Sunday, 2 April 2017

BONJOUR! I've Uploaded A Video! Whaaaat!?

This is only a quick update, with barely any words! But, whenever I happen to actually get my butt into gear and start up my videos again, I like to let you readers know, in case you like what I do or think it's a fun time to watch some idiot wota get excited on camera XD

So, yeah... I have a new video up, though it's pretty much just me saying 'Bonjour!' and letting people know I am off to France to see C-ute perform, LIVE! Ermagerd!!!

I am currently unsure when I will fully get back into making videos, but right now, I am a lot more at peace with myself, and my workload is less. That is SUPER helpful, y'all, and it means that if I go back to making videos, I will have more time, and less things to worry over. ...

There's always something to worry over, of course, but shh!

I really don't have much else to say, because whatever was needed to be said, has been. For all you readers who follow my updates, you are aware of what I'm up to. But for those who have watched my videos previously and enjoyed them, hopefully, this will satisfy you somewhat! YAY!

Until next time, guys, take care~ Love you <3

Much Love,


  1. Your twintails look like Natsuki's from Idol Jihen XD

  2. Chiima-san omedetou! You are so lucky and brave to go see C-ute in Paris!
    I myself am a 25 year old English girl who would have loved to have gone to see them but I wasn't brave enough! I hope you have a great time and I look forward to your blog about the trip :D Did you Juice=Juice are coming to the UK this year?

    1. WAAAH thank you! It was scary to go abroad again, but fun!
      One day, you can come with me! I'll travel with you! And yes yes, I want to see J=J in the UK! I look forward to it!

  3. Hmm, some reason the formatting for this post came out funny. I can't read the text you have after the video you included.

    But that aside! Great to see your smiley face on Youtube again! :D Definitely made my day when I realised you uploaded a video! So glad things at university are going well and you're looking forward to seeing C-ute and meeting friends and other fans!

    Unfortunately Paris is still a dream trip until I save up some more from work! DO have fun!!! :DDDD

    1. Wait, I see it! I couldn't fix it whilst away, but it should be sorted now! WAAAH, GOMEN~~~

      And waah thank you ;; I'm sorry it's been do long!