Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Matsuno Rina of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku Passes Away (08/02/2017)

I don't like posting these kinds of things, and I especially don't like posting them right away. I don't want to feel like a mindless news reporter, stating the news like it's any other day, any other occurrence. So, if I never immediately post something like this, it's because I want the right words, and because I hope to seem respectful to those that have passed. This is not just 'news' to me, and it isn't just 'news' to you.

Idols are people we care about, and these are the kinds of post I don't want to simply publish and brush over. I am not a disconnected news outlet. I am an Idol fan, like everyone else.

Today, in the early hours of the morning, Matsuno Rina passed away. She was 18 years old, and many of you knew her as a member of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku. The cause of her death is undetermined as of right now, but nothing will lessen the sadness and pain that her friends, family, fellow group members, management and fans are feeling at this sudden news.

I know a lot of you are heartbroken. Even those who don't follow Ebichu are in mourning. Even when it is an Idol we know little about, or do not cheer on as we do others, the passing of a beloved Idol is hard for all of us, because we are all fans, and we bear the same feelings and hope for the Idols we do cheer on. So, we feel your pain, and we grieve with you.

I do not follow Ebichu, but when I heard the news, all I could do was cry. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and loss Rina's family and fellow group mates are feeling right now, or how saddened and stricken with grief her fans are. It's an unimaginable feeling, and I am so sorry that you are all going through this pain right now.

Right now, I am sad and I am mad. I am sad, because a young girl has died so suddenly in her youth and without warning. I am sad because all those who have loved her, from near or afar, are grief stricken and at a loss for what to do. I am sad because someone's sunshine has been covered by nothing but dismal grey and burning rain, and I am sad because her smile will no longer be present in many of your lives.

And I am mad because there are people out there who dare to say 'I wonder how long it will take Ebichu to disband'. I am mad because people think her Idol career lead her to this point. I am mad because she was so young, and was taken so quickly. I am mad that life can be so cruel.

I want to cry, and I want to hug people. I want to punch a wall and throw a tantrum. I want to make sure the people I know, the ones that loved her, are okay.

I don't want to post this post. But, I want to reach out and say to everyone 'I am sorry' and let you know that Matsuno Rina, even though I did not know or follow her or Ebichu, are in my heart and mind this sad, lonely day.

The Idols we adore and follow, though we do expect them to leave our lives at some point, this is not the way we want to see them go. We hope to see a grand graduation, and to see them lead their lives happily after graduation. We want to know they are fine, and to hear that they are still meeting their fellow members at concerts and dinner dates, or to see them perform again in a new group, or watch as they walk down a new career path.

We never expect to see our Idol one last time. Their smile promises a return, an everlasting ray of sunshine that will warm your heart, and swear to you that they will always be there. You never expect that ray of sunshine to stop shining down on you, so when something as sudden as Rina's passing happens - even when it isn't sudden - the world becomes colder than it already is.

Today is a sad day in the Idol World, and I hope you keep Matsuno Rina, her family, friends, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, all of 3B Junior, Stardust Promotions and the fans in your thoughts and heart today. Today, the industry has lost a sweet girl to the perils of nature, and no matter what or who caused it, February 8th, 2017 is a sad and lonely day, and we should pay our respects as best we can to this Idol who has left our lives in the saddest way possible.

But please, even in this time of grief and pain, don't forget the happiness she has brought you. Even when an Idol is gone, never let their smile fade from your memories.

Rest In Peace, Matsuno Rina. You are in my thoughts, like all the other fans out there who loved and adored you.

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  1. This sort of sums up my own feelings on the matter. I don't follow the group, but I'm still upset and sad about it. And it's also angering me seeing comments on some news sites being really heartless with what they say.

    1. It's such terrible news. I don't follow them, either, but as a collective, we fans feel for one another, and it's sad when an Idol from a group we know friends love passes ):

      The comments... urgh. I want to hit half of them. How can they be so blatantly disrespectful!?

  2. To hear that Rina is gone is a horrific shock. I can't believe it. These past years Ebichu have grown to be a tremendous inspiration to me. My thoughts go out to Rina's family and friends.


    1. It's terrible ): I hope everyone wishes them well. Ebichu are going to miss a key piece, for a long time, but I know they will perform and release with Rina in their memory.