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[PV Selection] April '17

I need to get this out before I even dar think about starting off my Week for C-ute before they graduate, and well before May creeps upon us. Let's not have another March scenario, where the PV Selection is a month late, shall we...?

Another month, another post! We are back with the PV Selection for April 2017, and oh boy oh boy, what a month it was! Every dang time, there's a bunch of PV's that I enjoy watching, though let's be honest, a lot of them follow familiar formulas. I like what I like, though, so yeah... We have certain styles that we enjoy most, and hey can, ya blame a girl for liking the simple things in life?

Still, even if some music videos have similar formulas to others, it's fun to see what Idols put out for us viewers. We love to see groups and companies improve, and we like to see how the songs fit with the idea behind the PV, too. No matter how simple or complex it is, if we like it, it's a good MV!

And now, as per the usual here, all MV's listed on this post are the ones I personally enjoyed myself. This is a post where I promote the videos and groups I found most entertaining, so if there is something on here you do not enjoy, well, it's my post, my opinion. If there isn't a video on here you enjoyed, however, bear in mind that I either have not seen it, or I didn't enjoy it as much as you did. Tastes differ, and also, I'm one person! I can't and won't watch every video that comes out in the Idol realm! That's far too many for one person, especially if I have things to do in my everyday life, so... yeah. There's that.

And finally, please do enjoy the videos I post here, but don't feel obligated to like them, just cause I found them somewhat entertaining! We have distinct tastes, and we can't all enjoy the same thing. But please, give the videos a go, and enjoy some Idol goodness! Try before you decide, and all that jazz!

Se, no... VIDEO!


Here we begin the PV madness that was April '17. I wonder, for the month gone by, what was played, enjoyed and lauded over, and what was rejected? You will never know, until you find out. So, it's time to sit back, grab a bowl of cereal, grab that mug of tea, espresso or cola, and kick back. We're gonna relax, switch on some Idol tunes, and enjoy the music and visuals.

In beauty, sound and simplicity, let's all bask in the sweetness of our Idols! For April, the month of loveliness and visual delight, it's time to take a look at what our Idols have provided for us, and stare in wonder at some of the glorious visuals we have been gifted. Are you ready? If yes, then press play... ▷.

Hatsukoi Reminder by Diamondollfy

Okay, so I'm not 100% on the title itself, but we're not here for the title... we want the music video, and of course, I like it. It's not the most complex of videos out there, but dang, it's pretty! No matter what, I always seem to come back to the Blue Clover project videos, because they're too pretty (at least to me), and they entertain me a great deal.

Also, have they lost or mosplaced a member? I swear, they have. Good grief.

I like the colour tone of this music video, more than anything. I like its use of gray tones and then bright pops of blue and white, in the next sequence. It's very appealing to look at. The solo shots in the white room are really pretty to watch, as well, giving the video an ethereal look that reminds me of angels and Heaven. It's a nice change of pace, and looks really professional. It actually looks a lot more up-scale than the rest of the music video. Whoops~

Hatsukoi Reminder is a nice looking music video, with some nice style and tone choices that entertain me. It's not the best video out there, but damn, guys... IT'S PRETTY!

Akai Tsuki ga mieru made by Elfloat

This isn't by Elfloat, but one of the three members who is in the group. I'm unsure which member it is, but, whatever, it's being passed off as an Elfloat song. So, one can guess that it's going to be a group effort in a live setting. Ah, well.

I'm actually here for the song, rather than the video, but the simplicity of the MV and its gentle pace is really appealing to me. I like simple things, because when done well, even the simplest of music videos can have a great effect on you, the viewer. This one, I like because it more or less fits the tone and pace of the song really well, and looks pretty. It's gentle and calm, with more of a focus on the song than its imagery. Still, the visuals themselves are nice to look at; I like all the locations they take the member to, and the expressions she makes when looking at or away from the camera. The use of lyrics on screen and as a narrative element are a nice touch, too.

Simple and pretty, just the way I like them. But, again, I'm here for the song most. The visuals are a nice touch, because it gives us something sweet to watch.

Feel! Kanjiru yo by Juice=Juice

I won't say that this is the best I've ever seen Hello! Pro produce, but good grief, this is a pretty music video! It feels like something I would see from Satoyama x Satoumi, or Mano Erina, and I won't complain about that any time soon! There was effort put in here, and some budget was spent. It's really damn satisfying to watch, too!

When H!P want to make a video look pretty, they really go out of their way to make something look pretty. This video is proof of that.

Feel! Kanjiru yo is basically spring in a video. It has that tranquil, enchanting feeling, and it looks like it is full of life and vibrancy. The members seem so at peace with themselves, and everything just fits. The colour scheme is perfect, the setting sun is mesmirising, and the location used is just so damn beautiful. I can't believe that this kind of beauty has come out of Juice=Juice. Then again, I don't hold much hope for them as of late, because I'm a grumpy old fool.

Well, colour me happy, because I really like this video, and I really enjoy the song, too! It's pretty, and it's everything I love in sound and style. It's just so freakin' gorgeous! All the praise for Juice=Juice, here, because they suit this style well, and they all look amazing! Well done, J=J and H!P!

ribbon by sora tob sakana

This music videos opening reminds me of something. It reminds me of an animated film or short I watched as a kid, but right now, I can't place what it reminds me of. That nostalgia alone intrigues me, and whilst the song is certainly not my favourite (that lengthy break at the beginning is horrible), the music video is a nice watch. It has some beautiful animation, and it's pretty imaginative, in my opinion.

I like the dream-like vibe that ribbon has going for it, and the beautiful animation that just makes the video look so gorgeous and appealing to me. It looks wonderful, however, I won't be watching it much; the song is very off-putting, and I can't get into it. I just wish it sounded better, because then I could fully appreciate the beauty of the video. Sadly, it has been paired with something... well, not very nice. Maybe I will just go and slap some whiteeeen over it?

Tanbourine, Ringring by ROCK A JAPONICA

I have never been able to get into ROCK A JAPONICA, but damn, this is a catchy, cute song, and the visuals are very pretty and appealing. It's bright and cheerful, and the members are really cute, too! It's yet another simple PV, but of course, that's an aesthetic I enjoy when it comes to Idols and music videos. It's very refreshing, but also nice and carefree in its tone.

Given this is only the short version, there's not a lot we get to see here, but if the rest of the music video follows the style set for it, you can expect a simple but cute music video, with some charming members to keep you interested.

Cute and sweet, just how I like it! Any more where that came from?

Kessho by candy zoo

I was not actually going to add this video to my list, but once I saw the members standing on the tables, I knew I had to. It was an instinct I couldn't shake, and honestly... damn, this video is gorgeous. It's delightful to watch, with some gorgeous visuals that are absolutely enchanting, and some lovely camera shots that absolutely beautiful to watch.

The song is a little less desirable. I mean, it starts off well enough, with a beautiful sound, but then it... goes... weird. However, I like its unique way of expressing each members' personality / style through a different instrumental, as if it's a 'character song', of sorts. They don't fit together, but, it's different. It sets itself apart from other songs. I can't fault it for that.

But yeah, the video is damn mesmirising to watch, it's got some gorgeous cinematography, and I love the bonfire scenes especially. Everything is well filmed, and it all looks super gorgeous, and I enjoy watching it. I can't believe I was going to forfeit this one, upon the first few seconds of watching it. Good thing I saw the standing on tables scene, and powered through, aye? XD

Kono Sekai ni Sayonara shite by Tenkou Shoujo Kageki Den

I have no clue who this group is, but damn, now I want to know, because this PV is gorgeous! It's simple, but the camera angles and cinematography is absolutely astounding. It's captivating to watch, with the wind in the hair and how the camera captures it in a rotational shot. The expressions the members use are wonderful, too, with very passive and serious looks, showing some emotion. It makes the look of the music video that much stronger, and creates something more emotional than anticipated. It feels quite passionate, actually.

I really do love the visuals for this song. It's everything a camera angle lover could wish for, because it does not just stick to one or two. It rotates, it goes to the side, upside down, and more. It is a breathtaking piece of visual beauty, and I just want to watch it over and over again. Even the dance shots are filmed just as beautifully, though nothing will top the exquisite sight of the members as their hair is pulled by the wind.

It's gorgeous. I really can't get over this perfection. What makes it all the more better is, of course, its simplicity. You can't beat it.


Se naka jishaku by Honma no Yuri

I'm rather sad that this is only a short music video, because there is something very sweet and pure about Se naka jishaku. It's so innocent and charming, and feels very soothing and homely whenever I watch it. It's so lovely, and I can't help but want to continue watching it and seeing how the music video pans out. I want the ending. I want more.


Also, isn't the girl in this pretty damn good? From the get-go, she looks like she'll be awkward and a little too young to pull off this kind of song, but once you see more of it, you realise just how promising she really is. I'm impressed, and I think this kid has something about her that is so likable.

I want more, and I want it NOW!

Seishun Call Me by ROSARIO+CROSS

I swear, ROSARIO+CROSS just keep on finding their way into my heart. Their songs are catchy, the members are cute, and whilst I question the collars on their shirts for this release, I do like their fashion sense a good deal of the time. Also, they've started colour coding some of them, and that pleases me... so long as they line them up right, of course.

Oh, and I like their PV's, because the girls are so quirky and cute, and their choreography is pretty dang fun to watch. Here is no different, because the members are all absolutely charming when the camera is turned on, and the dance shot is very energetic and fun. Some members are sharper than others, sure, but their energy is amazing, regardless, and ponytail-purple-skirt girl keeps smiling so brightly. It's damn infectious!

Honestly, though, aside from the charming members and catchy dance sequence, this video isn't that great.  Points for the joy it all brings me, however, and as of late, this song has been stuck in my head. It's no HEY! Mirai, but damn, it's still amazingly fun to sing along to. Long live, ROSARIO+CROSS!

FOREVER YOUNG by Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)

I mostly like this video for its speed and use of the one-take shot. I'm a sucker for the simplicity of it all, and also, it's a fun video to watch in this style. Sure, it's fairly straight forward, but watching the members' actions when sped up is hilarious, in its own way. Oh, and they look like they are running on air, half the time. It makes me giggle.

I like how the members take turns going into the lead for their solos, too. It's fun to see them push in the way and such, and all come up to the camera. Also, oh my days, Manami was so far in the back XD That girl XD

I think this is a nice way to (somewhat) introduce the new 2nd gen members, too. The idea of them in the background, wearing a simpler uniform, is reminiscent of when 2nd gen S/mileage came in and acted as background dancers and chorus for the main members, when they were in their training period. It's a nice touch, and includes the newbies whilst also keeping focus on the main members.

A simple, fun video. I enjoy it, and hopefully you do, too!

Do It Again feat. LIZ by FEMM

I'm not overly fond of FEMM's music style, but honestly, this is one fun, jazzy music video, and as it says on the packet, it's in the style of 'fake' 3D. Honestly, it's very intriguing, and it works well. Aesthetically, this pleases me a great deal. It's a fun, intriguing watch.

Also, I don't know who the heck LIZ is, but dang, she's pretty! I like the look she's pulling off here, seems very old-school child Hollywood.

I like how this music video looks, above all else. The song is something I'm not crazy over, though I don't mind it, either. But how everyone interacts with the set, and how everything has turned out is super interesting, and makes me think. I really want to know who directed this, how it was edited, and how everything came to look this way. It's something that will intrigue those who like the creation process most, I think, but it will equally entertain those who just want to watch something fun, colourful, and highly interesting.

Check this one out, and see what it does to your mind. It's a good one to check out, for sure.

Panta Stick by Idol College

I don't know what is going on with Stand-Up! Records right now, but as of late, they've been into showing off Afilia Saga's boobs, and now, they're doing a panty-themed song. Well, regardless of whatever the theme is this time around, I can#t deny the cuteness of this video. I love the background, in all its cute CG glory, and it's catchy chorus.

It's adorable, in all its green screen glory! Also, it's super damn bright and colourful, which makes the Magpie Chiima very happy!

Aside from its cuteness and nice use of the colour palette, I don't rate this PV *that* highly. Sure, the members are cute, and I like how they all interact with one another, but they aren't really showing off their adorable natures so much on camera. Their set interaction is an A+, however, and the members are indeed cute, but... yeah, I can't get into them individually. As a group, they work, however.

There are a lot of them, though...

A cute video, but yeah, not a favourite. Still, I wanted to include it because... CUTE!!!

Imakoko by Toyama Nao

You know I like my drama fueled story lines, and my pretty songs. And this story line, though not as dramatic as you'd expect, is still filled with sweet joy and lovely love. It's got a graduation story around it, too, making it the perfect Sakura song. It's nicely filmed, well, at least the drama scenes are, and looks nice when watching it.

I would say that the one downfall, sadly, are the solo singing scenes with Toyama Nao. They don't look that authentic with the night backdrop, and honestly, it cheapens the video significantly.

Still, props for the cute drama scenes. I enjoy them, and they fit the song well. It looks really dang pretty, and I do wonder what happens at the end. Does she confess? Doesn't she? What will happen during Graduation? I will need to find out... another day, of course.

adrenaline!!! by TrySail

This video is damn adorable, and one that uses a multitude of props to make the video as fun as it is. I love what the members do here, because though the song is clearly on one set, you can see that the utilised the room as much as possible with different hats and themes, creating a fun, imaginative setting that was absolutely charming and cute.

I like how in the beginning, the members look at a map of where they want to go, spin a globe to figure out where their 'journey' will take them, before acting out the scenarios, and taking their journey on a ship or in a tiny boat to find their way. It's a creative little video, filled with pure joy and personality. Sure, it may not be the most flashy, but it's energetic, cheerful, and the members really make this video a whole bundle of fun. I love it!

The song isn't the best, granted, but we aren't here for that, today. We're here to go on a journey with TrySail, and it's a journey they create! Are you ready for an adventure on the ocean, or do you want to go hunting on a safari? Your pick!

RAINBOW ~Watashi wa Watashi Yanenkara~ by Takoyaki Rainbow

I am not overly cray cray for the song, but I do really enjoy the video, and how cute and fun it is. Throughout most of it, it seems to be shot in one take, though there are some quick edits thrown in there that could easily be mistaken for the one-take-shot this video is very intent on persuading us that it is.

Seriously, though, it's a fun watch. Too bad the song is bland as fuck.

I like the overall pace of the video, how bright and energetic it is, and how well the members interact with the set and create different story lines as various students, with different lives. It's a cute and quirky way of creating a decent music video that is entertaining to watch. My favourite part is the one where we focus on Short Cut, and see her studying over a yelling mother. It's pretty fun to watch.

The PV's fun, it's well done, however, I wish the song was a lot better and more upbeat for such an entertaining music video. Ah, welp!

START!! by Party Rockets GT

If it wasn't obvious by how the video looks, then I just have to say that this video is purely here because I enjoy the song. Really, there's not a lot to this video. It's almost all dance shot, no substance, meaning that the content I am loving the most is the song. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the dance shot; it's pretty to watch, and I love the costumes they are wearing, but... yeah. Nothing much going on here, aside from nice little close-ups and a few different angles to make everything look a little jazzier.

But, yeah... song. I like it, it's appealing.

Sure, the music video eventually switches it up, but even then, it's nothing unique or anything to write home about. It does what it can, or the bare minimum, and gives you something to look at for a few minutes. The members are cute, as well, but... SONG!

And that is all. I won't keep you any longer. Bye~

Twinkle in You by Electric Ribbon

What intrigues me about this video is in how its shot. It feels very surreal, for some reason, I guess mostly because of how the colour in the background pops against the members during the interior shots. It looks almost like the members have been dropped into a painted background, of sorts, and the camerawork itself is shot in such a smooth, swift manner, that it feels almost like it's a natural part of the setting, rather than something that is there to simply 'film' the members. It doesn't feel like it's infiltrating at all, which is weird to think about, actually.

I probably don't make a lot of sense (do I ever?), but, yeah... this is shot really well, in my opinion, and it intrigues me. I guess the depth of field has something to do with it, too.

The song itself isn't my favourite, in fact, I find that half of them can't sing at all, but it's okay. It's mostly the camerawork that intrigues me, and how the members seem to ignore the camera unless they are in costume. The video is fun to watch, though, and feels like a comic book at times, with the zooming and the jazzy background. Check it out, see what you think, and of course, enjoy!


I really like the fairy tale look of this video, and how much it reminds me of a parallel world. The effects might not be the best in this, but it's a really fun watch, with some nice imagery and a great singer to entertain you with her cute looks and charming presence on camera.

Similar to Alice in Wonderland in its theme, the video follows that pattern of getting lost in an unknown world, where you can become big or small, depending on the actions taken, or where a door can take you anywhere. So, it isn't a new concept, but it's still something that might tickle your fancy if you enjoy seeing the world of Alive in Wonderland interpreted in various ways. Personally, I enjoy that this version shows two sides to ORESAMA, either in the mirror, or when she steps through a door. Depending on the side she is one, she is either dark or light haired.

Also, that choreography is cute!

It's a fun little video, with a nice Alice in Wonderland themed vibe. What more can I say about it?

Yosei Secret by Fairy Girl☆Frejya

Okay, so I have a slight weakness for anything beginning with 'Fairy', and for girls who dress up in anything that is slightly costume themed. So, right off the bat, Fairy Girl☆Frejya tick the box when it comes to name and looks. I do, however, want to question why they are Angels in this, and not faeries? WHERE ARE MY FAERIE WINGS, DAMNIT!?

That said, I love that they become schoolgirls, with Angels attached to their back. Can other people see them, or are the wings invisible to those who see them everyday? It's interesting to think about, and makes me want to write a story about an Angel who goes to school, but no one knows... There's an idea!

As a video, Yosei Secret is a really cute watch. I like what they do here, with the costume changes and the swift editing. Everything flows, the members work beautifully in front of the camera, and the song itself is a nice listen! It's simple, but it's effective, and it looks amazing. It doesn't feel like a first single effort, either, which is a bonus. I'm unsure of who the company is behind Yosei Secret and the group itself, but there is clearly a lot of effort, and some experience, put into this already. It's a nice little release, and a beautiful first MV for Fairy Girl☆Frejya. Hopefully, this is not the last release, either... it's too cute to ignore!

If I Become An Adult by BONUSBaby

How could I forget this one? Given the fact that I have already reviewed the PV, there is no denying that this PV has made my favourites for the month of April, and hopefully, you can see why I adore it so much! It's adorable, and it makes me so happy whenever I view it. So, what is there that I shouldn't love about it?

Well, aside from MoonHee's creeper face, of course!

I won't keep you too long, because I've already pin-pointed my reasons for enjoying this PV in the review itself, but to pin-point what I enjoyed: It's carefree, energetic, the members are bright, the PV is colourful and refreshing in its looks, and it's that generic J-pop cuteness that I adore so much! It's enjoyable, which is what I want most from the PV's I watch.

And... SCENE!


And that will be all! For the month of April 2017, the visuals have been wonderful. Though not all of the PV's listed are exactly stellar in any way, I have truly enjoyed the beauty this month has brought, Some of the stand-outs include the likes of Tenkou Shoujo Kageki Den and FEMM, as well as the absolute gorgeous tone of Juice=Juice's Feel! Kanjiru yo. There have been some amazing music videos this month, and though not all of them might fit your style or tone, I do think that there have been some breathtaking releases, to say the least.

As always, it has been a pleasure to create this list for you, and to watch these music videos. Hopefully next month will be just as thrilling and beautiful, and I look forward to the treasure trove of videos that our Idols deliver to us all.

Hopefully, there was something here that you all enjoyed, too! If you like, why not make your own list, and share with your friends? Spread the word of Idols, show everyone just how creative and beautiful they can be, and let them know the joys these groups and soloists bring to us mere mortals! Make someones day, and show them the way!

And if you don't want to make a list, why not comment and let me know your favourite PV from April, or even your favourite from the past that you think deserves a mention. It's wonderful to share, because then we can let the smaller (or bigger!) groups gain a hearty following, and show off the greatness they hold within their discography.

Until next time, however, I must bid you adieu! For the next Selection post, I will see you all in May! Take care everyone, share the love and music, enjoy life, live happy and healthy, and finally, ADORE THY IDOLS!

Much Love and peace, music lovers.


  1. OH MAH GAWD THOUGH....... The Sora Tob Sakana video reminded me of something! Watch 'There She Is!!' It's only 3 episodes but WATCH IT!

    1. OWO I WILL ATTEMPT! I want to see this, now >8D

  2. Oh, cool! You had an old Rosariss video in the mix! I swear they should be more popular. IMARI FOR THE WIN!!

    1. I love ROSARIO+CROSS, they have such wonderful music and fun videos! The members are damn gorgeous, too! YES, IMARI FOR THE WIN! PONYTAAAAIL!

  3. Ponytail purple skirt girl INDEED. That's Imari thank you very much! Hmmmf.

    1. Is she not replying to comments anymore? (lol)

    2. Imari is cute! But, I think I have another member I kinda prefer XD I NEED TO LEARN THEIR NAMES.

    3. I'm replying! I'm just stupidly slow at it XD