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[predia week] The Colour That Comes After the Grey - 'Utsukushiki Kodoku Tachi' [MV Review]

Well, that day off wasn't planned. I apologise profusely for that, because I really did want to do this post. Thing is, life; it gets in the way sometimes, and it only serves to interrupt all the nice things in life, you know? In this instance, work related things came up, and that only ended in me having a wonderful headache. So, I slept. And slept... and didn't write. I'm kicking myself for it, however, illness and work is something we can never avoid, so if it creeps up, you just have to let the course of whatever is happening flow, and get on with life once you've recovered.

Well, I'm recovered, and I'm ready to review! It's the penultimate post in predia week, and tonight, we're going to revel in even more loveliness. Are you ready to be daring, or will you surrender to the bitter sweetness?

Okay, so from my first few viewings of this video, I can honestly say I'm not its biggest fan. At least, not for the first half. It gets better, Really, though, don't let my own ideas of what is good and bad affect your opinions on how you feel about the video. It's not that bad... it's just not my cup of tea is all, and if you like it, I'm glad!

So yeah, Utsukushiki Kodoku Tachi... Seventh single overall, the second for the groups major releases, and the song that my darling Ashley put down three times in her original list for my predia week reviews. Damn, my darling must love this song, but i would honestly find reviewing it three times to be a bit overkill, for both myself and this blog. Repetition is okay, but in small doses.

So, it's time to return to the world of predia, and see just what they have in store for us today. Will we become enthralled by their mere presence, or cringe at their attempts to be sexy and desirable once again? It's up to you to decide, dear viewer, as we take a look at Utsukushiki Kobodu Tachi. Are you ready?


Ooooh, that's a pretty title card! I like the cursive~

If only I had such nice penmanship xD

The shadowy figures are nice, too.

Hello, leggies... I mean Ladies! OWO

AKANEEEEEE! Ashley will be pleased to see you again~

Why is Akane smelling her hand...?

Lip-Finger girl! Gorgeous as always, I see, and sporting the side-pony, once again~

Baby Faced beauty. How the feck old is she!?

Okay, this video might feel boring, but the dance is super nice. I love how their dresses flow around their legs, too~

Those flowy fabrics, though, and the sway they have is <3

The fierceness of this scene. The aggression! <3

This would totally be banner worthy, if only it didn't obscure Hattee's beautiful face! D8<

God gawd, this is a pretty scene! Almost dream like! OwO

HATTEE!!! <3 Glad to see you're still rocking the hat <3

So damn ethereal, though.

Let's see it in action! >8D

Good grief, these are gorgeous. Why aren't there more scenes like this!?

Instead, we get gray. And red. But, it's still gray, and it washes out the glorious red. Urgh.

Looks like a doll, probably bites like a viper.

I do like the style of gray and red, btw. Very pretty, very Sin City.

This, however, is too much gray. Good gawd, I want my Idols looking alive and perky, not washed out and dreary.

... What?


Still looks cute and evil XD

Good gawd, I love these dresses. They need more flowy fabric like this <3

BEWBS! And gorgeous blonde hair!

These fast scenes are my jam, tho.

My aesthetic, tho <3


Good grief, this is one gorgeous scene. She knows how to capture you with a gaze and a flip of the hair.

... >o> Are you who I think you are?




THE FUCK,WOMAN!? Don't do shit like this when it just looks try-hard and ew D8< Not sexy in the leeeast!!!

Go home, sit yoself down, and think about what you've put me through! Urgh...

Good grief, another pretty one! Where do they manufacture these girls!?


Awkwardly placed bewb shots xD

This, surprisingly, fits, and seems somewhat tasteful xD

"Urgh, why don't I have any bewbs to show off...?"

Heeey, A-cups are great! Flaunt them, ducky!

God damn, these shots are beauts! MORE, MOOOOORE!

Side-Pony is looking like a pretty cat, here. Dang.

HOLY SHEET, THOSE LEGS! Look at those suspenders! >8D

Best. Damn. Ethereal Scene. Yet.

I'm starting to like this Baby Doll more and more. Dang these MV's, kuso!

This is frame worthy, mate. Like, seriously, they are all damn gorgeous and this is a beautiful picture.

Akane's voice brings colour and life back into this dreary MV <3 The power she holds!

MORE AKANE! Ashley. this one is for YOU! Wait, it's all for you, right? xD

I like this, but TOO DAMN FAST! D;

It looks so much prettier like this! Screw the style choices, they should have just kept the entire video bright and glorious!

This is a great shot, just sayin'.

Can't touch the butt, but you know you wanna~


I want those dresses, but I'm too fuwafuwa for it~

AND LOOK AT DAT POSE <3 Banner worthy, mate.

These instagram filters, though <

Aren't they all glorious? Don't you just wish there were MOAR!? *^*

Some of these moves are seriously questionable, though >o>

And LEGS! I mean scene >o>


Well, that wasn't as awkward as I'd thought, thank gawd. Still, it was a bit boring, much like I remembered. And then that one random boob-shot happened... XD

She looks as uncomfortable as this scene feels, seriously. Poor girl, having to bare (bear?) her bewbs for us all to see. She needs to have Marichu's confidence, y'all.

Well, boobage aside, th-is PV itself is... fine. It's a decent PV, and I can see why they chose to go the way they did; the greyscale and use of red is really chic and stylish, and gives the overall product a rather mature feel, whilst still looking fun and appealing to the viewers. Thing is, it's not for me. I guess it's because Hello! Pro have seriously screwed over the colour grey in previous videos, to the point where it just looks bland and horrible wherever it is, unless used really farking well. Here - for me, at least - it's not that great, and just washes out the members, and even the red that spashes across the screen throughout.

It's not for me, and that is a sad thing. Don't despair, however! The video, though it doesn't hold much of my interest in its look, is still a fun watch. I like the members here, I love the aesthetic of some of the shadowed scenes, and I think that the dresses are absolutely gorgeous. The members are, of course, appealing in how they present themselves here, with very few awkward or weird scenes, this time around. It's nice to see them perform and look comfortable, rather than force themselves to be sexy.

I can't say it would have been nice to see a bit more go on in the video, because honestly, whilst it is a very simple release, you can see the effort put into the final product; it is stylish, and the aesthetically pleasing alternative scenes give me great happiness whenever I see them. The use of some lyrics popping up now and again in bright, bold lettering is a great addition, too, and how they bring the colour back towards the bridge is absolutely superb. I like the transition, and how fluid everything feels. This video, though it might not fit my ideals, is still very beautiful to watch, and very well made. In pace, timing, structure and editing, this is a great video, and I wish I liked the gray and red scenes more.

Just so happens I don't. Ah, well.

In short; this is a good PV, it has a lot of things to it that are pleasing to people, but parts that might not appeal to you, either. Sure, it looks quite plain, however there is more to this video than meets the eye. If you can look beyond the grey, white and red, you will find a music video that has personality and flare, a bit of class, and a little bit of aesthetic beauty in it, too. Sit through it, and see what Utsukushiki Kodoku Tachi holds. It might just surprise you how pretty it actually is.

In this grey world, there is colour, ready to make its way through the clouds and shine upon you. Your world will find its light and colour once again. You just have to look for it, and pray...

What are your thoughts on Utsukushikute Kodoku Tachi, and do you agree or disagree with what has been said? Who is your favourite member, and what song or music video do you think is predia's best? Let me know, and share the love for predia with everyone you know!

Until next time, everyone. Take care~

Much Love and Colourful Wishes,

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