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[predia week] These Sweet Tones of Seduction - 'Mitashite Amore' (Single Review)

predia week continues! With a list of songs and videos to review, all written up and provided by my dear Ashley, I will be dedicating my time and reviews to a week of predia! By the time this small challenge comes to an end, will I love and adore them as much as Ashley seems to, or I will I simply pass them over as I have done, in years gone by? Well, until we come to that bridge and cross it, who knows?

Today, in our second Review dedicated to all that is predia, we take a look at the romantic side to this mature, womanly group. After listening to the tracks provided, will I be feeling a bit of sweet amore?

After introducing myself to predia with one of their albums, Koko no Dahlia ni Kuchizuke wo, it's nice that now I can just relax, and listen to something a little less heavy. I'm not really an album listener, per say, though I have a few I enjoy and think highly of. Really, though, I'm more of a music video / single person, because it's easier for me to sit and listen to, plus, it takes a lot less time to figure out just how much I enjoy or dislike what has been released. With an album, I must take everything into account, and see just how well songs flow and fit together. Sometimes, albums do this exceptionally well, other times, it's just jarring.

Luckily, predia entered the former category with their last release, but it was not subject to its meh songs, either, though you are free to disagree on my this, of course.

Still, it's nice that I'm taking a step back and going on to something a little lighter, but still fun and energetic in all it delivers. I actively look forward to reviewing this single, because, honestly... it's awesome. I won't reveal much more on the matter until I get into the songs a bit more, because this is a review, not an overview.

Before I dare talk any more, and get myself into a little bit of a tangent, it's time to get into the single that is Mitashite Amore! Perfect for Valentine's and any day filled with love, it's time to seduce your ears with the sweet tones of predia.

Are you prepared for this sultry side of predia to dominate your day?

Mitashite Amore

Release Date: August 26th, 2015

Track List:

1. Mitashite Amore (満たしてアモーレ)
2. Itoshiki Hito e (イトシキヒトへ)
3. Mitashite Amore (Instrumental)
4. Itoshiki Hito e (Instrumental)

Mitashite Amore
~Single Review~

1. Mitashite Amore

The title track of this entire release, Mitashite Amore embodies the catchiness of H!P, and the maturity of one of SKE's raunchier tracks, if you will. The second I heard this, I knew I was doen for; it's absolutely wonderful, and every time I hear this song, I can't help but wonder how I ever passed this group over? Like, this is wonderful, and I really like it.

Ermagerd, predia love!

I really adore the vocals in this, with such mature and strong voices that just suit the instrumental beautifully. The song itself seems to have a lot of depth to its sound, too, though I won't go as far to say it's original in any way; I've heard this type of sound before, either in H!P or AKS, or elsewhere, but honestly... predia do it better, probably because they understand what needs to be done to make the song sound good. It's stimulating and sultry, something a lot of Idol groups can't recreate, because they lack it, but it's also romantic, in the sexiest way possibly. I could easily see this song being sung to a hoard of men on Valentine's day.

Oh, and it's pretty damn addictive. I'm getting a little hooked on this song, and I see why Ashley recommended it to me; it's gorgeous, addictive in all the best ways, and it feels oh-so perfect for predia as a womanly, mature group within this industry of 14 year old's pretending to be adults. It's pretty damn refreshing, too.

The music video that accompanies the song, though not as stimulating as its music counterpart, still fits the very idea of the song well. Most of the dance sequences and alternative scenes are shot in what could easily pass itself off as a desert, and thanks to the use of lighting, wind and effects, we are given a visual piece that feels hot, and not just because of the weather. Seriously, these members are very... well, they're gorgeous, and they are all sexy, there's no denying it. They understand what to provide, and they know how to effectively deliver the choreography, without looking awkward or OTT.

Y'all know how I generally feel about Idols forcing their sexiness, so, whilst I'm sure this is just as forced as any other choreography, it at least feels and seems fluid and natural with predia, because it actually suits them, and works with what they are trying to provide to the industry.

Mitashite Amore is, in my opinion, a wonderful track. I enjoy the heat of it, I like the maturity it provides, and every time I hear it, I just feel more and more seduced by everything it creates. It's a gorgeous piece with great pacing, a deliciously fast beat, a nice, seductive tone, and an overall appealing sound and vibe. It's something worth checking out, if you're ready to get into predia.

2. Itoshiki Hito e

I love the opening to this track. It's wonderful, and it just helps me to get sucked into this track with ease. And, yet again, we are given another catchy, addictive song that is entertaining and genuinely fun all around. Less of a seductive sound, Itoshiki Hito e returns to that classic dance sound that predia seem to have going for them, with a little bit of sexiness thrown in there for good measure. Whenever I hear it, I'm just transported into a club, pumping my arms up high and dancing around. It's great!

Also, those booming effects that make it so dance-heavy; they sound like lasers, if lasers had a distinct sound. LASER EFFECTS!

If I'm being completely honest, I feel the vocals here are better than they are in Mitashite Amore. There just seems to be a lot more maturity, with a few rich, deep vocals singing throughout, allowing the song to sound and feel richer than its predecessor. I like both equally, however, Itoshiki Hito e just feels a lot warmer in its tone, and the vocals are the reason for that.

I actually wish there was a music video to this song, too, because it is just as good as what Mitashite Amore is, and I feel like it would provide some gorgeous visuals, as well. Still, imagining what it could be as a video is just as fun, though, again, I will wish, because this is a great song, and just as promising and addictive as the title track for this wonderful release.


I believe this to be a fantastic single, and with only two songs, that might not be the hardest thing to accomplish, depending on what you enjoy, and just how well the songs manage to balance one another out. With Mitashire Amore, I feel like whoever put the songs together know just what they were going for, and how each song would balance one another out, without either of them sounding too similar. Both are energetic and fun, with Mitashite Amore showing a more erratic, even seductive sound to it that feels personal, whilst Itoshiki Hito e feels a lot more physical and social.

This single feels like a good balance of mature and sexy, with the title track containing both elements, and the final piece being simply mature, but just as addictive and entertaining. It's a really great single, and I've had so much fun listening to it on a loop, thanks to the catchy sounds and amazing vocals. I'm kind of hooked on this one, and I am so glad Ashley put this single in for me to review. She did good!


Mitashite Amore suits my tastes, and given the amount of fun I have had listening to it in its entirety, I feel like the single deserves five stars. Though it might not suit everyone, I feel like so many people will get a kick out of listening to this release. It's stimulating, a little bit sexy, mature, and so, so damn catchy and fun. Give Mitashite Amore and Itoshiki Hito e a try, because it's a winning single, and I really don't want you all to miss out.

For those who have already heard this single, what are your thoughts on it? Are any of my dear readers predia fans, too, and if so, what do you think is their best release, thus far, and are you enjoying my adventure into the world of mature Idols?

Hopefully this second day of predia week has been fun for you all, and that you anticipate the next release I will review for you all. Until then, however, please love your Idols, take care, stay happy, and enjoy life! Of course, enjoy some predia music as you do all these wonderful things, too.

Much Love and delight,

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