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[Music Selection] March '17

I am always late to the ball... however am I supposed to meet Prince Charming like that!? Well, luckily I don't want a Prince or Princess Charming in my life right now, but when it comes to blogging... Yeeeah, I am always late, for one reason or another. My excuse, this time?

Anxiety and essays and last Uni days, oh my! Because good grief, life is getting busy, and I am not prepared for this onslaught of deadlines and paranoia. But life don't care about whether or not I'm ready, so, yeah.

When life comes a knockin', I gotta focus on it. So until I can make time for blogging in the wee hours of the night, writing about Idols has to wait. Ah, well~

For the sounds of March, let's march on, and find out what's been listend, and ponder on what hasn't! Let's go~

As per the damn usual, all singles, songs, tracks and album loves posted here are based on my own desires and love in terms of music and sound. If there is something on here that you hate, then dear, it is a matter of taste, and we can't help that. This is a one-woman show, and I don't ever aim to bow down to the whims and fancies of anyone but myself! Whatever I think of a song now, is my own business. I simply share what is here because I want to show you all the songs that have entertained me in the months gone by, in the hopes that you listen and potentially find a track, group or solo singer you like, too! And if our opinions and likes happen to align, well... that is purely coincidental, but awesome! YAY!

We love what we love, and we cannot change our tastes. Simply enjoy the fact that music is so universal, and that we are all unique in every way! And of course, share your love of Idol music, and spread its joy all around!

And with that said and done, it's time to march into March's music, and listen to some of the happiness (and sadness!) it has brought me, from the past, the future, and more importantly, the future! Are you ready to fill your ears with the joys of song?

Press... PLAY!


With deadlines and essays galore, you can bet the month of March has been filled with music! To calm me down, excite me, build me up or help me through the stress and mundane routine of writing up essays, the songs of March have aided me greatly! Some more than others, of course, but each and every song I have listened to has been a treat! Hopefully, some of these will be a treat for you, too, whether you hear them for fun, or just to fill the silence of the background. Whatever it is, I hope that it is something you already enjoy, or will enjoy in the future!

For March '17, I wonder just what songs will appear, and which ones will you recognise...~

March '17

BRAND NEW MORNING by Morning Musume '17 (2017.03.08)

I have already reviewed the single here on the blerg, but honestly, I can prattle on about why I like it again, can't I? So, I shall. Let's GO!

I like this song. I like its aggressive nature, I love its power and flar, I enjoy the passion that is riddled throughout. It's an honest-to-GAWD fun song, with hints and cool and serious thrown in there. It's pretty damn awesome, and hands down one of my favourite songs from the group in recent years. I mean... how can it not be? It's so catchy and memorable, and is filled with absolute promise and hope for the future of MM'17 as we know them. Hopefully, that promise and hope is not short lived...

I could not have asked for a more perfect song to debut the 13th gen in. They both fit like a glove, in sound and image, and I look forward to what they bring come the next single.

I am sooooooo glad this was not a major, disappointing sound-flop like... well, like the last gens debut single ¬o¬

Morning Misoshiro by Morning Musume'17 (2017.03.08)

A fun, upbeat cover of the groups first ever single release, Morning Misoshiro is a delightful addition to the latest MoMusu single, and celebrates the 20th debut since their inception! Plus, it sounds even better, and whoever mixed the vocals... well, thank you! Not grating at all, and smooth as a smoothie! Whoo!

This is such a sweet rendition, and it just makes me burst into a smile whenever I hear those opening bars, and Sakura's voice. Seriously, of them all, Sakura steals the show. She has such passion and delight here, adoring the song the most out of them all. Everyone else is fine (well, Ayumi's not XD), but no one can hold a candle to whatever joy Sakura inhaled the day they recorded this. It's sweet. It's sentimental. It's wonderful.

I am so glad that this was a part of the single, and that the group have re-recorded it and made it their own as they are now. It's infused with their sweetness, and feels bright and energetic. I love it so much, and fall even more in love the more I hear it!

Hirari by Ohara Sakurako (2017.03.08)

This whole single is a delight, but damn, I do love me some of that A-side, Hirari. By far the prettiest song on the track list, Hirari is your true-blue spring song, pink in sound and fluttering in its quality. Does it sound like almost every other Sakurako song I've enjoyed? Yeeeeah, maybe. Does it feel as beautiful and generic as any other sakura-spring song I've heard from every Idol ever? Totally.

Do I care? Not. One. Bit.

Hirari is a beautiful song, with gorgeous vocals and a memorable, sweet tune. It's a mid-tempo ballad type affair, with some beautiful imagery that plays on the mind when listening to this. Thanks to Ohara's vocals, the song itself is soothing for the soul, but emotional enough to make you feel like something is going on behind the lyrics. Every time I listen to this, I either want to cry, or smile through the sadness. It's definitely a track that gets my heart every time I listen to it.

Oh, and the instrumental is damn gorgeous, too. It's one of the few songs where I've actually given the instrumental a go, for the sake of the vocals not disrupting me during essay time. Well, it's still just as sad. Gawd, damnit.

So far, this has been my essay song, as well as a song for fairy tale writing. It works really well, and gives me that much needed dose of sad emotion whenever I'm writing something a little more melancholy.

Tonari no Seki no Princess by Houkago Princess (2017.03.22)

With their first ever feature-length album out and about, Houkago Princess featured two brand new tracks, as well as one re-do (Dream Door, surprisingly, and not Juliet. Nooo!), one of which happens to be the delightful Tonari no Seki no Princess. Though it is by no means their best, it feels authentically HouPri.

ie: Pretty, sweet, catchy, enjoyable, and very fairytale in its sound. It reminds me of pastels and happiness, dreams and wishes come true. All that Cinderella BS. And yes, I love it for that. HA!

One of the things that makes me like this track the most, however, is how it has no solo lines. Given how even Dream Door 2017 ver. screws over the back members (originally, everyone had a solo. Now, only the Top 3 plus a few extras do), I like that Tonari no Seki no Princess pretty much gave no one a solo, and allowed the group to shine together. Also, it's nice to hear full-chorus songs once in a while; it gives us an idea of how well the group can sound and blend together... in a studio, of course.

Princessy. Sweet. Magical and dream-like. Yep. It's definitely HouPri, at its very finest, but definitely not at their best.

Memories ~Kimi to Boku no Kousaten~ by Team Twinkle (Houkago Princess) (2017.03.22)

The second original track from the groups latest album, Memories is a Team Twinkle-only song, meaning that it is lead by Odagiri Nana, Yamaguchi MiranKizuki Saori, Maika and Sekine Sasara, the girls who management deem 'better' and more skilled than the others. What a kicker.

Well, they produced a damn good song for this, even if I am a little sour about the fact that the usual three suspects are given lines (ie: Miran and Saori get jack shit, outside of the group lines, I am betting).

Memories is damn pretty, and it has some beautiful vocals throughout. Even Nana sounds decent here! Seriously, though, Maika and Sasara are amazing here, and work really well with the sound of the song, and its emotion. It's almost melancholy, albeit in an upbeat way, and feels rather nostalgic. Hence the memories part, duh.

I like it. I think it's a great track, and I am so glad it was put on this album. It's just... where's my Team Miracle track, with all its scratchy vocals, huh? Gimme it, now >o>

Final Squall by C-ute (2017.03.29)

Released at the tail end of March, C-ute brought their final single, which included three A-sides. Though I've come to enjoy all three, I did prefer only Final Squall throughout March. Therefore, it's the only one present... and yeah, I still enjoy it, even if it's that stereo-typical 'feel good!' Hello! Pro song for the fans to jump to.

Seriously, though, it's a damn good feel-good song, in all its generic, gimmicky glory.

I have already reviewed all three tracks of this release on Selective Hearing, so check out whatever I have to say there, but for what its worth, this is one fun track. I like jumping around to it. I like its melancholy bridge. I love how everyone sounds, and despite its obvious Gamusha LIFE roots making their way through at points, I love how it sounds and feels as a whole. It's a true C-ute song, and I am glad that this was the track they included the fans in. It makes it all that more sentimental, right?

A fun, happy end to a group that a lot of fans adore... ;;

Promise the Star by BiSH (2017.03.22)

I may not be a true BiSH fan just yet, but believe me, I am getting there. I mean, they're not that shocking or weird like their predecessors, BiS, but I can't deny how fun and appealing they are as a group. They also have some amazing members, with Aina the End and Ling Ling being the two standouts for me. I mean, who can deny their charm? Seriously!

... Er, Promise the Star. That's what we're here for, yeah? Well, I like it! I like the power and drive it has, how it seems to fuel you forward and give you a rush of energy. I love the sound of Aina's voice, and the squeak of Ling Ling. I actually enjoy how everyone sounds so unique and different to one another, but how they also manage to work together perfectly when it's required. I also love the choreography for this, especially when they 'bite their thumb at me!'. Damn rude, I say, haha.

Also, have you noticed how this song is entirely made up of solos? I never paid attention to it, but it seems it is so, and whilst the line distribution is uneven as heck... I like that everyone is given a chance to shine, and that they all nail their lines. Seriously, this group is just... <3 YAS!

In short: Awesome song, and I love Ling Ling.

Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack by Beauty and the Beast (2017.03.10)

I like me song English tracks whenever the desire takes me to them, and as of late, I have really enjoyed the new Beauty and the Beast OST. I loved the movie, too, and whilst the vocals aren't... the best with certain cast members (understatement of the century), I can't deny my love for more than one of these songs.

In particular, the songs Evermore (Dan Stevens), How Can A Moment Last Forever (Montmartre) (Emma Watson), Days in The Sun (ensemble) and The Mob Song (Luke Evans) stood out to me, for various reasons. Evermore is that atypical brooding track, all lovelorn and hopeless, etc etc. How Can A Moment Last Forever (Montmartre) is probably the one song where Emma Watson shows emotion, plus, it's quite disheartening and pure. Days in The Sun is just damn pretty, even if half the cast can't sing, and The Mob Song, my little odd-ball in this list, is just epic. Seriously... of all the songs, and of all the scenes in the entire movie, this was the most well-done, and most satisfying. It's aggressive, haunting and passionate, unlike a good chunk of this soundtrack.

... I'm dissing this more than I'm complimenting it, aren't I? Ahahaha.

Seriously, though, of the songs I do love from this, I loooooove them and have heard them way more than five times. They're freakin' great, depending on what your level of devotion to these kinds of songs are, or these types of movies. It's fun and varied, and enjoyable, though the vocals are questionable at best (until you get to actors like Luke Evans. Then again, he's actually a trained singer, ha).

It's a good set of songs, but again, how you view them could be vastly different to how I hear them. I can tolerate shitty singing. I mean... I've adored Koharu. Of course I can handle robot-voice Emma Watson.

February Roll-Over

Kono Te De by Akatsuki Rin (2017.02.15)

From the get-go, I knew this was an Anisong. Until writing this part of the post, I wasn't sure which one, but it is for one of the Blue Exorcist seasons, which explains its aggression and fast pace. A cool and energetic song, Kono Te De really keeps you on your toes tune-wise, but is still fun and entertaining throughout. The only bad thing is that, well... it sounds very obvious that it's an Anisong, and feels reminiscent of past single A-sides for various other anime's.

Then again, when have I ever been one to care about repetition and genericness, when it's not H!P related?

Most of all, I like Akatsuki Rin's vocals. She has a lovely voice, with a rich quality to it that feels very real. It's gorgeous, and I really hope that I continue listening out for Akatsuki Rin, because she's piqued my intrigue. Hard to believe this is only her second single, what with those gorgeous vocals and that power. D-D-DANG!

So, yeah... look out for her. She's got some pipes on her, and some passion within!


Akashi -soul mate- by Fudanjuku (2017.01.18)

This whole single is in here, because it is just fantastic. From its opening track to the final song, Akashi -soul mate- is an enjoyable, emotional ride for anyone who is dedicated to the group. It is even more emotional to listen to when you know that this is the last release for veteran members, Kojirou (Red), and Uramasa (Blue).

The title track, Akashi -soul mate-, though a tad generic, is a really hopeful, fun track with a burst of energy and delight running throughout. It feels so cheerful and bright, you can't help but fall in love with the song and sing along to it. I smile every time I listen to it, and think that it is the perfect A-side for the two last, original members to go out on; it's hopeful, and it's passionate. It matches their happiness, and allows us to know they are singing their last feature track without regrets.

Track two is Innocent・Lover, and initially, I didn't care for the song. Then, it worked its magic on me, and I can't help but adore the passionate drive this song has. It's cheerful and bright, much like Akashi -soul mate- is, but it's also so much more energetic and entertaining. It has its own unique personality, I swear, and feels so powerful and motivating. I also can't help but dance and clap along to it. It makes you want to move and sing, and be a part of it. It's really amazing, and probably the best track on here! Plus, it's addictive as heck, catchy, and highly memorable. Definitely give this one a chance, if you decide only one song is enough for you. It will delight you.

The very last track is Hoshikuzu no Shizuku, the designated graduation song. It's melancholy, beautiful, and it brings me all the feels. I just want to sit and contemplate Fudanjuku's history whenever I hear this, because it just feels like the end. It's the grand finale for both Kojirou and Uramasa, and you know it the second you hear this song in full. It's so saddening, but it's damn beautiful, too. Why did they have to end such a positive, gorgeous single with this song!? Because, heartbreak, dear readers. They want you to weep. Huhu...

This is an amazing single, from start to end. It begins with such energetic, positive sounds, before hitting you with the real sadness by the end of it. It leads you on for a minute, before punching ya in the gut, and it makes you feel everything. You feel the happiness and soaring passion of all the members, and how amazing they are together, before finally giving in to the sadness and crying. It's a perfect release, and its a release I love from beginning to end. I just wish that I had been able to listen to it earlier, you know?

Monthly JUMP!

Tomodachi Gokko by Ueno Yuuka (2017.04.26)

The melancholy sound of Yuuka is back, this time in the form of the outro theme song for the drama, Tomodachi Game, which Yuuka herself has a role in. Currently, the lyrics for the title track aren't up yet, however from just the sound you can gain an understanding of the songs emotion. It's beautiful and moving, with a hint of despair and sadness. There seems to be some longing as well, and yet again, Yuuka performs remarkably well.

The music video is already out, depicting the relationship between Yuuka and her friends, and how it slowly falls apart when she encounters a future form of herself, who hopes to make things right between herself and her best friend. It is deeply moving and passionate, and shows the pain of losing a friend and trying to mend a broken bond beautifully.

Much like any Yuuka Ueno release, I look forward to the A-side and its corresponding B-side tracks. Hopefully it will not disappoint, and hopefully, our dear Yuuka will reign supreme as one of my favoured soloists. 

Sweet✩Smile by SUPER✩GiRLS (2017.04.26)

Though I am not a fan of the garbage this group comes out with, I have to say, when they decide they want to do generic well, they do it soooo well! I mean, SweetSmile isn't anything to write home about, but honestly, it's so cute and catchy, I can't help but enjoy it!

I doubt I'll remember it in... well, I forget it pretty quickly after I've heard it. Aside from the chorus. The chorus is bomb. Thing is, it's charming and sweet, and I enjoy it for the duration that the short MV lasts right now. So, when the full thing comes out, I'm about 99.99% sure I'm going to love it when I hear it, even if it is forgettable trash. It's an 'in-the-moment' track, and for however long I loop it, I shall enjoy it! So, there!

Idol trash, at its finest~


And for the Music in March, that is it! Hopefully there have been some releases here you have enjoyed, as well, and maybe for the on-coming month of March, there is something else to look forward to! There has been a lot of releases from the month gone by, and whilst I have enjoyed a great many, these are the few that stick out and entertained me most!

If you yourself have a list of your favourite tracks, please don't hesitate to share them with the world, and spread the love of Idol music!

Spring is finally here, everyone, so for the up-coming month of April, let's look forward to some bright and energetic spring-themed releases to fill us with happiness and delight! I already have some tracks bursting with cheer that I am enjoying thoroughly, but I can't let them slip just yet... you will have to wait, and see!

Until next time, everyone. Please take care, enjoy life, stay happy and healthy, read a-plenty, support what and who you love, and of course, LOVE THY IDOLS!

Take care, much love, and stay safe!


  1. A remake of morning coffee? (^^) So happy! I loved Kaori and Asuka!

  2. I don't know how I feel about Morning Misoshiro... :( Partly because it isn't quite the same as coffee, I mean who eats soup in the morning? What happened to cereal? What happened to toast?

    These are uncertain times... I shall take refuge in listening to 22 Sai No Watashi and crying.

    1. Ah, that's okay. It can't be everyone's cup of tea. But, apparently, it's a thing you do in Japan. Some people do eat soup, apparently, Pretty sure some eat ramen as well. Everyone eats different things around the world, and I think the thing they are campaigning is to eat soup in the morning in Japan~

      AWWW NOO ;; -hugs-

    2. I guess Morning Cornflakes is a bit less romantic and a bit more soggy...

  3. Chiima, I saw you begin to talk about Kpop (w/ Dreamcatcher), and coincidentally I just found this new Kpop group called Bonusbaby, and their music so far really reminds me to good ol' days of Jpop idols vibe (well, kind of generic days actually). Since you also re-debut in YouTube, is it too much for me to ask you to react to their newest MV? I want to know your opinion about them. Thank you so much!

    1. Ah, I will take a look! Thank you for suggesting it to me~ x3 I will see how this goes XD

  4. Since you are a fan of Fudanjuku (as I am), have you heard of the other newer group from the same label The Hoopers? I'm quite hooked onto some of their music, check them out if you have the time. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    1. I have heard of THE HOOPERS, yes. Seems they're a tad more dedicated to the boy act, by cutting their hair, though I'm not as hooked onto them as Fudanjuku. I think they have a great style and also a great pitch for their group, and they're definitely more popular. Maybe I should try some posts on them, one time...~