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[predia week] The Bitter Tears of Despair Upon Tattered Hearts... - 'BOROBORO ~Kono Ai wa Boroboro ni Naru Unmei na no ka~' [MV Review]

predia week is now at its end, and for our final post, we will look at one final music video before I cast my verdict. For our final song and dance, what do you expect to see, and what do you think the outcome of my decision will be?

For spending a week with me and predia, I thank you all! I hope that in these past 7 reviews, you have found much to enjoy, as well as new music and Idols to love! Before we say goodbye, however, you must prepare yourselves to bow down to one final review, and prepare your final farewells...

It's been a fun seven days in predia week, dear readers, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sitting through this journey with me. Whether you are a current, former or even new fan of the group that is predia, it has been fun to share my experience with you all in their music, aesthetic and styles, and to find out the joys and woes of this wonderful group. Of course, the week would not have happened if I hadn't have approached my dear Ashley, who has continuously encouraged and cheered me on during this writing and creation process.

So, my dearest Ashley, thank you for creating the list, aiding me with obtaining the music and videos, and for being there with me every step of the way! Your excitement became my excitement, and I really did find myself falling into this new world happily and readily. Without your enthusiasm or the joy you expressed whenever one of these came out, I don't think that I would have gotten to the end. So, thank you! ♡

And to all you readers who have kept up with the reviews, as well as those who waited patiently when I didn't bring a new one out when I should have, you have my deepest gratitude. I hope that after this week, you have come to find some wonder in predia, and want to listen out for them yourselves in the future. Maybe now, we will all be fans, and keep our eyes on the most mature and womanly group Japan has to offer, right now.

With my Thank You's and all that stuff out of the way now, I think it's about time to get into this review, before I babble on further. So, for the final review of predia week, we're going to fall into a world of despair and tattered hearts. Before we say goodbye, is there any way we can repair what has been broken...?


I mentioned it in the other MV review, and I will say it again; I really wish I could write in as pretty cursive as the predia name is written ;;

Oi, Akane! This is no time for a nap! We're recording an MV, here!

... Oh, shit, Runa, don't cry! I didn't mean whatever I said about your MV last time! Well, I did, but, still... >o>

Akina(?): "Urgh, how much whisky did I drink last night...?"

God damn, I wish I looked that decent when I woke up in the morning. Or when I cry.

I just look like an ugly-ass wreck.

Rumina: "T-They put tomato in m-my sammich!"

Yeah, I'd cry if they did that, too.

Okay, that's a damn nice transition! KEEP!


I didn't know Sakurako was a lead singer, of some form o-O

Akane has legs for daaaaays, mate. Jelly~

Akane: "Stop talking to me."
Yuu: "Urgh, stop singing to me..."
Rumina: "Bitch, please, you can stop talking to ME!"

Gosh damn, that high shot <3 <3

Reiko, sorry to say this, but I don't like your hair here. Sorreh o3o

Is this Akina!? I'm still figuring out who is who, but god damn, her hair is glorious, and she looks glorious. I like her!

She's not nuthin' on my sweet Keiko, however! My Hattee! <3

Gawd DAMN, Mizuno is an awesome actress. She's probs one of my faves in this, and her performance is just so powerful, I wanna cry ;;

Ahhh, so Yuzuka's the official bewbs of predia, aye?

TBH they're not as forward as last time, I'll give the costume department and director that xD

Reiko, don't stay in the bath too long! Your fingers will prune!

Rumina kills it. Such a sassy woman~

WAAAIT, Yuu has a hairstyle outside of the side-pony!? CONSPIRACY! D8<

Yuu: "What, did you think it was a part of my character, or something?"


Reiko: "The... The despair... The ponytail's a lie..."

SMH. I feel duped ;^;

Where are the bewbs!?

Akane: "Not the bewbs!!!"

Mizuno! *^* Is she the long-haired beauty I pined for just two posts ago?

Of course they put my Baby Doll in the wet shirt XD Anything to make her look less like a little cutie patootie (who could probably kick your ass XD)

Keiko is such a fitting name for my sweet little hat-wearing beauty ;O; <3 Who hrut you, bb, who hurt you!?

This is a great setting, let's be honest, and those costumes are GORGEOUS!

Reiko, sweety, don't pine for what was. We can't all go back to the hairstyles we once had.

Yuu: "I wanted Goose feather, not Duck! DAMNIT!"


Akina: "Mooooom, five more minutes!"

Urgh, is that the time!? Let's go back to sleep... zzzzz...~

Okay, that's not sad; THAT'S SEXY! Naturally, hair-tossled, haplessly SEXY! God damn it, Yuzuki, you nailed it! And not a pushed-up cleavage shot in sight!

Mizuno: "Mirror Mirror in my Hand, Whose the most Hungover in the Band?"

Well, this isn't gonna go well...

Mirror: "You ar---"
Mizuno: "Welp, you're gone. Bye."

A bit dramatic, especially when you did kind of ask for its opinion... >o>

They still haven't taken away the tomato slice, have they, Rumina sweety?

Akane: "Don't worry, I'll call the waiter for you."

Thanks, Akane! You da man ;D

Akane: "Bitch, I am ALLLLL Woman!"

I use man as a genderless term, tho >o>

REIKO! Fire releated activities is no answer for your hair woes! D8<


Aw, shit, she's flipped her lid o-O This is why you never put tomato on a sammich, peoples, it ruins dinner dates.

Good gawd, even when she looks like she wants to cry... Mizuno steals my heart, completely.

This scene really does break my heart, though. I want to cry for her... ;_;

I just want to give Keiko some candy, and tell her it'll be okay. Maybe I'll buy her a new hat, whilst I'm at it?

Sakurako: "Fuckin' cheap piece o' shit."

God damn it, Sakurako, that candy necklace cost me £1! Have some respect!

And the pearls of her tears dripped down, until the floor became a river...

And SCENE! That's a wrap, ladies, thanks for your time! Now get on outta here!

Rumina: "... Hey guys, did anyone get my McDonald's order?"
Akane: "... Oh, for Pete's sake, Rumina..."


A bittersweet farewell, if ever there was one. I swear, my dear Ashley knows me well, because whilst not every song or video has been to my tastes, the ones that I have enjoyed were certainly in the majority. I mean, I have liked almost everything that Ashley has sent me to listen to and watch, then eventually review. Even when I didn't like something, I didn't flat out hate it, either, so that's a bonus; the downfalls were minimal, and even then, I could see why they were done in such a way, and I could hear or see just why people might like them.

Above all, though, everything I have heard or seen from predia thus far, it fits them, in sound, style and look. Nothing feels out of place, even when it feels a little bit cringey. It's not like I'm watching a bunch of kids attempting to be grown up when they've only just finished elementary school, or something.

Anyway, before I really get into my final thoughts on predia, I'm going to review BOROBORO, a song of despair and tattered desires. Wow, I like this PV. I like the song, too, I can listen to it and not get the tiniest bit bored, but the video is gorgeous. It's essentially the same thing, in three different scenes; a crying girl, some choreography, a solo shot of the member in their Idol get up... but it never feels repetitive or overplayed. I guess it's because they changed up what everyone wears, how they are going through their grief, and the object they are sobbing over... it's all a little bit different, and everyone's idea of despair feels unique.

But, come on, admit it; Mizuno's despair is the best. Either they did a great make-up job on her, or she really is a better actress than the rest of them. Yuu is pretty damn awesome, too, and Rumina's hissy fit over the dinner was A+. I genuinely enjoyed all of their performances, and thought each girl did a superb job... but, Rumina, Mizuno and Yuu were the stand-outs, and I applaud them.

The tone, the setting, the emotion and the turmoil throughout this video is so clear and precise, and it works so beautifully with the song and its sound. It's powerful, and you really feel the sadness these girls are going through, their anger and their loss of confidence. It's pretty upsetting at parts, and every time I watch this video, I just want to reach out and hug each and every member and tell them it's okay, that their hearts will mend. I just want to take care of them all, and reassure each girl that there are plenty more fish in the sea, you know?

I would say that, the one thing I would have liked to have seen more in this MV is definitely Runa and Keiko. Though their scenes are definitely there, they are very brief and sparse in comparison to others. At least, their alternative scenes where they are crying and at a loss with what to do. It could have been that they were not as powerful as what Rumina's, Yuu's and Mizuno's were, I don't know, but I still would have loved to see more of them. They get kind of lost in the duration of everyone else's, however. Still, it is a great PV, regardless of this, and I really do like it.

A bittersweet farewell, to a week that seems to have flown by...

A Week: In Conclusion

It's the last post, so of course, this is where I come to conclude the week that has passed us by in music and vision, courtesy of predia and my dear Ashley, who loves the group so. It's been a really fun week, I have to say, though a busy one; I really had hoped to finish this by the 26th - the release date of predia's first indies release way back in January of 2011 - however, life happens, and I just had to take a backseat for those two days I did not update. I'm sad, a little bit annoyed with myself, but I'm also glad that I was able to give myself the rest to finally finish the final two reviews, and share them with you all.

Without the minor disruptions, I feel like the week actually went well! It was a slow start, because listening to a full-length feature album is never easy for me, however once I got into it, I was excited to share with everyone my views, and to find out more about the sound of predia. At first, because it was the music I listened to mostly, I really had no interest in the videos... yet, now I've completed these three music video reviews, I have come to realise I enjoy both aspects of predia, and that they are a great unit in both song, and aesthetic.

predia are mature and fun, and I like the sound and image they portray. Sure, I don't like everything that they have produced (I'm no robot), however, I have enjoyed a great deal of their music so far, and have found myself remembering and singing it in my daily life. They do have good music and videos, and they have some catchy songs that will stick in your head and refuse to leave. There is such a huge variety, too, which is amazing; it gives you so much to discover, with a good variety to suit everyone's tastes.

It's been a lot of fun discovering predia this week, all thanks to the help of my lovely Ashley, and honestly, I don't think I'll overlook them, now. I've done it before, simply because their past indies releases never interested me. Now, having listened to a decent amount of their major releases, I feel confident that, actually, this is a group worth watching, hearing, and following. They're amazingly talented, their have charisma and charm, and they have a style that fits and works for them. Plus, they're a little unlike any other Idol group in the industry right now, because they are mature, and they know that all of these gorgeous women are adults, and not little kids trying to imitate adults. It's seriously refreshing.

I'm going to continue following predia in the near future, I think, because they really are worth it. Hopefully, they will continue to impress me in 2017, and who knows? Maybe one day, they will be in my top groups, and stand side-by-side with my darling HouPri.

This is not the End, but simply the Beginning. So, dry your tears, and keep watching predia! They're not going to leave us any time soon...

Were there any songs or videos you enjoyed most from the week gone by in predia, or is there something you wish I had looked at, instead? Which member do you adore most, and what is your favourite release from them, ever? Let everyone know by sharing your thoughts throughout the interwebs!

Until next time, everyone! Thank you once again for sitting through this week with me, and experiencing all things predia! Hopefully you have had as much fun as I have. Til we see each other again, though, please take care, and love thy Idols!

Much Love and Happy Songs,

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