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Updates From The Royal Court! Gravure, Announcements and More!

WARNING: This post contains Swimsuit Gravure! Read on at your own risk! This has been your NSFW Warning!

It's time to reveal all that has been going on within the World of HouPri for the past month or two! Announcements galore, and some Gravure to add a bit of spice, it's time to see just what the members of Houkago Princess have been getting up to, and any future ventures members are taking. Are you ready to fill yourself up with HouPri news?

Because some announcements are never big enough to fill one entire post, I find it a little easier to put together one big hoard of announcements that have gone on with HouPri in so many months. Becuase January and February saw quite a few changes and announcements happening, this post is probably a little earlier than even I anticipated. Still, it's nice to see things happening for HouPri, especially when they seem to be pretty big announcements for the group!

As a fan, it seriously delights me, and just makes me realise how lucky I am to be following them right now. I'm also happy that I can share these great HouPri ventures with you! Hopefully, you will also find delight in this news~

As a forewarning for this post, there is a medium amount of swimsuit Gravure posted after the break! For that reason, this post may be classed as NSFW, and should be viewed with caution when in a public place!

If you are in a safe place, or just don't care what people think, then read on! It's time to Update with some HouPri goodness, and see what you have missed in the news from these past two months~

Let's GO!


On January 16th 2017, Morishita Rina declined her activities within Houkago Princess, and withdrew from the group. The reason for her departure was due to her violation of contract. It has been assumed and rumoured that she was dating a boy.

Rina made a short statement in regards to her withdrawal

"I have declined activities because of my immaturity.
I hope to do my best to see you again, someday.
I am sorry that I could not meet your expectations.
For cheering me on, thank you.

Morishita Rina"

A day after the announcement was made, Rina deactivated her twitter account.

Houkago Princess Staff Blog


In regards to when the announcement was made, I was honestly surprised, and probably a little bit annoyed. I mean, it had been barely a month since Rina had joined, and she was already leaving the group. For such a long time, HouPri haven't had the issue of losing members so swiftly, so I was truly hoping for Rina to stay a little longer, and feel out whether or not she liked being a member.

At the end of the day, though, she broke contract, and management acted accordingly. I'm sad she's gone, but HouPri don't play around; they want Idols who will stay, and are dedicated. It's why their current lineup is one of the strongest right now. Maybe Rina will return in the future (elsewhere), because she is adorable and I had high hopes for her... but, sigh, we will cross that bridge when we come to it, won't we?

On January 27th, it was revealed that throughout February, Lychee Red no Unmei would be used as a support song for a number of TV shows airing in Japan! One such show is Buzzism's POWER PLAY, hosted by Nippon TV (NTV).

The song would also be used as the opening theme for Sapporo TV's Joshisuta ai ku-teki, and the ending theme for the show Kuro Joshi Hakusho on Fukuoka Broadcasting. It is also serving as the ending theme for Getsuyou joho-bin on Aomori Broadcasting.

Previously, Houkago Princess have had one of their songs used as the ending theme for an anime, however, this is the first time they have provided their song for other stations to play.

Houkago Princess Official Website


Honestly, when I read this news, I was damn ecstatic. I mean, it's promotion, right, and the best kind! They latest song is being used on a variety of TV shows, and though it is only for one month, the fact that they are featured is amazing!

I'm really proud of HouPri, and I am so thankful they are being given these amazing opportunities! Though they are still a small group, and many do not know them, I hope they continue to grow and show us all just how amazing they are, and that there is no stopping them! Go, HouPri, GO! <3

Recently this month, Tanaka Asami went to Indonesia for what we can assume was a gravure DVD shoot. Though no details have been revealed, Asami posted images of herself in Bali, Indonesia, wearing bikini's and enjoying Indonesian cuisine.

If a new gravure DVD is released from the newly appointed member, then she will join an ever-growing line of gravure models within Houkago Princess.

Tanaka Asami Twitter


I was honestly surprised to see this! It seems that HouPri Management were quick to get Asami into gravure, because whilst not ~all~ members do it, it is definitely one of the core parts of the group, and another aspect of them that sells quite well. Luckily, like all of the members who have previously done gravure in HouPri, Asami seems comfortable and happy. She fits the image, too!

Again, I am surprised, but I'm happy that she's doing it if she likes it as much as some of the other members do. Though I wonder... will Zomigon be next!? xD

On February 14th, during Houkago Princesses Valentine's Day and Birthday Live for Odagiri Nana, it was announced that both Ota Nozomi and Tanaka Asami had been promoted to Cadet status! After a month and 14 days within HouPri, both members stepped up!

Their member colours were also revealed, with Nozomi representing Yellow, and Asami Pink!

Though Nozomi and Asami have already participated in events, they will be doing even more activities within HouPri. Hopefully they will get promoted to Regular status soon enough, along with Horii Nina!

Tanaka Asami Twitter  |  Ota Nozomi Twitter


I won't lie, when I saw this announcement, I became suspicious. I mean, it's been a long while since HouPri last promoted girls this quickly. Right now, they typically keep them training for about a year before even thinking of making them Cadets, and a further few months before they make them full-fledged members. So, yeah, I'm suspicious, and I have a feeling that with this development, we will see a member or two leave later on this year.

That, or management just promoted them because they knew both members already had prior Idol experience. I mean, it's possible... right?

Still, I'm happy, because both members are hard workers. Right now, Nozomi is juggling her own acting and modelling career alongside being an Idol - something which will benefit HouPri in the long run, I pray - and Asami has so far been to all the events and rehearsals, as well as filming / shooting her first potential gravure DVD!

I don't know how long it will take until all three current Cadets become Regular members, but honestly, I hope it isn't too long; I've wanted Nina to debut for a while now, so hopefully, they will all debut as the 8th generation together, and show us their cute Princess side in an up-coming single! I kinda can't wait, aha!

*As a side note, in regards to their member colours... Yeah, I saw Nozomi strongly representing her yellow banner in silent protest XD I'm more surprised with Asami, though, because she seems like a green chara to me! Still, pink suits her, and I'm glad they got such nice colours... though HouPri really need to stop duplicating colours! FFS XD

On February 17th, both Shirosaki Himari and Kojima Mayumi released their solo Gravure DVD's. This is the first solo gravure release for Himari, and the sixth release overall for Kojima Mayumi.

Himari's gravure DVD is titled Princess no Himitsu wa, and features Himari in cute swimsuits, and cosplay.

Mayumi's sixth DVD - the first release since joing Houkago Princess - is titled Mayumin Iro no Koi, and shows a mature and sexy side to the member. Both DVD's contain making-of footage.


The news about these gravure DVD's has been floating around for a while, at least since November 2016, and when I saw that Mayumin would return to Gravure, and Himarin begin a career in the industry, I was both elated and surprised. I never expected Mayumin to return to it, actually, however she is good at it; it's what she started in, after all. Himari, however... I'm surprised. I never expected this from her! Also, from the images she released, I was 100% sure she would have a cute, romantic DVD filled with innocence and charm.

Well, turns out, some stills show her sexy side. That was kinda unprecedented xD

Well, I'm delighted for them both, and I hope they find success together as gravure Idols. I'm pretty sure the fans are delighted, too!

Princess no Himitsu wa  |  Mayumin Iro no Koi

Sometine in January / February, Ota Nozomi took a trip to Taiwan, allegedly for a modelling shoot. Turns out, Nozomi had been hired as a voice actress for the game Magical Adventure, and would also be providing the theme song for the mobile 3D adventure game! WHAT!?

On February 17th, Nozomi revealed the reason behind her Taiwan shoot, and released the interview and CM footage that she had been filming. This is the first time that Nozomi has been endorsed for a game. The company the promotional clips have been released under state that she is 'the new generation of a sweet goddess', and that she is 'Japan's greatest beauty and charm'.

Nozomi has recently been making headlines in Taiwan as a Japanese beauty, from a few images online that featured her reading in a library. She has been praised in such articles, with her popularity in Taiwan possibly being the reason why she was flown to Taiwan to feature in this shoot.

The crew have praised Nozomi's professional and sweet behaviour, stating that she never once complained about the cold or showed a bitter attitude towards them. From the footage shown, it seems like she got on with the cast and crew well.

The song, potentially titled Yume ni READY GO (my translation sucks, lol), is a refreshing and upbeat piece. This is the first solo release from a Houkago Princess member to be released outside of the group and its company, though it is the second game endorsement from the group, with the first being Miyashita Mayuka, who voiced a character, Amamiya Mayuka, who was based around her on the game Koe☆Kara in 2014.

gamme  |  mofang  |  gamebase  |  storm  |  et today


... Yeah, this was absolute news to me, and holy shit, I am still surprised! o-O Like, dude, how is this actress, singer, model, TV host, Miss Universe Japan candidate, and overall personality even in HouPri!? She is legit too good! Like, I wondered a month ago how they had snagged such a polished professional, and I'm still bloody wondering, even today! Good grief, after Marichu left, I have a feeling some fans were at a loss for how HouPri would handle it, cause she was their money-maker in the gravure circuit.

Well, turns out they've found a bigger talent, and Zomigon is not playing around. I am impressed!

Granted, she might not be the ~best~ singer, however, she is a hard worker and seems pretty charming. I'm honestly not surprised she is well liked in Taiwan, I mean, she is gorgeous! But I'm surprised her apparent popularity in the country got her a damn game deal! o-O Whoa!

I'm blown away by this, and I'm also delighted! HouPri have some magic finding abilities, I swear, cause over the years they've managed to find girls with great talents to join their group, with Nozomi being one of the greatest. Dang!

On February 17th, Horii Nina's first solo gravure shoot for the manga magazine, Young Gangan, was revealed! The magazine features shots of Nina in a white bikini, a swimsuit, and a school uniform.

It was also announced that she would release her first photobook, titled Pure. on March 24th, 2017. This will make Nina the second member of Houkago Princess to release a photo album. A 60 minute making-of DVD will be included, and the PB will contain 48 pages of imagery.

A few articles have been released as a follow-up for the Young Gangan release, claiming Nina to be the 'Next Generation's Strongest Bishoujo' because of her beauty, innocent facial features and fresh look in the gravure circuit. She has been well-received in the Gravure fandom, too, with many fans attending the press release for her first gravure DVD, Minarai Princess Nina, released in November of last year.

An article has also claimed that, "With the withdrawal of Nagasawa Marina last year becoming a major pain for the group, Horii Nina has the potential to fill that hole, and become a masterpiece", directly stating the 17 year old as Marina's successor in gravure.

With only her second year as an Idol beginning, it seems that the gravure circuit is keeping their eye out for Nina right now, after her previous success with only her first DVD release, as well as her publications in GIRLS-PEDIA with fellow Houkago Princess members.

Biglobe  |  manten-web  |  Amazon


Okay, so, HOT DAMN I DID NOT EXPECT A PB RELEASE! I also didn't expect her first gravure magazine spread debut, but crud, I am happy! Nina is so refreshing and pure to look at, and I think she is a damn gem, and to see that she's getting a PB release next, not a Gravure DVD... Well, that's amazing! And to see that the online news articles are really praising her, and seeing her as Marichu's successor... Well, that's even more incredible!

Nina is a true doll, and she is absolutely gorgeous. Though she's not as active as Marichu was at the beginning of her solo gravure ventures, Nina seems to be taking everything in her stride, and showing us that slow and steady is just as good and throwing out multiple DVD's, quickly. The shots that I have seen from the magazine are absolutely amazing, and I am blown away by her beauty and innocence. She seems to know how to work the camera.

I really can't believe that this is the cute, awkward, badly postured 16 year old from over a year ago, though! She's grown so much, and become such a charming beauty!

I feel so proud of Nina, and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next! She's only gonna get better and stronger, and I truly do hope that she succeeds Marichu; if anyone can do it, it's Horii Nina!


There is so much news, and I think there will be even more to come! I mean, it's HouPri; they always have something up their sleeve, whether it's a demotion, graduation, withdrawal, addition, promotion... etc. Luckily, the announcements that have been made these past two or so months have mostly been awesome, with the one sad reveal that Rina had withdrawn from the group. Le sigh.

Well, we can't help it; Idols change and move on, whether it's for better or for worse. I'm just thankful that, so far right now, HouPri are throwing out the nice announcements.

Speaking of...

Still as of yet unannounced... HouPri have new fuckin' costumes, courtesy of the Universal Music group page! Either this is an album release, or a snazzy new single that I really want to get my mits on! Hopefully it's the former, because damn, I've been pining for an album release from HouPri since... well, since their damn major debut! They need one, it's long overdue, and those dresses scream 'ALBUM RELEASE'!!!

Well, until the actual release is announced, I'm in the dark just as much as you are. Hopefully though, the announcement will be soon, because the official website for Houkago Princess released an announcement that on February 20th, there would be an important announcement during the groups release event for Lychee Red no Unmei at 6pm. So, begin your conspiracy theories, cause until we have confirmation, who knows what they're gonna say.

My Yankee Angel thinks it's a Graduation + Album Release announcement. More specifically, Nana's graduation announcement. That actually makes complete sense.

Whatever it is, let's hope it includes an album release. I need one, now, and I need a CD cover featuring those gorgeous dresses in my collection. Gimme, gimme, gimme!!! D8<

... And, that's enough of me today. Hopefully these updates have quenched your thirst for HouPri, or, they have given you a reason to begin following the group. Whatever it may be, I hope you enjoyed this post, regardless.

Until next time, lovelies. Please take care, stay strong, live life and love your Idols.

Much Love and Idol Happiness,

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