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Visions of 2016: The PV Awards of O!MT

With 2016 on its way out and 2017 making its way in, it's time for our final posts of the year! So to celebrate our final steps, let's embrace all that has come from the year gone by, look back, and enjoy! For the year that was, let's think back, and look upon the things we have enjoyed fondly!

The PV Awards, one of four annual posts I try my best to never miss! It's one of my favourite posts, because here, I can give you the low-down on the Music Videos I have loved (and sometimes, loathed) over the past 12 months. Some of them I have already talked about in-depth, others, not so much. Still, though! It's nice to look back at them all, and talk fondly of - or, lament over - once again.

Of course, with this being a one-man (... woman? Person? Person!) kind of blog, the post in question will be pretty damn subjective. SO, if there is something here you might have disliked, or nothing here you yourself liked, please don't be alarmed, offended, or disrupted by it. It's simply my post, plus my feelings, so of course it's going to be filled with the things I remember most. Just because I don't include what you preferred here, does not mean they are bad / shit in any way. Got it? Good!

It's the Final PV related post for the year that is 2016, and I am SO ready to talk about all I have enjoyed from the year gone by! So, get seated, drink a cuppa and prepare your eyes and ears, because it's about damn time for some Idol goodness to ring through your room. Are you ready for a little bit of awesome to transpire?

PV's of 2016... PLAY!!!


Memorable Debuts

Ultra Miracle Final Chocolate Beam by Wa-suta

Okay, so this was definitely the year of Wa-Suta's impending takeover, because hot damn, have they been on fire! With their first ever music video release, the group managed to both wow and confuse new viewers with some kick-ass footage, and some weird-ass lyrics. Throw in a game-style format for their video debut, as well as really cute costumes and some fun antics, and you get one awesome debut video. Actually, let's make it THE debut music video, because, seriously... it's awesome, and I love it.

Of the few debut MV's I saw throughout the year that was, Wa-Suta's Ultra Miracle Final Chocolate Beam is the one I remember most, and the first that comes to mind when I think of just who debuted this year, that I knew of. It's quirky, it's cute, and it's highly memorable, and it definitely wins in standing out. A debut PV worthy of an Award this year, for sure.

Silent Majority by Keyakizaka46

Considerably less joyful, but still quite entertaining, Keyakizaka46 mesmirised and impressed their fans with their debut song, more than anything, though their outfits, style and stylish direction certainly caught the eyes of many. It's a gorgeous looking music video, with some quick camerawork and beautiful edits. It's also very synchronized and clean looking, creating an impressive and memorable piece for all who have had the joy of watching Keyakizaka already.

I love the synchronization of this video, and just how finely cut it feels. It's polished, professional, and despite their rather youthful looks, the members seem quite mature themselves, and pretty in tune with the song. It's only their debut, and yet you can already feel the star quality of these members. Surely they will surpass both Nogizaka and AKB at some point, because damn, they are not lacking in skill. Colour me impressed, but this debut was highly promising, and showed the strong beginnings of a group I can only hope get better with the new year.

Best Goodbye

Utakata Saturday Night by Morning Musume '16

With Zukki's Graduation back in May this year, I honestly did not anticipate much for a Graduation Single. She was not a popular member, nor was she at the front, so of course, I thought at best I'd get something like Tokyo to Katasumi; barely any solo lines, minimal screen time, sub-par outfits and pretty much a Masaki Camera Hog-fest.

And then THIS happened, and the tears were real. It is bloody beautiful!

Okay, so the costumes suck, and Zukki doesn't get a lot of lines, still, but all the lines she does happen to get? They are relevant, and they are well done, and you can't help but feel that this entire song is not just for Zukki, but for everyone. It's a true MM song, something we have not heard or seen in ages, and that is pleasing on so many levels. It's also an eye-catching music video, with so many colours, and so much tack! It feels old-school MM,  from the disco ball to the draping beads. The nostalgia in this is so high, and honestly, it was the perfect goodbye for Zukki, because she herself seems a little old-school and mature, at least in comparison to the other members.

It's well done, well thought out, and one entertaining goodbye for one of MM's goofball members. I couldn't have hoped for anything better.

Worst Adieu

Seishun Mermaid by Houkago Princess

Seishun Mermaid is god-damn beautiful, so don't you dare get me wrong. As a graduation MV, though...? Yeah, it sucks. Really, though, HouPri don't do graduation MV's; it's not their thing. Still, it would have been wonderful to have had, like, more than one freakin' shot of Mayuka here? I mean, even one shot seems damn stingy, and Mayuka wasn't unpopular, by any means! She was one of three lead vocalists, too! My only guess is that Mayuka was pretty ill, to the point where they could barely film her, at this point. That's the only explanation I have, at this point. -Sigh-

Again, this is a gorgeous PV, one of the best from Houkago Princess yet. It's impressive what they did with the video, and how cinematic it can look at times. My favourite shots are, of course, the scenes where Nana and Maika are on the rocks by the sea. I could only wish for other members to be shown there, but we know favouritism rules all. Still, it's nice we got such scenes, though the rest of the video isn't terrible, by any means; it's all beautifully filmed, and very nice to look at.

I like the music video, but yeeeeah, as a final piece for one of their lead singers at the time? It sucks, and it's a shitty farewell. I expected more from the staff, to be honest.

Most Entertaining

Gimme Gimme action by PASSPO☆

I don't watch PASSPO☆ much, now. In fact, I kind of ignore them, and yet... well, just watch this, and tell me you'd want to ignore them? It's funny, it's over-the-top, it's filled to the brim with personality, and it looks amazing, too. It's everything you could ever want from a music video - a Christmas one, too - and it's from PASSPO☆, a group I had written off around two years ago. Now, though, I want to go back to them, because I see from this that they're more than an Idol group who sing; they can act, they can make you laugh out loud, and they can convince you they're awesome, just from one video.

Watch Gimme Gimme action, if only for the hilarity of it all. Each members role is great, their reactions and interactions are genuinely funny, and I can't get enough of it. I love this video, and heck, I'm ready to give PASSPO☆ my undivided attention come 2017. Let's hope they continue to win me over.

Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~ by Country Girls

This is one adorable video, and a pretty good cover, too. The set is beautiful, the costumes are cute to boot, and the little plot given is, at times, both adorable and hilarious. I mean, how could you not enjoy this video? It's like the lolita version of Mr.Moonlight, with the ladies leading it instead of the men, and a bigger focus on the girls and what they want. It's super fun, and it definitely ties in with the adorable, fun aspect of Country Girls.

I love this video and the song, and I think both work in perfect harmony together. It is a little sadder to watch now, though, because I know that this was Manaka's last hurrah with the group. Still, it was a cute and positive note she went out on, and she certainly shined here. I just hope Country Girls get something like this again, and soon, because they really fit this retro, cute image they have going for them, and they shine when they are all having fun.

Kanzen'naru Idol by wa-suta

Okay, so let's all just agree that wa-suta are fun Idols, in general. They are one of the few saving graces of avex's iDOL STREET, mixing energy and weirdness quite well. Yeah, they are hella gimmicky, but who cares at this point, when they do it so well? It's nice to see avex produce something so... out there, you know? I mean, they're weird, but they can sing, which is nice to hear, and the weirdness certainly makes for some interesting visuals.

I like this video, though the CGI can be tacky. The lyrics make a good deal of sense, in their own way, and the set is really pretty in how it looks, and they use a few of the rooms here pretty well. Also, the members are absolutely charming here. I like all of them, to be honest, because they shine individually, and can hold their own in front of the camera, without getting lost amongst the others. Honestly, its the members themselves that win me over, but the pretty video and all it contains is nice to see, too!

What more can I say? I like to be entertained, and it entertained me. Power to wa-suta!

The Most Try-Hard

Sexy Cat no Enzetsu by Morning Musume '16

There is the biggest possibility I might get flack for this, because holy shit, you all like this video. And yeah, it's a decent video. It's been filmed really well, some of the costumes are good (most, not so much), and the set design is eye-catching. Thing is, it looks tacky as fuck, and feels really damn try-hard. The one aspect of this video that works so damn well is the parts where Mizuki, Sakura and Duu are cats, messing with everyone and basically being annoying. It's cute, it's funny, and it's pretty unique. The parts that feel try-hard and just downright awkward, in general?

Well, anything aside from what I just described. So... about 60-65% of the video? The parts where the members try and look mature, and can't? Sure, if it's Eripon or even Maria, at times, awesome, but everyone else looks so awk, and so out of place. Cue: tears from Masaki.

I wish Management had picked one focus, rather than two, because MM can be cool - they've proven that this year - but trying to be fun, sexy and cool? It doesn't work that well, not for them. Of course, you can attest to this as much as you like - after all, you're another viewer, and your mind is different to mine. If you like it, good for you, and if you think it works, awesome. Just to be clear, though: I don't hate this PV or think it's bad, I just think some poor choices were made in how this video should be read, or how the girls should act.

Oh, and those cat costumes are horrendous. Road Kill á la Sakuranbo, anyone?

Dark and Enticing

HIDE & SEEK by Itano Tomomi

This is Beauty and the Beast at its darkest, and honestly, I love it! This is a glorious music video, mixed with all forms of beauty and light, before showing us the true darkness that lies beneath the beauty of someone. It's very well done, and though the story seems a tad predictable, I think it's well done. The song is pretty cool, too, adding to that mysterious, dark feeling.

HIDE & SEEK, though not a clear favourite of 2016, was one of the videos I remembered quite well and thought fondly of. It might be to do with my love of fairy tales, but I do think it's a good video, and one worth remembering, if anything. It's nothing spectacular, though, but it clearly calls to me. So, yeah... it's deserving of being here, even if it's not one that I have gone back to, like the other videos posted here. I do applaud Tomomi, though, and find great beauty in this haunting video.

Rainy Princess by Color Pointe

When I want to review a PV as badly as I did for Color Pointe, it's a sign that the PV has impressed me a great deal. Visually enticing, this video seduces you with its dark setting, bold lighting and flirtatious camerawork that delivers beautiful images of gorgeous ballerinas, all hoping to bring you in and keep you entertained. It's absolutely mesmirising, and I honestly can't help but fall even more in lust with this video, because it's so tantalizing. It's how a mature, sexy PV should be, and the members of Color Pointe are simply delightful.

I feel extremely drawn into this world that Color Pointe have created for Rainy Princess, and I want to fall ever deeper, because all members are extremely powerful in their own ways, pulling you in with simple gazes and the language of their bodies. They know what they can do, and they pretty much hold complete power over me. Honestly, I love this video, and I pretty much get lost in how the members act and portray themselves whenever I watch it. The background is just secondary to these wonderful ballerina's, and as artists and performers, that's actually how it should be. It just so happens that Color Pointe have mastered this, and they do it so, so well.

Visually Impressive

Leadership by Yumemiru Adolescence

I'm not overly keen on the song itself, but the video that is Leadership is quite... mind-boggling, and impressive, visually. Filmed on a slanted platform, Leadership continuously messes with your mind, especially when the editing twists and turns, drinks flow diagonally, and the members look like they are standing really damn weird. It's a bit of a workout for your brain, but honestly, that's where all the fun and entertainment lies, and it impresses me so, so much.

I can't watch this video too much, because honestly, it can be a bit of a headache, too. Still, I find it visually impressive in all it shows, and I like that it's black, white and gray throughout, too; you don't need much colour in a video that's going to challenge your brain, do you?

Watch it, be entertained, and let your brain get a little bit muddled.

Chicken LINE by SKE48

I forgot this song completely, but the video? Hell naw, why would I forgot something as gorgeous and well done as this video? It's mesmirising, the interior and exterior designs are a masterpiece. It's like artwork, almost, and I can't help but be amazed by this world they have created for such a short video. It feels massive, and the story line is so well done, it feels very defined and complete. It's definitely one of the higher quality 48 MV's, and the story is just... yep, it's incredible. Then again, I could just be saying this because I'm a fan of the dystopian sub-genre.

Despite its terrible name, Chicken LINE is great. It's cool and serious, and it takes the dystopian setting we all know well, and makes its own use of it. I like the story they have created, I love the look, and whenever I think back to a video from 2016 that I thought looked amazing and felt real, I think of this one. It's SKE48's best from the year so far, in my opinion, and it stood out to me, and I've thought back to it a number of times. Hopefully, you will enjoy it, too.

Mukidashi de Mukiatte by Morning Musume '16

Yet another forgettable song with a good video, Mukidashi de Mukiatte is an absolute pleasure to watch. The editing is on-point, the contrast between the black and the white is beautiful, and the alternative scenes are both cool and sexy, and work really well with the song and the rest of the video. It's one of those really surprising, almost eyebrow-raising releases of the year, because it is not what you would expect, but it's highly welcomed and wanted, all the same.

This could easily be a 'Most Improved', also, because Morning Musume don't get the best treatment, editing wise, from Hello! Project, and yet... it feels like all the quality editing and effects used for other groups, was pretty much child's play in comparison to what is being done here. It's energetic, perfectly timed and paced, entertaining, and it looks absolutely amazing and high in quality. Forget the fact this video has little substance other than the effects; this video looks amazing! I don't care about anything else (aside from Eripon), because it looks so cool.

Hopefully H!P keep up with this type of quality, because Mukidashi de Mukiatte  looks amazing. If only the same could be applied to their songs, though. Ah, well~

Most Heart-Wrenching

Sayonara no Imi by Nogizaka46

I know this might seem a typical video of the NG46 fold, but honestly, I don't watch a lot of their stuff now, given their videos aren't available in England. Also, I like this type of video; it has a definite story structure, and it looks amazing. It's like a movie, and I really love how it brings these two worlds together, despite the fact they are already so close. A tale of prejudice and social discord, we learn of a tale about humans and mutants, and how the humans are seen as pure and superior in comparison. A human girl, however, befriends one of the mutant beings, decides to cut the barrier between their classes and accept them, regardless of what others think.

It's something I adore, and it's something I like in tales; this idea of prejudice and acceptance - even if it's just with one person - is what I want to see in stories, because I think they are beautiful tales.

I love this video, I love the colours and the symbolism, I like the twist to this idea of prejudice. and I like how it seems to play on that idea of Beauty and the Beast, with the 'beauty', or the pure one, being human, and the beast being the mutant humans who everyone else hates, because they are simply different. It's a sweet tale, and very well told, as well as beautifully filmed.

Orchestra by BiSH

I have finally introduced myself to the group that is BiSH, and holy shit, I could not think of a better video to start with. Much like Nogizaka's Sayonara no Imi, BiSH's Orchestra is like a film, with a definite story line and a heart-wrenching end. This time, though, it's about the relationship between two girls, with one fighting for their love, whilst the other simply lets the world that rejects their relationship take over and decide for them. It's a heartbreaking tale of forbidden love, one that is still true in modern society.

It's a gorgeous video, with some mesmirising shots that feel like they have come out of a movie. Even the solo shots of BiSH members feel high quality, and the camerawork for this video is so amazing. I can't help but fall in love with this video over and over again, it's an absolute masterpiece with a powerful message in both sound and vision. I adore it, and honestly, this could have easily become one of my 'Visually Impressive' picks, but the emotional affect it has had on me is strong.

A gorgeous video with a heart-crushing end, BiSH's Orchestra is definitely a favourite of the year, for so many reasons. I am completely taken by it, and I just want to play it over and over again. I love Orchestra, and I think you will, too.


The amount of fuzzies this video gives me is high. It's cute, it's warm, and it's just downright sweet the lengths some of these confessions go to. It's also really sweet how AKB are helping out with them, and it makes the group feel so much more friendly and cute. You really get a sense of them wanting to help others, going beyond the Idol status they hold and showing that they support you as fans and lovers. It's so. Freakin'. Adorable!

This video is heart-wrenching because it pulls at your heart strings, and you just want to smile, calp and cry for those who call out to the girls and boys they like. You feel happy when someone is successful, and sad when someone isn't. The realness of this video is beautiful, and I really think it's amazing. LOVE TRIP is adorable,human, and so simple, but it is effective and works well. This is a great video, and if you want to restore a little faith in the world, check this one out.

Most Memorable

Moshimo Bokura ga GAME no Shuyaku de by DAOKO

Okay, so all of the videos here are memorable; if they weren't, they would have been posted, period. With DAOKO's Moshimo Bokura ga GAME, however, I just can;t do anything but remember it. Ever since I saw it - heck, since I heard the damn thing - I've not been able to get it out of my head. It's catchy, it's infectious, andchot damn, that choreography from the backing dancers!

Er, yeah, how could I ever forget this?

This video is captivating in so many ways, from that entertaining choreography, to the old-school graphics used for the video game aspect of the video. The puppet and camera angles are really fun, too, and DAOKO's stoic look just seems to perfectly contrast the fun, even weird aspects of the MV. Moshimo Bokura ga GAME is an interesting video, and because of all it shows, it's interesting, and keeps you invested. I love this video, it's impressive, and it makes me laugh so much whenever I watch it. Go, go, DAOKO! ♡


... Wow, this list feels a little short. I mean, in terms of the random Awards given, it feels short. I have a good chunk of videos, though, and honestly; I've not focused as much on the PV side of J-pop this year. So, compared to last, this might be as short as it feels. Still, these are the videos I enjoyed, and the ones I remembered the most for certain aspects. I wonder if you enjoyed any of these this year, too?

Of course, with the random awards given and accounted for, we come to the final hurdle of my PV Awards for 2016: The Grand Video which stands taller than them all, sat upon a pedestal of greatness, because it is the best of the best.

It's the video that, for me, defines the year of 2016 in Vision. It's the most memorable, most visually enticing, and the one that stood out for many other reasons. This is the video that took my breath away... will it take yours?

Vision of 2016:
Video of The Year

Viewer discretion is advised.


One of the first videos I saw this year was I Kill, and since its release, the rest of 2016 had to live up to the standards it set. Dark, cold, gruseome, horrific... it's not your typical Idol video. It takes us a step further than we would like, pushing our boundaries and kicking us out of the comfort zone. This is not a sweet, energetic video, but a horrifying realisation of the pain students in Japan go through, when ostracised by their classmates for one reason or another. It's a horrible video, in all it shows and implies, but it makes you think, too. This is a very powerful music video, and though there is so much hurt and hatred throughout, there is a cry for help, and some good in what this video creates as a message to those who are hurting, too.

I Kill is incredible, in execution, look and feel. It's a video that provokes thought, whilst also indulging in your need for something visually impressive. It keeps you watching, and it makes you aware of things you might have ignored before. It's a video that speaks to you, and it begs for your attention, if you dare to watch it. Of course, if you don't watch it, I understand; it's not a video you can just sit back and feel entertained by, because it's very dark, and it will disturb a great deal of viewers, if you're unaware of exactly what this video contains.

I have reviewed this video before, and I think it is a masterpiece, in its own right. It's beautifully crafted, but it will shock you, and it could even make you cry. It has a message that cries out for help, and the video and song both feel authentic. This video speaks to me on so many levels, both personally and as a fan of cinematography. It's an incredible piece, and every time I thought about this list, every time I looked back to the PV's of the year, this was the one that came to mind, first.

I Kill is my Video of The Year, and I am so glad that I was able to see it. I could not have found a better PV.


And so, dear readers, we come to the end of this Awards Post. It has been a fun year in music videos for 2016, and I hope you found some of your favourites here, as well as a few surprises.

This is the first of my four Year End posts, so I hope you stay tuned for the next few that are sure to come. For now, however, please enjoy the videos and the music, and indulge in the final days of 2016, for once the New Year begins, we will never see it again...

The Dawn of New PV's will commence shortly. Are you prepared for what 2017 will bring in vision?


Datte kimi no Kanojo da mon. by Ueno Yuuka

Saiko ka yo by HKT48

Ai wa Maru de Seidenki by C-ute

Singing ~Ano Koro no You ni~ by C-ute

Mugen Climax by C-ute

Re:Call by i☆RiS

Junpaku Antoinette by Houkago Princess

Sweet Sensation by Murakawa Rie

Until next time, everyone. Take care ♡

Much Love and Well Wishes,