-Mei

This is a damn good video, lemme tell you. It's bright. It's weird. It's fun. I mean, the llama head... thing is a bit weird and out there, but I couldn't help but enjoy this video for all its randomness. I also really enjoyed the fact the singer is wrapped in plastic, for some reason. It gives off this doll vibe.

I have no idea who this singer is, but honestly, from what I have seen here, she seems to be pretty damn fun, and has a great way of presenting herself here. She's both fun and sexy, and feels very charismatic on-camera. I also like how she seems to interact with her set, from the llama, to the plastic she is wrapped in, and the words on the screen that move with her.

This is honestly a fun watch, and though it's not as out there as other videos can be, I think it's worth your view. It's enjoyable, if anything, and hey! It's a catchy sound, too!

meltdown by uijin

In a way, this video kind of does feel like a meltdown. From those outfits to the effects, this video feels like it's a computer frying up after spilling a drink onto it by accident. It's fragmenting all over the place, then seems to act normal for a while, before breaking up all over again. That makes for a pretty interesting, fun watch, unless things like fuzzy screens and jagged patterns annoy you, of course.

Oh, and the song itself feels like it's breaking up a bit at points, too, which only adds to the effect. The bridge, however, feels very pure and pretty, making for a nice contrast, and a damn rest for your eyes. And then the assault begins all over again, but I enjoy it.

The outfits, however? Well, they look like the 90's barfed on them, and sometimes, it's not in a good way. I really do question Japanese fashion, sometimes.

In all seriousness, though. Fun video, fun song. It kind of ends too quickly for my liking, however.

Let It Out by WiLL

Here for the song, because I am trash~

Seriously, I do pretty much just like the song, and it can stand on its own without the video behind it, but damn, the choreography is fun, and I do like those costumes. But, yeah, this MV isn't anything to write home about. Simple. Does the job. Your basic close-up x dance shot affair without much else thrown in. It has a few quick edits for effect, and it matches the pacing pretty well... but. Song. Me likey mostest.

I don't actually know this group, but if their songs are all like this, I might just tune into them some more after some digging. They have a great sound, one that is cool and catchy, and feels like it will embed itself into your mind forevermore. It's a little club-like, too, which I enjoy. Some dance-techno is always damn welcome, especially if it makes me feel like I'm going back in time to those good ol' Hinoi Team days.

This be my modern Hinoi Team jam, guys. I am enjoying this~

Kurukuru Butter by Narita Maho (of moe core gakuen)

Hot damn, this girl cannot sing, but this PV really is adorable. It reminds me of a storybook, with a live cut-out character that is Narita Maho. It's simple, sweet, and downright adorable to watch.

But, again... that singing. It's enough to put anyone off. Good thing this is about the video and not the song though, right?

The cuteness of this video is seriously high, and I enjoy how it plays out. Innocent, cute and enjoyable, I feel like a few people would get a kick out of this, depending on the style of videos they like. I could see kids enjoying it, too. The song is pretty simple, too, with an easy to follow beat and slow, careful lyrics that you can sing along to.

I can see this appealing to kids, for sure. If this was actually for a kids show, I would not be that surprised, either.

It's a Show Time! by Sakidori hasshin-kyoku

The first time I saw this video, I thought 'wow, this has such an old-school MomoClo vibe'. It feels unique, refreshing, quirky, a tad weird, and fun as heck. There's a little bit of aggression thrown into the editing too, and some bizarre effects and techniques which only makes it feel even more unique and intriguing. Even the style of the song fits the idea of a stereotypical Stardust track. Tame, then quirky, with some shit vocals thrown in there.

I think one of the most interesting things about this video, aside from its use of effects and colourful delivery, is how the scenes change from over the top and weird, to a calm, generic setting with sweet smiling faces. It's quite the contrast.

... Oh, and then they turn into the old woman, who basically repeats the scenes the members have been going through. It's weird, but hilarious, too. I appreciate the absolute barminess of the whole thing.

It's weird and fun, and definitely unique. This is an out-there PV that I think people should definitely give a chance, especially if you like the over-the-top stuff in world of Idols.

Ringo star by Ringo Musume

This group does know that Ringo Starr is an actual person, yes? Well, aside from that little reference this song seems to give me, the overall appeal is here in the aesthetic. The song is... okay, but it's nothing special, in its over-synthed glory.

It's really just damn pretty to watch, with it's gorgeous snowy landscapes and beautiful blue skies, and glorious cinematography. It's just so captivating and fresh in its look, and reminds me of how beautiful and serene the winter is. The song matches the pacing and scenery of the video really well, too, giving us some gorgeous sequences to match the tone and beat.

That said, I could also easily forget this video. For the random viewing, however, it delights me, and makes the hidden film nerd inside of me feel all delighted and shizz. I gotta appreciate the effort and neat editing this video has achieved.

And shiiiit, they made their logo in the snow! DAAAAAMN, SON!

Easter Bunny by The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY

Though I enjoyed the original idea and gimmick behind LADYBABY when LadyBeard was standing at the center of their mayhem, I didn't follow them that much. I still don't follow the group since its re-branding, however, I can't deny how much fun Easter Bunny is. This is one sick sound, and one enjoyable video.

Like, damn.

I know we're way past Easter by this point, but I am seriously enjoying this song. It's helping me with writing and essays, it's making me want to head bang and mosh along, and it just helps me to have fun. It's not a relaxing song, by any means, but holy shit, it's fun. And the video matches it quite nicely, too.

In terms of how it looks, the thing I find really appealing is probably the fun choreography, the use of pastels, flickering lights, and the contrast of the grey-toned outside to the bright and pretty interior of the kitchen. I also really like their costumes, how their hair is styled, and their nails, too. It's the little things that get me.

Seeing the eggs being broken kind of grosses me out, however.

Oh, and I like how brutal they both are here, and how they can go from being so cute and smiley one second, to passive and moody the next. Rie is great at this especially, her quick mood switch forever intriguing me. However, Rei is definitely my favourite of the two, with her mischievous look and lower voice. Both are a delight, though, and I like that they're still keeping LADYBABY alive.

It's a fun video, and both Rie and Rei are wonderful here. Easter Bunny's a blast, and I doubt I'll get tired of it any time soon!

My Sweet Maiden by Mia REGINA

Mia Regina have been on my radar for a while now, however, their music and videos haven't stuck out to me as much as My Sweet Maiden has. Then again, I don't think any of their past releases have been this visually enticing or memorable, because holy shit, this is gorgeous.

And a little bit 50 shades, but let's not read into that part too much, shall we?

Whoever did the set design for this really had fun with it,m from the colours to the way everything intertwines and comes together. It's really beautiful to watch, too, with some scenes looking very gentle and elegant as fruit, petals, feathers on a pink bed that looks super damn soft. There's some nice contrasting scenes to counter this as well, where the members fall from their bindings a lot more chaotically.

It's a fun watch, and though we are seeing a lot more of these gothic music videos pop in and out of the Idol world, I think it's fascinating how Mia REGINA's management have envisioned this song and video, making the gothic feel refreshing, despite it being done in a similar vein to videos like Mugen Climax, Kuro Ito, Ziashou no Lucifer, Rainy Princess, and more.

It's a fun, interesting video, and I like the almost sexy vibe it exudes. I say check it out, and see if you like it. Even if the song doesn't match your style, I feel like the video will definitely be something you can enjoy and drool over, for all its beauty.

Kimi wo Mamorikiru by Flap Girls' School

Knowing me, the original reason for why I put this video on this list was because it had some pretty aerial shots. And yeah, looking back at it, those aerial shots are farking amazing, but actually sitting down to watch the video properly... this song is bomb, and the video is bomb, too. It's simple, it doesn't exactly have a story, but, it's entertaining, and it keeps me invested. It's doing its job, and I don't want to turn it off.

Well done, Flap Girls' School!

Actually, in terms of its visual quality and cinematography, Flap Girls' Kimi o Mamorikiru feels on par with something I would see from the 48's and 46's. It has a similar amount of care and attention put into it, and it looks damn beautiful in its final form.

Sadly, it's not the full video you are watching, so... yeah. The ending is still unknown to me, as well, but the video and song are both enticing enough to make me want to see more. Like, seriously. 48 quality right there, visually. Even the song is on par with some of the more well known groups.

I wanna keep watching it, and I wanna have it. If that doesn't make it a good song or video, I don't know what will, because shiiiit... I wanna spend money on this one, guys.

Wander Wonder World by Urya oi! JAPAN

If I look at the title of this song, all I see is www, which as you all know is Japanese slang for 'lol'. So, I just see 'lol', but there is nothing laugh out loud about this song or video. Actually, it's a really pretty, entertaining song, something that I would actually listen to when I'm doing my studies or writing. It has that inspirational feel to it, and makes me want to work my hardest and do what I can to get decent-ish grades.

It also makes me want to follow the group. Yeah, that's the kind of song it is. It's the type that hooks me, and keeps me there for a good while. Also, I truly appreciate the live band behind the group as they sing and dance. So much more authenticity.

The video is very pleasant, too, with a rather blue-toned filter that just calms you down, and gives you this bittersweet outlook the more you watch Wander Wonder World. The idea of graduation and spending your final days with your friends and teacher also up the sadness for you as a viewer, and gives off a sentimental, honest feeling that is so, so sweet.

It represents a sad but happy time in a high schoolers life, I think, showing a sentimental time not only for the members, but also the teacher. It's a cute video, with some nice shots and a fitting tone for the subject its representing. I will try and keep my out for this group, because they feel promising. Hopefully, you feel the same way, and have found a new group to enjoy and sing along to!

Tomodachi Gokko by Ueno Yuuka

Double Yuuka is back! I don't know what it is about seeing Yuuka meet herself in her music videos, but, I really do adore it. It's a nice little throw back to her debut, in a way, except this time... Well,m this time, she's going back in time to see how her younger self is doing so that she can have a happier future.

Because Yuuka values friendships above all else, it seems.

Well, aside from the fact this video seems to give off a message about how dating can ruin friendships, I do think that video is well done. It's sad, and tells the story of a girl who keeps going back until she can make things right with her best friend. Even though a boy likes her, she wants to be with her friend above else, and slowly realises each time she goes back that, no matter what, the one who she needs in her life is her friend and not a guy.

I mean, I'd be happier if Yuuka and her friend stayed friends, despite some guy crushes on either one of them, but hey, drama! We need drama, and it's a Yuuka Ueno song, so drama we shall have!

Again, it's a sad little take, with a bittersweet ending where we see Yuuka and her friend happy, but without a certain guy in tow. It's beautifully filmed, Yuuka looks damn gorgeous (as per), and the song is emotional and pleasing to the ears.

But, yeah... the message isn't my favourite. It won't stop me frekain' crying all over my desk though, will it?

World*Is*Beautiful by Jewel*Mariee


Oh, and it's cute, too. I like things that are cute, though you can't deny that these girl have no what timing means. They're all smol and new, however, so let's leave them be, and enjoy the tack and joy they bring us viewers and listeners. Pretty sure a few of you will enjoy the cuteness these girls bring to your screens.

Actually, aesthetically, this is a very calming video. It's got a nice colour scheme going on in the exterior shots, and the look of the members and how they are positioned, the way they use their expressions and their overall look feels refreshing and gentle. It makes the music video feel very peaceful itself, and the pacing helps to cement that feeling of serenity.

There's a long way to go for this group, in editing, singing, charisma, on-camera presence and timing, but honestly, I don't begrudge this song and its accompanying video, either. They are cute, and they are trying. I want to see them grow, too, because they're all so darned cute, and so darned precious! D'aww.

Te to Te by CY8ER

We all know I like a lot of different things from videos. Simplicity. Good editing. Choppy editing. Smooth editing. Graphics. Simple, entertaining things. Weird things. Everything. I literally have very little that I don't like, except bad lighting and dull videos that just don't appeal to me.

Well, this has graphics, simple but sleek editing, a little choppy when needed, and some nice lighting. It's like a computer malfunctioning, but it looks flawless, and the members really fit the aesthetic. Good grief, they're cute, too, which helps in me liking this video all the more. I'm shallow, that way.

It's a pretty video to watch, and its use of flickering graphics and animation keeps me entertained. I like that it will also give the graphics a rest, however, with the night-scape scenes featuring the members, some lights, and nothing else as they sit on a roof, until the very end. It gives the video a calm, serene feeling that is needed, pacing it out beautifully.

Give this one a go, and see what you think. It's a cute little creation, and it fits the song Te to Te well. I liiiiiike it!

Hajimiri wa Owari no Tsugi ni by Oyamori Emiri

A ballad, a ballad! Where would I be without my bloody ballads? Seriously, this song is cute, and I could listen to it by itself, but yeah, the video helps in being a nice little watch. It's got this homey, personal feel to it, switching being the 'professional' singing sequences, and then the drama scenes where we see into Oyamori's memories of her and her boyfriend together, and then additional shots where she is returning to the places they visited together.

It's sentimental, simple, and sweet. It's every love ballad ever, but holy shit, I can't help but adore it. It's too sweeeeeeeet!!!

Honestly, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing. You know this, I know this, the world knows this. Give me a good Idol ballad and I'm weak. Weak, I say!

This is on Oyamori's first single, and at points, it does show, because she's not as relaxed as she could be and feels a little stiff. However, she is doing pretty well, considering, and I think she will be a fine music video performer once she's gotten used to the camera. So far, she's doing pretty well, and in the outdoor scenes she feels so much more comfortable and in her element. Her expression does need some work, however.

This is a good debut, however, and I commend Oyamori for the emotion and power she has put into her first singles A-side. Hopefully, I hear more from her in the future, because good lord, that is a sweet voice! <3

Just be yourself by The World Standard

Please don't tell me I'm the only one who hears 'Shall we make waku waku' as something completely perverted and wrong? Because if I am, then, well... f*ck. Gutter-mind, go!

Aside from the subtext of those damn lyrics, I damn love this song. Screw the video, this song is hands down fun as heck, and perfect to listen to whenever I'm feeling down, stressed, or like I need a little song and dance. It's easy to get into, the lyrics are memorable and great to sing along to, and hot damn, I love dancing along to this like an absolute tool. Why is it so freakin' gooooood?

Oh, it's a Pripara endorsed track. No wonder.

But, yeah. Kick ass this is, and honestly, I do love that damn video, too. IT'S PASTEL! 8D However, I spy with my little eye some Sailor Moon ripoff sequences. Yeah, Avex, I see you... can I sue you for it? xD

I like the video, though the smartphone thing gets a little annoying after a while, only because I want to see what it looks like in full. Even the DVD version of the MV is annoying to watch (same smartphone style, middle, right and left), and doesn't change up until the end, where it comes full screen. I see the appeal of it, but, if they're not going to film on a smartphone, then I really see now point in making it this style, all for the sake of emojis and stickers.

Still, it's cute, and it's an entertaining watch. And yeah, I may have sniggered at it a bit, but maaaate, I do love that sailor moon rip-off sequence. It's freakin' cute, yo!


And we are DONE! Stop the videos and halt the music, because this post has come to its end! But it won't be the end of the Select Series, promise! It won't be the last time I'm late, either, though I pray the April Selection won't be a month away. I'm a lot less busy right now (well, in terms of studies. Life is busy, haha) so I should have some time to write and update the blog a bit more. I also need to plan out some posts for June, because damn, guys, that will be a busy month!

Hopefully this post has been filled with music and visual delight for you all, and of course, I hope that you all found something fun and worthwhile to watch! If there are some new groups here that you have taken a shine to, or a group you loved returning with more music for you to enjoy, then I have done my job right!

Of course, you should share your love for Idol videos and music, too, and show your friends! It's nice to share, as I keep saying, and it's fun to get people into what you adore!

For now, however, it's time to give youtube a rest, and take a step back for the night. So let's say goodnight to the Idol PV's, and have a nap, or a full-blown sleep. It depends on the timezone you're in, of course.

Take care, everyone, and enjoy the music! Stay happy, healthy, smile and make someones day brighter, and of course, LOVE DEM IDOLS!



  1. I want to start following Momusu but there's so many songs and gens and girls!! WHERE DO I START pls help

    1. SAaaaamE! Teach us your ways, Chiima!

    2. OMG! Is it time for me to do a post where I rank some PV's and songs, or... A WEEK LONG SET OF MOMUSU POSTS!?

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  2. Moonlight_Kayleen20 May 2017 at 00:14

    I started following Momusu 3 years ago. The very first song I heard was "Sakura Mankai", which was recommended to me from something else I was watching. I got into the newest (at the time) generation, it was right before Sayumi's graduation. After realizing how many gens and girls there were, I needed a game plan!

    I pulled the Morning Musume Lyrics list:


    Which is great in that it lists the singles and albums chronologically, and color codes lyrics, which is extremely important when learning members. I started to watch ALL singles, from the oldest one, and reading lyrics, trying to figure out which girl was signing what part. I did that will all singles that were out (until the Tiki Bun one).

    Also, watching all the old videos, New Year's specials, Hello Pro news and every other show possible will help with learning the girls (and their personalities!).

    If you guys would like to chat, please hit me up on Instagram (that's the only social media platform I use), my username is moonlight_kayleen :)

    1. Oh goodness, Sakura Mankai! It was such a beautiful song, imo, and definitely one of my favourites. I remember that the first song I heard from the group, was 'SAY YEAH! Motto Miracle Night'. And yes, the projecthello site is super useful for songs and understanding who is who, their vocals, etc.

      I think that watching videos with lyrics on them, and colour codes in the videos, is useful as well. Then you can watch it along, instead of going back and forth XD

      Omg the New Years specials! I don't really watch them as much, but yeah XD But personalities are great, it's a key thing about the members and learning about who you prefer and such.