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[predia week] The Viola's Trance - 'Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete' (Mini-Album Review)

The week dedicated to much that is predia continues, with our third day dedicated to one of the groups two mini-albums! Though this post was originally supposed to be dedicated to another single, I requested a change from the list given to me by my dear Ashley, whom this series is dedicated towards, because the song in question would have been used three times, max, in up-coming reviews. I kind of didn't want that, because it lacks in diversity, and just feels repetitive.

Still, I'm guessing it's a favourite of hers, which isn't a bad thing; it's just that for a blog, it's nice to throw in something else every now and again. I doubt y'all wanna see repeats every few days. This isn't cable TV!

So, with the change made and a mini-album now in my list of reviews for predia week, let's get into the review, and check out even more predia! Have you strapped those headphones on nice and tight?

I'm surprised that, when creating the list for predia week, my dearest Ashley didn't add predia's latest mini-album, Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarate on there, before I queried her about it. I mean, I love mini-albums, for one; they're a lot easier to sit through than a full-length album, and just as charming as any other release. Plus, she likes this mini-album, too, but honestly, I don't fault her~ She is a busy bee, and when I suggested I review this instead, Ashley was quite pleased by the decision. So, it's resolved, and today, this is the review of choice!

... Well, the one choice I do get in this list of reviews. And boy, am I glad I spoke up! This is a cracking mini-album!

Returning for another day into a world of elegance and maturity, it's time to be transported into a sound that is so distinctly predia, filled with wonderful vocals and beautiful music! I'm ready to dive right in, and hopefully, you are, too! For our third day of predia week, let's check out Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete, and fall further in love! Are you prepared to fill your ears with such divine tunes?

Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete

Release Date: June 22nd, 2016

Track List:

1. BOROBORO ~Kono Ai wa Boroboro ni Naru Unmei na no ka~ (BOROBORO~この愛はボロボロになる運命なのか~)
2. Ikue Ai no (幾重の愛に)
3. Mitashite Amore (満たしてアモーレ)
4. Tokyo Scandal (東京スキャンダル)
5. Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de (刹那の夜の中で)
6. Tears Again
7. The Call

DVD Track List:

1. BOROBORO ~Kono Ai wa Boroboro ni Naru Unmei na no ka~ (Music Video)

Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete
~Album Review~

1. BOROBORO ~Kono Ai wa Boroboro ni Naru Unmei na no ka~ 

Already impressed with the last two releases suggested to me for review, I really don't expect anything less than greatness from predia, at this point. Two releases in, and my hopes for the group are high, and already, there's great promise, here; BOROBORO, as I will call it, is a pretty fun track, as well a great opening piece for the entire mini-album. I won't go as far as to say it's the best piece here, but it is a genuinely nice piece.

The instrumental is pretty, the vocals are clear and strong, and when the song starts I just can't help but melt into it and feel a little at peace. It's quite lovely, and not what I expected, given how strong and energetic their past songs have been. That said, BOROBORO is certainly a refreshing because of this, and allows us a nice little change from the upbeat, dance-heavy sound of predia that I've come to know over the past few days. It's just as addictive, though, and just as well-done as their other tracks.

I've not had much time to check out the video, but honestly, I love the hue and style it takes on. It's very pretty to look at, and once again demonstrates the maturity and a subtle dose of sexiness that predia embodies. It's also pretty emotional in its look, with the expressions portraying so much hurt and despair that works effectively, and seems quite real.

Also, again, it's damn pretty to look at. I like PV's like this, because not only is it well made, but also emotive and filled with human expression. It feels, and it makes us feel, in turn. It's nice to see predia's acting ability, too.

This is a gorgeous, sentimental song with some strong imagery and gorgeous vocals. Even before I had watched the video, the song that is BOROBORO gave me strong visuals in my own mind, painting a rather solemn picture in my head.

It may not be my favourite song on the mini-album, but the second I heard it on my first listen, I thought it was a beautiful piece, and I knew I would enjoy it from the get-go. It offers so much, and it works well with the other songs selected for this track list. It's pretty, it's passionate and emotive, and it's a wonderfully sentimental piece filled with feelings I haven't really heard much from predia, yet. It's nice to see that they are continuing to impress me with their wide range of songs.

2. Ikue Ai no

I swear, this song gets better the more I hear it, and it is freakin' addictive. I swear, that word is thrown around a lot in these predia reviews, but it's true; predia's music is addictive, and I doubt I'm going to stop using this word after this specific review. I mean, what do they add into their instrumentals? Crack? Pure sugar??? What is in here that makes their music so damn glorious, and how do we apply it to H!P and AKS?

What is their secret?

Okay, tangent run, I really do enjoy Ikue Ai no. It's fun. It's energetic and fast paced, and I just adore how the bridge goes, and the verse... and the chorus... basically, I love everything about this song, because it gives me a little bit of an adrenaline rush, as well as aural happiness thanks to its upbeat instrumental, wonderful vocals, and vivid sound. It's quite beautiful, and a complete contrast to the sentimental beauty that was BOROBORO. It's going back into the territory I most associate with predia right now, though this isn't a dance club song, by any means... at least, not like the ones I've listened to. This one is a little bit different, and feels a lot more premium in its quality.

Which is saying something, because every damn song of predia's so far has felt premium, gosh darnit.

It's a great song, I really, really like it, and think that it's making its way into my 'favourites' of predia songs I've heard so far. Why this one didn't get a PV, I don't know, because it bloody well deserves one! Such a colourful song needs a colourful video, plus, we must see more of the predia loveliness on-set! Give it to me, nooooow!

3. Mitashite Amore

I've already given my thoughts on the song in the previous review, so I really don't need to reiterate my thoughts, though I will give you the footnotes version;

GERSH DERN I LUUURVE THIS SONG! I highly doubt my thoughts will change any time soon, and I doubt my tastes will change, either. It's a glorious piece, and deserving of being an A-side. The video, I could easily pass on, however. It doesn't hold much intrigue for long, lemme tell you!

4. Tokyo Scandal

Oh, hey! A title dedicated to all those AKS Idols who have all those horrible scandals, and leave their respective groups! Awww, predia, you shouldn't have! :p

Okay, away from the jest we go, this is a pretty fun song. It actually has a very 'Tokyo' feel to its sound, with some dance beats and groovy sounds going on. Yeah, I said 'groovy', only because it's in the lyrics, and because that's actually how the song feels. It's also pretty sexy at points, in terms of how the vocals lilt and sway with the song. This is also a really catchy track, and reminiscent of the decent AKS songs that have come and gone.

Except, this is better. Clearly. I mean, predia are pretty damn premium, after all.

The bridge for this is a little different, though, with a soft and beautiful lull that kind of threw me off. Still, it compliments the almost disco-feel the song provides, in a strange way, and stands out nicely. The whole song is a fun listen, though, and stands out for its vibrant sound and disco-dance feel.

I say give this one a go, especially if you liked Halloween Night by AKB. It's got that same, funky disco feel, but is a lot better, and a lot more memorable, to boot. Or, is that just me?

5. Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de

Whenever I hear Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de, I really don't know how to pin-point it. I mean, I like the song. I think it's decent, however, it also feels like one of those many H!P tracks that they give to a group, and it fits none of them. Luckily, it fits predia spectacularly, exuding a mature, and at times, sexy sound that is quite addicting. It's a little bit dance, too, which brings us back to the sound I've come to know most from them, so, it's a nice little sound reprise, if anything.

It's a good track, with stellar vocals yet again, though I admit it's not my favourite track. I can see why it was an A-side, though; it's catchy and somewhat memorable, and it fits this very predia-like image of women who sound - and look - dominating, and like they know what we, the listeners and viewers, like.

The accompanying music video is damn gorgeous to watch, too, and damn sexy. It's beautifully toned, the 'story' is quite sexy and mysterious, and god damn, those costumes! Though their outfits can look a bit tacky at times, they fit this idea of a masquerade, and everyone looks gorgeous. The shade of dress is really beautiful, fitting the warmth of the location they are set in - sometimes, the coldness, during certain shots - and I love how we see them all in this very extravagant place, creating this elegant, rich look to predia that is so befitting of each member. It's beautifully filmed, too, and I just like this rather dominating presence the group has throughout, in dance, solo and group scenes.

Also, I've noticed they gyrate their hips a lot in their choreography, or, is it just the songs I've heard and watched the accompanying videos for? Let me know, aha xD

It's a good song, with a nice dance beat, a beautiful bridge, and a great sound that kind of dominates the ears. I enjoy it a great deal, because it's passionate and memorable, catchy and a little bit fun, ina  sexy, daring way. You really can't go wrong with Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de.

6. Tears Again

My damn calling song. -sobs dramatically-

Okay, so, seriously... Tears Again, as the title might vaguely suggest, is a ballad. It's a pretty, glorious ballad with feeling and sentiment, lovely vocals, and of course, a beautiful instrumental that is all sorts of sweet and wonderful. A refreshing change from all the other songs we have heard thus far, Tears Again is your paint-by-numbers Idol ballad, but it is done so well. It's basically perfect (for me), and just calls to my heart.

God damnit, predia, WHY!?

This is a beautiful track, and yes, I wish there was an accompanying music video, only because then I could share with you all its glorious sound and feel. It's pure and delightful, and it just makes me feel so overwhelmed, yet at peace, too. It's a song that I would happily stick on when happy, sad or even angry, because it's going to calm me down, or overwhelm me more. It's a lovely track, one I could easily write to, as well as relax with. It's so damn pretty, and it is such a Chiima sound

7. The Call

I admit, The Call is not my favourite, but damn, this sounds like an ending track. I don't know why, but, it just does, especially with that opening for the instrumental. A more mid-tempo dance track, The Call returns to that familiar dance-heavy sound predia tote so proudly, delivering a pretty decent - but still rather solid - track that will certainly endear itself to some.

Myself, however? Well, I love the chorus most here, but the rest of the song I could easily pass up on. I mean, it's not as memorable as other tracks, and whilst it certainly feels like a 'final song', I kind of wish Tears Again had been put in place of this one for the last track. It's a lot more memorable, and it would fit quite well as an ending ballad.

That said, it's still a good track. It has a great bridge (duh), and this absolutely mesmirising instrumental break, that sounds a lot like it would be played in a video game. It's also beautifully sung, and honestly, it's not a bad track... it's just not the sort of track I go for. It's good, but at the same time, it's not my flavour of tea. Still, I appreciate it for what it is, and I understand why it's the final note on Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete.

I say check this one out, and figure out for yourselves whether or not you like this one. It might just be up your street, or, like me, you can appreciate the effort, but you can't just get into it like all the other songs that have appeared on this list.


I'm quite tired right now, so if this feels short, or in any way rushed, then that is why. Still, even when tired, I can't deny that I like this album; it's yet another fun, addictive collection from the predia clan, showcasing their great talent and ability to sing in a variety of genres. Of the lot, BOROBORO, Tears Again, Ikue Ai no, Mitashite Amore and Tokyo Scandal are some of the more memorable tracks for me, and the most enjoyable. That said, I wholeheartedly believe that there isn't a bad song put in here, because in their own unique way, each song is genuinely good. It's pretty damn nice to have such a well-rounded album, actually, instead of something filled with duplicates and watered down replicas.

It's a damn diverse mini-album, but it feels so fulfilling when you listen to it in full, making it feel like there is more to it than the handful of songs given here. I'm honestly impressed, and this mini-album and its stellar choice in sound only happens to heighten my interest in predia... Ashley, you can begin your victory dance now. Ha.


This is a great mini-album. It feels complete, in no way does it lack, and the songs are all appealing and fun in their own way. There's a diverse amount of tunes throughout, from mature and sexy, to a beautiful ballad sound that is sentimental and sweet. Of all the songs given, there are only two that really didn't click with me, and even then, I could appreciate them for what they were, and find fun in what they provided. No song left this review with a mark of disdain, and honestly speaking, I would totally listen to this again, on a loop.

I want to imprint it into my brain, if anything. It's good, and it's pretty fun to listen to. If you don't have time for albums, but want to try out a handful of diverse, distinct tracks from predia, I say give Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete a go, because there is just enough to enjoy and appreciate, without having to force yourself through a complete hoard of tracks in one sitting.

If you've already heard Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete and all it contains, what are your thoughts on it, and what is your favourite song? And, if it's your first time hearing the mini-album from the premium Idols, predia, what song stuck out to you the most? Let me know, and share your thoughts!

Until next time, however, I am going off to bed, heading to dreamland and back! Join me again next time, though for now, live life, be happy, smile, and love your Idols and enjoy the music they provide!

Take care, guys, and jam out merrily!

Much Love and Healthy Vibes,

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