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Bring on The Brand New Era! It's Time for A New Generation to Begin in Morning Musume 17's 'BRAND NEW MORNING'! [MV Review]

With a new generation in tow and a startling new sound, Morning Musume '17 are looking pretty damn impressive in their latest release. In both sound and look, BRAND NEW MORNING might just be able to stand the test of time. Aggressive, assertive, and downright powerful, this is one debut that has left people impressed since its preview days.

It's the dawn of a brand new era, so let's get excited!

Standing as the 63rd single from Morning Musume overall, as well as the first for former Kenshuusei members, Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina, BRAND NEW MORNING is one heck of a surprise attack from Hello! Project's flagship group. With its confident sound and mesmirising MV, it feels similar a phoenix reborn in the flames after so many other releases that lacked oomph and drive. It's a welcome change, something many of us have been waiting for, and I'm happy to say that it seems this one is a majority favourite! Woohoo!

I mean, who wouldn't like it? It's fun, kick-ass, entertaining, easy to sing along with, and it makes you want to dance! It feels like one of those rare, flawless debut releases for H!P's latest power duo. In general, it just feels like a memorable debut, period. The only thing that would probably stop most people from loving this is, of course, the fact that Masaki's kind of void, here.

Thing is, you can't help that - she was on hiatus before production even began, and it would be highly unfair and downright cruel to expect her to come back just to do work, for our gratification. I am just thankful that she's feeling better and has the strength to work again.

Despite the lack of Masaki, however, I still believe this is a solid release. Morning Musume look and sound better than ever, and throughout, they are fierce and present. What more could you want? It is truly the dawn of a brand new era, and I can't wait for the 13th gen to show just what they are made of beyond their debut. But for now, let's take a look into the promising new stars of Morning Musume '17, and look at what they can bring to the group as they are now.

Let's dive in, and see what this new generation is all about!


Doesn't that look powerful? It feels powerful, and it looks freakin' iconic. It would have only been made even better if - if - they had thrown off the flags, instead of their parents' best bed sheets. Just sayin'.

Eripon, dead center! YASSS, my dreams have come true! 8U

Oh, and I think Mizuki's checking out a camera guy, people. Oh, my >o>

Peek-a-Boo! I see you! 8D

Good Lord, Eripon's self-satisfied smile is hella satisfying! ♡

Power Couple... ACTIVATE >8D Kekekeke~

I love how shadowy and pretty it is *^* Too bad I can't tell who is who here, half the time xD

Lady Kaede: "I pledge allegiance..."
Queen Reina: "... To the United Nations of Pizza-La..."

Wait, pizza!? *^*

Good grief, don't make me stan you guys so early, please. Give me time to actually start caring about the group, again... ¬.¬

If this ain't all shades of awesome, then I don't know what your definition of 'awesome' is.

Ayumi is looking darned dashing in this! Love me some Daaishi in military garb :3

And, UMPH, Eriman! Thank you for gracing my screen yet again, you gorgeous piece of chiseled human, you.

Awkward as ever is our Miki, but darnit, she's adorable no matter what! I love her earring, too!

... One second.




HOLY SHEET when did you get this freakin' gorgeous, in less than 3 seconds!? ; A;

AHAHAHAHA, no matter how new or cute you are, you shall never leave the wrath of my terrible screengrabs! NEVAAAAAR!!! >8D

Seriously, though, there are some Meimi vibes here o-O

Meimi ; A;

Good gravy, though, look at this kid! Barely 5 months in the Kenshuusei and hardly even in MM for 3 months, and she's already smashing her role as a 13th gen member! If she isn't a prodigy of some form, I don't know what she is.

Oooh, another ultimate power couple have emerged! Lady Kaede and Queen Reina have some competition! ♡♡♡

I quite like Maria's hair like this! And yes, she looks beautiful. She's really channeling her inner cool side here, and owning it!

Prepare for this to be the one damn screengrab I have of her, too XD

Though a tad awkward (still), Akane looks downright beautiful here. Such a relaxed and refreshing look is all she needs to win me over ❤

This choreography is addictive. Sure, it can get a bit shit sometimes, but damn, even after about 100 views, it's still fun to watch.

Lady Kaede: "You will Oshi me, mortal!"

Lady Kaede is channeling her inner Idol, and will put a spell on you! Nyahahaha!

... Well, this Queen is still slaying, clearly.


Gawd damn, I want this lot to be a trio! Can we make them a trio?

DuReiSa sounds like a good, bland name that H!P would think up. Yeah! 8D

Okay, this takes the cake. When the fuck did H!P get this good at mesmirising visuals!? This camera work is ♡♡♡

Well, that doesn't look at all creepy o-O

Here's a jarring gif for y'all XD

Queen Reina has arrived, so bow, mortals. BOW!

I doubt they could have found a more perfect fit for Gen 13. I mean, gosh golly, she is a breeze of fresh air, and she can charm you with just one look! This girl is a damn pro, and H!P did damn good in recruiting her. What a bloody winner!

Well, damn! Look at all those peasants bowing to their false Queen!

Mizukingdom: "Bitch, please, I was the original Queen."

Yeah, but Queen Reina's kinda dethroned you. Who wants a potato to sit on the throne and lead us to victory!? Not this kid. (⌐■_■)

Today on How to Catch Flies with Sakura... >o>

Mate, I can't handle just how fun this is. Can I repeat it forever!?

Yass, bitch, yasss! Let's not hate. Sure, throw a few lovely little jibes and lovable insults here and there, but not hate. Tolerate, be sarcastic, and LUUUURVE!

I really don't think that Sakura understood the context of this song. The lyrics. Or the music video, when filming this sequence.

It honestly doesn't fit. At all. XD

Director-san: "Okay... and FREESTYLE!"

I don't think that Director-san should let half of the group freestyle, ever. Some of them have no idea what they are doing XD

I'm still in awe, guys. How in the fuck did H!P do so well!?

Okay, not gonna lie, half of these look cool. Especially the flying kick. D-D-DAMN!

Lady Kaede: "がんばろう!"

Oh good grief, first she's all cool and collected, and now she looks this fuckin' adorable!? What sorcery is this, Lady Kaede, and why are you using it to charm me?

What would this review be, without some of my Harunan love!? Even when she looks a bit derp, she's still fierce as heck and a gorgeous being to behold ❤❤❤


I would not want to be on the receiving end of a flag fight with half these girls, however. Dang.

Ayumi's freakin' fierce, as per. Damnit, they all look so good waving around these flags!

Freakin' SLAAAAAY, Eriman! You own that solo line! ♡♡♡

Eriman: "Urgh, trying to remember all of these new members is giving me a damn headache."

There's, like, two of them o-O

Eriman: "Wait, when were 12ki introduced?"

By the way, she's gorgeous ♡ And she's finally being presented with the lines and recognition she deserves! My Queen! ♡♡♡

Lady Kaede: "STOP! Kaga Time!"

Wait, is Lade Kaede channeling her inner Roll Safe meme? o-O

She is!!! Guys, guys, caption the gif XD What would Lady Kaede say in the style of this meme!? xD

Let's be real: This is the best damn scene in the entire MV. That pure passion and delight on Kaede's face is everything!

And we're back to the dancing! Good grief, I want to learn this so bad, but honey, I have two left feet.

This might just be the best part of it all, because it's hilarious to watch, and probably just as entertaining to do XD

Eriman: "Here. All the fucks I give~"

For the haters~

Ok, so, Duu looks creepy here. Like, a good chunk of the time. Those dead, soulless eyes. That smile that screams 'Help me', that hairstyle...

I love Duu, and I want her to just lead the damn group already, but fuuuuck, she looks high in this sometimes XD

Queen Reina is just dominating this entire PV. If they don't continue promoting her like they have done here, then I will revolt. H!P, don't fuck this gen up, plz.

The almighty duo are back! Look at how awesome they are ♡

And Honeybo is SLAAAAYING! How is she so cool, fashionable, pretty and cheeky all at the same time? HOW?

Okay, this is some shit choreography, but when everything else has been so great... yeah, you gotta give the choreographer some leeway XD We shall let this one pass...

They all look so cool and serious, ermagerd. Even sweet Akane! ;A;

Speaking of, look who just walked right out of a shampoo commercial. Such poise! Such hair!


Miki looks like she's ready to shank another member, and Maria looks like she's ready to slap someone silly for lines. Shiiiiit XD

Reina is just reigning it in, isn't she? Such a charismatic kid! I can see why she got a bunch of solo time over Kaede and others; her expressions and the way she presents herself is a lot more confident and varied than Kaede's is.

DUUUU! Finally, I can look at your beautiful face without feeling a tad bit creeped out! But, my sweet, why so sad? D8 I'm sorry my post lacks you ;;

Look at how lovelorn Duu looks ): Bet she's wishing it was Masaki she was singing this duet with, instead of Sakura.

I think the fans feel ya, Duu baby, I really duu.

Gawd grief, these two! They work so well together! Don't they just flow and compliment one another beautifully?

If Ogata was here and Mizuki wasn't, this would be a perfect Gif, right!?

Seriously though, the flawlessness flows! And Reina is so farkin' HAPPY! OMG <3 <3 <3

That janky leg thing is LIIIIFE! I may need to do that move in the club and get me some looks XD

Duu: "Surprise, Motherfucker. Look who got lines!"

YASS, DUU! Get you some screen time!

And then Mizuki follows up with a bland line, as per XD Ah well, she looks good, at least!

... WTF are the other members doing behind her, though? God damn, this dance XD



I wonder if any of them hit one another when messing around with the flags during the making of? I wonder which member would be clumsy enough to whack someone accidentally XD

Eriman and Maria would probably do it on purpose, lol. Damn newbies, taking their lines! D8<


God damn, I want those lights for my room. Where can I buy a few?


Well, at least I've been given a damn good reminder as to why Ogata is sheer perfection. Thank you, editors of H!P MV's, you have done your job well!

Seriously, though, for screen grabs of Ogata or Mizuki, Maria or Queen Reina, BRAND NEW MORNING is a heaven of photogenic girls and wonderful gifs. It's also addictive to watch, and great fun to go back to whenever you please. The video never gets old (well, for now), and I cannot find anything to dislike about it. It really is a great debut for the 13th generation, and a nice little introduction for Morning Musume's latest couple duo.

From start to finish, it feels like there has been true effort placed into both the sound and vision of this release. All of the members present eshine equally, with some amazing solo shots and perfectly framed tracking shots, and no one really dwindles in the shadows. Even the demure Akane stands out, with her sweet, refreshing features and almost melancholy expression. It is so nice to see that everyone here stands out, distinguished and refined.

The stand-out, however, has to be Yokoyama Reina. Holy sheet, who knew this kid would be this good!? Not only is she photogenic as heck, but she can also charm her way through the screen! Each scene she's in, she is drinking up the experience. She looks cool and collected when needed, then delightful and innocent the next scene. She is an absolute gem to watch, and fits into Morning Musume perfectly. It's like she has always been there!

Whatever happened to the days of awkward debuts and bad hairstyles!? Reina shines, which is great for her fans, but bad if you want to see more Kaede. Seriously, I'm delighted that Reina has focus, but I do wish that Kaede had a little more spotlight, too.

Of course, Kaede herself shines just as much, however, she has a cooler expression than Reina does, and comes across as a lot more reserved. Well, until she lets her delight slip through, that is. There is no denying the passion and love she has, and you can see it clear as day that she is so thankful to be here. It's the sweetest, most pure thing. Both Kaede and Reina are delighted to be here, and I love that about them. It shines through, and you just want to adore them both even more, and congratulate them all over again on making it into their desired group.

Gosh darnit, why are they so wonderful!?

In terms of the video itself... I basically really like it. I love the tracking shots, the sweeping camera angles and the shots from high above. I love the choreography and how it flows in perfect time with the music, and how it fits the sound and the costumes they done. I think that the colour scheme is perfect, and the varying shots work seamlessly together. The use of sepia tones in the marching scenes and the darkly lit room for the solo dance sequences are beautifully done, and they feel effective. You get this sense of liberation from the dance scenes, especially, and a sense of unity through the marching shots. They are individuals, but when they come together, they are fighting together, and are even more powerful than before.

It's quite a nice allegory for Morning Musume as a whole, isn't it? That they are individuals, but together, they create the ultimate team. That is what this PV tells me.

Whenever I watch BRAND NEW MORNING, I can't help but feel amazed. This group has had its ups and downs like any other, and there have been times where I just felt they were lacking, in chemistry, structure and individuality. Right now, however, I think that Morning Musume is right where they need to be. They know who they are as a collective, and who they are individually. The members have figured out where they stand, who they are, what they need to do... and they sound and look amazing, even more so than before. It really feels like, with 13th generations arrival, the group that is Morning Musume has finally come together, and realised their strengths as one.

The passion, drive, aggression and confidence that is apparent throughout this MV is wonderful. It radiates with pride and love, and it feels like the group is at its strongest. Hopefully, they become stronger the more they release, and don't fall to the wayside like before. I want them to succeed, especially when they seem so promising, and I want them to show us all that they are not backing down, no matter what comes their way. This is the Morning Musume I have been waiting for, in both sound and aesthetic, and it is the Morning Musume I want to see conquer the industry again. Whether they can do it or not, I'm unsure, but listening to this song and experiencing the MV... Well, I think they can do it.

Unless H!P screw up, or the members just fall apart. Let's pray this is never the case.

BRAND NEW MORNING is an incredible Music Video. It might look simple and plain compared to others prior, but when you really listen to the song and get stuck into the video, you can see the real merit this video delivers. It is powerful and memorable, and it is incredibly passionate in all it delivers. Every dance move, every look and each scene is filled with an incredible amount of dedication, delight and love for the group. You can see how much it means to the members that they are there, in Morning Musume '17, and that they are delivering this song to us. It is truly incredible, and I can't get over just how perfect of a release this is for the 13th generation's debut, and for Morning Musume in general.

That's it. It's perfect. I have nothing more to say.

If my opinion changes in the long run, lol, soz~

If you have any thoughts on the music video for BRAND NEW MORNING and its participating members, please don't hesitate to let me know! Do you agree with everything said, or are there some concerns for my mental health? Is it worse than I have perceived it, or even better than perfection? Let me know, if you wish!

And until next time, everyone, please take care in life! Enjoy all you do, stay happy and healthy, live life to the fullest and, of course, ADORE THY IDOLS!

Much Love and Adieu's,


  1. I liked it! Kaede was so cool \((*)o(*))/
    Do you like Sora Tob Sakana?
    I actually thought Duu was quite cute in this one, stop bullying her (;^;)lol

    1. Kaede is the coolest! I wonder how she would fare in a cute MV, however...?

      I have honestly never followed Sora Tob Sakana. I've not found much reason or desire to. Sorry ;;

      Muahahaha, I love Duu, but I wanna be mean sometimes >8D It's a love love kinda mean ;;

  2. Your blog is so cool! It inspired me to start one too(! I think that brand new morning was pretty good, actally, and it had some of their better dancing in it. I especially love Kaede!

    1. Is the blog real!? It is no longer there ; A; April Fools!? D8 (I found Iron Camellia, however. I love that name XD) Congrats on the blog!!!


      Kaede is a gem, let's all adore Kaede!!! <3 Ahahaha

    I haven't been able to truly oshihen to anyone since Kame, but this girl. This girl. She may just be it. I saw her smile the day she was announced and have been hooked ever since.
    I have a weakness for miki, sakura and akane too (they all probs share second place)

    Kaedii and Yokoyan are going to be one kickass gen (possibly the best since 6th gen?) and i will be so disappointed if the management doesn't properly use the two of them (seriously, i'm getting some proper GakiKame vibes from them).


      Honestly, Reina feels really promising. She has something about her. I get what you mean, honestly. Right now, in HouPri, the girl I adored left a year ago. Didn't think I'd find one I'd like again. I love Nina a lot though in the same group... she is close to Oshi status >o>

      Honestly, a 2 person gen? We've needed this. I like the 4 person and one person gens, but honestly, both Kaede and Reina feel complete. They are different but seem to bounce off one another. Management BETTER promote them right >o>

  4. I had to change the name because it was spelt wrong XD

  5. I have missed your MV reviews, your screen grabs and captions are golden! (Eriman!)

    I spot another who ships - no, ahem! - loves! The power duo that is the 13th gen.

    I actually really love going back to the MV just to see Kaede's joy singing that last note. Her passion and excitement just being where she is truly comes through, and I get feelz all over again.

    But damn! Reina! She is a force to be reckoned with! Did she really just join KSS and then BAM got in the group? It feels like she's been doing this for ages! Her expressions are great. Cute when needed. Happy when needed. Confident and cool when needed, AMAZING.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one enjoying Honey Harunan and Miki in that last part they had of the bridge! They also had harmony line(s)? together in Morning Miso Soup, and it really got me enjoying seeing them together :DDD

    I wish we saw more of Ogata because she is so porcelain, doll-like and lovely to look at.

    Just letting you know they didn't hit each other during those flag bits, because from Upcoming it seems like they all took turns filming it individually.

    I really hope UFP doesn't screw this up, this song, and this lovely, glorious MV, and the single overall is a great start to their 20th anniversary.

    Love that you reviewed BNM's MV! So much to chuckle at! (Cuz it ain't H!P if it didn't, lmao) So much awesomeness! :DDD

    1. ;; waaah thank you! I miss doing them honestly XD

      Who DOESN'T love this little power duo!? ;) They are AWESOME!!!

      Yeah, Kaede singing and actually expressing her joy makes me well up a bit. I fee like I see her true self there, and the delight she has at debuting and showing that her hard work has paid off. This child. DAMNIT!

      I feel like Reina just knows who she is... there is no way someone that new could be such a force, without either being very confident and having high self-esteem, or having had the practice beforehand in other groups. She's so deserving of her place in 13th gen.

      I feel like Honey and Miki are another up-coming power duo. They need more time together. Like, seriously! They sound sooo good together!

      Oh no, I was just joking XD I was making jokes about the fighting with flags XD I know it was individual.

      UFP manage to screw everything up XD I hold little hope.

      I need to attempt jealousy x3 at some point. That... that PV... Yeah >o>