Monday, 6 February 2017

[Music Selection] January 2017

It's the second month of the New Year, which means that my Monthly Selection posts begin again! For the month that once was, it's time to take a look back, list the music I have listened to and enjoyed, and share with you all my favourites in sound from January 2017! I wonder, will there be a lot here, or a select few that I feel out-rank the rest? Let's find out~

We are officially back with the Monthly Selections, and I have split the posts in two, yet again! One post for Music, one for PV's, because there is just so much choice, and not enough space to fill them efficiently! So for today, you will receive my Music picks for January 2017, and another day, the PV Selection will follow, with my favourites in vision. Doesn't that sound nice?

Of course, these [Music Selection] posts are made up of songs I myself enjoy. As an individual, I cannot listen to or even enjoy everything that comes my way, so of course, the songs listed here will be the ones I think are good, great, or amazing. This does not necessarily mean you will think so, as well, because our tastes are completely different, and what I like, you might hate, and vice versa. So, if there is something on here that disgusts you, or I am missing a song you loved, well... Not really my issue. This is my list, and I choose what's put on here. This is how my blog runs, and I'm not gonna lie through my teeth and say I like or hate something when that really is not the case.

That said, I do hope there will be something on this list you will enjoy, as well as a group or two that pique your interest and make you smile! If not, well... that's too bad, but be sure to tune into next month's Selection to see if there is something new on there you agree with! Not every month can be a winner, but I sure can try next time~

Spiel finished, let's get into the post. It's Music Time!


Because I spent a good week (well, more than a week) listening to predia releases, my time listening to any other artist or group kind of lacked. That, and I find January a rather slow month in single releases, because everyone is preparing for the on-coming months. Luckily, I did find some gems from the month gone by that I really did like and enjoy, and think you should give a go. I also listened to an album I have honestly forgotten completely (which is sad, as I do like the singer herself), but that's how music works; there will always be hits and misses.

Anyway, before I ramble on even more, here are my picks for January 2017! Songs in the now, tunes from the past, and tracks from the future are included! I wonder, what will appear, and will you like them just as much as me? Let's dive in, and find out~

January '17

Live & Try by Takagaki Ayahi (2017.01.18)

I have listened to Takagaki Ayahi previously, from her Melodia album releases. Surprisingly, I know her more for her English covers than I do her Japanese songs, so hearing her sing in her mother tongue is a refreshing change of pace. She is a wonderful singer, no matter what language she sings in, but damn, Live & Try is bloody gorgeous.

I was not anticipating that I would like this song, much, but I was taken by just how lovely this song is. It opens with a choir - that was a surprise - and throughout, we hear the backing choir return here and there, adding an element of sincerity and tranquillity to the song. Not that it needs it, of course; this song is pretty damn peaceful already. Still, it's really beautiful, and makes the song feel quite heavenly and sweet at points. I could totally imagine this being sung in a church.

It's a pretty song, and I really enjoy it. It's one I remember pretty well, and it's highly enjoyable. It's probably going to be my ~peaceful~ song for a while, when I need something to put me at ease after a long, stressful day.

Yokusou Plankton by Hirone-chan (2017.01.18)

There is a quaint charm to this song, with a faint trace of sadness throughout. Initially, when I first heard this song, I wondered why it reminded me of something I had heard before. Amazingly, I had forgotten I had heard this song previously from a PV preview. Well, that wasn't surprising; I don't think I liked the song that much. And, yet, Yokusou Plankton has grown on me greatly. I mean, it's a gorgeous song.

This is a song that won't be to everyone's tastes. Hirone-chan's voice isn't exactly 'amazing', but it does fit the tone and style of the instrumental well. I actually like how she sounds here, it adds to this rather otherworldly feel the song provides, and it calms me quite a lot, whilst also bringing a bit of sadness whenever I hear her soft, sugary voice to this bittersweet instrumental.

I really like this song, and I like how it seems to take me on a journey the more I listen to it. Another aspect I love about this song is that, at one point, you think it will end, but it goes on, and only feels sadder as you listen to it, and you feel this great pull of emotion. It's pretty amazing, and it truly exceeds my expectations.

Sweet Dolce by Ueno Yuuka (2017.01.17)

This goes for the entire album that is Sweet Dolce, because good grief, this is a wonderfully compiled mini-album. It's diverse, entertaining, and just as sweet as the title might suggest. This is a mini-album that I have adored and enjoyed greatly since receiving it in the mail, and I can't get enough of it! I would love to emphasise just how great this album is, but honestly, I have no words for its beauty and quality.

Of course, you are subject to thinking what you like about it, and I could be completely wrong in your eyes. For me, however, Sweet Dolce in its entirety is a gem, and a testament to Yuuka's talent as a solo singer, lyric writer and composer in some songs!

I have already written a review on this album and the treat that it is, and do urge you to listen to at least one or two songs from it to get an idea of Yuuka and her overall style and voice. She plays around a bit here with sound and style, actually, which is why this mini-album is so wonderful; it's a step away from the calm, soothing, mature Yuuka I've come to know and enjoy, and finally shows off her playful, cute side that I have been dying to see. Koisuru Pretty Girl is the song for this side, whilst Koi Nikki is a great contrast, showing off her usual mature, demure side.

Check it out, and make up your own mind as to whether or not you enjoy it, too!


NOIR by Fudanjuku (2016.08.31)

Okay, hot DAMN, this is an awesome song. Where the feck was I when it came out? Ignoring Fudanjuku, that's where, and I am a dumb fool for doing that. I mean, NOIR is glorious and beautiful, and a really amazing debut for then-new member, Leo. Seriously, such a cool, mature, rather powerful song for a cool-looking guy with grace and poise for days. This is such a fun song, too, I can't help but move along to it. It feels a little flirty sometimes as well, which I like,

Flirt with me, Fudanjuku~

NOIR has punch and character, and I love that this was a debut song. It's a great introduction, and it is absolutely beautiful in sound. I wish I had heard it when it first came out, but honestly, I love it now, and that#s all that matters, right? I will give it my appreciation and adoration here and now!

Go listen to NOIR, and fall for the power and flirtatious ambitions of Fudanjuku, guys! ♡

Utsukushiki Kodoku Tachi by predia (2014.12.17)

I may not like the music video for this song, but gawd dangit, I do like Utsujushiki Kodoku Tachi on its own. It packs a punch, and it jist sounds great, overall. It's a damn fun song to listen to, and of all the releases and tracks I heard from this group during predia week, this is the song that I remembered most, and the one I was singing aloud to myself or humming along to when out walking, going to class, or thinking about anything but my school work.

It's embedded into my brain, yo, and I think Ashley is doing a happy dance now that I've revealed this to the world and beyond.

BOROBORO ~Kono Ai wa Boroboro ni Naru Unmei na no ka~ by predia (2016.06.22)

... If y'all thought I'd come out of predia week mentioning none of these songs for my Music Selection posts, then yeah, you were wrong. No matter what, I would like something, and given the fact I enjoyed about 99% of everything I heard from predia that week, some of it would totally make it into this post. Be thankful I whittled it down to my Top 3, ha xD

BOROBORO is a damn gorgeous song, and one of the top tier of all the tracks I heard from the group. It's gorgeous, mature, bittersweet, and filled with emotion and passion. I want to hug all of the members who sang here, especially after viewing the video that accompanies BOROBORO. Damn, that's an emotional piece of visionary beauty. Whoever broke their hearts, I'm prepared to slap them.

No one puts predia in a corner! D8<

Mitashite Amore by predia (2015.08.26)

A+ song, A+ everything. This is currently my favourite song from predia, because it's so aggressive and fun! It's a great listen, and just makes me think 'wow, this group is premium!'. They are so damn good here, with a hint of sexy mixed into mature loveliness. It's just so damn addictive, and the song I suggest you give a chance when listening to predia for the first time.

Or the second.
Heck, for the 100th or thousandth time. It's a song you need to put on repeat, cause it is worth the loop, and it's worth destroying your ears over.

Mitashite Amore is glorious, and I am sad it's not a 2017 song, cause it would be in my Top whatever many songs list for the end of the year. God damn, I luuuuurve this track!

Monthly JUMP

Introducing Monthly JUMP, this section looks ahead of time at the future releases of the year! These are the releases I am currently looking forward to, whether I have listened to them in full, or simply heard snippets! The excitement begins here, and gives you a clue as to what songs I am enjoying from the future!

Peanut Butter Jelly Love by Country Girls (2017.02.08)

When it comes to Peanut Butter Jelly Love, I've seen more dislike than love towards it. Personally, I freakin' love this song - recently, I found a number of others who like this song, too - however, when it initially came out, all I saw was disregard. Hate. Absolute loathing, and those who dislike it questioning those who do enjoy it, and saying they had no taste if they did enjoy this song.

Well, clearly, I question your taste just as much, because good grief, this is a cute song!

In all honesty, though, you have your tastes, and I have mine. Don't disregard my opinion (or anyone else's) simply because you hate the song. I can't help it is my taste buds are attracted to this particular song, and you can't help enjoying the blandness that I find in Good Boy Bad Girl, or whatever it's called.

Anyway, this song isn't out yet, but that hasn't stopped me listening to it on a number of occassions. In fact, this is one of my most played songs throughout all of January, right next to a few choice picks from Sweet Dolce. Peanut Butter Jelly Love is adorable, romantic, and perfect for Valentine's day. It's so nice, and also, I can't help but feel at a loss, knowing this is one of Momoko's last songs...


Lychee Red no Unmei by Houkago Princess (2017.02.15)

The complete opposite of Peanut Butter Jelly Love, HouPri's up-coming chapter in their on-going tale is Lychee Red no Unmei, a damn aggressive, fast-paced track that packs more than a bit of a punch, and shows us that they're not as delicate as we might like to think. Yeah, we've had PURE HEART, Manatsu no Yoru no Yume, Kiete Shirayukihime and others, but good grief, I don't think they've had anything like this. This is aggression and pride, and it fits them so freakin' well!

This is kind of beyond cool, if you ask me, and I really can't wait to hear the entire thing, start to finish. I want the bridge, I want the full MV, and I want the power! I crave Lyrchee Red no Unmei, like Yang Guifei craved her desired Lychee fruit!

I'm super surprised this type of song came from HouPri, but honestly, they're always surprising me, and I've followed them since their debut. I'm glad they do, though, otherwise they might get boring. Ha!

UFO by Pink Babies (2017.02.15)

Okay, so there was a point in January where I was kind of obsessed with this song, and I don't know why. I've never been particularly fond of UFO in the past, but right now, I freakin' love this song and the group that sings it. It's a great cover, and works really well as a group song. Maybe it's because I've previously listened to MM's cover of UFO, and in comparison, it kinda really sucks?

Well, regardless, I really like the song now, and again, for a good chunk of January, it was both UFO and Peanut Butter Jelly Love I happened to be obsessed with. Heck, listening to it again, I wonder what stopped me from listening to it on a loop for the rest of January?

Ah, yes... predia week! It halted my addiction for this song. Now, however, I can get back on this bandwagon! Kekekeke!


And with that, our list for January in 2017 Music comes to its end! But, don't fret, because come March, there will be February's picks ready and waiting for you! Hopefully the ones I have delivered this time around have quenched your thirst for Idols and music, though, and I pray you find something to your liking, whether it's from the Now, the Past, or even the Future that is rolling on towards us!

For now though, please enjoy the music you have heard and liked, love your Idols through and through, and enjoy the on-coming February and the sounds it will provide! Until next time, everyone!

Much Love and Sing-Along's,


  1. where have you seen any dislike for peanut butter jelly?
    literally everyone ive seen have loved/liked it.. and it's a very cute song, so ya know, it's not weird

    1. The first few days it was out, the dislike was all over my Facebook feed. Seriously. When I eventually queried why people hated it on a status, I had a lot of similar answers like yours; 'Where have you even seen this dislike?' 'I've only seen praise!'. However, I had a few of my friends on FB confirm that they, too, saw absolute disdain towards the song from other people.

      I guess it depends who you have around you; I have a lot of out-spoken people, all with different tastes, and a lot of those who voiced their dislike of this song, just prefer cooler, more mature songs that they probably consider better and higher quality.