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Adulthood Can Wait! Let's Live Freely in BONUSBaby's 'Eoreuni Doendamyeon' (If I Become An Adult) Music Video [Review!]

Adulthood can creep up on you very quickly, however, to have a carefree mindset and an innocent outlook on the world is something most adults wish they still had. To see the world through the eyes of youth, despite the corruption and dismay we may find in the everyday world we live in, is a beautiful thing to possess. Thankfully, Idols allow us to see just how bright the world can be, and the stories they spin allow us to cast away our tinted glasses for a few hours a day, giving us the freedom to experience the joys of the world in all its rich, pigmented colour and sweetness.

But sometimes, we adults don't want to grow up. So for the time being, as both an Idol fan and a legal adult, I will cast away this dreaded notion of adulthood, and enjoy myself! It's time to live carefree and happily!

We aren't even halfway through the year, and already I have two K-pop reviews on my blog! What is the world coming to!? First, there was Dreamcatcher's mesmirising Chase Me, and now we will be looking at the very opposite in BONUSBaby's If I Become An Adult (Eoreuni Doendamyeon), a cute and playful music video that feels unlike any other K-pop music video I have ever come across! So let's cast away this notion that all K-pop is cool and sexy in tone, and have a look at the sweetest sound of K-pop I have ever experienced.

As with any K-pop song and music video, this one was introduced to me, and in this case, by a reader. Balma commented on one of my PV Selection posts, requesting if I could video react to BONUSBaby's latest music video, as they felt it would be something I might enjoy due to its similarities to a Japanese Pop Music Video. After some time, I finally got around to watching the music video and reacting to it, and well... here we are. I'm going one step farther, and actually reviewing it, too. I like it that much!

It's a fun MV, what can I say? Too bad it's so damn short.

So, yeah. We're gonna talk about and take a look at another K-pop music video, this time by the cute as pie BONUSBaby. It's not my usual affair, but in a way, it is, too. So, it's time to get into the cutest K-pop group around (that I know of, at least) and check out If I Become An Adult. Are you ready for some sweet music and fun shenanigans?

Let's GO!

... Wait, is this the start of the song? Will those logos forever be there? That kid is cute! D'awww xD

Too bad the kid is super irrelevant to the MV XD

The amaze is super fake, yo xD

I love the footprint on the side of the building. It's like I'm watching Blue's Clue's all over again!

Okay, time to be transported away into another world! Let's find some clues!

This choreography is hella fun, and dang, those costumes are cute! They remind me of Spring, and maybe Juice=Juice's Wonderful World.

Oooh, colours! *^*

This ones MoonHee, right?

... Okay, which eir fs Gaon, which ones Kongyoo? Why are their fringes so similar!? WHHHHY!? XD

Still, super cute <3

Dayun is super cute, though. Her expression is also super fake XD

If this is Gaon (or Kongyoo), she needs a nap. Good thing she seems to have a pillow on hand!

Tiny face! That's her name now, gehe~

TBH, Hayoon might be my bias here. Only because she's the one I can currently distinguish properly, and also, she's pretty damn awesome in this MV XD

Gotta get that cute pose in there, somewhere.

This dance, tho xD

I feel like H!P would borrow some of this choreographers moves, cause let's be real... this is just as bad as something we would see from them XD

Chaehyun: "AHAHAHAHAHAHA, it's so bad!"

You said it, Chaehyun! (I'm pretty sure that's Chaehyun laughing... right?

Okay, this is adorable. They're a bunch of dorks! XD

Okay, Dayun is SUPER cute in this shot. Squishy face!!!

If I don't watch it, Dayun will become a fave of mine. Ahh!

Okay, now I want a sleepover. Anyone wanna come over and just chill at mine? I have sorbet!

Hayoon: "Grrr, am I sexy yet?"

Pffft, Hayoon's too cute XD

And... OUTFIT CHANGE! This is how efficient and time-sensitive super heroes change their outfits! No silly dilly-dallying like Sailor Moon!

Little leg boop!


You gotta get the adorbs in there, somehow. Gosh darnit, why so cute!?

This is my favourite scene, cause, FEATHERS!!!

They're all seriously too cute, though!

Can I just express how undeniably cute Hayoon, Dayun and Kongyoo are? I wanna hug em all!

... And then we have Cahehyun, Gaeyun, and MoonHee... I question some of their sanity.

Crazy Cake Lady!

And of course, the Overly Attached Girlfriend!

Seriously, though, MoonHee is made of nightmares. She could give IT a run for his money.

Hayoon is BAE right now. Probably my favourite move, and favourite scene of the girl. Her expressions are just... <3

... Okay, yeah, which one are you? A change of hairstyle is pretty damn confusing, for me! GAAARGH!

Well, whoever you are, you're CUTE! They're all cute, damnit!

Hayoon: "SAND!!!"

Wait, why the fudge cookies do you have sand in the house!? Get that stuff outta here before you track it into the kitchen!

Ok, Kongyoo seems a bit too pleased with herself, right now XD

These scenes are super relaxing, though, and I actually love this location. I kinda want one!

I feel like I would see this effect in Renai Revolution or Love Machine or something...

Also, Hayoon GET!!! <3

I lvoe this effect, though, The members are positively adorable!

This PV just feels like one giant celebration of happiness and innocence. I looooove it!

Looking down memory lane, when BONUSBaby were still undiscovered by the likes of Chiima.

Good times, guys. Good times. Now she's gonna be a damn fan. DANGIT D8<

Queen Hayoon, in da HOOOOOOOUSE!

The Queen and her subjects are glorious. Now, stand to attention, Hayoon Minions!

This farkin' move, though XD It may just be my new favourite.

Everything's my favourite XD

Gotta have some glorious fist pump action. Damnit, this group is really growing on me XD


Now it's time for even more cuteness! Seriously, aren't they so cute!? I'm ready to squee!

I love how confetti just rains down on MoonHee, but, where is Hayoon's!? The Queen needs confetti, STAT!

Irrelevant child actress makes her return, yaaay! But, mate, where did she come from? Out of the box? This isn't Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you can't just magic a kid outta a box or magic her in there >o>

Goddammit, what is this MV logic?

... Wait, the foot says BONUS on the toes and Baby on the pad of the foot!? SAY WHAAAAAT!?

Okay, that impressed me, probably a little too much... XD

OH! And that's the end of that! Noooo! );

Well, wasn't that refreshing? Even though I review J-pop, it's nice to sometimes take a step back and look at toher MV's in the world of music, and though I don't always go to K-pop, I can't deny that I like some of it. I mean, I was into IU for a while, and I've reviewed K-pop a fair few times here... so, this is nothing new. It's just refreshing to look at something different once in a while, though it does fit the type of sound and look I enjoy, so really, it's not that different to what I review, at all!

But, it's too cute, how could I not review it!? Damn you, Balma! You know me too well! XD

Seriously, I really like this music video! It might not be as complex or intriguing as other videos, but there's something about If I Become An Adult that is comforting. It's a fun little watch, and despite the shortness of the music video and song, it feels whole. It's something I would go to if I wanted to feel fulfilled, thanks to the bright and energetic outlook the song has.

Basically, it's really appealing, especially if it's the kind of song and look you enjoy. It's very much like a J-pop song and look (as Balma pointed out, when requesting the song to me), so of course, I can't help but fall in love with the idea of If I Become an Adult. Plus, it really suits the group! They're just too cute, and I'm so glad that it fits their look, too! It's not everyday that I see a K-pop group take on the cute and fresh route.

That said, I don't really watch K-pop, so... yeah.

There's a lot to like about If I Become An Adult, but honestly, I love the choreography the most. It's pretty damn silly, and whilst I did jab at it by saying it's similar to the stuff H!P does right now, you gotta admit, it suits the song and the idea behind the song. It's quirky and fun, and it feels like something you would do if you had no care in the world. It feels like something an adult probably wouldn't do, actually, and the pure delight on the members' faces on seems to emphasise the joy this choreography brings. It's absolutely delightful, and downright silly. It brings one big grin to ma face, too!

Other scenes I enjoy have to be the sleepover and kitchen scenes. It just feels very happy and child-like, and reminds me of when I would have sleepovers as kids. Those were the days, and I can't help but feel all nostalgic. It helps that these scenes are very bright, colourful and cheerful, too, making them seem all the more appealing because of how energetic it looks on-screen. It also enhances the likability of the group, too, making them seem so much more endearing when I watch them scrunch up their faces, or destroy a pillow so that the feathers fall out and fly about the room! It's all so cute, and it's far too enjoyable.

I use the words 'cute' and 'enjoyable' a lot here, don't I?

But let's be serious; it's a fun music video, one that is colourful and bright, and worth at least a watch. It's got some sweet scenes going on, and the expressions and antics of the members is just so undeniably... CUTE! I can't help but adore this video, and it makes me so happy to watch! Ever since my first viewing, it's been in my head, in sound and vision! I remember so much about it, and just want to experience the joys of If I Become An Adult all over again. It's addictive, in its simplest form. BONUSBaby have endeared themselves to me, and right now, I couldn't be happier!

It's not the most original release out there, I know, and again, it's not the most complex music video I have ever seen. At best, it's generic, old-school J-pop, where simple was best, and where innocene reigned supreme. In this day and age, where Idols are going dark and complex, however, this kind of video is refreshing. I would be lying if I said this was new and unique, because it isn't, but in the world of K-pop where maturity rules all, BONUSBaby is a refreshing change of pace. At times, they remind me of the likes of IU (in sound, mostly) and ROSARIO+CROSS or StylipS when it comes to the visual aspect, but if they remind me of those three performers, then it's not all that bad.

So, whilst it may not be the most complex of MV's, nor is it really that original, what it does have is charm, and attention to detail in terms of the choreography. It's quirky, fun and sweet, and it has brightened my day incredibly. A lively little video, that is short and sweet, but perfect to watch over and over again! I love If I Become An Adult by BONUSBaby already, and I sincerely hope that this won't be the last release of theirs I enjoy. They're too wonderful to not adore, so I sincerely hope their next release is just as sweet and fulfilling, so that I can cease my cravings for even more cuteness.

It beats those sugar cravings, and keeps you happy! What more could you want from a music video, by the Idols you love?

Until next time, everyone! Stay happy, watch something cute and cheerful to up your sugar rush, and of course, Love thy Idols!

Much Love, Cheer and Sweetness,

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