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[PV Selection] February 2017

I would say "Kick me, this is so late!", but I have reasons. University reasons. It's getting harder, yo, and whilst I lovee Idol blogging, I know when I need to focus on life over hobbies. This was one of those times, hence the majorly late PV Selection post. But it's still March, and that means I still have the time to post this! Huzzah!

For the PV's from a month ago, let's take a look at the ones that stood out for me as a viewer in February 2017! Will there be anything on the list that you enjoyed, too?

As per the usual, all PV's listed here are the videos that I have enjoyed myself over the course of the past month. Though there are a lot of great PV's out there, I can't like all of them. This is a one woman show, guys, and if there is a video here you might have hated with all your being, or a video you adored is missing, chances are, I either didn't see it, or I didn't like it. It is how taste works.

Of course, I do want there to be something on here that you like, whether it is from a group you have previously adored, or one you have just recently been introduced to. As long as there's one video on here that peaks your intrigue... well, that's my job in sharing the wonders of Idols done!

If there is a video that you would like me to view, whether it is for the first time or again, then don't hesitate to tell me about! I might prefer something upon second viewing, or find myself a diamond in the rough I had not known existed before! It happens.

... And with that all said and done, let's get into the nitty gritty, and check out some PV's! Are ya ready, kids?



It is a quite a collection I have here from the month gone by! There were many great videos from the Idols we all love and adore, and though a great deal appealed to me, there were some that stood out for their look, sound, or both more than others. Sure, some are a lot better than the sweet simplicity I usually go for, however, there are also those that charmed me with sheer charisma, character and style, and I can't deny what I love! Hopefully, in this list that I have crafted below, there will be something you enjoy as well! Perhaps a new group or singer will come into your life, as well? You won't know until you read on and find out!

It's PV Time!~


Okay, so this one is a bit of a cheat, because the actual music video came out in December last year. Still, it was through the dance shot version of the song that I was able to come across it, so, I am going to count it as a 2017 release. Ah, loopholes~

I basically just really like this song, but let me tell you, I adore this dance shot, too. It's simple as heck, and whilst the girls look like they have barely any space to breath, this is a fun dance with a really catchy, entertaining look. Also, I just love how everyone looks and how fluid their moves are.

My biggest peeve probably has to be how they barely ever seem to get the pattern right between the dances, going pink-blue-pink-blue-pink. It's aggravating for me, and messes with the symmetry and look of the video... aside from that, however, I do enjoy all this video brings, and just how entertaining and memorable the choreography is!

Bagutte Ijan by HKT48

The song might be a far cry some of their other releases (it's pretty bland, kind of like Sakura!), however the video is far from the disappointment this song is! It's a fun, intriguing piece with a whole variety of characters playing throughout it, and some really nice looking backdriops for the solo scenes. I love the location they're in especially, with all of its lit up wires and tubes. It feels super techy, and a little bit geeky.

I've not seen the entire video yet (the song puts me off, yo), but I can't deny that it looks eye catching and fun. Also, has anyone told these girls to never run around when wires are on display? They could cause some serious accidents, especially in those ridiculous heels! Urgh.

Uruwashi no Camellia by Tsubaki Factory

Though it might look like it's on a smaller scale compared to Hatsukoi Sunrise and even Just Try!, there is a lot of charm and brilliance in the simplicity of Uruwashi no Camellia. It's sweet, it looks bright and pretty, and it feels like a lot of fun. I think it helps that it seems rather old-school Idol, which is a type of MV we've not seen from H!P in a while. It's actually quite refreshing, if you think about it.

The members are downright adorable, I love how happy and genuien they seem, and I think that the video itself is just a whole hoard of fun. I especially love the drone shots paired with the outdoor choreography. It gives my heart a little bit of a flutter, because it feels like we're going on a bit ofn adventure with the group.

I would say the only thing I found really meh, to put it bluntly, were the costumes. I don't know... they just look like some of these cheap and tacky sailor uniforms you can purchase off ebay. You know, the ones that never look like the picture when it's finally delivered. Maybe that's what happened here?

Anyways. Good MV, tacky costumes. It's so freakin' cute no matter what, though!

ROCKSTAR by Chu's day

I'm pretty much here for the song, though the video makes me happy inside, too. I love the bright look that contrasts with the indoor rock scenes. I love how natural and effortless it feels, and how freeing the outdoor shots feel. It makes me feel like spring is truly upon us, and I can just feel the fresh air when I watch it... ah...

Not to mention some stunning shots that veer off into the distance and slant at various angles. It's a fun watch for me, as a lover of camera angles and shots.

Okay, screw being here for just the song; I am totally on board with the video, too. It's refreshing and bright, fulfilling and delightful. I like everything about it, in all of its sweet simplicity. It makes me happy, and it fits the video quite nicely, though the song feels a little less tranquil than the imagery, at times. A nice, contrasting pair, and an entertaining video. Whee~

Boku Dake no Hakujitsumu by Platinum Girls (HKT48)

First off, this is 100% Nogizaka quality. Secondly, I really like the look of this MV. It's intriguing, plays a little on the eyes with the opening, and it just feels so appealing ina  refreshing, relaxed way. I love the look of it, and dude, I am totally on board with this look for HKT. Heck, just get rid of the current front-runners of the group, and replace them all with this refreshing lot. It'll be a nice change of pace, right?

It's such a polished, pretty piece, too, with some beautiful shots and nice synchronisation. I guess the only down-point is that a lot of these girls look bored, but I think that's the look the director was going for. The melancholy look works for them all, though, and fits the song well.

I need to look for this song and its full video at some point, because I want to see how it goes until the very end. Will they smile? Will they ever lose synchronisation? Or will that one member conform to their ways? Who knows, until I make the effort to go and find out.

Kono Koe ga Todokimasu you ni by NOW ON AIR

This is such a cheap video, but it's a cheap video that really does make me smile. Yeah, they're not in synch. Yeah, this is a terribly generic, cheap song to go for. Of course, the green screen is obvious. But then there's the charm and delight it brings me as a viewer. I like how it's a story about feeling small, and how the world can feel like an impossibly big place when someone puts you down or you feel like you're not good enough. It's cute that, when the center herself feels small, the others become small as well in order to encourage and aid her. It's freakin' cute, and so damn inspirational, in the cheesiest of ways.

It's a cute, cheap little video all about team work and how, when someone in a group is feeling small and alone, everyone else will come along and help, and become their voice. Adorable.

I get happy chills whenever I watch this, because no matter how generic it is, it's freakin' wonderful. These Idols, they do know how to make me smile. D'awww!

Don't give it up by Tokyo Girls' Style

100% here for the song. DAMN!

I really don't give two figs about the video, because the song is really great. I haven't listened to it since adding it to this list, I admit, but wowzers, it's a great piece, isn't it? It's got some emotion in there, and the vocals are great.

The lyrics are a bit annoying, with how they are displayed, but oh well. It's still a good song, and I better not forget it exists again! Argh!

Congratulations ~Kibou no Kane no ne~ by Star☆T

I remember seeing the thumbnail for this and thinking 'Oh my, pretty dresses!'. And then I watched the video, and was introduced to... well, what I can only guess is a bunch of aliens. Earth. Hairstyles that MoMusu proudly wore in the early 2000's. Oh, and the letterbok video format, which is pretty good for some videos. For this one, it's... well, it gets annoying, but it works well, too.

The song is pretty damn fun to listen to, too, which is always a bonus. It works with the brightness of the dance shot, as well as the cool tones of the solo shots. The pacing is great, too, and I actually really like how the wind blows through their hair. The constant pan and zoom towards their faces is a little disconcerting, but eh, life is filled with discomfort. This is nothing in comparison.

That said, the girl with the blue circle lens is creepy looking. Pretty, but creepy looking all the same. Arrrgh!

Jitensha ni Hana wa mau by AOP

A beautiful monochrome setting is pretty much all you need for this video. Whether it eventually becomes full colour, I don't know, but what I see from the short preview is absolutely beautiful. It's simply, and it's effective. There's some nice shadowing going on with the lighting, too, and when it needs to feel bright, it feels bright. Heck, this PV feels just like spring. That's probably the flower petals and wind blowing through their hair, however.

The shots are gorgeous, too, with some nice closeups and a beautiful sequence where we see AOP through the spokes of a bike wheel. It's wonderful, and I do hope a full version of this song comes out, along with the MV. It needs to be seen!

Beautiful X by X21

This is such a simple, sweet music video. Oh, and it reminds me greatly of old-school H!P, for some reason. Even the costumes feel a little like early 2000's Hello! Pro, so the nostalgia throughout Beautiful X is flowing, at least in image. It's quite nice to see, and it looks super clean and refreshing. I could watch this all day and never get bored, because sweet simplicity, guys.

It's actually fun looking back to this video, because I notice a few smaller details. Members lying down in the background. The smooth roam of the camera, their interactions and how they look at the camera and play to the audiences expectations. It's really nice, and this is a video that is certainly made to show the personality and charm of the members, rather than the big budget and story of the song.

If you like simple, easy-going music videos with a simple, sweet song to match, and enjoy the charm and charisma of an Idol, this is a good one to look at. It's back to basics, and it's easy on the eyes. It is also damn charming, from start to end.

Hirari by Ohara Sakurako

Okay, so this song kind of sounds like a bunch of other stuff she's sung. I don't care, though, cause I like it, and heck, I really do love the PV to this. It's slow and pretty, the addition of the lights being hung on an empty tree is perfectly symbolic of Spring returning and bringing the world to life again, and way everything lights up is just so damn sweet. I feel a little emotional watching it, actually. It's rather perfect, in its small, simplistic way.

Too bad it's not the full MV, and there's a break to advertise the bloody song right in the freakin' middle >o> URGH!

Simple and sweet, and a beautiful video to represent the season of Spring. It's so damn gorgeous, and I have no regrets in adoring this song, or the beauty of its video. Thank you, Sakurako, you are a diamond ♥

Sakura shoku Promise by sunmyu

The second I saw this music video, I wanted it on my list. The song is pretty, and the video even prettier. It has a nice, nostalgic look to it in the opening sequences thanks to the use of an old fashioned camera, and the whole looks is bright and refreshing, giving me such wonderful spring vibes. Given it has Sakura in the title, one can only gather this is a spring song, and it's so light and peaceful in sound and image, too.

I was unaware that the group has been whittleddown to only five members, however, the look suits them well. They feel quite complete here, and I can't help but enjoy the comfort and serenity they all bring as members to this video. They look the part, and seem to exude confidence and radiate delight throughout the video.

It's a pretty, light and refreshing music video that is sure to please viewers who love their Idols. It's an easy, fun watch, and I really think sunmyu's Sakura shoku Promise is worth every second. Good grief, it's gorgeous!

Shoot Sign by AKB48

Okay, so I'm not a Kojima fan - I have never claimed to be one, nor will I start to - but hot damn, this is a fun PV, looks-wise! Kojima is fierce and dominating, and she really takes charge here like she's never done before. It's nice to see her feel and look so powerful in a music video! Typically, she just looks... smug. Like she's playing up to expectations. Never like this, however, and I do think it's amazing.

Oh, but why ruin it with whats-her-name as a visual center, too? Jurina would have looked so much cooler!

Honestly though, I like the look of this video. It's very cool and flawlessly edited. The style reminds me of a comic book, mixed with some noir and overall awesomeness. It's pretty damn kickass, and a wonderful send off for Kojima, visually. If only the song were... better...

BRAND NEW MORNING by Morning Musume '17

Well, this is kick-ass, at least musically. I love the vibe throughout the song, and though it does remind me of something else from MoMusu (I can't pinpoint it, yet), I love the sound it has and how distinct it feels against all the cop-out songs MoMusu have been bringing out lately. Heck, all of H!P. Let's not lie and say the other groups have been 100% original; they haven't. Still, this is a nice change of pace, and musically it sounds powerful.

Vocally, well, that's a different thing altogether. Even Sakura can't handle the power this song holds. God damn, where's Ai-butt and Queen Gaki when you need them to deliver some force and belt out a tune!?

... Wait, we're meant to be talking about the video, not the song. Whoops >o>

Okay, so, visually this is gorgeous. It may not have a lot going on, but the choreography and distinct flag scenes are really damn awesome, if you ask me. They look flawless, the song flows with the choreography, and the lights are damn effective. I love the slightly sepia-toned scenes as well, giving us a nice, military vibe that feels dominating and oh-so powerful.

I'd say the one scene that just seems out of place is Sakura's first solo. I mean, that solo shot is just... out of place. It does not fit with the sound of the song, or the theme of the lyrics, and visually it feels like a sore thumb. That's my only complaint, though. Pacing, look and feel are great, and I think this is a cool video. Well done, H!P!

Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!! by Moso Calibration

Okay, so now I know its Moso Calibration, I can see why this video is so creative and unique, compared to the others listen. It's colourful, bright, and it's really addictive to look at. I mean, everything looks amazing, from the powerful graphics that twirl around the members, to the monochrome slow-mo scenes. It's like I'm watching a live comic book, or an anime. Given this is an anime tie-in, I'm not surprised it reminds me of one, actually.

This is one action-packed music video, that has its only little story running throughout. There is a VS battle with a demon, for crying out loud! It's an awesome, entertaining video, with what seems to be a linear story line. It's very defined, it knows what it is, and it is confident that it will entertain you as a viewer. I really enjoyed this one, and think it's a memorable, highly creative music video with an amazing group in the midst of the destruction it shows throughout. Watch it, enjoy, and revel in some Moso Calibration!

Hayaku Ai tai by Dream Ami

Musically, Dream Ami is as bland as she looks, however, I do like her latest little song and dance. Not only does it look visually pretty (to make up for her lack of intrigue within her songs, I can only assume), it also sounds quite pleasant and sweet, and I could see myself going back to this... but maybe when I don't have a headache.

Pink and pretty, this is the definition of spring, in terms of how it looks. It's like a cherry blossom, pastel and beautiful, gentle and maybe a little fragile. It's gorgeous, and though the song and video seem to go through the motions of each season, there is still a distinct idea of 'spring' throughout in tone and sound. I love the use of the tree in the building, and all the pink. It's really calling to my inner pink-lover, who I need to squash down, soon.

It's a nice video, and I'm pissed that Avex have, of course, not let us finish the final 50 seconds or whatever. That said, it's Avex; they like to screw us over, somehow. Still, what I see, is what I appreciate. I do want to see the end of the video, however.

Zaishou no Lucifer by Iketeru Hearts

Well, isn't this an adorable little video of happiness? ;3 I mean, who doesn't want a bunch of cute Idols to cast a spell and take someone hostage, or bring Lucifer back to the world above? It's such a nice, happy feeling! Muahaha!

Seriously though, in terms of aesthetic, the way everything is played out, and the styles used, this is a cracking PV! It's truly imaginative and artistic, and I love that they play around with the mediums to get a truly entertaining, memorable PV. It's a damn worthwhile watch, and all of the members are relishing their cruel sides here, I swear. I love their evil little smiles and smug laughter.

These are the Idols we don't see, but damn, they're cool! Looks can be deceiving, mate.

It's a fun video, with some awesome visuals and great acting on the members part. I love the location and layout, the art that was included here, as well as the costumes and story line. It's a mesmirising experience, and one of the best videos I have seen from Iketeru Hearts, as well as the most dangerous and exhilarating. An exciting piece, if ever there was one, and totally worth the view!

predawn by Tokyo Girls' Style

Aside from the ugly-ass velvet costumes, this is a gorgeous PV. I love the lights and how they dazzle, the rooftstop scene at night and dawn, and how flawless everything looks. It's very pretty, and a pleasing watch. The camera work feels effortless, like the breeze in the members' hair, and I just feel relaxed when watching it.

Oh, and then they go upside down. It's a bit of a fuck-with-yer-eyes moment, but it's effective as heck, too, and looks damn good! It makes this simple PV a little bit more intriguing, don't you think? That, and I just like anything that screws with my mind.

A simple but refreshing video, I find that predawn fits its sound pretty well, but goes beyond visually, for sure. I just love how it transitions and plays out, and how we are given these gorgeous rotating shots and lovely sky scenes.

The end is just perfect, too. I really love what they did there. Such a pretty video! Nothing new or overly creative, in terms of effects, but perfect for lovers of camera angles and style, like me. Definitely check this one out!

Jealousy Jealousy by Morning Musume '17

The opening of this song with what sounds like a violin playing is so promising... and then it gets all techno and shit, and the song is ruined thereafter. Le sigh, we can never win with MoMusu, can we? I mean, this is your basic cop-out song with no creativity. It is damn catchy, however. So it makies a lot of sense that this one is the Tsunku song, by craft, doesn't it? I knew it before even looking at who the feck composed it. He has such a dead, obvious sound, now.

The rap was damn surprising, though, and pleasant. It makes the song almost... bearable?

This is about the video, however, and I do like Jealousy Jealousy as a visual. It's heavily reminiscent of Only You in colour scheme, and One.Two.Three in terms of the rotating models posing. The rap part? Well, we can't deny that it's heavily nostalgic towards the old-school MoMusu and H!P PV's. I mean, it's so damn 90's, and it makes me cringe a little to see them do that... choreography and wear those clothes, for what is meant to be a 'cool' song.

Visually, this can be damn beautiful, but in terms of its sound, it is nothing more than a carbon copy of other sounds I have heard. The rap part is fun, true, however the choreography used in said rap scenes, as well as the clothes they wear, is comical at best. It's... a weird video. I like it for some parts, then feel extreme second-hand embarrassment at others.

At least they looked like they had fun, though? WOW, this was more of a rant, than anything

Dare no Koto wo Ichiban Aishiteru? by SakamichiAKB

I don't like how strained and high-pitched the opening to this sounds, but hot damn, I cannot deny how cool this looks, visually. I suppose that's the affect Keyakizaka46 have on AKB48; they make the bland look cool, or, make the bland look blander, and show us just how much better they are? Either way, it looks awesome, and I would love to see the rest of the MV, if only for Keyakizaka46.

Oh, and maybe Jurina. Hot damn, blonde Jurina is appealing to me! Never thought I would see the day! o-O

Okay, so the video itself is nothing ground-breaking, but it is fun to see, and the contrast between the 'angelic' and pure AKB (well, the 48 members. Are any of them strictly a part of AKB?), and the techno, darkness of the members in their uniforms, who are cool and edgy. It's a cool watch, if anything, and has some nice visuals going on. I can't speak for the entire video, however; I've not cared enough to watch more of it.

Basically; from what I can see here, I like what I see, though the choreography is questionable at times. Still, fun watch, go see it. Plox.


So, whatever we can glean from this entire post dedicated to PV's, it is that I like Jurina as a blonde. God damn, I am shallow :p

In all seriousness, though, February brought out some damn promising MV's! There's a lot of diversity here, with some of the simplest, sweetest touches, to the most colourful and manic of them all! It's wonderful to see how groups interpret various songs differently, and how they can make the song and the video their very own. Me loves it!

Hopefully you have all found some new MV's to enjoy here, and a few new groups to adore, as well! If you guys have a few videos you adored yourself and a list you want to post, share it around the web, and let the world know the Idol songs and videos you adore, also! For now, however, I'm off to do... something... for University...

Until next time, everyone, please take care, enjoy life, stay happy and healthy, and of course, LOVE THY IDOLS!

Much Love and PV Viewing,


  1. I think your Jealousy Jealousy review is mine in a nutshell but yours is a lot more honest! LMAO. I basically mentioned the same things, except I stuck to being neutral/nice? about it, haha.

    I liked the strings at the beginning, but then BAM we get into poppy techno, and then it's just a whole lot of things going on before we reach the rap where you're hit with nostalgia because H!P and MM haven't done that in years. I get you though, you can tell it's Tsunku without even looking at who made it (a good and bad thing *cies*).

    I'd say compared to Brand New Morning, Jealousy Jealousy is very H!P due to Tsunku producing and arranging it, and the odd AF dance (I will never understand YOSHIKO-sensei's vision in terms of choreography... Her choreo always just... turns me off despite how much the girls try to sell it as cool. It's just.. tacky or weird, or a mixture of both. Like, I loved Mukidashite Mukiatte's choreo at some points, but the arm flapping is just... weird.). Anyway, long rant short, song-wise, they didn't deviate or change too much from what they usually do, LMAO.

    The MV IS nice though. I appreciate them trying to change things up a bit with the black and white set, and have the girls try and change their expressions in a matter of seconds (hard feat to do when all you got is one take).

    1. Muahahaha, yay for nutshell reviews XD And I can be nice and neutral, but eh, I also like to be brutal at points. Depends on how far we wanna go.

      I think it's a fun song, but Jealousy Jealousy feels a tad confused at times XD A true H!P track~ But yeah, I'm glad it's pure Tsunku, but also annoyed by that very fact. It's become such an obvious thing.

      OH GOOD LORD, THAT CHOREOGRAPHY! NO! BUUUUURN D*< I feel like they're uninspired so just do... whatever. It feels like they're going a thousand steps back rather than forward, ahahaha. But yeah, creativity does lack, but you can hear and see that it everyone had fun, even the arrangers, etc.

      I liked the 'grass is greener' philosophy behind it, and that coming together means happiness for everyone!!