Thursday, 16 March 2017

Updates In Everything

Early 2017 is proving to be a busy time of the year for me, and with recent goings-ons, I thought it was about time I updated my blog about what is happening, why I am so slow at updating and posting, and in general letting you know whatever it is I am meant to be doing in life, blogging and anything else that might warrant an explanation.

Here we go~

First and foremost, blogging. I have not done a lot of it, and not just here. On Selective Hearing, JaME and Hashire! Idol Manic, I have been lacking in my posts. I haven't touched Hashire! Idol Manic since December, and I missed February's post for Selective Hearing. This is mostly because of University pre-occupying my mind, because I have some big things going on right now. I will get to that more later, but I did want to let you know that it's not just here that is suffering a lack of posts. It's everywhere. I pretty much have less time than usual, and it is a crucial point of my University life that I am in. So, yeah.

Of all two reviews I have done outside of Okay! Musume Time, well, here they are:

Ueno Yuuka - Sweet Dolce (Review) - Selective Hearing

... And that's it. I've not done much else, unless it is on here. As I said, I have been busy. Things happen, life gets in the way, and though I want to write... life takes priority. I cannot apologise for that.

In terms of what I am aiming to do for future posts, there is some sort of plan on what I want to write / produce, eventually. One of them I aim to do as soon as I can, others... well, they might take a seat back, at least for now. It all depends on time, and how much I get stressed. So, for now, here's what I aim to try and get done, whether it is this month, or the next.
  • PV Selection February '17 (Priority)
  • JaME Review (Priority)
  • Selective Hearing Posts
  • Lychee Red no Unmei MV Review
  • BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy Review
  • Random MV / Single Reviews
I don't have a lot planned, but honestly, it's looking like a lot to me, right now. I guess it's just my work load, and how much I have to focus on other things. I don't know. We shall see.

I want to blog, sincerely, I do, however... life. And University. Which is up next. Urgh.

Dissertation year. Two words, and they are definitely as dreadful as they seem. Don't get me wrong, I love University, but... I have big projects. I had a presentation this week. I have a heavy essay draft that is a week overdue. I have a publication to get done by Monday. I have also had a lot on my plate very recently, all to do with dealing with complaints that our course rep for Film should have been dealing with.

I am a Creative Writing course rep, by the way; Film is not where I should be getting complaints or having people ask me for my help. Yet, there I was. It was a very stressful set of weeks, and pair that all with some lovely essays and presentations I had to sort out, I'm not that surprised I finally had a breakdown. I knew it was coming. First term was far too relaxed... sigh.

I'm currently in a state of cry, panic, breath, repeat. I have a lot of work to do, and yes, some of it is to do with me leaving a bit of last minute. It's the way I am, however, and I definitely thrive on things being done in a condensed amount of time. But it's not the last minuteness that is causing issues... it's group work. A Lecturer who can't lecture. People thinking that I'm a perfect student, that I have my shit together.

I don't.

It's so many little things bundled together, and Uni is just... it's stressful. This week is elections week, too, and whilst I am not running for student body president or whatever it is we have over here, it's stressful that so many people run up to me and ask for my vote, with every step I take. Like, go away. I have uni work to do. Urgh.

I love my Uni. I love what I do, but... holy shit, I am at breaking point, and for the past few weeks, it's Uni that has been eating up my time. It's become busy, and at this point, I am looking at going on hiatus everywhere I write, all for the sake of getting shit done, and being able to concentrate until everything is done.

That's a plan I might just have to go through with.

... I want to say 'what life?', but honestly, despite all the shit that goes on, I manage to balance my life with University well. I am not one who does well when alone, so of course, I make time for friends. I also have work, but luckily, it's an as-and-when I can do it kind of thing. I was damn busy in February for work, however, because I needed the money, and because we had the comedy festival going on in my town. Whoopee!

I also went home for a week, which was helpful but, at the same time, stressful. I can easily relax at home, but because I have nowhere to hide away, alone, I cannot write in peace. I don't get shit done. I can't focus on essays or homework, etc. My niece dominates my time. Every time my nephews see me on a phone, tablet or laptop, they demand to use it. I can't catch a break there.

I love my family, but good grief, kids do monopolise you!

Well, come April, I hope that I will be able to have a little bit more of chilled out time. I'm going to be travelling a bit, then, which is super exciting, and scary at the same time! But I'm not just travelling for the sake of boredom. Oh, no! This time, I will be travelling because - finally - I will be going to my first ever J-pop live! Yaaaaas!

April is going to be such an exciting month. Firstly, I finish University completely, just as we break for the Easter Holidays. It's going to be damn bittersweet. Secondly, I will be travelling to France, Paris to see C-ute perform live. Thirdly, I get to go to their meet and greet! And, fourthly, the day I leave Paris, I will be travelling to Budapest. Two countries! I am so damn excited, and I really look forward to going to knew places, and experiencing different cultures and cities!

So, no matter the pains of University, blogging or work. No matter how stressed or sad I become, or how much I panic and cry, I know that the work I am putting in now will lead to some great experiences, and some wonderful happiness. I wish April would come a bit quicker, of course, but I also know that I must go through these trials in order to get to that point in my life.

... And that's all. I know it is taking a long time to get things done, but right now, I can't focus on blogging, however much I would prefer to. I need to focus on my life and my uni work, because it is what is important. Yes, I love my Idols, and yes, I love writing and being able to share things with you, but right here and right now, that cannot be done, not unless I want to sacrifice my work more than I already have. I need to knuckle down and focus, and I need to try my best. I hope you understand.

Until next time guys, please take care, stay positive, and look forward to what the future brings.

Much Love and many blessings,


  1. Sorry to hear your life's been hectic. Final years are always draining.

    Stay strong, okay?

    1. Thank you! It'll get easier again soon-ish, then become hectic quickly after ahaha. I will do! Getting over a cold, right now XD

  2. I hear you Chiima. You can do this, deep breaths, and hang in there!

    I'm so glad to hear you'll watch C-ute live in Paris!! That will definitely be rewarding and something you can look forward to as you charge through March (and hey! March is almost over!! ;))

    Sending you some love and virtual hugs!

    1. Ahaha, thank you! I need to remember to breathe, sometimes!

      It's... overwhelming. I may not be the biggest fan of C-ute, but, if I'm going to ever see a group first, it should be them. They are seasoned, loved, and they are perfect, pretty much! And yes, March will soon be over!

      Thank yooou <3