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[PV Selection] January 2017

I'm a little late in posting this, but honestly, when have I ever been on-schedule with whatever I do here in O!MT land? With a combination of life and a little bit of laziness, I've put my focus elsewhere, mostly in work and classes. February's proving to be a busy month, but I will try to not lot that deter me from my blogging and writing! I will work hard, and do my best! Hoi~

All excuses aside, let's begin our very first PV Selection for the year 2017! Much like the Music Selection series, this post is dedicated to the music videos I have enjoyed from Idols, artists and groups galore in the J-pop world! Everything posted is, of course, subject to what I enjoy, so if you feel I have neglected to post what you enjoy, I'm sorry, but... I probably thought it was sub-par, boring, or simply OK at best.

This is a one woman show, and if y'all don't like it... well, then that just sucks.

Hopefully there will be something here you like, of course, because this series is not only here to show off what I liked and enjoyed in terms of style, sound and look, but to also share with you all new and unique groups, or fun Music Videos you might have overlooked when searching for something to watch. If I don't succeed in getting you into at least one video here, or at least intriguing you a little, then I am a shite blogger, and my job is clearly not done. Kuso!

Also, if there is a video that you really enjoyed, and think I should watch (either again, or for the first time), just let me know, in any way you can! I may have skipped over it (I do that, too XD), or maybe I just need to give it a second watch to truly appreciate it. Who knows? If you think I should definitely watch a beloved MV of yours, don't hesitate to tell me 'Oi! Chii! Watch this PV! NOW!!" :D

And with all of that lovely stuff said and done, let's get to the main event! Are you ready for some Music and Visual happiness, or do you want to see something a little darker, or even exotic from your Idols? Let's watch on, and find out!


Okay, gonna throw this out there; I wrote this all out at around 6am, and I have a feeling I look like I've been writing drunk xD I haven't, but, yeah... my writing was not at its best last night, right now, though, I don't wanna go through the process of editing and waste any more time. I'm late enough with this as is. So, have some honest, but highly fragmented short video insights. Ha xD

Hopefully you will find something to enjoy here, too, whether it is in sound or vision. I enjoyed all videos posted here a great deal, whether they are simple in look and edit, or extravagant and unique. It's fun to see just how diverse our tastes can go, sometimes.

So, without further ado, let's get into this post, and check out some January '17 MV's! Will there be something here you enjoyed, too? Watch on and find out!

Aozora no Rhapsody by fhána

I honestly wasn't that keen on Aozora no Rhapsody as a song at first, and the video was definitely a strong point for me as a listener. However, after letting it sit for a while, I rather like both, because the song is damn fun to hear, and the video is really cute and appealing. Oh, and it's mostly done in one shot, which is the best damn thing ever. Yeah, there are a few edits in there, but it doesn't seem to detract from the idea that this was mostly done in one shot. I love how everything is mostly done in a practical way, too, keeping the movement and flow rather natural and less technical.

My favourite part about this video is the male band members, honestly. The blonde guy is the best, but their expressions and energy are wonderful. The female vocalist is cute as a button, too.

It's a fun and energetic video with some really cute moments, and some wonderful one-take shots which are enjoyable to watch. This was one of the first videos from January that caught my attention, and honestly, I still find joy in it. An innocent, carefree song and video, Aozora no Rhapsody is such a sweet opener for this January Selection Playlist!

Playground by PASSPO☆

Whilst I may not be the biggest fan of this song, PASSPO☆'s PLAYGROUND is definitely a fun and appealing video, with a classic horror twist that many will enjoy. A slight reminder of the fun, controversial THRILLER music video by Micahel Jackson, PASSPO☆ party as Zombies on a Plane, and masquerade as concerned and well to-do air hostesses, who give their passengers a Zombie Virus in the form of a drink. It's fun, it's enjoyable, and whilst the make-up sucks, it feels like an old-school Hammer Horror, in a fun and tacky way.

I've already reviewed this music video, so I won't talk much more. I don't have anything left to say, anyway xD

Babubabu ~Bubble x Bubble~by Aoharusince2015

I wanted to cry when I saw the girl at the beginning let her book fall into the bathtub. I mean, I like my books, and I pretty much apologise to the damn objects if I even crease a page by accident. So, yeah, the beginning makes me wanna scream and sob... Cause, I'm such a nerd for books, ahaha!

Aside from that little issue, though, I actually do like this video. It's bloody adorable, with its homemade feel. Yeah, it looks like it was made on a budget, but it also feels pretty personal and like a journey... Well, until the teacher comes in, that is. I mean... What? XD This video went from cute, homey Idol video, to weird and funny ahaha!

It's adorable, and you should check it out. The song might not peak your interest, but I like it myself. So, definitely check it out, and see how these adorable girls can charm you with their innocent cheer and sweet smiles!

mama by Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen

Animated from start to finish, mama is a sweet, hand drawn music video that takes the form of a letter to a mother, and the memories between the two. From seeing her daughter begin school, to fighting with her, keeping her sheltered from the rain and bringing her a drink as she studies, mama is all about the affection and relationship between a mother and her daughter, and the bonds they share together, even after the daughter herself becomes a mother.

Though I can't read Japanese, or even understand it in song, mama is such a sweet, sentimental piece that speaks of a wonderful relationship, one that will continue even after you have grown up, and have your own children. The video pretty much spells out everything you need to know about this song, and though it looks plain and simple, it is a powerful, thoughtful music video that will make you smile in the end. One of the final lyrics, Arigatou, mama, will especially make you feel something, because you realise how much we can take a parent for granted, and that sometimes, we need to just say a simple 'thank you' to let them know they are appreciated.

It's cute, it's heartwarming and sweet, and it makes me smile. These types of songs are wonderful, and it makes you realise just how sweet a relationship can be between a parent and child. It may not always be the case, I know that, but, maybe one day, this is the type of relationship you want with your child or sibling, and that they are appreciative of you, like these idols are of their respective mothers.

Girls be ambitious by Honey Spice

This video was floating around my Twitter feed a little bit, and though I was surprised, whenever I look back at Girls be ambitious, I kind of get why; this is a feel good song, with a nice setting for the song in a sunny garden. There are some pretty interior shots, too, but I do think it's the song that gets people, most. Simple, but effective thanks to its cute and cheerful sound.

Honestly, this video isn't astounding in any way, but it is pretty to look at, that's for sure. The members themselves are gorgeous, too, but my favourite scenes are definitely in the low sunlight, giving off an evening warmth that I personally adore, if I'm ever out and about at that time. It feels so gentle and soothing.

Not my favourite video, but honestly, it is the song that gets to me whenever I hear it. Girls be ambitious is really damn cute and cheerful, and it is a great pick me up, thanks to how easy it is to listen to. Stay for the song, but not necessarily the video, I say.

YATTA! by Bando ja nai mon!

This opening, no matter what, makes me giggle just a little bit. I mean, what? XD It's so adorable, and random, and funny!

In fact, this whole video is funny, in a way. It seems to want to take itself seriously, but the group members know that's not the case, so they do it in a way that feels a little sarcastic at times. How they look at the camera, how they interact with each other, and the poses they do is just... it's great. And with the added cheapness of the video, it feels even more hilarious! Seriously, whoever directed this and put it together, I applaud you. This is a great video xD

Oh, and the songs fun, too. That's what got me into the PV; the song hooked me, in all its simple, happy glory, and the video and everything it shows was an added bonus. It's such a fun video, so yeah... WATCH IT, and enjoy! :D


Yakusou Plankton by Hirone-chan

This is a rather soothing video, with some damn gorgeous imagery. I mean, that opening scene is mesmirising in itself, and the reason why I've added this music video to my list. It's so peaceful and gentle, and just keeps me at ease. The rest of the video, with its blue tone and long scenes, keeps a gentle pace, though the camerawork itself might disrupt you as a viewer at times. It's anything but steady, and I know not a lot of people like that.

That said, the constant movement of the camera works to keep the video somewhat interesting; because a few of the shots are long and unedited, the movement keeps us interested. The overlaps of water and interior are nice, too, and just intrigue me. I mean, this is a simple video, it's a paint by numbers Music Video, but by gawd, it's gorgeous as heck.

Oh, and this is a damn good song. I mean... damn. I really enjoy Yakusou Plankton. Even if y'all aren't keen on it, I am. Hirone-chan, I may just watch out for you!

Lover or Friend by Carat feat. SARA

This one I put in here because I like this song. It's so cute and upbeat, though the cute girls are an added bonus! I mean, the video is actually a fun watch, too, but I am definitely here for the song itself, because it's so damn catchy.

Also, I want their hairstyles and hair colours. All of them! They look like a 90's pop band with their clothes, too, which is a nice rewind. That said, I question whoever did their wardrobe, cause some 90's styles (and haircuts) need to stay dead.


Gawd damnit, why can't we have full PV's from all of our beloved groups? I mean, I want to see the end of this MV, especially when it got a little bit emotional towards the end, when we realise they want to see one another, but neither are there together. Also, the wall. THE WALL!

Donald Trump got to Japan, yo >o>

It's not a bad song, either, though FLAWLESS is anything but its title suggest. I mean, it's a cute as heck song, but it's so generic and bland, that it does become forgettable. Still, I'm glad to see Pyxis was not a one-shot album deal, because these two have good chemistry, and are cute to boot.

This is a cute video, and I want to see what happens, and to see if they finally have dinner together. Or, if they break down the wall. It's fun to think about what could be, and how everything will play out. Hopefully, there is a happy ending, or, possibly... a To Be Continued?

Chase Me by Dreamcatcher

Speaking of To Be Continued's... Introduced to me in January, my friend Yankee Angel threw this video at me, and I've enjoyed it since. So far, it's one of the better PV's I've seen, if not, the best that 2017 has had to offer. And it's bloody K-pop, if all things.

Japan need to step it up, yo, otherwise PV of the Year could go to Chase Me, because it meets a lot of my criteria for a great PV; the camerawork, stellar choreography, a fun concept, shots that fit its horror theme, and stunning imagery. It's bloody art, mate, and I am hooked on this one. Also, I can't wait for the continuation of this tale. I wonder if the guy goes mad?

I've reviewed the video already, so for more information on why I enjoyed it, check out my review here. Hopefully, you won't get any nightmares from reading about it~

Koi no Tofu mental by Tofu Idol Kimuramame tomi ten

I don't think anything has ever left me desiring Tofu so strongly like this song has, and yet, it managed to do just that. Clearly product placement, this is a simple but fun, and highly entertaining video about tofu the love and affection three girls put into creating a heartfelt Tofu dish for their beloved mannequin boyfriends. It's weirdly sweet, and highly adorable.

The song isn't much to rave about - it feels like Bargain Perfume, if anything - but the video is definitely a great watch, especially if you want to see some cute Idols throwing tofu at a few mannequins who rejected them. Ha!

Weirdly adorable, this is one song that makes me crave tofu, whilst also question just... why? Why sing about Tofu?

Basket Queen by Erabareshi

Oh gawd, this is a super fun video, with a song that feels a little AKB-ish. I mean, that's not a bad thing; it matches the song well, and has an endearing quality about it, but the video is definitely the thing to stay for, here. It's quirky and original, with an awesome concept about youth against adults, and showing their passion and drive for basketball, and how little can stop them from following their passions and dreams.

That said, the firl who smashed the ping pong ball with her basketball kind of cheated, you know? XD

The effects used to give the video a comic book feel are a nice addition, too, and whilst the choreography can feel a little bland and slow, the rest of the video is just entertaining as heck, and has some damn nice cinematography. Some scenes feel downright ethereal and bright at times, adding to the quality of Basket Queen.

It's fun, cute, and funny at times, and definitely worth your views. I think a few of you will like it, for sure.

Cocoa by MisaChia (AAA)

Okay, this video is just darned cute. Cocoa is quite simply a homey, friendly video that feels personal at times, and true. It's as sweet as its name suggest, and just feels completely natural, as if both the members really do have a strong relationship beyond what the camera might suggest, It's damn cute, and it made me smile so much when I first watched the video.

Plus, it's outside in the open nature, giving the video a bright and warm feeling. It's so comforting and gentle, and just makes me want to go camping with my friends. It feels a little nostalgic thanks to this, too, though I will admit, the scenes of MisaChia in a studio, with a chocolate brown backdrop, ruin the picturesque sweetness of the MV, for me.

Shoulda kept the video all natural and sentimental, guys xD Still, I want to see the whole thing, and to enjoy every moment of Cocoa's sweetness. It really is a heartwarming, cute video.

Peanut Butter Jelly Love by Country・Girls

Going from Tofu to Cocoa, and now to Peanut Butter Jelly Love... well, it seems like there's a theme in the Idol world, doesn't it? So much food to consume, too many delicious songs to indulge in, and yet PBJL is my favourite of them all. With its romantic sound and memorable beat, PBJL has been one of my favourite songs since its release. I mean, how can I not? It's so damn sweet, and it just gets stuck in my head.

Plus, peanut butter is one of my favourite spreads to put on a sandwich! So, of course I would love it!

In terms of the video itself, I admit that, at first, I was little bit underwhelmed. I mean, it's a pretty piece, with some gorgeous dresses, nice little edits, and the solo shots are gorgeous, but... the scientific side to it makes zero sense, though it does lend to some quirky, fun moments that get a small chuckle out of me. Still, the artistic direction for the science scenes especially confuses me, still, but... whatever. It's H!P. They seldom make sense, but the lack of an actual peanut butter jelly sandwich saddens me. Damnit, H!P! Y'all had one job, it was there in the lyrics, and... you replaced jam (jelly), with fuckin' jelly beans! WHAT!?

So... pretty PV, gorgeous song, but a confusing idea that runs throughout the MV. I mean, I like it, but... WHAT!? Whaaaat?


Aw, man, that opening is life, and this video is just... Yeah, it's enticing and pretty to look at. I mean, it's pretty damn dark, but the mix of black and red is seductive and eye catching, and the members are all... Well, they are UNF, man, and I love looking at this video. It's pretty damn sexy, in my opinion, and I am enjoying every minute of sexy AAA. My Valentine's won't be too boring, if I just play this video on a loop ;)

The video's a bit simple, but that's fine. The members make use of their surroundings pretty well, and the added props are fun to look at. I like the clothes, too, and their solo shots are LOVE! The added effects and overlapping scenes are... okay. Not my favourite, though I do like the breaking of the glass. Destruction is fun. Those solo scenes are gorgeous, though, especially Nissy and Mitsuhiro's. UNF! They so damn fine, man.

This is my eye candy video for January, guys. Gawd damn, it's such yummy eye candy, too xD

Shirotsumekusa by THE HOOPERS

Okay, so I may not be the biggest fan of THE HOOPERS (only cause I've not given them a full chance, yet), but, gawd damn, this is a beautiful video, and a nice nod to Kabuki and the Takarazuka theatre. I mean, this is beautiful, and the video is like a work of art. Also, it has history elements, which call to me. I may not be the biggest history buff, but damn, I do like me some history, especially when it has such elaborate costumes as this one does.

Also, this one corresponds nicely with HouPri's latest MV release, Lychee Red no Unmei. It feels traditional, and it looks bloody gorgeous from beginning to end. It's such a damn shame that it's a short version, though, because damnit, this looks amazing!

Where are my full length videos, damnit!?

Lychee Red no Unmei by Houkago Princess

#FoodNamesforJpopDay, am I right? I mean, I get the significance of this one; Lychee was the favoured fruit of Yang Guifei, the historical figure this song is based upon, and it was the very fruit the emperor would basically send to her within a day from one side of China to the other, to show his devotion and love to his beloved consort. But... food. So. Much. Food.

Also, another bloody video that's only a short version, when really, I kinda want the full effect. Don't just give me half my Lychee, and expect me to not be hungry afterwards! Gawd damnit, UMJ >o>

All my gripes aside, gawd damn, this video! Yet again, HouPri continue to show their improvement and continual growth in music videos with this stunner. Vivid and gorgeous, Lychee Red no Unmei seems to truly embody the spirit of China, thanks to the location used (in Japan, no less!) and beautiful reds that adorn the mis-en-scene, and their clothing. I mean, it's stunning. Everything about this video is amazing, and heck, Nana really suits this one. She looks incredible here, and usually, I just think 'eh, she looks okay'.

In general, though, everyone looks incredible here, and I can't wait to see the full MV. What we see here, already looks like a film, and I want to see what the end result is. Will it live up to expectation, or will it falter a little? Who knows, either way, I'm excited. So far, of the Japanese MV's released, this is the one I'm most excited for, the best looking one out there, and that's not because it's HouPri; it's because this is a genuinely good looking MV, and it deserves the credit it is due... for now.

Morning Miso Soup by Morning Musume '17

... Food. Again. Fuckin' food, though seriously, as a song, Morning Miso Soup is damn addictive. I mean, it's probably because it's a cover of an already great song, but, who cares? Morning Coffee has been updated beautifully, though I question why they let Ayumi sing a solo. Well... it's better than Ai no Tane live, from this lineup. Seriously.

Honestly, though, this is a great cover, and I really do love how it sounds. I also love how the group released it on January 28th originally, the anniversary of the groups original debut in 1998. It's so damn sweet, and sentimental... until it was taken off, and re-uploaded on January 31st, that is. Lol.

In terms of the actual video, though, I really do like it. It's a quality piece, and feels so natural and fun. Seeing MoMusu in the outdoors is an absolute treat, too, and I'm so glad they were given a decent budget and idea for Morning Miso Soup, thanks to the campaign they are doing with Marukome. I mean, whoever had creative control over this, they need to be hired for future MV's with the group; this is a nice piece of work, and feels like a little throwback to their song, Aruiteru. It's so personal and sweet, and fits the joy and carefree nature of the current lineup beautifully.

Hopefully, for the year 2017, we get a few more fun, quality MV's like this one. It's relaxing, beautiful, natural, and so damn sweet. I love everything this video shows, and I want the quality and happiness to continue throughout their future videos. That's not too much to ask for, is it?


And voila! Hopefully there was a good amount here for you to enjoy and digest, and also, I pray you found something to enjoy as much as I did, too! Whether it's from a group you already know and love, or someone new, I do wish for you to find something in these Selection posts to enjoy and adore!

For the first PV Selection of 2017, this one was a good harvest, and a lot more fruitful than last years pickings! It's only the beginning of 2017's Music Videos, however, so there are plenty more to come, and so much more to see and enjoy! I wonder, though... will any of these make it into my End of Year Top MV picks, or will they simply fall by the wayside? It's around 10 or so months away, I know, but it's best to be prepared! For now, however, I will wait with anticipation for the future MV's of the Year to be released! Will you wait patiently with me?

If you have a list yourself of your favourite Music Videos or Songs from January 2017, please be sure to share them! Whether it is with your friends, myself or family, the act of sharing is caring, and will spread the sound of Idol throughout the Lands! So, let's get to sharing, and bringing forth the Songs of our Beloved's to everyone else!

For now, however, I will take my leave! Until we meet again next time, dear readers, please listen to your music, enjoy life, stay happy and healthy, and of course, love your Idols. Take care!

Much Love and Sing-Along Songs,


  1. Ah, Morning Misoshiro PV is sooo nice! Throughout the whole video I had such an Aruiteru feel about it I'm glad you mentioned that too! I guess I really like seeing them in everyday clothes, too. Lol

    1. It really is! It's so tranquil and pretty! I'm glad you saw it, too! I swear, sometimes I think I'm the only one! But yes, everyday clothes feels like a rarity, but it's so beautiful to see it, too! Thank you, H!P XD

  2. Morning Misoshiru has to be on the list imo, when I saw the MV I was like "Whoa, they able to do that." HP MV shoot in outside is a luxury lol

    By the way Chiima, can you give your opinion about Tsubaki major debut? There are so many different and diverse opinions, so I really want to know your mind about it.

    1. Yeah, I think if people hated it, I'd question them aha... it's a really nicely filmed MV! A bit slow at parts, but, it fits with the pace of the song, if anything. And yeeeeah, this IS a luxury! xD Hopefully the soup is luxurious, too :p

      Ah, the major debut single, or the whole debut, itself? I may do... I had no plans to review the videos individually, though I can review and give my views as a collective. Good idea~ XD

  3. AAA's Magic PV - UNF! And the song is amazing too, the sound is a little different to what they usually do, and I really like it.

    Maybe January and February is food PV months due to how cold it is xD

    Love that you got "Aruiteru" vibes from Morning Miso Soup, cuz same here! I think the whole concept really suits the girls and so it was a joy to watch them outdoors, like finally H!P.

    1. It's so good, right!? I love it when they go mature and edgy. It really suits them. You'd think this was a song for Now You See Me, or something XD

      Let's eat all the food for hibernation... lmao!

      Yes, it does feel so homey and Aruiteru-like! I loved that MV, so, it's nice to see that feel and look for Morning Miso Soup! I want more MV's like this, hopefully H!P will get the message?