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[Music Selection] February 2017

As per usual, I am fashionably late. Well, annoyingly late might be a little more accurate, but, that's how I am; an annoyingly late blogger, who sets herself dates to stick to, that she never manages to post on. Oh, who would I be, without failing to meet a deadline, hm~

Well, it's that time of the month again, regardless of how late I am! The time where I share with all you lovely readers the music I have enjoyed from the month gone by, as well as the up-coming releases that have me all excited for March 2017! Will there be any sounds in here you have liked as well, or something new for you to try out? The only way to find out is if you read on...~

There are a number of reasons as to why this post is late, and I could list them here... but I may save it all for a post on things that have happened in life, or in blogging. We shall see. I need to update you all either way, so, when it comes, you will find out why I've been lacking. For now, however, let's summarise it to Chiima being Chiima; she just never gets things done, ya see.

Anywhoo, I won't keep you for too long. We have a post to get into, so, as per the usual, these are my thoughts, and this is my blog, meaning that everything here is in regards to my opinion, and no one else's. Don't get offended by what I enjoy, ta.



February! The second month of the year, a wonderful month for setting students off towards a path of tears and regret. It's also a great month for some music releases, depending on what you enjoy! For me, I really did not listen to a lot of February music releases, but what I did hear... well, I enjoyed it, as I always do. If I didn't, I would not put it on here, right? Still, what I have heard, I have adored, with a few core favourites for the now that will see me through some of March, I pray.

Or, they won't; you never know what the future holds, right?

Hopefully I will share with you something you enjoy, too, and even if I don't, it might be fun to check out whatever is here. After all, you can never have too much music or Idols in your life, so why not just add a few more, for good measure? Sounds good, right~

Okay, enough talking. This is my February Music Selection. Let's chill, hear some tunes, and enjoy. Let the music flow...

February '17

Lychee Red no Unmei by Houkago Princess (2017.02.15)

As with any Houkago Princess single ever, this is a release I have been anticipating. Granted, it took me ages to eventually order the blasted thing, but I was lucky enough to hear it beforehand, anyway, and get a good idea of whether or not I liked it. Given that it's on here, you can feel assured that - yes - I do indeed enjoy this song, in all its glory!

It's quite an upbeat, aggressive track, and one of the most unique and intriguing from the group, thus far. It's energetic, powerful, and filled to the brim with soul and passion. Honestly, I can't believe that something this incredible came out of Houkago Princess; it's pure beauty, and if you take Nana's vocals out of the equation, it's also a well-sung track.

Lychee Red no Unmei is a vivid piece with a gorgeous instrumental track, one that is beautiful in every way, whilst also displaying the sheer strength of Houkago Princess as they currently stand. I truly commend the composer, Nakano Ryota. Seriously; they are a genius, and this is definitely one of the greatest songs to come out of HouPri, period.

Sennen Maika by Houkago Princess (2017.02.15)

Believe it or not, this is not another Maika solo song. The name 'Maika' just so happens to mean 'dance' or 'dancer' in Japanese. Still, Maika herself was given plenty of solos in this song, as well as a heavy dance number that will be performed in live concerts during the instrumental break, apparently.

All that said and done, Sennen Maika is beautiful. It's a gorgeous song, created in a more modern pop style, though its beginning and end seem to hail a familiar traditional tone, akin to Lychee Red no Unmei. This gives the song a beautiful amount of historical meets modern, thanks to its traditional opening, and continually rising pop tone throughout verse and chorus. The song actually feels like it is taking flight, at times. The lines Tsubasa and Fly into Destiny actually make sense, if you feel like the song itself is rising as it progresses.

It's a great b-side track, it truly is, and I feel that this is a worthy single for you all to have a go at. If you've not yet given HouPri a chance... well, now is the time. By far, their fifth is their strongest single, to date, and one of the best to show off in terms of how well they work together, vocally. It's gorgeous, it's addictive, and damnit, it's perfect! Why so good?

No Side by Takigawa Alisa (2017.02.22)

I want to say that No Side is a pop-country track. At times, it reminds me of Cabbage Hakusho in terms of the instruments used, as well as in how peaceful and serene it is. Honestly, though, I did not anticipate enjoying this; it opened, I heard it, and thought 'well, I may never go back to this'.

I went back to it. Again, and again, because it is a beautiful sound. Gosh damn, this is a very pretty song, with a rather effortless sound. Takigawa's vocals add a nice, raw and soulful edge to the song, too, and once the chorus hits, you really feel at ease with everything. I really think that is the songs selling point; its chorus. It has a nice hook to its sound, and I can't stop listening. Nicely done.

Elemental World by ChouCho (2017.02.15)

This is a song that has been stuck in my head. I mean, I listened to it on a loop one night, and days afterwards I just remembered its sound, how it made me feel, and the absolute thrill it seems to give me once it heightens. Elemental World is such a pretty, pure Anime-Idol song, and I can't help but feel elated whenever I hear it. It's gorgeous, taking me on a musical adventure into another world.

I cannot get enough of this one, guys, it's just... so... nice. Quite possibly the favourite for February's listens, actually. Sorry, HouPri.

I don't think there is anything complex or unique about this song, it just happens to fit my tastes right now. It's sweet and delightful, with a bright sound that has a positive outlook. It makes me smile, and I want to sing along. Good thing there's a few English lines in there, because it's fun to sing along to 'em! So, let's sing~

True Destiny by Toyama Nao (2017.02.01)

Okay, I don't think that True Destiny is the best track out there. I mean, it's nice to listen to. It's got a good chorus, and I think that Toyama Nao has a good career ahead of her as a singer... but, nah, it's not my favourite. Still, the chorus is my jam. The verse could just use a bit of help, because whenever this track opens, I feel like I need to go for a little snooze...

Really, though, this is a nice track when you really get into it. Toyama's vocals are soft and breathy, in all the right ways, giving off a very pleasant but gentle sound throughout. She's not a powerful singer (from what this song suggests), however, you cannot deny how lovely she sounds. I could get hooked on her voice, easily.

Oh, and the bridge. It is so pretty. Again, once the verse is done, this song is so nice. I really want to listen to Toyama try a ballad, though, because that voice. She's a pretty singer, and I can see the appeal. But, nah, not my favourite song. I look forward to future releases, however!

Uruwashi no Camellia by Tsubaki Factory (2017.02.22)

Of all three songs on their first major single release, Uruwashi no Camellia is the shortest, but it is definitely one of the most fun. Memorable, cheerful, innocent and heartfelt, I really can't help but fall in love with this cute little track. It's so fitting for the group in image and sound, and just shows off how happy and energetic the members are, once the cool effect wears off.

I have already reviewed the song on this very blog, but it's still nice to add one of the happiest little tracks to my Selections list. It's a nice little tune, with a bit of pep and cheer to get you through the day. Hopefully it's up your alley as well, but, we all have preferences. Just so happens, Uruwashi no Camellia is my cuppa tea! :D

January Roll-Over

HELLO! Mirai by ROSARIO+CROSS (2017.01.31)

Okay, so, when I say that Elemental World is my favourite for February, I mean, it's my fave track to be released in said month. My favourite track, period? Well, that goes to the late Janauary release, HELLO! Mirai, because hot damn, this is some addictive joy! It's cute, charming, memorable, and highly infectious as a sound. I cannot get it out of my head, and honestly? I don't want it out of my head! It is glorious!

I don't know what it is with this group, but Rosario+Cross have found a way into my heart again. Last year, I adored Short Cut, and this time around, it's HELLO! Mirai, in all its energetic glory. I really do adore it, and it has gotten me through a few down days. This is such a cute, up-lifting song.

Singing along to this is easy, dancing to it is fun, and watching the actual music video is a bundle of happiness, too. The song simply makes me smile, and I feel like I want to join in. I love this song for that, and I feel like it's going to continue being a favourite for a while as we head further into 2017!


How Far I'll Go (Reprise) by Auli'i Cravalho (Moana soundtrack) (2016.11.18)

I finally watched Moana, and, whilst the music seems a bit slow and dull before it gets into the chorus for just about every track, I can't deny just how much I adore the reprise for How Far I'll Go. It's such a good song, and so damn inspirational! I want to sing along. I want to do something. I want to go out to sea - wait, no I don't... - and I want to experience things! It's a great little track, and the reprise is amazing. It's just a tad better than first version.

I do like I Am Moana, too.

I like this song, it makes me happy. Damn you, Disney, for consistently churning out tracks from movies, that I rather like. Damn yoooooou!

Monthly JUMP!

BRAND NEW MORNING by Morning Musume '17 (2017.03.08)

Well, MoMusu, you did it. I remember this track, and I really do like it. Holy shit, it's like old-school MM has returned, but they are shiny and new, and look even better than ever. Heyll, this is the best they've looked since the graduation of Riho and Zukki, and they looked awesome, then.

BRAND NEW MORNING is super refreshing, not just for MM as a whole, but for the current lineup. It's also nice to hear such a wide range of vocals, and... dare I say it? This group looks, and sounds, BOMB without Masaki taking over. I mean... wow. I really like this lineup, though I can't wait for Masaki to return, too. We can't be giving Ayumi too many lines, after all.

That said, more Miki would be appreciated.

BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy has already been released, but honestly, I have anticipated this. It's a great debut single for the 13th generation of MM, and it's a damn solid release. Holy crap... I am excited, and it's for H!P's then-dying group, MM. Wow!

Morning Misoshiru by Morning Musume '17 (2017.03.08)

This is such an oldie, but it is an amazing goodie, too. It's a song that I have wanted to be re-released since before 9th gen came along, and, years later, it's finally happened; Morning Coffee re-done, but in a beautiful cover version. Heyll, this version is even better than the original, if I dare to say such a thing. The vocals are crisper, the members sound a lot more cheerful and filled with life, and even the instrumental has been given a boost!

This is a great homage, and a track I've listened to more times than I can count. It's bloody glorious, and may have the dose of Masaki all her fans need after not hearing her in either of the title double A-side tracks on this release.

It's glorious. It's gorgeous, and it makes me happy. Good grief, I love singing along to this.

Promise The Star by BiSH (2017.03.22)

Given how late this post is, I'm surprised that Promise The Star isn't out yet, but... hey! It isn't! Seriously, though, I am looking forward to this. After the joys of Orchestra, I want to experience more from BiSH and their (lack of) vocal talent. They're raw, and they have depth to their voices, and a diverse range, to boot. Aina The End is, of course,t he shining star here, but it was nice to really get a feel for LingLing's voice, too.

This is a great song, though. It's probably not as powerful or as weird as some would like, and yeah, it feels quite commercial and... Idol, but, it's Avex, so what should we expect? BiSH sound good, regardless, and I think this is a gorgeous song, with some punch to it and a story behind it. I've been listening to the video like mad, and I still adore everything about it, especially the move where they bite their thumb at us. How Shakespeare of them!


Rush, rush, rush. I am just rushing this post. I'm rushing, because I have other work to do, and because I've left this too long. I apologise. Hopefully you have enjoyed what was added here, however, and that there is some music you yourself have enjoyed, or hope to enjoy in the near future.

If you have any music you liked but cannot see on here, however, please do feel free to send me links or suggestions, or simply send them to family and friends, and share your tunes and tastes! I will try my best to listen to as much as I can, but honestly, I am one person; hearing everything can become impossible.

Musically, February was pretty nice and chill. It is now March, however, and things are about to get hectic. The Idols aren't playing around, guys, and I think we're gonna get some serious sounds come our way this year. Hopefully, we will get some awesome tracks come March. I wonder what they will include...?

Well, I hate to rush, but I have work to do, stories to write, and things to edit. Until next time, please take care, listen to music, stay happy and healthy, chill out once in a while, and of course, Love Thy Idols.

Take care and chill with Love and Tea,


  1. Brand New Morning does sound so different!! I definitely thought of you when I heard and saw the MV for Uruwashi Camellia, it's definitely something you'd like! XD

    Morning Misoshiru took a while for me to like, because of the quicker rhythm. I love that the girls brought their own flavour to it in their own ways. Definitely a great remake that marks how much things have changed for the mothership!

    1. Brand New Morning is great, and so is Uruwashi no Camellia! It fits my love of light-hearted songs~

      I love Morning Misoshiru, personally, but I have always liked Morning Coffee, too. I prefer it how it sounds new, surprisingly, but yes, they definitely added their own flare to it, and fixed some of the harmonies that don't sound as good in the original XD I wish more remakes were as subtle and enjoyable as this!