Saturday, 31 December 2016

Year Reset: 2017 ⟶ Hope ♡ Dream 🌥 Fear ☆ Predict

It is the End of a Year, and now that all the posts regarding 2016 have been created, it's time to look forward, and think to the future! It's the Year Reset, and for the on-coming force that is 2017, it's time to look at what might be, and cast our Predictions, Hopes, Fears and Dreams! I've listed what I think might happen, but what do you think will transpire in the Year that will be?

Because I want to keep up my tradition of posting random pictures for the End of a year, here's a fun little reminder of just how random they can get...~

Melons! I like 'em big! The irony that it's Sahochi holding the melon, though!

IT'S THE YEAR END! And with the End of the Year, it means my final post of 2016 is here, too! As per the freakin' usual, I will deliver unto you all the predictions, fears, hopes and dreams I have for the year that will be! There is no way to determine whether any of these will come true, because as of right now, they are all speculations, and until they come true, or never happen, speculations is all they will be!

Still, it's fun to predict, and it's even more fun to think about whatever might come! Until the end of 2017, however, we won't know what I predicted correctly, or what didn't happen, period.

Speaking of the End, I think it's about time we evaluate the Predictions, Hopes and Dreams from 2015 that I made for the Year that Is, and see just how many came true. Let's take a peek, shall we?

For reference, here is my 2015 edition of my 2016 predictions.

2016's Hopes, Dreams, Fears and Predictions that Came True:

Houkago Princess (6/10 came true) (The same amount as last year XD)
  • HouPri SLAYS 2016 (This was a given XD)
  • Houkago Princess have more exposure <--- YAS! They did indeed!
  • Miran gets an A-side Solo Line <--- It kinda happened, but she DID get a B-side solo! WHOO!
  • Mayuka announces her graduation <--- Fuck me sideways DX
  • Nagasawa Marina becomes a member of Houkago Princess <-- AND THEN SHE WITHDREW!
  • HouPri 7ki <--- Sasara and Mayumin! Dynamic Duo alert!

Hello! Project (6/9 came true) (Welp, it's a decent amount. Kinda wish I hadn't hoped for no graduations, especially one of my faves... ;A;)
  • Hagiwara Mai Announces her Graduation <--- I count the disbandment as a graduation. It's just about 500 steps worse.
  • No more new groups, please! <--- I do not count Pink Cres.
  • Juice=Juice do better <--- Eh, they did better, but they are still stagnant and forgettable.
  • MoMusu Auditions <--- And FINALLY, WE GOT SOMEWHERE!
  • Duu becomes Centre <--- YASSSS, BOI!
  • Maria becomes Centre <--- I did this to myself. Fuck this XD
In Idols (3/7 came true) (Sucky year for Idol predictions XD Also, when WILL AKB disband!?)
  • I get into Team Syachihoko <--- I will count my love of a song as theirs as mildly getting into the unit.
  • I will still love Yuuka Ueno <--- Even when she releases a bad album, I still love her.
  • I find the ways of Yasuda Rei <--- One song. ONE SONG! But that can lead to many other songs, yes.
Of the Personal and Blogging Sort (4/5 came true) (This is so good! I nearly hit all 5! YES!)
  • To write for ME <--- I DID EET!
  • To see Okay! Musume Time grow more <--- I feel I've become a more mature writer, and focused on some serious things.
  • To Travel <--- Hong Kong. Poland. Even Bristol. I did it. I saw it. I'm pleased.
  • To handle my Anxiety better <--- Actually, this happened o-O well done, me!
... Well, they happened, with a few extra things going on in 2016 that I did not, and could not, have predicted. It's been quite a year, aye? Well, it's a year we are leaving at the door very soon, so, with the new year in mind, it's about time to cast our predictions for 2017, and wish away the graduations and tears, though honestly, the fear of graduation will always be there!

For the Year Reset, I wonder what will happen? Until then, let's speculate!


2017 in
Houkago Princess

Hope: A Collaboration... plox?

Dude, I would be delighted if HouPri had a collaboration, of some form. A collab with another group? I am all for it! A collab with giant conglomerate, Disney? HUZZAH! Whatever it is, I kind of want to see a collab from HouPri, especially if it is with another group. My picks? DOLL☆ELEMENTS Wa-Suta or Fudanjuku. Heck, maybe even THE HOOPERS, or one of those JE groups.

I sincerely doubt this would ever happen, but, dude... a fan can dream, right?

Prediction / Hope: Odagiri Nana Announces / Graduates

I know it's a cruel thing to hope for, but honestly, I predict that come 2017, there might be at least on graduation from HouPri, and whilst it could be any number of them, I think that it's time for Nananyan herself to step down. This is mostly because, of them all, she has been in the group the longest, and whilst I would like to see her hit the big 30 as an Idol, I also would love to see other members given a chance to shine without her being given the spotlight.

Nana is a great girl, and she is definitely one of HouPri's biggest contenders, however with her and Maika constantly in the lead, the other girls are kind of left in the fray. Plus, it would be nice to actually have someone new lead that has, wait, what is it again...? Oh yeah, singing talent.

Fear: Miran and / or Sahochi Announces / Graduates

Of all the members I think might graduate, both Miran and Sahochi seem like big contenders. Seriously, I do not want this because I adore them both, however if I'm being honest with myself... yeah, I could totally see either one of them pulling out the announcement papers, and giving their graduation speech then and there. That's scary.

Truly, I pray this is more a fear than it is a prediction, but if I'm being realistic, Miran herself probably doesn't have long left in the group, more-so because she completed her teacher training this year. So, in that sense, she is probably already planning her next career, and thinking of leaving... eventually. I would love to see her for another year in the group, but if she does decide to leave, I get why. But, again... another year. Please.

With Sahochi... well, I'm just scared. I would like to think she wouldn't leave - not when she herself is only a sixth gen member, and there are three generations above her still - but it's a feeling I cannot kick. So, it's here, but good grief I do pray nothing comes out of this fear.

Wish: ... Sahochi Gravure? xD

Okay, so I'm not the most keen on gravure, in general, but wouldn't it be nice to see the sweetness of Sahochi, in a gravure setting? I honestly doubt this will ever happen, but seriously, I would love to see it, if it ever does come about. Sahochi is gorgeous, and I think she would bring this air of innocence and sweetness to her creation. Even in a bikini, she would seem so damn pure! That said, she could also easily surprise us all, and be a dark horse in the gravure field. We will never know until it happens, right?

Well, even if it doesn't happen, I'll be completely fine with it. After all, Sahochi is a dime regardless of what she does. So, keep on being wonderful, Sahochi ♡

Wish: Nina Debuts

Okay, so technically she has debuted, but I mean, I would like her to debut in Houkago Princess as a full member. This is more a hope than it is prediction, though, because I have a feeling they will only debut Nina if, A) She moves to Tokyo full-time, and B) if / when someone graduates. There is also the chance they might only debut her when a new generation of Youths come into the mix, which I understand completely; they kind of want their members to experience looking after others a bit before fully integrating into the Regular Lineup, and so far, Nina has no Kouhai to take under her wing.

If she doesn't debut come the new year, I get it, but I can keep on wishing, right?

Dream / Hope: Mayumin Centre!

Oh gosh, I could only ever hope that this could ever happen... in fact, I could pretty much dream it, because I doubt it will come about. The management for HouPri, much like H!P at times, are very set in their ways with just who will centre, and will stay in the back, and the current setting is: Nana, Maika, Sasara, Miran (visual). I mean, I get it, but, still... Mayumin is a wonderful Idol, and of course I want to see her centre the group I adore! It's the same with either Saorin or Sahochi, but I doubt either of them will centre any time, soon, either.

Also, when I say centre, I mean either visually or vocally. Ideally, I would like both, but that is asking for a lot, I suppose. So, if she just happens to centre visually... well, I will be pleased, because it means she gets a lot more screen time than she did in her debut.

Prediction: The return of Houpriyusu

With the addition of Rina to the Cadets / Apprentices, as well as the up-coming additions of two new members, I have a feeling that Cute Black will bring about the return of Houpriyusu, the unit that became defunct in September this year with the promotion of what was the 5th and 7th generations of Houkago Princess.

If they actually don't go through with it, I will be surprised, because Houpriyusu was a great way to promote Houkago Princess, whilst also finding the strengths and weaknesses of members who hoped to debut. I think they'll bring it back, though, whether it's under this name, or another. It'll be nice to see its return, either way.

Prediction / Hope: ... More new members!? *^*

I think this Prediction and Hope is an absolute given, because let's be real: IT'S HOUPRI! They have as many members come in as AKB does, and just as many leave, too, so of course, aside from the first two additions of 2017, I think there will be at least one more. If this doesn't happen, well... colour me bloody surprised.

It's gonna happen, though, and I anticipate when it does. I kinda love seeing the new members that come in, aha!

Hope / Wish / Dream: Of Course, I want that Rapunzel MV! And a Sleeping Beauty one, too!

I want to see a lot of different Princess-themed MV's come out of HouPri, but honestly, can we just please give Miran her damn Rapunzel themed one!? I also adore Rapunzel, so it would please me greatly if they did this. Sleeping Beauty would be hella cool, too.

I doubt this will happen, because the world hates me, however... it's nice to dream, right?

Hope: ... Throw in a Kaguyahime Single here, too >o>

Well, HouPri have started going down the Eastern Asian story lines, what with their new single being about one of China's most beautiful women, and all. Why not go on and do Kaguyahime, too? I would be delighted to see it!

Go one... make my wish, dream and hopes come true! You know you wanna, HouPri ;)

2017 in
Hello! Project

Fear / Prediction: Iikubo Haruna to Graduate

I feel that I could easily be jumping the gun, here, but with Iikubo's recent Photobook announcement, I can't help but think... 'Ah. Then she's graduating'. Because, for so long we have known it is not her desire to have a PB. So, either she's been pestered a lot for one by management, or, she feels this will be her 'Thank You' for the fans and their dedication to her before she dares to announce her leave. It's something I could easily see Harunan doing, and honestly, I do think she might leave, now that this has been announced.

I wanted Mizuki to leave before a 10th gen member did, because, yeah... I wanted to see a potential Iikubo-Ikuta tied leadership, or to see her stay around a bit longer. Hopefully, this won't happen, but the fear and the prediction is there, and it's not going away...

Prediction: One Member Down! A Graduation Announcement from MM'17

Given I've predicted / Feared that Iikubo will graduate, it only makes slight sense that, in general, I think someone from MM will graduate in the new year... or at least, announce their graduation. Why? Because Hello! Pro are yet again going through the motion, and switching the group up every year with new members, or someone graduating. There is a big chance it could be one of the older members leaving, too, though I wouldn't put it past a young'in to say 'toodlepip', either.

If no one announces their impending leave, though, I will actually be surprised. Seriously.

Hope: Juice=Juice Get Fresh with a Lineup Change!

This is highly unlikely to happen, but honestly... I want a lineup change. With Karin as the never-changing lead, and only Yuka or Akari seeming to improve, I think it would be nice to watch this stagnant lineup change, at least a little bit, with the addition of new members. I wouldn't want any of these members to leave - they're all too good to go - but if a new member were to join, I'd be pleased, and also, I might remember they exist. Honestly, who is this group again? Ha.

Seriously, though, Juice=Juice need a pick-me-up. For a group claiming to be so damn fresh, they're getting a little stale and rotten.

Hope / Wish: Kaede and Reina Dominate their Debut Single with SOLO LINES! D8<

This seems like a silly thing to wish for, but, after the 12th gens solo-less debut, I really do want these two to debut with solo lines, especially when they both seem so promising. This is the long-awaited debut of Kaede, after all, plus the generation as a whole seems to have been heavily accepted by the fans, so it would be an outright shame to just... well, do what they did with 12th gen.

And I mean proper solo lines, not this one-syllable bull. Kaede deserves to dominate this single, damnit!

Prediction: Graduation-A-GO!

Dawa's old. Rina's probably a little bit annoyed. Akari's too good to be true, and Kanananananana is amazing now. So of course, one of them has to up and graduate! Who will it be, cast yer votes!

Honestly speaking, I don't want a current member of ANGERME to graduate. They've already lost Meimi, we kinda don't need to lose anyone else. That said, it might just happen, and honestly, if I have to say anyone is going to go soon... it's probably Dawa, unless she pulls a Sayumi and stays in for a lot longer than even we could apprehend. Either way, someone might be graduating, or announcing it. I wonder who it will be?

Hope / Prediction: A New Group!?

It may feel too soon, especially with the departure of C-ute, however it would actually be nice to see a new group debut within Hello! Pro, even an indies one. I mean, there will be only six groups left within the project, and that actually feels... low. At least, low enough to make me hope for and predict a new unit.

If one doesn't come about, I don't think I'll have any ill feelings towards Hello! Pro. It just means that they can give a little more time to focus on making Juice=Juice relevant to me again, right? RIGHT!

Dream / Wish: Queen Sayumi Debuts in a group!?

This is a rather absurd wish, I think, but honestly... I want Sayumi to debut once again in a new unit, kind of like Miyabi did with Pink Cres. That, or Sayumi debuts in Country Girls, taking over the Playing Manager position that Momoko had held before, and making her presence and style known to the group. It would be equal parts hilarious, and awesome.

However she debuts, though, I hope it is memorable and fun. But, yeah... Country Girls featuring Michishige Sayumi, please?

Prediction: Time for New Members!

Speaking of debuting... with Momoko's imminent departure hurtling ever closer, I think that Country Girls will announce the debut of a new member, or two. With two spots open, with Manaka's leave and Momoko's graduation coming soon, I think that this is the plan for Country Girls. They are, after all, a group of ever-changing members.

If they do add members, well, when they add them, I would like to please ask for the consideration of Sayumi the Great, and maybe a few older Kenshuusei who hahave a few cobwebs that need dusting off? Please, and thank you.

Hope / Wish: Nishida Shiori and Takase Kurumi, please debut!

I don't follow the Kenshuusei programme, but honestly, I want these two to debut! Shiori feels refreshing, and she would actually fit wellin Country Gilrs (make it happen, H!P), and Kurumi... well, Kurumi is a talent, it's clear. Also, she has past experience, so she would keep a group that she might debut in on their toes.

Wherever they happen to go, just, please debut them, H!P. Don't let them loose like you have so many others. Put your brains back in, and think of the possibilities! You know they deserve to be somewhere, that's why they're here in the first place.

2017 in
Idols (in general)

Prediction: StylipS announce their Disbandment

With 2016 being such a slow year for the group, as well as the graduation of Maho, I think that this is pretty much the way to go for StylipS. That is, unless they decide to continue and add in new members.

Thing is, StylipS' remaining members have all been focusing on their own activities. Miku and Moe have both created a duo sub-unit together, and Miku herself has begun a solo career through voice acting. Noto Arisa is also continuing her own solo ventures and releasing more stuff. So, yeah... I think they will announce their disbandment this year, especially when you consider the fact they released nothing as StylipS in 2016. The last single they brought out was from the Summer of 2015, so, it's been a long time.

Surprisingly, if this does happen, I won't be overly sad. The group has had a good run, and it's very clear that the current lineup is moving forward and beyond.

Hope / Wish: Ueno Yuuka has a better year

By better year, I mean better in music. Whilst Koi Nikki / Summer Mission was fine and all, it was not exactly great, either. Plus, with her first album release being so disappointing, I really didn't go out in search of new Yuuka songs. That's a little sad, given I like her and all, but, yeah...

Still, with her up-coming mini-album release, I hope to be won over with some new tracks. With two already leaked, and me already being in love with them and all, I can only hope that for the year of 2017, Yuuka will do better, and become a more memorable Idol for the year. Here's to Hoping and Wishing~

Semi-Prediction: I get into SNH48

Ah, the group that got away. They're either enjoyed by those who also like AKB, or loathed, because they basically went against contract, and did their own thing. Personally, I love a little drama, and also, I like SNH48. Their songs can get a bit grating, but their PV's are pretty damn great. Hopefully in the new year, I do begin to watch them more. Actually, I'm about 50% certain that could be the case. I'm a sucker for Idol groups, after all, especially ones that cause a bit of controversy!

I look forward to seeing what SNH48 brings in 2017, as well as their younger sister units. Let's just hope they bring enough to finally convert me to the side of the 48!

Hope: Time to get into BiSH...

After watching and loving Orchestra, as well as claiming Lingling my BiSH oshi, I hope that, come the new year, I can get into BiSH a little more. I've already looked at their other videos, and though they are not as chaotic as I would have hoped, they're still a very good unit, with some really cool songs. So, for 2017, it would be nice to see me enjoy them more, and give them a chance at winning me over.

It would also be really cool if I had another group to gush over that wasn't HouPri, right...?

Prediction: wa-suta domination

Speaking of gushing over another group that isn't HouPri... wa-suta, anyone? Because world domination is a GO with this group, and I can honestly only expect great things from them, in terms of visuals and music come 2017. Yeah, so their latest release is a little... meh in the sound department, but the visuals? They're weird and fun, like the group, and I can only hope they continue that way.

This is a group who are a force to be reckoned with, and I want them to dominate my 2017 like no other. Again, it would be wonderful to find another group that I adore so much, they could rival my affections for HouPri. Are you up to the challenge, wa-suta?

Hope / Wish: Marichu's Return

I'm going to say that, the return of Marichu is more than likely, but with her leave from HouPri, as well as the end of her contract and any other activities she undertook as a part of the Cute Black agency, Marichu is currently out of the industry, a 'regular' girl who will do as she likes. I am unsure if she has anything lined up - she herself has stated in blog posts and on twitter that she is uncertain of what will happen, now - but honestly, I would love to see her return with another agency.

Marichu is an amazing gravure model, and I don't want her to stop doing it now that she's away from Cute Black. I understand that is was the first - and only - agency she had ever been tied to, but I hope she goes on and finds another place, because, again: SHE'S AMAZING!

Fear: i☆RiS disband (or announce it)

With all these groups disbanding in 2017 that I have enjoyed and adored, I can't help but get this growing fear that i☆RiS are going to be next. Oh, good grief, I hope it isn't true, and I hope that this fear is just me being overly paranoid.

Sincerely, I do not want this to happen, because this group is A) Amazing, and B) They still have a lot of life left in them. If they go and disband, I will be distraught. They're such a great unit, so why destroy what is amazing, especially when they are still so young in years? Leave them be, 2017, and don't make me come after you if this actually happens!

Prediction: TRUSTRICK dominate my love

This one seems like it really will happen, and honestly, I hope it does. I love this duo so much, their songs are so pleasing to the ears, and they just make me so happy. Come 2017, I want them to win me over even more, and make me fall for them, hard. If they manage to rival HouPri for my affections, then even better!

If a group can do that, it's TRUSTRICK. They are too amazing for words.

Groups and Singers To Watch Out For

The World Standard

I have already mentioned that, come 2017, wa-suta will take over. They are unique, energetic, charming, entertaining and, their lyrics are amazing. So of course, I kind of expect them to take over not only the Idol world, but also my attention. They are a group worth watching, so for 2017, be sure to tune into wa-suta, and allow yourself to fall in love.

Magical Punchline

Another newly debuted unit to watch out for, Magical Punchline are probably the tamer versions of wa-suta, but they still pack a bit of a punch with their entertaining songs and cute natures. They're an adorable unit, and I think that they will make a bit more of a mark on the Idol world come the new year. Also, they are just too charming to pass up! Check them out, and keep an eye on the cuteness that is Magical Punchline for the year that will be.


I think it goes without saying that, in 2016, Keyakizaka46 made a storm of a debut. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with, and whilst I don't follow them as much as you guys do, I think they are someone to watch out for, especially with their clear talent. I hope that, come 2017, they prove to me just how amazing they are, and covert me completely to the 46 fold. Let's watch over them together, and hope for a Keyakizaka46 domination of the 48 industry!


DEAR KISS are amazing, and though I don't think they will take over the Idol world any time soon, I think they have the heart and dedication to win you guys over. This is a pretty powerful group, with a great dynamic and chemistry. They are strong and polished, and they stand out from the crowd. Their clear professionalism is absolutely astounding, so of course, they need to be watched over. I want to see them grow even better as a unit in 2017, and to stand even taller within the industry, even if they are still indies by the end of it all.

Chise Kanna

A fairly recent find, Chise Kanna has wowed me with her vocals and passion for singing. She is a gorgeous vocalist, and though not all her songs appeal to me, I can see myself easily becoming a fan of her work. I think Kanna debuted just this year, so, I think she is one to watch out for. She might just take the soloist circuit by storm, or, she might stay a little lower in the ranks. Who knows? Either way, she's one to watch over, and to tune into if you ever find the chance to.


TRUSTRICK is amazing, and I have said it before that I love them. For 2017, I want to see myself following them more, and listening to them as much as I can, especially when they release something new. This is a unit that inspires and intrigues me, so of course I want to let that interest in them grow. I also think that you should check them out, too, because both Billy and Sayaka are incredible, creating beautiful music that is soothing and memorable, yet still powerful in a soft, surprising way. I have a feeling 2017 is going to see me finally giving in, and oshihening them completely.

You should totally give them a chance, and see if they are your cup of tea, or flavour of biscuit.

Inori Minase

Another 2016 debut, Inori Minase is a soloist who has enchanted and inspired me. I have enjoyed her two single releases from the year that was, and whilst she is by no means my favourite soloist out there, I think she has a bright future ahead of her. Vocally, she might not be everyone's preference, however I do think that she will appeal to a few of you. Give Minase a chance, and check her stuff out, especially if you're into anime tunes.

Goals In Life

Next year I graduate. I am a bridesmaid for my brother. Things are happening come 2017, and I hope that all of these good things lead to even better things. It's weird knowing that I will no longer be a University student, but honestly, I look forward to the future.

Until we get to that point where everything changes and I grow more as a person, though, let's be sure to speculate just what might happen, come 2017...

Hope: I Write Every Day (Unless ill or otherwise)

Here's something I've been trying to do recently, anyway, but for 2017, unless I am ill or away, or have no means to write, I hope that I can write even more, almost every day. This is so I can get into the habit of writing and improving myself. In general, I write a lot, but I want to keep on pushing myself as a writer and creator, and to see myself steadily improve. It's something I know I can do, and if I put my mind to it, I can succeed!

For 2017, let's make it a year of writing and memories! Ready, go~

Wish: I Publish Something

A random picture... but, yeah, I would like to publish something. An e-book, a short story... something that I have created and feel is good enough to share with the world. I still have a ways to go as a writer, but if I can achieve this in 2017, I will be delighted, and so proud of myself.

It's a big dream, but honestly: You've got to dream big to achieve big, and if I don't dream now, when will I ever?

Hope: I Lose Weight

This one is both for the sake of my graduation, and also because I am a Bridesmaid for my brother. I want to look good. Also, I'm at a point where I would like to try and better my body, at least a little. I don't want to get crazy thin, but honestly... if I can get back down to a size 12, I will be a little more than delighted.

By no means am I big, really, I'm not, but for me, this is the biggest I have ever been in my life. If I could lose a little weight, I'll be happy. As long as I stop snacking, and focus on being healthy, I will be fine, I'm sure!

Wish: To Travel even more! (more so, to Brussels and Budapest)

I want to travel! I want to experience the world and see new things! I want to meet up with friends, take in various cultures, and enjoy my life! If I can get the money together, I can do this, I'm sure! I hope that this will happen around April time, when I have a lull period in work, and when I (hopefully!) have more money to spend!

It would be wonderful to keep on travelling and go to new, exciting places. Hopefully 2017 sees me travel a little more, no matter how close or far it may be. I love seeing new places, exploring, and being around people. Bring on Chiima the Traveller 2017!


And so comes to an end the final post of 2016. In Idols and in writing, it has been an eventful year, and in life it has been fun. For now, however, we must finish the chapter we started only twelve months ago, looking back on it fondly as we head into the start of 2017. It's time to reset the year, and begin everything anew once more.

For being with me once again for another year, I thank you all, and I hope that you have enjoyed yourselves in reading, writing, Idols and more. Until I next see you, though, please enjoy the final hours of 2016, and have a Happy New Year!

I will see you again in 2017. Take care, everyone~

Much Love, and a Happy New Year☆


  1. Happy new year to you too chiima! Just got back into the Idol life again thanks to making some new like-minded friends. I can tell you that it feels good to be back haha, You will see me pop up regularly this year =)

    1. Happy New Year! :D YASSS, welcome back to our world, muahahaha! I hope you enjoy your time in idolLand!

  2. Two weeks into 2017 already, ahahaha. Happy New Year to you Chiima! Hope 2017 is another year of reaching goals and doing the things you love! ^^

    1. Yes, I know, though it feels like younger! Happy New Year!

      I hope that 2017 is filled with even more wonderful Idols! XD