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The Antics of Kitty Cat Roadkill - Morning Musume '16 'Sexy Cat no Enzetsu' MV Review

It's around 1am today, and whilst I could have easily written this later on, I have another post coming up this very same day here in dreary old England. Also, I have an essay due later this week, so I thought if I'm ever going to get this review done before my Christmas posts begin, and the year ends, it's going to be tonight.

Also, this review was pretty much requested... or at least, my thoughts on the video were. So, given it was asked about, and because I was kind of meant to review this back in October, I think it's high time I did as was asked, and give you my thoughts.

Because who the feck doesn't like my thoughts? A lot of people, actually.

Anonymous Cat, this one's for you! HIT IT, MAESTRO!

Okay, so a quick tidbit before I get into the pic spam portion of the post: I did not add this PV to my Music Video Selection for November, and not because I don't enjoy the PV - I actually do - but, it has more to do with the fact that my first impressions weren't great. In so many ways, this is a damn good music video, and it definitely gets better with a second viewing, but in other ways, a lot of scenes come out as try hard and a tad awkward. Other times, it looks stiff. I find this to be due to a lack of maturity in present members, and in a song / video where both maturity and subtlety is kind of commanded, it becomes very apparent when it's being forced, or when it's only created for gratification.

That said, some of the members in this did surprise me with how great they looked and acted in the video, showing both maturity and presence from beginning to end. Others, not so much, but we'll get to that once we've finished looking at pretty pictures.

Are you ready to take a look at MoMusu's latest attempt in sexy meets cute? I wonder just who will flounder along the way, and who will actually flourish? Let's dig our claws in, and see. Nyaa~


If I didn't know any better, I would say I've walked onto the set of Mystery Night or something.

Hey, look, it's Professor Mcgonagall from Harry po--- ah, sorry, wrong cat! This ones Mug-The-Camera Mizuki!

I didn't know Duu was into being a Furry! We learn something new everyday!

All hail, Roadkill Oda and her lack of forehead!

Also, has anyone else noticed that they are all basically the same cat?

Good grief, this is a nice set, though a tad chaotic looking.


Oh, Hi Masaki, Hi Honeybo :3

Actually... this lineup looks damn good! OOHaa as centre is a definite must! ;)

Maria looks like she's ready to read a poem, but honestly, Ayumin is done with other peoples shit for the day.

Hey, look, some chicken wings! I hear there is another variation of this fabulous flap in the Mukidashi de Mukiatte MV :3

Aaaaaand LOOP!

I think Wardrobe borrowed ideas from the Mystery Night PV, but they decided to at least make some of these outfits look semi-flattering.

Why does it look like Eripon plucked the scales off a mermaid before the making of her skirt?


Quite possibly the least awkward bed scene of the bunch, despite Masaki's plea of desperation lurking within the very depths of her eyes.

Just because you place them on a bed, does not mean they will look comfortable. They're both so damn stiff, and it only achieves high levels of awk.

... They're gonna be in a bed together, aren't they?

Wait a second, I gotta edit this lil' a bit...

Theeeere we go! H!P, you brought this one upon yourselves

In all honesty, though, this scene isn't that awkward. I'm surprised by how well Akane translates to the camera here. Iikubo, on the other hand, is just a Queen. There's a reason why she looks so chill and relaxed.

Ayumin looks quite adorable here, don't cha think?

AHAHAHAHA oh my days, that looks freakin' uncomfortable, and so unfortunately awkward, ahahahaha!

That said, Maria has nice legs! I just wish she didn't look like jail bait in this scene.

Welp, gonna give the Wota what they want, won't ya, H!P?

OOHaa's not best pleased with this damn MV and its lack of style.

Also, is it just me, or is OOHaa giving off Violet Baudelaire vibes? I mean, she kinda looks like Emily Browning's portrayal of Violet, or is it just me who thinks that?

Why is it that whenever I see rODAkill in this, she looks more like a raccoon than a cat?

No, no. The scent of a Mystery Night semi-rip-off.

TBH, Duu is definitely the one you want to see in this MV. Don't you lie to me and say otherwise!

Camera-Mugger-Mizuki, at your service!

So pretty, but seriously unconvincing in this role. Sigh.

Masaki's look of disgust is pretty much how I feel about some of these costumes. Urgh!

You know you only came to watch this video because of how flawless Duu's 'Cat' impersonation is.

Okay, is it just me, or does Ayumin's top look a little... bondagey?

This is a bit like entering another gangs turf, and the reaction they give upon seeing you, isn't it?

rODAkill: "Ayyye, whadda da fuck yous doi-in' up in moy turf?"

No... wait... Now rODAkill looks like a Zigzagoon. Ah, fuck.

Duu is probably the best part about this PV, aside from the backdrop and Eripon.

... And Mizuki is just mugging the whole damn camera, because I don't think she understands the term 'subtle'.

... Okay, is it just me, or has Mizukingdom gotten more... eye-fucking-with-the-camera savvy? Her screentime milking is so obvious and overkill, it makes her cat act feel like shite.

In general, though, this scene is horrible.

Would love to see Maria out of a ponytail, but honestly, she looks flawless in this, even with her jail bait outfit.

Masakins: "C-Camera-san, why must I look like this...?"

Masaki looks so fucking scared, and I honestly feel sorry for her. Just looking at this shot, I almost get a sense of De Ja Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Mystery Night...

-screams internally-

Good grief, my Oshi Queen is SLAAAAAYING and looking super damn gorgeous to boot ❤❤❤❤


... And then there is this sweet little derp XD

Well, gee, and I was just winning! Thanks, ya damn cat!

Also, yay, finally! Mizukingdom isn't trying to hog the damn camera!

If a cat of mine ever managed to grab my god damn book outta my hands and hold the fucker, then I'm calling Britain's Got Talent, they need to see this shit.

Awww, rODAkill, you look so sweet...

And then you go and mess up Eripon's game of jenga, yer little fuck nugget!

rODAkill: "Heeeeeeeeey"

rODAkill: "Whatcha readin'~?"

TBH, I think Oda has her Cat features down pat. She's really selling it, here.

Where Duu is the playful cat, rODAkill is definitely the type of cat who does things just to piss you off.

And Mizuki is clearly the sort of cat who only does it for attention. Or, she's just spiteful, either or.

But let's be honest, this is the best scene she's had in the entire video. That's pretty damn bad, for Mizuki.

But she is definitely god damn cute when acting like a little pest.

DuuKyat: "Ehehe, boop~"

Would love to say this awkward, but it doesn't. It just looks like Fukumura;s future Photobook cover.

And rODAkill is, surprisingly, rocking the set herself. She just looks a tad uncomfy, is all.

Oi, paws off my gal!


When the fuck did she master the skill of Sultry Gawdess!? o-O

... Okay, ew, Mizuki. No. Stop looking like an old man trying to pick up a girl too many years younger than him. EW!

Duu is trying to charm the ladies with puppy dog eyes. Too bad she's forgotten she's meant to be a cat, this time around.

... There's a joke I want to make, but I won't. I'll let you decide what the feck I was gonna say.

Hint: Check the gutter, my mind's in there.

Despite her cam-hog gaze, Mizuki is truly rocking this part of the video, same as Oda.

... But, bless her lil' heart, Duu is pretty damn awk here. She may run this MV from the start to the end, but when it comes to the bed scenes, she really is cringe-worthy to watch.

Duu: "Hey, baby, wanna go on a da--"
Miki: "NO, goddammit, can't ye take a hint? Geez!"

Eripon: "Are you fuckin' wiv me, Furry?"
rODAkill: "Er... erm... no... I gotta go..."
Eripon: "Tha's what I thought, punk."

Akane: "You're not Sayumi. Don't try to be Sayumi. No Loli's for you!"

You tell her, Akane!

Yowzers, look at them legs raise!

Pretty much me, whenever I am done with an essay, or a book that was absolute shite.

Welp, now that the cats have effectively broken everyone, LET'S PARATAAAAY!

Random juggling Eripon is definitely a win here!

And this is just one long roaming shot...

and the absolutely wonderful antics of Cats and Idols.

In all seriousness though, what kind of catnip has Oda been inhaling?

This looks fun! I won't lie. It's also the best part of the video, by far.

If only it was all like this, but I get that their interactions from the get-go are a metaphor of some kind, or something.

Aaaaaand end, because I really cannot be bothered to gif any more of these things xD Sorreh, but also not sorry ;)


To tell the truth, I lost a bit of steam with these screencaps, only because the laptop I am currently using is really slow when it comes to the gif creator I use... and the internet, in general.. It gets a bit tedious at times, and honestly, I just want to go to bed. So, speed review... GO!

I honestly do think that, as an entire product, Sexy Cat no Enzetsu is an interesting creation. It's fun and energetic, it has a great premise, and the hint of maturity that does work, works very well. I also love that in it, we see some of the members take on the spirit and mimic the actions of cats, with at best two out of the three doing really well, and embodying the idea of a cat beautifully. As an entire product, this video really does work, and actually, it doesn't suck at all. What a blessing!

In fact, all three of the videos from this single are really well done, and all give off a different, unique vibe. Sexy Cat no Enzetsu is in itself pretty unique as a concept - for Hello! Project, not for Idols in general - and I like how they have adopted a slow but exhilarating pace to match this jazzy tune, and to give us the full effect of the antics the Idol Cats get up to.

Luckily, a lot of the members seem to have adapted to this video's style pretty well, with some exceptions. One of the biggest surprises was Akane and how great she looked here. Though her pretty stoic expression can seem off-putting, it works quite well for the video, and throughout, she looks comfortable and seems to lack a general stiffness other members seem to have adopted, especially in the bed scenes. Maria, too, surprised me, because whilst I don't see her as a cool type in looks, she completely floored me with her presence and aura here. Of all the members, she's probably one of the most fitting for this kind of scene. Also, luckily, she's one of the two members who were given costumes that actually look like they fit or suit them... despite how much she looks like jail bait, that is.

Harunan and Eripon also worked quite well in the video, but I think it's because they both pretty much know what they are doing, and also because they are cool. Ayumi was a little more in the middle, bordering between looking cool, and then looking completely bored. She was not, however, flat out awkward, thank goodness. That said, her presence lacked greatly, and I kind of wish they had just given her and Eripon a dance segment in the video, just to give her something to do, you know?

In general, though, when you have to sit and look bored or like you have no life outside of playing jenga or chess, I guess you can't help but seem like you're a part of the backdrop.

For those that didn't fit... well, given this MV's overall look and feel, and the fact that MoMusu themselves are currently the least sexy unit within the Hello! Pro collective, you can imagine that very few of them fit the vibe, but some at least make it work. For girls like Ayumi, Ogata, Miki, Duu and definitely Masaki, a video like this just does. Not. Fit. In certain scenes, it is especially apparent, whilst in others, it's okay, sub-par at best. The bed scenes, for instance, are some of the most awkward for almost everyone, with positions that feel uncomfortable and looks on their faces that plea for help. When they are having to be 'sexy' for the camera, it just comes off as try-hard and desperate, or in Masaki's case, like she wants to cry and run away.

Honestly, I feel like the video would work so much better without the bed scenes, but as individual viewers, you can think what you like on this matter. Some people will find them perfectly acceptable, and think nothing of them. I, however, think they look quite unappealing, and like the girls really are unsure of how to look or present themselves. Honestly, the only two who can do it semi-decently were Akane and Harunan, and that was a surprise.

Really, though, the best part about this video is the sequences with the cats; though Mizuki tries too hard - resulting in her imitation of a cat looking a lot less natural - I do think that Mizuki, Duu and Sakura all did really well here, and portrayed themselves in a fun, cute manner. It was great to see that, as cats, they all seemed to have a different type of personality, with Duu being more of a playful cat, Mizuki a tad spiteful and pretentious, and Sakura being down-right annoying for the sake of being annoying. They were so fun to watch, and really made this video. Honestly, if it was more of their antics, and less of the forced 'sexy' or 'cool' scenes, I feel like this would be a wonderful PV all around.

I have no qualms with this one, and I truly do believe it's a well-made piece, something that Morning Musume has needed for a while. It works well with a good deal of the members, and whilst I may have some small issues with it, they don't stop me from enjoying the final product as it stands. Its message is a good one - don't focus too much on the boring things, have fun and enjoy life! - and I believe that one of the greatest things about Sexy Cat no Enzetsu, as a whole, is its ability to balance both cool and fun at the same time. Sure, at times it falls flat in trying to feel mature or even a little bit sexy, but it saves itself pretty quickly with a new scene or a quirky antic.

There is not a lot I would change about this... well, maybe the costumes, and the bed scenes, but, otherwise, it's a good video, and it's an enjoyable watch. Hopefully, we see more of this type of video in future releases, and also see more of the members become comfortable in the long run. But, honestly... please get rid of the sexy, and just focus on allowing the members to be cute, cool, a little mature, or fun. They're not ready to go the sexy route, not one bit.

If you feel a need for destruction and merriment, have a go at this PV, and see if it's worth your while. It might just awaken your inner mischief, nyaa~

Until next time, please take care everyone, and have a nyaa~nderful day.

Much Love,

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