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[predia week] A Harem Awaits! predia Will Sate Your Desire in 'Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de' (Music Video Review)

predia week took a days break, mostly because I've become really busy, really quickly, and without warning. I'm actually unsure as to whether or not I will even be able to get the final three reviews out in the next three days, because I'm so busy; I have University and work things to do, and honestly, I'm already tearing my hair out about it, mostly because I'm so unprepared for it. I'm typically a very organised person, but this week, everything went under the radar, and I'm paying for it.

I really just want to scream, cry, then sleep... but I can't. And just think, I still have blog posts here, on Selective Hearing and Hashire! Idol Manic! to write out! I. Am. Done. URGH!

Okay, enough ranting, we're gonna get on with predia week, and head into our next review. It's time to look at music videos, everyone~

We're finally walking into Chiima territory with predia's music videos, a place where I can enjoy camera angles, glorious shots, and look upon the beauties of predia with adoration and delight. It's about time, too, because whilst I've been listening to the singles, albums and mini-albums my dear Ashley has provided me with for this mini series of reviews, predia has simply been a faceless entity. Yes, I have watched the accompanying music videos to certain songs, and yes, I know what the members look like; I just haven't paid attention.

Until I truly watch a music video and give it my undivided attention, the group is 'faceless', if you will, and is simply all about the voice and song. When the video comes into play, however, I begin to take notice of the wonderful world of predia in full. I wonder, just what will I think about the group now that I've taken interest in their aesthetic...?

With a focus on predia's music video for Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de, let's finally delve into a world of class and womanly wiles, and see just what predia are made of in image and style. After hearing their music and finding love with their voices, are you ready to see just how much they can give in image as they have sound?

Let's take a look, and see just how much they can seduce you~


Well, this is starting off a little film Noir-esque.

I like the darkness. Maybe this will turn into a murder mystery? Ooooh, will ghosts pop out!?

... Eh? What the fuck has happened to my screen...? -bashes computer-

Oh yeah, baby, show me that neck >o>

These doors lead to your demise *ahem* paradise. Trust me on this one, mate.

See? PARADISE! 8D Look at those legs!

Mystery Man: "Good Lord, I've hit the jackpot!"

Indeed you have, mate. Now, go claim your harem!

Okay, who is the cutie in the hat!? Tell me, oh wise predia fans!

LOL, that finger part is awkward as fuck XD Side Ponytail really fails at being sexy, here XD

I do like this part for all the cringe, if I must be truthful ;) XD

So, is this a harem, or a gaggle of succubi waiting for their pray? Cause they could be either or, at this point.

And POSE! That's the shot for the thumbnail done!

I wouldn't actually trust a place that held this many gorgeous women, now, would you? I mean, that can only spell disaster for the poor sod who walks in on this wet dream come true.


No clue who she is, but her baby face just makes me suspicious of her... >o>

Maybe she's the head Succubus? Lure them in with innocence, then suck out their life force! >8D

Hattee: "Winku~"


Whoever she is, she's a doll! I love her! ❤❤❤

God damn, look at dem legs! *^*

... Wait, how old is she? Is she old enough to be in predia!?

Wait, is she even old enough to be near the bar!? Get away from there, kid!

... You're pretty. I want to love you. I like your hair o3o

Akane: "Hey, babeh~"

She's the only one whose name I know, because my dear Ashley let it slip xD

predia: "I pledge allegiance..."

To the Annoying Orange?

TBH, Akane is freakin' rocking this scene. I can't take my eyes away from her owo

Hip sways. Mesmirising as fuck, and actually, wuite sexy! Woohoo for non-cringey hip sways!

I do think side-pony is pretty, but that scene with the finger just keeps replaying, and I keep laughing xD

Wait... wait! I think I'm in love with the long haired beauty to our right! *^*

YASSS, QUEEN, raise your hand hella high, and screw the rest! I'm in luuuurve, let's just run away and forget everyone else! *^*

Hattee: "... Me?"

Yes, yes, I adore you, too! Good grief, so many cuties, too much choice. Who to choose...?

Her face says cute, but her posture says you're her bitch o3o

But, God Damn, you're a drop dead gorgeous blonde! Wanna have some fun? -wriggles eyebrows-

WELL, this took a quick turn o-O Where the feck was my 18+ warning, predia?

Good grief, this is getting steamy! Didn't know predia were into giant orgies!

Mystery Man: "God damn, this wet dream's great...~"

Yeeeah, just wait till you get to the end of it, kekekeke >8D

Want some more Akane, Ashley? Here, have some more of Akane!

This is a beautiful shot. God damn, this MV has some nice shots, doesn't it?

I'm here for the long haired beauty, though side-pony has a nice set of shoulders, there ;D

Kitsune: "Eyes up here, lover boy~"

Well, now.

This one gives me MILF vibes.


And finally, she looks quite sexy XD That's a look we all wanna see in this kinda video ;)

QUEEN!!! <3

So. Damn. PRETTEH!

I wanna know her name! Gimme her naaaame! She so purdy ;O;

Oh, damn, this one looks gorgeous, and slightly erotic with that pose. She has nice knees, too.

Knee fetish, anyone? xD

"Paint me like one of your French girls~"

The gloves are so that no one knows who did the deed >o>

Wait, when did y'all take your masks off for him? That kills the mystery, a bit! Now he knows whose gonna do the frick a frack D8<

Succubus kiss!? Le gasp!

Whoevers looking at his neck, she wants to take a nibble. Y'all can see it in her eyes. She be hungry for the neck >o>

Nibble nibble, mother fucker~

Welp, side-pony's going in for the Killer's Kiss! Wonder if our Mystery Man is gonna survive it?

God damn, Hattee is a cutie to behold! How is she so adorable? Also, those flowers in the background suit her so well.

Akane: "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhh~"

Someone likes to be touched, aye? ;D

I just love how they hold each others hands in a nice little mosey~

Good gawd, who wouldn't want these spicy vixens doing a little dance for them?

... Yeah, this PV has earned its 18+ rating xD

MILF is back, and she's ready to make this dream come to a roaring end.

... Good gawd, I need to shut up, sometimes xD

Awww, he looks so happy~ Good thing, too, cause this may be the last time he ever smiles whislt breathing...

wELP, predia's contracts gonna end, soon. Didn't think Idols could kiss and tell, and stay around long enough to tell the tale?

Well, unless your Sasshi, of course.

Good grief, he looks so damn smug. Wipe that grin off your face, ya hussy!

Akane: "Yes... enjoy it all, while it lasts..."

Akane, why so serious?

Don't trust this face, she looks cute, but she can cut ya, I'm sure >o>

Okay, who are you? You are beauts!

Side-Pony: "Excuse you?"

What? I have eyes! Lemme appreciate all the gorgeous eye-candy this group has to offer, okay?

It's like watching a runway, except this is a lot more entertaining, and probably a lot more satisfying.

Blondie is sexy personified >o> We need more scenes with her, pronto!

Charlie's Angels? Pfft, more like predia's Succubi! Are you ready to be dominated?

Seriously, when she isn't trying to force it too much, this chick is HAWT!

wELP, someone got their life force sucked from them. Shouldn't have trusted the too-good-to-be-true Harem, aye, mate?

Yes, thrust the non-existent boobage! Thrust away!

Hey look, it's me, after this week finally comes to its end!

#RIP #Ddeceased #finally #rest #dead

One last grind for the road, ladies?

Yep, that awkward bend of the knees looks greeeat. Now throw some squats in, just for the shits and giggles!

Akane: "Mmm, I love it when they smell freshly dead."

Well, that's creepy o3o


Our desire curved, I want to say that I really have enjoyed the idea behind predia's Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de. It's a fun video, with some beautiful colour choices and a great little story line that fits well with this idea of a 'sexy' predia. Well, sexy and dangerous, if you will, because in this music video, they really aren't that innocent or sweet like most Idols are. They are predators, wearing masks of seduction and promise, but really, they just want to cause you some trouble.

It's a really well done video, I think. Aside from some cheap shots at being sexy, there's a lot that this piece provides, and it really is entertaining to watch. It has a very rich tone to it, with a great deal of warmth in many of its scenes, especially the dance sequence. It feels very inviting because of its warmth, though there are some nice cool tones in certain solo shots, giving us a nice contrast to the rest of the video. Actually, I find the warm tone of the video responds well to how inviting the mystery male finds the room with the beautiful predia in it, giving us a look into how he might feel when entering the lair of this gorgeous harem.

Speaking of the harem, the scenes that depict the group together as they caress their guest (or, each other) is really, really seductive, and a little bit hot. It's simple scenes like this that work well, when the members of predia aren't trying to entertain us, but him. It feels so natural, and very personal. The only times it doesn't is when a member or two looks towards the camera, making eye contact with us viewers and breaking this idea of a personal space, or that it's private. I would say the only time it works is when the mystery male looks at us; but it feels like he's the one controlling the situation, and that works well for this video.

Still, it's a great scene to have playing throughout, because it feels slightly raunchy, and it fits the sound and feel of the song, too. The way it has been edited allows it to feel very dream-like and hazy, too, giving us an other-worldly feel, as if the man is thinking about it, and not living it. I like that a lot about this video, how 'reality' and a 'dream' land seem possible, and the predia we see dancing might not be the same as the ones this man has created through his desire and lust.

With this idea of 'lust' in mind, I want to quickly note the tone of red they have used; it's gorgeous, a very deep, rich red that feels both lustful and dangerous, at the same time. Well, that works with the theme of the video, given the members of predia are tempting an innocent, rather horny man, before killing him at the peak of his desire. Their pink lipstick also feels very lustful, because every time I watch this video, I just want to look at the hot pink lips of some of the members. Its very sexy, and it draws you in. The make-up works very well for this video, and I see why they did it; they want you to notice the sexiest points of these women - lips, legs, bust, neck... and they want you to desire them, too. Putting on a red dress only enhances that lustful desire you might have as a viewer, so of course, we really do understand how this guy feels when he's met with a mysterious, gorgeous harem who want to play.

I would say my only true qualm with this video, as a whole, is how forced some of the sexy scenes are. I like it better when it feels almost natural, like the members of predia are lost in the moment. I don't want them to play up to the camera for my sake, though another viewer might just love that about them. I know what I like, though, and when they are being playful and flirty without paying attention to the viewers or the camera is when they are that their sexiest. Otherwise, it just looks try hard, laughable, and cringey as heck.

Oh, and the costumes look a tad tacky, but actually, they fit the video well... so, that one has a pass. The forced sexiness, in both the choreography and other scenes, really needs to take a hike, though. It doesn't suit predia that well.

Aside from that, though, this is a great PV. It's glot flare and style, and it fits the song for Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de beautifully. I love how dangerous and erotic it feels at points, and how predia basically dominate the screen with their sultry beauty and womanly wiles. They are forceful and memorable, and they know how to keep a viewer watching, whether it's because they are being sexy without realising it, or even when they're being cringey as fuck. They're fun to watch, and the quality of the video itself is simply a bonus.

It's a good video, so definitely check it out if you haven't already. The predia harem is ready for you~

Have you had your fill of predia already? If not, be sure to wait for your turn to enter the predators den a second time.

Don't let them eat you up completely, though, otherwise you might just end up craving even more than you did before...

Until next time, everyone.

Much Love,

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