Thursday, 29 December 2016

Sounds of 2016: 100 Songs from The Year

I'm doing a Top 100, because I hate myself, clearly! Okay, that's a joke, because if I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't. Plus, I'm the sort of blogger who wants to push her boundaries, and see if she can do something better than she did the year before. Given I did a Top 50 last year - and was told I was a tad crazy for going that high - I wanted to try and go a step further, and do 100 songs, in one post. Crazy, right? Well, that's me in a nutshell, and whilst I'm sure I've lost a few more marbles along the way... I know I can do this! I want to do this, and I believe deep down that by doing this, I am bettering myself, and giving you all even more songs to enjoy from the year that was! Yeah, that's what I'm doing! -nods-

In all seriousness, though, I'm in for a bumpy ride, because 100 songs is huge, and I'm one person. That's a lot of writing, and a few days worth of carpel tunnel going haywire. Ah, the things I do for Idols.

Good thing I'm on the nice laptop, otherwise I'd be in for a world of pain...

As per the usual with these kinds of posts: As I am one blogger, and these posts are all my own, they are, of course, subject to my opinion. So, if there is a song on here you hate, or even one you love, but it happens to be low on the list, please be aware that my intention is not to hurt your feelings, but to introduce you to music and Idols you might not have heard of. Plus, the list is completely subjective, and heck, even if a group you like is on here, but low down, it doesn't mean the song sucks; it just means I liked it, but not as much as others.

Likewise, how the songs are placed and positioned does not mean you should like them in that order, or whatever. If you like song A more than song B, but I'm different in how I like them, then you like the one you like most, regardless of what I say. It's just a list, at the end of the day, and it shouldn't determine how you like your music. Got it?

And with that all said and done, we have a list to get to. It's a feckin' long one, guys, so grab a coke, maybe a coffee or some vodka, a doughnut and some crisps, and strap yourselves in. This is a long one, and you will need sustenance. Ready?


Hibiya sen Diary by 2o Love to Sweet Bullet

I love this songs opening more than anything, and whilst Hibiya sen Diary isn't actually bad in its entirety, I don't think it's the best, either. Still, it's a catchy, entertaining piece that might intrigue you as a listener, even just a little. It's fun, it's cute, and it does get better the more you listen to it, and honestly, I do remember it quite well. It's a decent song, and though it might not have won me over completely, it won me over enough to give itself a spot on this list.

My Love Song by Maika (of Houkago Princess)

I think that, whenever a song is low on the list, people get weirdly offended, because it might mean I dislike the song. Well, it doesn't, because if I didn't like the song, it wouldn't be on the list, period, and if I really didn't like it? Then I would make up a list of the Worst Songs from the year. So, there is that cleared up.

With My Love Song, I do like it. Thing is, Maika's voice annoys me, a tad. She's an incredible singer, however, her range is limited. She also sounds whiny as heck, and this song only manages to accentuate that whiny sound. Still, it's a gorgeous piece that ties in beautifully the A-side it accompanies, and I like how it seems to be a continuation of the Mermaid story Maika loves so dearly. It's passionate and memorable, and Maika has done an amazing job here. But, again... her voice is one of the reasons why it's actually this low. I love the song, but it grates on my ears, and yes, that will give you a little less prominence in my list. Kinda not sorry~

spank!! by lol

I honestly wonder if I will ever take this song seriously? I mean, with a name like spank!! by a group called lol, and lyrics that include love me harder baby~ or spank you up, HEY!, I really can only ever listen to this whilst second-hand cringing, and laughing, too. Well, regardless, it is a good song, and it's fun to listen to - but, still, that second hand cringe, yo!

spank!! is a good song, though. It would make excellent club music, for one, and it definitely has a eurobeat feel that I enjoy and feel nostalgic about. It's not one I have listened to a lot, this year, but I remember it quite well, I like its beat, the lyrics make me roll my eyes and laugh a little, and, basically, I have a good time whenever I put it on. So, yeah... Spank you up! HEY! ;)

Cotona MODE by Happy Clover

This song tricks you. It starts off sounding all cute and annoying, and once the chorus hits, we get the real voices of the members, and I am instantly charmed. In general, though, I think this song is great all the way through... if you hate cute voices, though, the opening won't do your ears any good.

Cotona MODE is a really fun track, though, and I have returned to it a few times since first finding it. It's catchy, the instrumental changes a little at times, and it's entertaining to sing along to. Plus, I do like ~one~ of the choruses and how it sounds. I say one, because I'm really unsure of where the chorus is here, ahaha. It's a cute song, but yeah, it can get a bit confusing. Still, it worked well enough to make me remember it, right? That must count for something~

Anata ga Iru dake de by Muu

This is a very sweet song. It's not polished or perfect, by any means, but Muu's Anata ga Iru dake de is definitely one of those songs that relaxes the listener. It's gentle and calm, and feels as if it was lovingly sung. Admittedly, it is not one I have gone back to a whole lot, this past year, however I do enjoy it, and feel so at peace when it's on.

I don't think that Muu has done anything else, aside from this one song, but I do hope she continues singing, because she has a raw quality to her voice that is appealing, and quite refreshing, too. She suits ballads well, too, and I find she did a wonderful job here. It's beautiful, and I hope I listen to this song more come the New Year. It would kind of be a waste not to.

Summer Wind by C-ute

Summer Wind was not well-received, at least from what I heard and saw around the internet. People said it was weak, that it didn't fit... all of those things. For me, however, I kind of liked it. There's this haunting quality to the melody that is kind of disturbing and even quite weird, at times. Surprisingly, this is the one track on the entire single release containing this song that is by Tsunku, and it's such an odd sound for him to compose. I say this, because it's not the typical Tsunku sound. It's mature and deep, and even if others say it doesn't, I believe it does fit with the rest of the single, because it shows off this unique, womanly side to C-ute we've yet to see.

So, yeah, cast your judgement on it as you will, but for me, I personally enjoy this song and how different it sounds in comparison to other songs we have heard long before.


I've only been listening to the full version of this song for a little bit now, however, I like it enough to know I want it on the list. Granted, I prefer it with the music video, but honestly, I do think it's a decent song, and I kind of want it, too. It's memorable, catchy, but it isn't overly energetic that it feels too 'Idol'. Only one of the members sounds too squeaky to be real - thank fuck - and the rest of the vocals? They are nice, and I like 'em!

This is the song that introduced me to DEAR KISS, and I like it well enough, but there's another song I prefer. Still, I say check this song out. The bridge is nice, the chorus is great, and again, it's pretty catchy. If you're into groups with a bit more of a dance-sound, then this is the one for you. Hopefully they bring their A-game into 2017, and show me just how memorable they can be.

Namida no Naisekai by AAA

There is this unspoken rule in Okay!-Land that, no matter what, AAA must appear on my Top ~so many~ list for the end of the year, because that is just how it goes. Then again, that can always change, but until this group starts sucking, they may as well appear on here... just because. Also, I really enjoy their music, and though my attention with AAA has waned considerably, I cannot deny the absolute beauty of Namida no Naisekai.

If only I had listened to it more, this year, because then it would probably break the Top 50, rather than the Top 95. Ah, well~

This is a wonderful song, with so much emotion and depth, and it truly is gorgeous. But, again, I didn't listen to it enough... hence why it's here, and why I am internally sobbing at my neglect of AAA and their perfection. Damn, me, damn me to heck!!! -shakes dramatic fist-

Sakura Night Fever by Kobushi Factory

I admit, I've not been following Kobushi Factory all that much this year, but honestly, they've not stood out to me that much, Fight me about that all you like, but when a group doesn't appeal to me, they do not stand out, nor do they grab my attentions easily. I'm freakin' stubborn, that way.

Still, I wholeheartedly enjoy this song, and it's only this low because I didn't listen to it a whole lot in the year. I had a great deal many other songs I enjoyed and wanted to listen the heck out of. Really, though, this is a great song - it's catchy, it's energetic and entertaining. It feels nostalgic and old-school, and it is filled with personality and happiness. It's the sort of song you want from Hello! Project at this point in time, when they're shoving down our throats shitty cool songs and boring ballads. So, yeah, this is an amazing change of pace, and I really appreciate it.

... Too bad it's the only Kobushi song I remember from the entire year gone by xD

1st Love Story by Luce Twinkle Wink☆

This is an adorable song, and it is really catchy, to boot! Though not as high quality as what Kobushi Facctory's Sakura Night Fever is, Luce Twinkle Wink's 1st Love Story is still a wonderful piece. Given it seems to be a track for an anime release, I get why it's so catchy and bright in sound, and why I am immediately hooked on it. It's basically your paint-by-numbers Idol-Anime song, but you kind of can't help but love it, for all its generic nature.

It's adorable, but it's not over-the-top or even that annoying, like I might have expected. It's simply a fun anime track that will take you away to hand-drawn pastures, and keep you tapping your foot with a little smile on your face. 1st Love Story is a sweet song, by a really sweet group. Check it out when you can, if you haven't already.

Koi Nikki by Ueno Yuuka

We all know I'm big into Yuuka, so of course she'll end up on this list, right? Thing is, with the disappointment that was her first album this year, I wasn't sure if she could repent. Then again, her first album was mostly A-sides and B-sides she'd already released, so when something new finally came along, I was pleased once again. I mean, Koi Nikki is damn pretty as a song. It's generic Yuuka, yeah, but it's still damn pretty, and it pleases me very much.

Really, this is nothing new from the Yuuka Ueno collection: it's a pretty almost-ballad type song that fits her voice perfectly, with an equally nice rhythm that relaxes and soothes you once you hear it. It plays to Yuuka's strengths, and doesn't stray too far from what she knows. Basically, she's being consistent, and I don't mind that too much; she knows what she knows, and this sound has yet to get annoying for me as a listener.

And, again: DAMN. PRETTEH!

Itoshima Distance by ANGERME

I'm a little more than conflicted by this song, because on the one hand, I don't think it should be this low on my list, and the other, I kind of think it should. I mean, it's a catchy-ass song, and it's really good. Yet the vocals kind of suck, thanks to nasal-Akari, Moe and Dawa, especially. And yet that is what happens to make it charming and unique, too. It's a weird song, because no matter how much I want to brush it off, I can't. It's the best song ANGERME have produced this year, period, and it seems to mix both fun and cool pretty damn well.

This song is so damn confusing for me as a listener, because again, I want to ignore it. Thing is, I can't, and I won't. I will embrace the confusion, and let the song overtake me. It's fun, it's cool, and I really do love its jazz rhythm and almost calming presence. It's a great piece, and I actually think this was a great choice for introducing Moe in full as one of the newest members, at the time.

Me&You by ReN (from the album Lights)

I did not listen to this song a lot in 2016, I admit that, but this album in its entirety has actually been in the forefront of my mind since I first listened to it. It's distinct, it's beautifully crafted, and it has a very English feel to it. Actually, that shouldn't really come as a surprise; ReN is, after all, a musician inspired by English music styles. When it comes to Me&You especially, though, from his earthy vocals to the melodic instrumental, we are given a rather perfect piece that is quite heavenly in sound, and relaxes the soul from beginning to end. It really is quite beautiful.

Every part of his debut album is gorgeous, but Me&You stands out the most, perfectly capturing the heart of ReN's voice. If you decide to head into this album, this is the song I urge you to give a chance, because it's wonderful, and it's the one that I think will convince you to give ReN a proper chance. 

Lotus Pain by Mashiro Ayano

I have actually listened to this song quite a bit, and whilst I don't consider it a favourite, I do quite enjoy it. Plus, because I seem to have gone back to it a few times since finding it, I feel that gives it some authority against those that are below it, in terms of numbers. Also, it is quite a pretty song, with some nice power to it. Also: That cover~

In a way, this song is quite mesmerising. It hooks you instantly, the instrumental is quite nice, and the vocals feel like they could pack a bit of a punch. It also has a slight anime feel to the sound, which isn't surprising; it's for an anime, after all, but it's also enough of its own song to be able to stand without this anime sound being its core. It's a cool, nice track, one that paints some vivid images in my mind. I like it well enough, and I could get a few more loops out of this. I've yet to get bored of it, and I doubt I will any time soon. I say, definitely give this one a go, and see if it meets your requirements.

Ready Smile!! by i☆RiS

Another unwritten rule for my blog: i☆RiS will also always, at least until the suck, appear on my blog, because that is just how this world works. This also won't be the last time you see them here, because damnit, it's i☆RiS, and I looooove their songs! I am such a nerd for the i☆RiS, am I right or am I right?

Really, though, I do genuinely enjoy this song. I haven't listened to it as much as I would have liked this year, otherwise it would be a lot higher up on my list, rather than as low as it is. Still, Ready Smile!! is a good track, it's energetic and bright, and it encompasses that typical i☆RiS sound we all know and love. It's a cute little piece, and I love how positive and peppy it is. Definitely a winner if you're a die-hard for the group, or if you just like them so-so. Regardless, it's enjoyable, and you should totally check it out.

Tanpopo by whiteeeen (from the album Koe)

I'm not a whiteeeen fan, nor have I ever really delved into their songs until this mini-album came about, and honestly... I'm impressed. I quite like their sound, but of all their songs released, Tanpopo was the one that captivated me most. It's upbeat, energetic, fun and entertaining. It also has a really nice hook to it that keeps on catching me, and I can't help but bounce around when I hear it. I honestly wish I had listened to this song - in fact, the entire mini-album - more this year, because it is really good, and it's one of my favourite album releases from 2016.

This is a highly likeable song, with an entertaining sound that keeps me smiling and bobbing along to it. I think that whiteeeen are a group you should definitely check out, because they might surprise you, especially if they keep on bringing out songs like Tanpopo, which I didn't exactly expect when going into this release. So, yeah, they're worth a listen and a look, if you want to give them a chance.

Two of us by Tomatsu Haruka

Good grief, this song is damn gorgeous. It starts off a little bland, but once the song itself picks up, Two of us has to be one of the nicest sounding tracks I have heard from 2016, period. Okay, I could easily say that about a lot of songs I've listened to, but, still! I like this one, and I think that Haruka's voice is wonderful. It's sweet and soft, and it draws you in immediately, as if she's bringing you into a warm embrace. That's basically what this song is: A warm embrace, and you just want to sink into it and feel even more warmth.

Two of us is a gorgeous ballad-type track that is just so sweet and simple, and I just can't help but adore it. I love these types of songs that make you feel something more than just giddiness, and this song does just that. It's beautiful, and it makes me happy. Give it a try, if you want something a little softer and a tad soothing to calm down your hectic day. Go on, try it~

fantastic dreamer by Machico

This song could have been a lot lower on my list, simply because I didn't listen to it as much as I have others, but... damnit, I have such happy memories of this song. It's so energetic and wonderful, and I adore every moment I spend listening to fantastic dreamer. I also have a really positive reaction whenever I start the song up, so of course, it's going to place a little higher than others here. Because of the fact I haven't listened to this song as much this year, though, I think placing it in the mid-80's is decent. So, yeah, congrats to Machico for breaking away from the dreaded Top 90's! Gah!

I love fantastic dreamer, though. Sure, it can get a bit annoying if I'm not in the right mood, but otherwise, it's a great pick me up, and it serves as a fantastic mood-maker, if ever I want to feel a little more energetic. Plus, it's fun to sing and dance along to. Who doesn't want that in a song!? It's cute, it's fun, I love the instrumental, and it does what it needs to do. So, check it out, see what you think, and hopefully, you'll enjoy Machico, too!

Yummy Yummy Party by Earphones

This is, if anything, an interesting track. It's cute, a little weird, fun and very Halloween in sound. It's basically everything I could ever want from an Idol Halloween track, and honestly, I'm quite entertained! I guess, with a cover like that, I shouldn't expect anything less, right? I mean, they scream Halloween, here.

This is a fun and entertaining track, but honestly, it can get a bit annoying and grating on the ears. It feels forced in the high pitched vocals, but I guess that's the whole idea behind the song, anyway. It's a bit discomforting, and it sets you on edge. Still, it's a fun release, and I enjoy it all the same. I think it's a little unique, and it brings me those Halloween feels that I want and need during the October season. Heck, it's even good during the winter time! No matter what time of the year it may be, let's listen to some Halloween themed music, and enjoy ourselves. Trick or Treat~?

HIDE&SEEK by Itano Tomomi

I'm no Tomomi fan, but honestly... this is a good song! It's dark and a little bit haunting, it has some nice effects throughout, and it even has this oddly calming part that feels a little more than creepy, because it seems a bit out of place in this dark tune. It's also very beautiful in sound, which serves to make it even more deadly.

It's not my favourite song on the list, but I do think it's a fun piece with some great sounds throughout. The video for it is also amazing, giving a nice spin on a classic fairy tale, and showing us a rather dark and cruel ending to the beautiful princess. Check both song and video out, because you won't be disappointed.

Let's go! Red!! by C-Girls2016

From the get-go when compiling this list, I knew right away that this song would be somewhere on the list, even if it happened to be pretty low on this list. It's a song I remember quite a lot since first listening to it, simply because it's so energetic, happy and fun! It makes me want to sing along and dance to it, and it keeps me smiling whenever I hear that opening chant. It's a great cheer song, and I wouldn't expect anything less than upbeat and jumpy from a song that is made to cheer on a team.

If you haven't heard this song, and need a little bit of a pick me up, check this one out, because it's sure to put a little bit of a spring in your step, and keep you entertained for its duration. LET'S GO! RED!!

Shakunetsu Summer ~Summer King x Summer Queen~ by Shida Summer Arai Summer

This song is so damn catchy, and I am kind of annoyed that I like it. I mean, I started off thinking this song was terrible, and then it grabbed me. It's memorable, it sticks in your head, it feeds off of your life force, and then it never leaves your brain. It's one of those songs, and honestly, there were a few of them that came about, this year.

It's an enjoyable song though, I honestly believe that, and I think that these two are great singers together. I hope they come back next summer, just so that they can produce something as fun as this song is. It's a great summer track, and it makes me want to go to the beach and bash a few watermelons!

... I'm never going to get this out of my head, am I?

Love is MY RAIL by Suzuki Konomi

I think this was one of those surprise songs, when I first listened to it. Looking at the cover, I expected high pitch vocals, terrible singing, and a bland song. And then I listened to it, and I was pretty much in love. It's well-sung, the vocals are not high at all, and I love the instrumental. It's nothing special, it's not unique in any way, but it's still interesting enough to keep me intrigued. The vocals are the winner for me here, though, because damn, Konomi, way to take my expectations and toss them in the trash.

One of the key features of this song, if you ever deign to listen to it, is the parts where Konomi sings fast. They are pretty damn cool, and they just give me an energy rush. So, yeah, don't be fooled by this cover or that sweet face; she's not a shit singer, by any means, and she might just take you aback. I'm not saying she is stellar or anything, or that she's a singing goddess, but... still. She surprised me, and she made me a happy listener, to boot.

Himitsu no Tiara to Gelato by Houkago Princess

I adore this song, I really do... but there are plenty other songs that I enjoy more, and whilst some might fight me about this, Himitsu no Tiara to Gelato is not the best song from HouPri for 2016, at least for me. It's a gorgeous piece, I really do think it is, and I think that this was a superb debut for Sasara more than anyone from the new generation, but... those Nana vocals. They suck soooooo bad, and also, I just prefer a few other A-sides. It is what it is.

Still, it's a great song, and I have listened to it a lot since it came out. I think it encompasses the magic of HouPri, it has a rather story-like sound to it, too, and feels whimsical and beautifully carefree when it needs to, but refined and regal in the bridge, to match the different sides to Princess Ann from Roman Holiday. It's a great homage to a wonderful movie, and HouPri have done it justice. Just so happens, of all their releases this year, it's one of the least favourite A-sides. It happens.

Te wo Tsunagouyo by Makomina

This song has had a lot of playback, simply because I do adore it. Still, I don't think it's the best, and I have certainly looped a fair few more than this one, but honestly... I like this duo, and I want to hear more from the twin Idols that are Makomina. They are cute, charming, and bursting with personality and sweetness.

A little generic, but still highly enjoyable, Te wo Tsunagouyo's an entertaining song that is filled with quirky little ad-libs, adding to its personality and charm all the way throughout. I think it's a great little introduction song to this group, and it's one you should all check out.

Confession by Ray (from the album Little Trip)

Ray hasn't been as on my radar as I would have liked, this year. Still, she managed to entertain and impress me a little with some of her releases, Little Trip being of them. I believe only one song stood out to me completely (being the one I'm talking about, now), however, it's a fun album, and definitely worth your time if you want to give it a go. The stand-out for me, however, was definitely the sweet little ditty that is Confession.

It's such a pleasant song, but it has its own burst of energy through the chorus. It's very Ray, too, and feels like the sort of song that would charm me if I was listening to her for the first time, all over again. I enjoy it a great deal, but I will be honest: She has better songs out there, and this one could easily become lost in her discography. Still, it's enjoyable, and I love it for what it is, enough so that it gets a place on my Top 100 for the year!

Step and Shout by DEAR KISS (from their album, DEAREST DREAM)

After finding out about DEAR KISS through their short debut MV, I went ahead and looked at the rest of their performance clips, with Step and Shout being one of them. It was the song that stood out most to me - though all of their songs are pretty damn catchy and enjoyable - and I was hooked on it from the get-go. I've listened to it a lot, since, finding it to be quite a good song for both listening to, and also for background noise. It's the best of both worlds, really.

Because it is a later discovery, I find it only fair to put it up a little lower on the list, because I've not had the chance to properly break it in like I have others. Still, it's a fine song, and I urge you all to check out DEAR KISS, and prepare yourselves for them come 2017. I think they're going to be a strong one, even in the indie circuit. At least, I hope they are.

FORZA! OLE! by Houkago Princess

There is a nostalgic feel to FORZA! OLE!, and it reminds me of the early days of the group, back when they were truly indies and so underground, you could barely find out anything about them. Their songs at that time were very much like what FORZA! OLE! is, with a great focus on the group lines, and very minimal solos were given out. They were also cheerful, they pumped up the crowd, and they served to create an atmosphere that would welcome in whoever saw them perform live, and include their audience. So, hearing something like FORZA! OLE! in a major track by the HouPri I love is extremely heartwarming, and it makes me feel as if I'm back in 2011-2012, watching the group I like from afar.

As a song, FORZA! OLE! is not what I expected. I honestly thought it would pack a bit more power, and I had hoped Miran would serve as a vocal centre, rather than Maika. Still, what the song does deliver - despite what I had hoped and thought - is a lot more powerful and fulfilling than any song I could have imagined. It's absolutely beautiful, and it has a lot of meaning in the instrumental that die-hards for HouPri will certainly pick up on. So, if you remember the HouPri from their indies era, give this song a chance. You might just become overwhelmed with memories and happiness.

MELODY FLAG by Inori Minase

Inori Minase pretty much debuted this year, and already she's won me over. I guess it's because she's a soloist for anime songs, and I love those kind of soloists, so... yeah, go figure. MELODY FLAG, though, is simply charming. It's energetic and fun (we're seeing a pattern here, right?), and it makes me feel quite cheerful whenever I listen to it. It's also really easy to get into, and I think Minase sounds quite passionate here.

That said, if you're not into squeaky singers, you might want to leave Minase be. She's not the worst for it, but she definitely seems to lack range, at least from what I've heard. Still, she charms and pleases me, and I think she has a bright career ahead of her. I only hope she continues with these catchy songs, and manages to keep me intrigued long enough to want to follow and adore her.

Baby, My First Kiss by Murakawa Rie

Okay, I love this song. I haven't listened to it as much as I would have liked, but really, I do love it. It's catchy, it's fun, and it makes me want to get up and do a few little jigs before sitting my ass back down again. It's also fun to sing along to, too!

Not everyone will like Murakawa's style, because she is a bit... helium-like, and though I love her for it, it could definitely annoy a few. Still, it's her style, and she suits it well. Plus, she sounds rather powerful and passionate here, and I love that! She's a quirky cute soloist, and she charmed me earlier this year with her very first release. I'm still enjoying it, and that's why one of her songs is here on my list. Mwah!

Seishun wa Tabemono desu by petit milady

There is this part of me that wants to put this song higher up on the list, simply because I like it so much, but then there's the rational side; I like other songs a lot more, and this song hasn't been played a lot, not really. Still, I appreciate it for all the joy it has brought me, because god damnit, if this isn't cheer in a single, I don't know what is.

Seishun wa Tabemono desu is a youthful, energetic song that is so happy and full of life, you kind of want to jump around and sing along to it. It's cute and inspiring, it drives me to do what I need to finish and reach my goals, and it gives me all those warm fuzzies I love from a song like this. It's hella charming, and I think this is one of those releases that definitely makes you look back and think 'that was some good music', or 'this was a really good year to be an Idol fan'. It's inspiring, it's cute, and it's making me believe that, yes, I can finish this list! It's one of those songs, and I am so happy that I was able to hear it this year. Thank you, petit milady!

Ai wa Maru de Seidenki by C-ute

C-ute have really been on their A-game this past year and last, bringing out songs that are consistent and good, and completely winning everyone over with their quality and charm. I know that, in general, C-ute have produced quality, but I've never really found many of their songs overly memorable, or even playback worthy. This year, though, they kind of put me in my place, sat me the fuck down, and told me to listen, enjoy, and repeat. And that, dear readers, is what I have done.

Ai wa Maru de Seidenki, from their final release of 2016, is a really fun, quirky song that shows off the cuteness that is C-ute, without being too puke-worthy or cutesy. It's nice to see this playful, entertaining side to the group that is both innocent and sweet, whilst also showing off how grown up and mature they are, now. It's a nice balance, and H!P really did bring out the best part of C-ute with this song. It's an enjoyable piece, one that is sure to stick in your head and beg for a replay, because it's so damn catchy and charming! I love this song, and I do think it's very deserving of being on this list. Well done, C-ute!

Manatsu no Orchestra by MICHI

My original reason for ever listening to this song was because, quite simply, this soloist had the same nickname as my friend. Thing is, for something as random as that, I found a damn good soloist with a gorgeous voice, and one amazing song on her single. Manatsu no Orchestra is absolutely beautiful, and mix that with MICHI's stellar vocals, you get something that is equal parts powerful and gorgeous, as well as passionate and driven.

I could not recommend this song enough, honestly, but if there is any song you should ever listen to, it's this one. It's absolutely inspiring, and MICHI is amazing. Check it out, and hopefully, you will be won over by the beauty that is Manatsu no Orchestra.

Break On Through by Chisuga Haruka (from the album TRY!)

Chisuga Haruka has basically delivered to me one of the best albums I have heard from 2016, period. It's one of my favourites, containing a number of songs that I have enjoyed a great deal, with not one of them failing to meet expectations. Sadly, however, a lot of these songs are from previous singles, meaning that I can't really list them here, unless they were released in 2016. Still, it's an incredible compilation of songs, and it's one of those albums you must listen to. Go on. Do it!

Opening the entire album is Break On Through, and it really does break you in. It's upbeat, a little bit powerful, and it draws you in with its great instrumental and wonderful vocals. I think it's the perfect opening for TRY!, because whilst it's not the best song on the entire track list, it's a great starting point for what is to come, and gives you an idea of just how great Chisuga herself is.

This is an awesome song, from an equally awesome album, and I really can't think of another album this year that could top this one...

Though one does come kind of close. I wonder what songs are in that album, hmmm?

Looking for your Smile by Hanazawa Kana

This is a really cute song, and honestly, it was the only piece I enjoyed from the single this came on. Not to say the single itself is bad - it isn't - it just so happens that, of all three songs, this was the only one that could hold my interest for long enough, and heck, did it hold it for a long time! It's catchy, a little bit cute, and it makes me think of older songs, in a way. It's just so easy to get into, too, which is probably why I kept on going back to it. I like songs that aren't too hard to get into, and Looking for your Smile was certainly an easy escape.

Not to say that, because it's a quick escape, it's forgettable; this song isn't. It's pretty memorable, and I keep thinking back to it. Sometimes I wake up to it in my head, which is saying something. It has a nice hook, and I think some of you will certainly enjoy it. Looking for your Smile definitely made me smile, and I really do think it's a charming, memorable piece, and I'm glad it won me over above the other songs Kana has sung.

Negai wa make nai Hoshi de kara by Happy Clover

Though Cotona MODE pleases me, it is Negai wa make nai Hoshi de kara that made me realise just what a dark horse of a group Happy Clover was. Where Cotona MODE is cute and a tad annoying, this is the exact opposite. It's cool, it's unique, and it is nothing like you would expect it to be. It's absolutely wonderful, and I think this is what convinced me to give Happy Clover a try, when they next release something for 2017, because I am won over by this surprise.

There are still cute vocals in here, but I think that's because some members do better with cute voices. Still, despite that, it's still a really cool, mature sounding song that will surely win you over, and convince you to give this group a chance, if Cotona MODE destroyed your faith in them early on. It's damn awesome, and I urge you all to give it a go, and see for yourself just how great this group can be.

Kagami no Labyrinth by i☆RiS

One of their many delightful b-sides, Kagami no Labyrinth is that perfect balance of cool and powerful, mixed with those recognisable instrumental sounds we know and love from the group that is i☆RiS. Though not an amazing b-side by any means, it's a song that I personally enjoy and think highly of, and one I continuously return to without fail. I swear, this group just keeps me coming back.

It's an addictive, great song that simply catches your attention, and doesn't let you go until its done. I never fail to get a kick out of Kagami no Labyrinth, and I won't stop listening to it any time, soon. It's a wonderful b-side by an excellent group, who know how to keep your interest in everything they create.

Singing ~Ano Koro no You ni~ by C-ute

Another C-ute song, eh? Well, this is a C-ute song I really like, because it's so beautifully done, and feels very personal in both lyrics and instrumental. It feels like a graduation song, which in way, it could be. With the groups impending disbandment come 2017, this, as well as Gamusha LIFE, could easily become one of a few songs sung when the girls hold their final live. It's sad to think of it that way, but when you read the lyrics and think of how beautiful and sentimental the song sounds, you can't help but think it could be one of their final numbers.

This is a gorgeous track, and whilst others might think that Singing is the weak link in the recent release from C-ute, I think it's actually the strongest of the three. It has sentiment and happiness within it, it thanks the fans, and it talks of why the members love what they do. It's personal, it's sweet, and it's perfect. It's the best track on their latest single, and y'all can fight me about it all you want, but I will stand my ground.

Drive Drive by Ariyasu Momoka (from the album feel a heartbeat)

Now, I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed Ariyasu Momoka's solo mini-album this year. A lot of the songs stood out to me, with Drive Drive being one of those that stood out so much, I just had to put it in this list. It's memorable, catchy, and I love Momoka's vocals. I don't think she's the best singer out there - it's obvious she's not - but the passion and drive she has in this song (and album) is clear, and I love hearing that in her voice. It's wonderful, and it makes the album itself even better because of it.

Drive Drive is a great song, and it makes me feel happy whenever I hear it. I think it's very deserving of being on this list, and honestly, if you haven't even given this album a listen... what are you doing here? Go... GO!


How could I not like this song? Sure, it's a tad generic, and it's so AKB, but it's still really fun, and the video that accompanies it is downright adorable. It's a fun, sweet song, and whilst I don't think it should go any higher on this list, it definitely deserves a place here, because it's given me a few good replays, and found a place in my heart. Simply put: I like it.

There's nothing overly special about this song, other than that its catchy and has some fun added male lines that hook you. It's a good time, and a pretty easy listen. Additionally, it makes for great background noise! Woohoo!

Moshimo Bokura ga GAME no Shuyaku de by DAOKO

Lemme tell you this, if I had listened to this song more over the course of the year, DAOKO would be a lot damn higher than the 60's. This is one high quality, incredible song with many catchy elements, and an even better video, to boot. It's entertaining as heck, and a real winner, if you ask me. I just wish I had given it more time than I have, because this is a worthwhile song, and could have easily made the Top 20, no problem. Time, however, is a key thing with me and songs; the time I have spent with them can easily place them on top of the list, no matter how weak they are in comparison. Likewise, my reaction to hearing them again can aid a song greatly, and DAOKO hasn't really had the time to stew, with me.

Still, this is an amazing song, and it is one that you need to plug your headphones in for. It's going to be the reason I tune into DAOKO in the future, too, because I love this playful side to her that she shows, despite the stoic expression she holds. Also, I love her voice. Bring on DAOKO'17!

Simple feelings by Nanjou Yoshino

This is such a wonderful song, and honestly, I'm a little more than conflicted with its position on this list. Thing is, I need to put it somewhere, and I think that at #60... well, that's pretty damn good, especially when you take into consideration just how many songs I've listened to over the past year. So, despite the fact that I feel like this song is far too low, I do think it's a good spot. -sobs-

I love this song, I really do. It makes me feel so happy, and whenever I hear it, the reaction I give is pretty damn good. I feel so positive and delighted at the prospect of listening to Simple feelings. It's absolutely gorgeous, and the bridge is just... GAH! It's wonderful, and I can't get over at just how great it is.

Rainy Princess by Color Pointe (from the album PAINT NIGHTMARE)

Not only does Rainy Princess have an incredible video, but it also has an amazing sound that translates well even without its video to aid it. Dark and enticing, this is one seductive piece that draws you in until you are at its mercy, never letting you go, because you only beg for me. It's mature and flirtatious, and every single moment feels like absolute pleasure for your ears. The instrumental is gorgeous, the vocals amazing, and the overall feeling it leaves is absolutely overwhelming. Seriously, is this an Idol song? Is it from a group of ballerina's?

Rainy Princess, in its entirety, is addictive and surprising, and I absolutely adore it. I think it's one of 2016's biggest surprises, and it has definitely won me over. Hopefully, Color Pointe continue to show this mature, seductive side to them in future releases, because it suits them well, and I just want to see more of this edge to them I didn't think they had.

un secret by Shimotsuki Haruka

un secret is gorgeous, and one of those finds from the year of 2016 that I am so happy with. I never expected such a beautiful, whimsical piece to come out of this single, let alone something that would delight me so. It's like a beautiful ballet, or a fairy tale that enchants you the more you listen to it. It's just so perfect, and it fits my style pretty damn well, in terms of what I enjoy looking at, reading and hearing.

Anything like this, I will probably adore. It's basically folklore in sound, and it creates gorgeous imagery in my mind, and inspires words needed to create a fairy tale piece. Hands down, this is one of the happiest finds I have had in 2016, and I think the song is breathtaking. But, of course, there are others more worthy of higher numbers. At least in my mind, that is.

Sore de Shiawase by chay

I have looked back at this song a few times, and honestly, whenever I hear it I smile. It's such a nice tune, and it gives me the urge to write and create. It's one of those inspiring tracks, I suppose, and also, I love the vocals here. The singer that is chay has such a nice, welcoming voice, one that is slightly husky and low. I love it. Also, she compliments the track beautifully, at least, that's what I believe.

It's a song that sounds absolutely delightful, and Sore de Shiawase delivers exactly what the title says: Happiness. If you want an ounce of cheer for the day, give Sore de Shiawase a chance, fall in love with chay and her gorgeous voice, and enjoy!

Muteki no Uta by Tokimeki♡Sendenbu

For a good while, I simply called this the DASH! song, because of the lyrics that go Dash! Dash! Dash!, and even now, I kind of call it that. It's a cute, upbeat track that feels a bit like a cheer song, something to aid you along in reaching your goals, as well as something you can easily call out to. It's a pretty simple song, very generic in its production, but that doesn't stop it from being entertaining; I've had this song play for long periods of time, simply because it makes me feel cheerful. It's absolutely adorable, you know?

So, regardless of its simplicity, the eager nature and pleasing sound allows me to adore it greatly, and I do think it is a fantastic little song to tune into. It's cheer and sweetness at its very best, and so damn Idol. From a bright, cute group like this one, I couldn't ask for anything else. Hopefully they continue to cheer me up come the New Year, and convert me just that little bit more towards the Stardust collective. Who knows?

Kimi to by Ray

Though Ray wasn't disappointing this year, her songs haven't hooked me as much as I would have liked them to. Still, from one of her 2016 releases, there came Kimi to, a gorgeous song that is perfectly fitting for Ray's glorious vocals, as well as a piece that stood out to me quite nicely. It's beautiful, and once again displays both the power and sweetness of Ray.

There's a part of me that honestly wants to move this song even higher up on the list, because I adore Ray, but I'm going to be firm with myself and keep her here, because whilst I may adore her, there are songs that I hold closer to me, and songs that have had more time to become the ones I love and adore. Kimi to, sadly, was not one of them. Sorry, Ray. Dx

Koibito Doushi by MACO

Good gawd, this is a fun song! It's honestly been a while since I last tuned into it, but whenever I put it on again, I can't help but recall just how fun and enjoyable it is. Upbeat and quirky, the song perfectly displays the vocal talent that is MACO, but this time, it shows off her energetic and cute side. When you're used to ballads and soothing love songs from her, I think you'll be surprised by just how entertaining Koibito Doushi can be.

This is a great track, and it's one of those songs that picks you right up and keeps you smiling all the way through. It's such a nice change of pace for MACO, and I'm so pleased to say that it suits her really well, too. Hands down, one of her best releases for 2016.

Hanbunko by whiteeeen (from the albim Koe)

More whiteeeen!? Whaaaa~ Well, I did like the album quite a bit, so of course it would make some sense to include more than one song, and why not the opening track? It's pleasant, it draws you in, and it's really cute, too. I think it's a perfect start to what is a sweet mini-album, because it isn't forceful at all, nor is it boring, in any way. It's a good balance of upbeat and steady, never falling away from its relaxing sound or becoming even slightly boring.

The bridge, like most songs, is a nice change of pace through the song, but honestly, I love the chorus and verses so much here. It's a really pleasant journey, this song, and I think it has charm and a nice kick of country in there, too. I don't think whiteeeen will appeal to everyone, but I would like to hope you give it a gander, at some point. This group is worth your time, and their songs are well worth a listen.

Odorou by Ohara Sakurako (from the album V)

I swear, everything that Ohara touches, it turns into something that sounds absolutely beautiful. In her album release this year, Odorou was one of those songs that turned into something glorious. It's beautiful, much like everything else Ohara sings, and I just can't help but feel entranced by her voice and how warm it feels. She's a beautiful singer, and I really hope that I keep following her, cause damn, she inspires me so much.

As the opening track to her entire album, I find Odorou quite a pleasing, welcoming piece. It pretty much sets you up for some quality songs, and beautiful vocals to accompany them. This young woman simply amazes me, and I hope she keeps doing so come 2017, because she is worth all my time, any day, every day.

Shabondama by Ueno Yuuka

Shabondama is such a pleasing song. It's soothing, it's sweet, and it's a wonderful ballad from the Queen of Ballads herself, Yuuka Ueno. It's also a sound I wouldn't expect from a song titled Shabondama, though the image of floating bubbles fits the tune perfectly. I guess I've been brainwashed by Morning Musume's own rendition, huh? Still, this is a gorgeous song, and it fits that idea of a floating bubble perfectly.

I can't help but feel so soothed and at ease whenever this song plays, and I honestly wish that I could just continue listening to it and have no cares in the world. It makes me feel so satisfied, and it washes away all the worries of the world. Ah, what a wonderful track~

Kanzen naru Idol by wa-suta

Ah ha, there you are! Finally, you are on my list, though a bit too far up, for my own liking. Still, I have to place them somewhere, and with so many songs to go through, this seems to be a great place for the group that is wa-suta, and their epic Idol-bashing song, Kanzen naru Idol! Fun and a bit whack in terms of its ever-changing instrumental, this song has been on my mind a lot since the PV was initially released, and I have always gone back to it, without fail.

It's what happens when a song as quirky as this gets stuck in your head.

This is a fantastic song, and the lyrics are absolutely perfect. I honestly wouldn't expect anything less from the group that is wa-suta, who seem to want to break a few boundaries, and show us just what they're made of. They have a kick-ass lineup, the songs they have so far are bomb, and I want more of them. Hopefully, 2017 delivers an extra dose of awesome, because wa-suta need to keep on impressin'!

Anata no Haruka-san by Chisuga Haruka (from the album TRY!)

Pretty much a role-call song, Anata no Haruka-san is a pretty fun way of introducing yourself to people at concerts, if that's what Haruka plans to do. Energetic, entertaining, dripping in personality and cuteness, and also a great display of Haruka's versatility as a singer, this song creates for you a fun picture of just who Haruka is, at least in terms of sound. As I don't understand the lyrics, being the weab that I am, I find that the sound itself allows me to appreciate Haruka, more than anything.

Seriosuly, though, this is a damn fun song, and allows you to hear just how talented and fun Haruka is as a singer. It's one of the catchiest tracks on her album, too, and will certainly keep you entertained. A fun, high-energy piece, Anata no Haruka-san is worth your time, believe me.

Jinsei wa STEP by C-ute

I do wonder how much flack I will get for putting this so low...? Still, it's my list, and whilst I do find Jinsei wa STEP a fine specimen of a song, it's not a favourite of mine, though I do find it well made and fun as heck to listen to. It's C-ute being mature, but still showing off their fun and energetic side without H!P putting them in fluffy dresses and lolita frills. It also ties in so well with the release that Jinsei wa STEP is a part of, bringing us that nostalgic, mature vibe that fits this group so well.

It's a great song, and I do love how it sounds and the nostalgic vibes it gives off. C-ute really were on their A-game this year, and I get why; they're going soon, so of course their content is going to be the best we have ever seen. Seriously, though, this is awesome, and I can't get over how much presence there is from this group in not only this song, but the others that come with it. It's amazing, they are amazing, and Jinsei wa STEP is one hell of a good time if you're looking for a bit of fun this New Year's.

Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~ by Country Girls

I really can't get over how adorable this song is, and how perfectly it seems to match up with Country Girls. It's so cute, and I think that this is a really nice update of a fairly old song. It's sung well, too, and it's a really, really sweet cover piece. Whilst everyone else is tripping over Boogie Woogie LOVE, I'm busy gushing over just how wonderful Ran Ra Run is. I'm a total sucker for the adorbs and frills, guys.

In general, I'm a sucker for anything, but I do love it when something is so damn cute.

As a song, Ran Ra Run is appealing thanks to its catchy tone and fun sound. It's a little silly, very much sweet, and so charming all the way through. I really don't know how anyone could hate this song, because it truly is wonderful.

Kokoro no Senritsu by Ariyasu Momoka (from the album feel a heartbeat)

Another favourite from Momoka's recent mini-album release, Kokoro no Senritsu is the end song for the album, and is quite possibly my favourite track from the entire piece. It's heartfelt, passionate, and beautifully sung, and the gorgeous instrumental keeps me wanting more. I really do like this song, and I think it is one of the best on the mini-album, though all of the songs are great, individually.

I love singing along to this song, it's so easy to get into and follow. The sound of it is gorgeous, and Momoka sounds wonderful here. Attest to that if you will, but for me, this is a mesmirising piece, and I can't get over just how great a singer Momoka can be when away from MomoClo Z. Oh, and those final lines from her that are pretty much accapella? Yeah, every time I hear them, I feel so... ;^;

Message by Yasuda Rei

I recall my friends telling me last year that I should totally listen to Yasuda Rei. This year, I actually did, though I didn't get into her, not really. Still, her song Message stuck with me, and I really did love it. I mean... how could I not? This gorgeous vocals, that vibrato, the song overall. It's gorgeous, and seriously, how the hell did I not get into her this year!? What am I, tone deaf? Yes.

Message is absolutely gorgeous, and Yasuda Rei really does captivate you here with her voice. She is such a beautiful singer, and whilst I didn't get into her like I should have, I'm glad I was able to find and enjoy such a wonderful song like Message. It's very moving, and every time I hear it, I'm so pleased that it's on. If you've not given Rei a try yet, I say now is the time to, and Message is probably a good place to start, if any.

with you... by Oda Kaori

Being a February release, this song has had a lot of time to make me love it, and honestly, I've loved it since I first heard it, because with you... is goddamn beautiful. With its music box tune and gentle vocals by the wonderful Kaori, I can't help but fall in love with this ballad and want to keep playing over, and over, and over again. It's had so many listens, I don't actually know just how worn out this song is. It's wonderful, and I think very highly of it.

The reason why it's come this low on the list is mostly because I've kind of neglected the song. I still adore it, but there are other songs I listened to more over the course of the year. Still, it has a place in my heart, and every time I listen to it, I feel overwhelmed and fall even more in love. A brilliant piece by a brilliant woman, and a song you should definitely give a go.

Cherie! by Team Syachihoko

Surprise? There's a damn Stardust Group on my list, and I don't know whether I should be glad or made about it? Well, either way, it's here, and that's because I enjoyed the song that is Cherie thoroughly, this year. Every time I heard it, I felt delighted and wanted to smile, and if I put my music on a random shuffle, and this turned up, I would think 'YES! Cherie!". It's one of those songs that you can't help but adore, because it's so innocent and cute, and it has such a positive sound. It really is endearing.

I really don't know how anyone could hate this song, it's far too likeable, and I think that you should give it a go if you haven't. Then again, this is Team Syachihoko, so I bet you've given it a whirl already. For now, though, I'm going to wonder whether or not Stardust will slowly begin to take over my mind, finally pulling me over to the dark side with dimples... hm...

innocent promise by TRUSTRICK

Ever since finding out about TRUSTRICK around this time last year, I've kind of been on a TRUSTRICK high, and for 2016, innocent promise was one of my favourites. It's gentle and sweet, yet still powerful and memorable. The lead singer, Sayaka, is a force to be reckoned with, because despite how soft her voice might seem, she still packs a bit of a punch with it. This song is really lovely, though, and I think quite highly of innocent promise; it's a definite favourite of 2016.

That said, it's not my favourite from TRUSTRICK this year. It's an incredible song in its own right, and it has had its fair share of replay value, much like many others... But, until you get to that point in this list, you will have to wait and see just where the other TRUSTRICK songs have been hidden~

everlasting snow by Aimer

This song is absolutely breathtaking. Aimer's breathy vocals, apired with a gorgeous instrumental, create a song befitting of the winter season that is heartfelt and warm, but also sad and seeped in memories. There is clearly a deep love for the winter here, though Aimer does not leave out the fact that this time of the year can be sad, too, thus creating a perfect balance of happy and sad.

It's a beautiful piece, and ever since I first heard it, I have been playing everlasting snow more than I probably realised myself. It's just so freakin' gorgeous, and I can't get over how wonderful Aimer is as a singer. It makes me want to continue listening to everything she creates, and to feel as satisfied as I do now with all of her music. She is amazing, this song is wonderful, and I just want to play it over, and over, and over again, until I burn a hole in my laptop.

Goin' On by i☆RiS

Oh, hai thar, i☆RiS, fancy seeing you here! 8U Not like you've not appeared, like... twice already, right? I swear, the more you appear, the more I might actually convince people I adore the feck outta yer.

Good grief, this is one entertaining song. I remember when the video came out, I wasn't that convinced by it... and then the song happened, and I was completely hooked on it. Positive, upbeat, happy, everything that i☆RiS encompasses is jam-packed into this song. It's a great song to drive you towards your goals and deliver happiness, or, a great song to write to during an essay. Same different, right? Either way, it's a good song that will pick you up and give you the energy to move forward and beyond.

Goin' On is so great. In general, though, i☆RiS is great, hence why they keep popping up here like feckin' daisies. I doubt this is the last we'll see of them, either, because i☆RiS. HA!

Itsumademo by Iwanaga Tsugumi

Good gravy, this song. Every time I hear it, my heart just soars. I really do think highly of Itsumademo, it's such a beautiful piece, and a wonderful coupling track for what is a great debut single from Iwanaga. It's heartfelt and loving, and I can feel that every ounce of Iwanaga's soul was poured into this track.

This song is so hard to place on this list, because honestly, I love it so much. I have so many feelings for Itsumademo, that they might burst. It's such a lovely song, and I am so glad I was able to hear it. I've replayed it over and over, and no matter what, I still adore it. This one is a keeper, and no matter what, it's going to stay on this list, because it is so wonderful.


This seems like the perfect place for GANG PARADE, because whilst the song has not been played a whole lot this year, there is a place in my heart for WE ARE the IDOL. It feels so emotional, and the sound of it just managed to stay with me. It's really beautifully done, and I just love how it feels like it's the end of the group as a whole, when actually, it was the beginning of them as GANG PARADE.

This is honestly just a great song, and I really do think it deserves a spot in this list, especially this high up. It gives me overwhelming feelings, and I can't help bu love it so much. WE ARE the IDOL feels like an end, when it's only just the beginning, and what a wonderful beginning it seems to be.

Shooting Star by Amatsuki (from the album Hakoniwa Dramatic)

HELL, YEEEEEAH, IT'S AMAZTSUKI! From one of the best albums this year has had to offer, period, comes Shooting Star, the opening track to Amatsuki's fantastic Hakoniwa Dramatic. Whenever I play this song, I'm filled to the brim with excitement, because I know the follow-up songs are just as exciting as this one is. Seriously, this album just makes me go squee! I love it so, so much, and can't recommend it enough!

Shooting Star on its own is a great song, and opens up the album in a positive way. It might not be as good as other songs, but honestly, it's the starting point, and it does enough for you that, once you've heard every song, just listening to Shooting Star will get you pumped for what's to come. It's so good, and honestly, I'm already excited to hear the rest of this album, and to finish off this Top 100 list. The excitement, it's real, yo! ☆

Daisuki by Ohara Sakurako

I really do wish I had done an awards system for my favourite singles of 2016, because honestly, Daisuki would rank among the very top of them all. This is one well-played single, and Daisuki as a stand-alone song is just gorgeous. Sakurako's vocals are absolutely divine, and honestly, I'm just in love with everything she does, nearly. Her album's fun, too, but Daisuki the single is what won me over, and I'm still obsessed with it, now.

What is there to dislike about this release, other than how damn perfect it sounds? It's gorgeous, and I don't even need to watch the videos to enjoy it more. I just paint the images in my head, and I am good to go. It's a gorgeous song, the vocals are vivid and the instrumental is just charming. A wonderful release from a wonderful solo artist.

Cinderella Symphony by Tomatsu Haruka

Good grief, I've listened to this song a lot. Cinderella Symphony stood out to me because of its name, and if it matches a fairy tale in any way possible, I am gonna jump on that wagon and sit there. Luckily enough for me, this is a great song, with a fun instrumental and great vocals. Also, whaddaya know!? Tomatsu Haruka appears again, and I hadn't even realised she'd sung two songs I enjoyed from 2016! Noice!

I just love how carefree this song is, and how happy it makes me. I've returned to Cinderella Symphony a fair few times over the course of 2016, because it puts me at ease, and is a fun track to tune into whenever I feel like I'm becoming too stressed with work, blogging or life, in general. It's so colourful in its sound, and again, it's carefree, making it an enjoyable piece that is sure to draw you in, one way or another.

Kimi ga ite yokatta by Makomina

I have had so much with this song since discovering it, and listening to it as I create this list just brings me such joy. It's a song that you can easily dance and clap along to, thanks to its easy beat and fun approach. It has a little bit of a country sound thrown in there, creating a rather intriguing piece. It's really fun, and I can't help but love every aspect of this song. It's damn charming.

I'm really enjoying Makomina, and I hope that they continue with these fun, interesting songs that they have in this single. Something like Kimi ga ite yokatta is really entertaining and cute, and it's highly memorable, as well, and is one of my well-deserved favourites for the year. It's freakin' adorable.

WE ARE THE GREATEST NINE9 by Cheeky Parade (from the album Cheeky Parade II)

Believe it or not, I almost forgot this song happened this year. Kick me for my idiocy, please xD Still, I remembered just in time, and I am so glad I did! This is such a wonderful song, and it really does feel like there is a lot of emotion put in here, because it is the Cheeky Parade we know and love before the departure of two wonderful members. Granted, they're on a hiatus in order to study, but it's very sad, regardless. Hearing them all together, claiming their greatness as a 9nin unit, just makes me want to cry.

This is a great song, and Cheeky Parade continue to turn up here, ever-higher in my ranks. They are winning my heart, for sure, and I just hope they keep on pulling through, until they finally earn that coveted #1 spot.

Akanesasu by Aimer

Every time I see the word Akane in a song, I think of the kid from MoMusu. Anyone else with me on this?

In all seriousness, though, this is one beautiful song. Like everlasting snow, it sits with you, and you just want to continue playing it again and again, simply because it's so gorgeous in sound. Aimer is a glorious vocalist, and I really do hope I continue listening to her music after this, because, damn, the two songs on this single are absolutely breathtaking.

I don't think there is actually much difference between the two songs, but each one affects me differently. Akanesasu, as a song, makes me feel a little more, so I have a bit more of an attachment to it. It's so pretty, but it feels quite emotional, too, and I like that about it, It's a damn good song, guys.

Tomodachi to yoberu kimi e by Fudanjuku

One of many graduation themed singles released this year, Tomodachi to yoberu kimi e was the beautiful goodbye for the husky voiced Midorikawa, an original member of the group. It's a beautiful song, and ever time I hear it I just want to cry. It's a rather positive sounding song, though, and it feels as if all of the members poured their hearts into it, to deliver a wonderful goodbye to one of Fudanjuku's long standing members.

That final Itsumademo zutto gets me every time, too, and I really need to try and stop myself from crying. MIDORIKAWA!!!!! ;^;

Nagareboshi by Amatsuki (from the album Hakoniwa Dramatic)

Now, this is a delightful song! It's filled with hope, and every time I hear it, I just feel excited and overjoyed at being able to tune into something so beautifully sung. I really do adore Amatsuki's vocals, and this album is filled with so many wonderful tracks sung by him. He is passionate and emotive, and there is this child-like aura to his songs that make me think of fairy tales. This song, though, makes me think of stars and wishing on them for happy things. It's so nice to feel that way, you know?

I will say it again: Listen to this album. It is positively wonderful, from beginning to end, and I really cannot get enough of it. I swear, if you don't go listen to it soon, I might as well bash your head in with it online. It's. So. GOOD! XD

Hear ~Shinjiaeta Akashi~ bu Chise Kanna

This song is goddamn beautiful, and seriously, I'm kicking myself for not hearing it sooner, because goddamnit, this could have broken the Top 15, easy! Hear ~Shinjiaeta Akashi~ is so pure and delicate, and it moves me whenever I listen to it. I love it so much, I've been listening to it non-stop since finding it. I just really, really like it, and I'm so made that I didn't hear it until I found Chise Kanna's Blue Moon album. Good grief, Chiima.

I can't get enough of this song right now, and honestly, I would put it so much higher than this, but it's a bit unfair to the other songs that have stayed with me for so long, and the ones that really impressed me throughout 2016. I love this one, though, and I might as well keep an eye on this singer. She's good, and she's hooked me up with some nice songs, too. Dealer of 2017: Chise Kanna.

Ultra Miracle Final Ultimate Chocolate Beam by wa-suta (from their album The World Standard)

If you don't like this song, then I ask ye this: WHAAAA-!? This is a masterpiece. A random, absurd, highly confused masterpiece, and it must be appreciated by all! It's weird, it's fun, and it was the start of wa-suta and their adventure in confusing the heck out of their audience, no matter where they might be situated. This song is so... it's satisfying, in so many ways, and it's really fun to listen to. After I first heard it, much like Kanzen naru Idol, I was hooked, and I was not going to stop getting my fix. This group is addictive, like that, and god damnit, Avex, you're going to make a ton of money from these girls!

This is such a fun release, and the album it's from is awesome in general, too. I urge you to check out wa-suta and their discography, if you can find it, because they are worth your time, confusion and views. Go forth, young one, go forth into the land of wa-suta, and be pleased!

Utakata Saturday Night! by Morning Musume '16

Aha! I bet ya thought this would be a considerable amount higher, right? Well, my love for Zukki may be grand, but it isn't grand enough to save her from the cursed Top 30! Also, whilst I may enjoy this song a great deal, I don't think it's the best of the bunch, nor have I played it a great deal. It's a better song in concert, rather than as a studio piece. Still, I do adore it, and I think that it's one of those rare, truly unique songs to grace Hello! Project this year, and I highly appreciate that.

Utakata Saturday Night! is a fun song, from beginning to end. It's filled with personality and liveliness, and feels like a true group effort, something Morning Musume had lacked for a long time. For Zukki's graduation single, it was so nice to see a song that was as bubbly and bright as her, but focused on the group, too. I think that's the greatest part of this entire release, that this song was so focused on the group aspect, the girls having fun, and delivering something delightful and entertaining. It was unexpected, but I welcome it greatly.

This was an amazing graduation song, and it pleases me that Zukki went out on a high note. She deserved nothing less than cheer.

Tremolo Rain by Ohara Sakurako

She's gonna keep turning up here, you know. Stop wishing her away. Ohara is perfection, and I will keep her in this list, until you like her, too, damnit!

In all seriousness, though, I do love Tremolo Rain. It's catchy, and it reminds me of rain, but in a fun way. Typically I hate the rain, but if I popped this on during a dreary day, I'm pretty sure that I'd perk right up. Ohara just seems to know how to please her listeners, and with Tremolo Rain, we are given something that just makes you feel happier upon first hearing it. Plus, it makes you want to tap your feet.

The instrumental is so nice, I love how it tinkles and feels like rain falling down, in a musical way. I also love how the verse brings you into the chorus effortlessly, and makes you want to fall in step with the song itself. It feels like something I could easily dance along to, albeit badly.

It's catchy, it's fun, and right now, I can't get Tremolo Rain out of my brain!

SUMILE SMILE by Uchida Aya

If you're unaware of the great love I have for this song, then never fear, it's time for me to talk about it! I'm obsessed with this song. I think it is amazing, I love how squeaky it can be, and I adore every ounce of cuteness and sugar it has thrown into it. Yeah, it can get annoying. Yes, it has given me a multitude of headaches, but, honestly, who cares? It's crack in the form of a song. SUMILE SMILE is addictive, in the best way possible, and I really do adore it. How in the hell have I never found anything like it?

Well, I probably have, in the form of other helium-sucking Idols. Just, not Uchida Aya forms.

This is an adorable song, and I think it's damn wonderful, though many will disagree, because again, headache-inducing and all that jazz. I love it, though, and I will continue to believe that is so until I find the next helium-sucker that appeals to me. For now, though, SUMILE SMILE is one of the many ones that I adore. Huzzah!


I've said it more than once, and I shall say it again: Good gravy, I do love this song. I love the power it has, I love how dark and mature it sounds, I love its cool feel. This is an awesome song, and damn, it's from TRUSTRICK! I didn't expect them to bring out something so awesome, not gonna lie, because whilst I know they've got it in them, I kind of just expect ballads. Ballads upon ballads, a little bit of pop thrown in there, and more ballads.

Honestly, though, this is one awesome release, and I'm so delighted that TRUSTRICK did something this edgy. It's absolutely breathtaking, if you ask me (you never asked, lol), and Sayaka is absolutely wonderful here. Everything about this song is beautiful, and I can't help but feel it would fit a dystopian film quite well. It feels disruptive, and it feels like it's the beginning of the end. An amazing piece, one that is a favourite of mine from the year 2016. It's freakin' gorgeous.

Naze hit wa Arasoun darou? by C-ute

Well, hello, ladies, nice to see you back once again. How long has it been? A couple of minutes? Sounds about right.

Okay, so I love this song. Of all the c-ute songs released this year, this is the one that stuck out to me most. It's dripping in nostalgic sound, the vocals are top notch, it's mature, and it's classy as fuck. This is a song that perfectly defines the beauty and maturity of C-ute, without forcing them into sexy garb or whatever else. Looking back at the year of 2016, when I think of a song that is perfect for Hello! Project and C-ute as a whole, I think of this one. It's the best from their discography of 2016, and whilst you can certainly fight against my choice, at the end of the day, it's what I think, and I do believe this is an amazing song.

I love everything about this song, and whenever I listen to it, I remember just how great it is. It's fun, it's memorable, it's catchy as heck, and it deserves to be on this list. Well done, C-ute.

Step by Ohara Sakurako

This is such a fun song, and every time I put this single on, Step is the track I look forward to the most. It's bright and energetic, it feels positive, and it's very lively and really appealing. It suits my tastes well, and as I've said previously, I love Ohara's voice. She brings the music to life, and makes you want to jump up and have a fun time whenever you listen to what she creates.

She's a fun singer, and she really makes you feel like you want to join in with her songs. I love Step for that, plus it makes me feel alive, and it never fails to make me smile! What a fun song~

Kimagure merry-go-round by Amatsuki (from the album Hakoniwa Dramatic)

This is such a pretty song, and I really kinda want to put it even higher, but again, as I keep saying over and over again, there are songs here that I know need that spot more, because I love them so much more. I mean, I love this song, don't get me wrong, but the others have more meaning to me. Still, being in the 20's is a freakin' miracle, I say. After about 80 other songs, this is, in itself, an achievement.

But, yeah, I freakin' love this track. Kimagure merry-go-round is damn catchy, and I love listening to it. Amatsuki is glorious here (wait, is this a duet? I am so damn unsure), and the song is so beautifully crafted. It feels magical, and now, I want to go to a fairground and look at the merry-go-round to capture the beauty of it all. Good grief, this is a wonderful song.

Unmei no Roulette Mawashite by La Pompon

Okay, so La Pompon, though I am generally unaware of who they are, have certainly entertained me with their single release of Unmei no Roulette Mawashite, because it is truly a glorious update of the original. Every time I hear this track play, I feel excited. It's refreshing and well-sung, and it just delights me so much! I love listening to it, though originally, I wasn't that keen on it. Weird how things turn out, aye?

This is a great song, and it has this beautiful jazz break that is just mesmirising. If you've yet to hear this song, give it a go, and get back to me. It's a real treat, and La Pompon did a great job at putting their own spin on a classic track that many love and adore.


This song is intense. It;s really powerful, too, and it makes you think. It's a great piece, it honestly is, hence why it's so high. This is one of the songs that started my year, and ever since I first saw the video to I Kill, I haven't been able to get it out of my head. It's pretty much a force to be reckoned with, especially the visuals, and I think that this is a great piece. It's disturbing and frantic, it unnerves me, and it makes me feel rather uncomfortable at times. For a song to be able to do that simply with words and a change of tone in voice is incredible, but DEEP GIRL do it, and they do it very effectively.

I have a feeling a lot of you might have thought I would put this song closer to the Top 10, and whilst I understand why, honestly, it's the PV that entranced me so, and that became my favourite of the year for videos. I like this song a lot, too, and I go back to it a lot. My favourite of the year, however, it is not. It's still amazing, though, I cannot deny that.

Re: Call by i☆RiS

Believe it or not, dear readers, but this will be the last time you see i☆RiS on this list, cause this is the final song of theirs I have loved and adored from the year 2016. With its mature aura and cool setup, it's actually pretty hard to believe that this is an i☆RiS song. It's too good, right? It's not cute or peppy, it doesn't have that notable i☆RiS vibe that reminds me of them, nor does it feel like it's meant for PriPara, or any other anime, for that matter. It's edgy and unique for the group who sing it, but it fits them so damn well. It's freakin' glorious, and it was one heck of a surprise for 2016, let me tell you.

It's a really catchy song, too, and I can't help but go back to it and indulge in just how awesome it is. It's the best of their releases all year, period, and it stands out against the rest of the fluff and happiness that they have produced so far. A new image, a new aura, and a new favourite. All hail, i☆RiS!

Seishun Mermaid by Houkago Princess

I love Seishun Mermaid, because it's passionate and catchy. It's HouPri's best song of the year, for sure, and it's the one that stands out most in their entire discography as the most polished in sound. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I can't help but fall in love with it over and over again when I hear it. Heck, I even like Nana's voice in this, so this song had to have done something right! It's honestly so, so good.

That said, whilst I do love and praise Seishun Mermaid from the depths of my heart, it's not my favourite. It may sound the best, but that doesn't sway my feelings for other tracks. I have another Houkago Princess song that holds my interest. From afar, however, I will treasure this jewel of the sea, and watch it grow into something bigger and beautiful.

Ima Shikanai ~Now or Never~ by Iwanaga Tsugumi

Though this song is a little more recent than some, it has left a big impression on me. Ima Shikanai is so bright and joyful, I really can't help but fall in love with it, When I first heard this single, I was hooked, and Ima Shikanai is one of those songs that I kept on returning to, for essay writing, blogging... anything. It gave me drive and delight, and I never lost my interest in it. Hearing it now, I can't help but feel pleased. I want to keep on going, to finish this year off with happiness and no regrets, because this song makes me believe I can do so.

It's positive and energetic, and it will put a smile on your face. It's a song that I need to pick me up and keep going, and it has done just that since I first heard it.

Orchestra by BiSH (from the album KiLLER BiSH)

Yet another song that I adore, and for good reason: This is a beautiful creation, and it shows the power of BiSH, as well as their sweet, caring side, as opposed to the usual crazy and strange that the rest of you might know a little better than I do. I was taken by surprise with this song, but after seeing the video and hearing it in full, I fell for it, and hard. It's gorgeous, and I continue to go back to it, wanting to hear more, and to feel more. It's a song that definitely makes me feel something.

Orchestra is beautiful and imperfect. The vocals aren't great, but that is what makes it so enchanting as a song. The imperfections, the lack of emotion in some vocals, too, make it even more emotional and raw, allowing it to feel as if it's their true voices coming out, rather than manufactured vocals crafted by a studio desk. It feels... nice, and it feels real.

Orchestra is real, and it is beautiful.

Junpaku Antoinette by Houkago Princess

Fight me all ya like, but no matter what, I will put this above Seishun Mermaid. Hiss!

In all seriousness, though, I have a stronger connection with Junpaku Antoinette as a song. For one, it's the final single for Ayase Miho, who graduated just after its release, and secondly, I just prefer it. I like simple, pretty songs, and this is that at its best. Plus, it has some enchanting baroque going on in the bridge, and I find that extremely appealing. Maika sounds damn good there, too!

This is a nice, romantic song, something HouPri hadn't tackled before now, and it was a nice change from the cool sound of Kiete, Shirayukihime, and the cute, Idol pop tune that was Seifuku Cinderella. This style worked well for them, and I have enjoyed it so much over the past year. It's an endearing song, and definitely one of the highlights for 2016 for me, at least in sound.

Sweet Clapper by livetune

Oh, good gawd, we're nearing the end! That means it's time for Sweet Clapper to make its appearance, because go damn, this is one catchy, entertaining song, and it's kept me happy for a good chunk of 2016, and we know how shit this year has been, at least for some people who follow the big names in Hollywood and any musical God. So, yeah, this song has kept me happy and lively, and I really do love it. So. Damn. Catchy.

Just wait a sec whilst I finish clapping my hands and tapping my toes, will you? We're getting to a good part, and I'm in my Sweet Clapper haze~

Ryusei Flashback by Fullfull☆Pocket

This was originally going to be one of my Top 10, however, after much contemplation and list shuffles, I came to the conclusion that, whilst I do adore this song and hold fond memories of it, it's place is not in the Top 10. Still, that does not mean it's terrible, or that I love it any less; it's just that there are a few other songs that beat it. Really, though... I love this song, it makes me so happy! ♡

I've listened to this one a fair few times, and no matter what, I can't help but adore it. Ryusei Flashback was a great debut for this group, of the three songs they debuted with, and it showed off their talent and stamina perfectly. I just hope that Fullfull☆Pocket bring out some more good songs, come 2017, cause their last single... well. XD

mint gum by TRUSTRICK

I expected TRUSTRICK to place pretty high on this list, but honestly, this high!? After 90 or so songs, TRUSTRICK's last song on my list has managed to hit the #11 spot, just one below 10, and that is amazing. Then again, TRUSTRICK and their track, mint gum, are amazing. With a such a gentle, refreshing song, I'm glad they got this high. They really deserve it.

mint gum is a beautiful piece, a song that feels exactly like the title says: a piece of gum. It's refreshing but a little bit sweet, and it makes you feel at ease with its calm tone and soothing vocals. It's breathtaking, and Sayaka keeps on impressing me with her voice. She sounds wonderful here, and I can't get over how pretty this song is, and how much it seems to inspire me in writing and essays.

It's a wonderful track, and really deserving of it's #11 position. Well done, TRUSTRICK ♡

Sweet Sensation by Murakawa Rie

If there is one song I anticipated most in 2016, it would be Sweet Sensation. After viewing the short music video promo, I waited for this songs release, only to find it was going to come out months after the promo had come out. WHAT!? So, yeah, this was the song I anticipated most, because I wanted the full track, and also because I was damn near in love with the short segment I had already heard.

It's an addictive song, and I'm pretty sure it's filled with crack. It's basically the SUMILE SMILE before SUMILE SMILE actually happened. Helium-like. Energetic. Headache inducing. All the fun things you could ever look for in a song that is as sweet and sugary as Sweet Sensation happens to be.

In all honesty, though, I do love this song. If I didn't, it would be nowhere near my Top 10, however, because it's so great, and because I wanted it for so long, here it is, the 10th song of 100. It's done super damn well, and I really am happy to see a song as cute and wonderful as this in my Year End list! Well done, Rie-chan~

zero tokei by Oda Kaori

zero tokei has been with me since February. That's a damn long time, and for this long, I have adored the song. It is absolutely beautiful, and Kaori's voice just takes me to another world where there is absolute beauty and magical creatures making merry. She is enchanting as a singer, and this song only manages to enhance that enchanting tone she holds. I was in awe back in the beginning of the year by her voice, and I am still in awe, now. She is a glorious soloist, and this song has aided me in many an essay during deadline season. Thank you~

A beautiful sonata that puts me at ease, and allows me to imagine and create thanks to the words and sound delivered. It's truly inspiring, and it is equally enchanting.

harmony ribbon by Minase Inori

Another song that has been with me for a good while, harmony ribbon has certainly made its presence known, Though I might not have listened to it as much as others this year, there is no denying that this song has embedded itself into my mind, and for good reason. It's catchy and sweet, and I just downright adore how it sounds, and how happy it makes me feel. It's a lovely song, and the moment I heard it in my list of songs for 2016, I knew it had to be in Top 10. There was no other place for it to be, than here.

Though I'm conflicted about whether it should be here, or higher, I think that #8 is a good placement for harmony ribbon. It's pretty damn high, and it deserves this spot, because it is a song that made my 2016 a happy one.

Sayonara ga Utsukushikute by Shibata Aya and 4th Generation (of SKE48)

It should be no surprise that this song is on the list, though how high it is, well, that could be a surprise. Really, though, with the amount I've looped this, it makes more than a little sense to put Sayonara ga Utsukushikute this high. I've enjoyed this song a lot, to the point that I now love it, and think very highly of it. Much inspiration has been gained from this track, so placing it at my #7 spot should be nice enough, payback, right?

It's a beautiful song, and I've talked enough about it already, so I will leave it at that. It also has to be one of my favourite graduation tracks of the year, for sure.

Seriously, though... what's a 48 song doing in my Top 10 list, aye? >o>

Saikou ka yo by HKT48

... Two 48 groups, TWO of them got into my Top 10. HOW!? I'll tell you how: Goddamn catchy music, and songs that pique my interest. This is a damn impressive feat on its own, anyway... but I do admit, I've really been into the 48 sound this year. I kinda can't help it, they're like worms burrowing in the brain. Oddly pleasing, even if you don't want it to happen... Not that I've ever had worms in my brain.

Still, it's kind of hilarious that the 48's made it in twice, and with two different songs, to boot. I can't deny my love for Saikou ka yo, though. It's generic Idol, but it works so well. I love the chants, I love the cheers, and I love how it is basically a wota call from start to finish. It's entertaining throughout, and I really adore joining in. It's a song that makes me bounce around and feel alive, and whenever I feel even a little bit down, it's Saikou ka yo, or a few others, that I have gone to.

It's a fun song, and I really do think it's deserving of being in the Top 10. I've been impressed by the 48's twice, now, and I'm pretty sure they'll keep on trying to impress me come the New Year. Who knows what 2017 holds for the 48's and Chiima, until we cross that bridge?

SKY GATE by Cheeky Parade

SKY GATE has had some amazing replay value, and it's a song that saw me through the first half of the year with a lot of looping, and a lot of appreciation and love. I have adored SKY GATE ever since a friend linked me to the video, thinking I would enjoy how it looked. Turns out, I was more in love with the song than I was the visual aspect, and since then, I haven't looked back. This is a fantastic piece.

SKY GATE deserves to be in my Top 5. It deserves the love and attention it has had, and it deserves to be listened to by all of you. It is a wonderful song, and Cheeky Parade continue to impress and enchant me with their music. They are so high on this list for a reason, and that reason is because they are awesome, and their songs are addictive. I adore what they do.

Short hair by Rosario+Cross

I honestly thought that, after a year of enjoying this song, it would come out on top as my #1. It would either be this, or SKY GATE, I told myself. Well, given that this song is now placed at #4, and SKY GATE just above it, I can safely say that this is not the case. Still, after a year, this song has brought me great joy and many smiles. I really do love this song.

Despite its generic sound and simple structure, Short hair has brought me so much joy and happiness over the course of 2016. I love hearing this song play out, I enjoy singing along to it and banging my head, or even playing with my hair. It's so carefree and cute, and it's pretty damn easy to get into, too! Short hair is a good song, and it's one of my absolute favourites of all the songs listed here. I return to it without fail, I think about it so much, and I just want to hear it play all the time. It's addictive, despite its simplicity, and it's extremely memorable.

Short hair is fun, it's cute, and it's made it's place here, in my Top 5 of 2016~

Sakura Saku by Houkago Princess

You didn't think I'd forget this little ditty, did you?

Of all the graduation tracks that came out this year, it was Sakura Saku that made me cry the most. It's such a beautiful, heartfelt piece, one with happy undertones, but a sad realisation. With Ayase Miho at the centre of it all, her raw vocals ringing out against everyone else, I couldn't help but feel that this song was meant for her, as a thank you for all her years in Houkago Princess. It's like the staff are returning a favour by letting Mihotan lead a song, and it's very clear that everyone is pouring their heart and soul into this piece. It's breaking my heart, but all the same, I adore this song, because it's Mihotan's final hurrah, and I adored that girl so much.

It's easy to say that this song is here because it's Mihotan's, but honestly, I find Sakura Saku beautiful, regardless. Yes, because it's the final song including Miho, I will think highly of it, but I also like almost everything HouPri produce, and I just think that this is a well-done, nice song, and the best graduation piece they've created. But, yes, because it has that Mihotan attachment, I do adore it. doesn't help that they let the one graduating sing most of the lines; that is wonderful, sweet, and heart-wrenching.

A beautiful song for a beautiful member. What a worthy goodbye.

faith by Cheeky Parade

Well, colour everyone surprised, Cheeky Parade are back, and they have taken the #2 spot in their hands. They are really damn close this year, and honestly, if they don't get a #1 any time soon, I will be surprised, because they have truly won me over. I mean, faith is a beautiful song, and it deserves this spot. I've played it enough damn times, y'see.

I have so many feelings for this song. It's so passionate, and it clearly means something to the members singing it. The final solo line, too, is gorgeous, and I just want to cry. The song, though it feels loved and warm, also seems so sad and lost. It's gorgeous, though, and it is one of many songs in 2016 that stood out to me, but above 98 of those songs, it stood just that much taller, and shone even brighter, winning a place at the very top of the ranks, but just below one.

Placed at #2, this was a song that was hard to place. It was a definite favourite for 2016, though, and whilst I didn't think it would place so high, I have to say, it feels right. The perfect spot for a wonderful song.


And with our #2 spot filled, it is time to move onto the final spot, the #1 song of the year! With so many great songs, one giant list, and my hands hurting to high heaven, I wonder, what will the song of the year be!? Cast your guesses, think about it a little, maybe pray, and... drum roll, please?

For the Year of 2016, from 100 Japanese Songs, this is the track that defined the entire year for me as a listener in all its greatness! From pop, to rock, to ballads galore, the #1 track for the year that is 2016, it's time to start playing! Let's hear it~


For the Year of 2016, the song that has defined the past 12 months in all it stylish, energetic glory is the wonderful PPAP! The passion and magnificence is astounding, and I really can't help but feel alive and inspired whenever I hear those lyrics. It's a really well-thought out song, with great structure, and amazing effects. Seriously, this song is amazing.

My favourite part is when he sings UH! Pineapple Pen!. It's really heartfelt, and it makes me feel so. Damn. Emotional.

Oh, and this isn't my #1. It's fun to keep y'all on your toes, sometimes! Teehee~


All games aside now, it's time to get serious! For the Year that Was, let me introduce to you all my #1 Pick for 2016. This is the song that inspired me, had me singing along loud and proud, made me want to move forward and accomplish all my goals, and aided me when essays were tough, and times were hard. It's a song that I love and adore, annd for me, this is the Sound of 2016. Are you ready for it, everyone?

Let's plug in our headphones, and play a little tune, just before 2017 comes a knockin'.

.。.:**:.。. 1 .。.:*☆*:.。.
The Sound of 2016:
Sayonara wa Hajimari no Kotoba

YES, it's my Song of 2016! With so many replays, such love and attention given to it, and the aid it has unknowingly applied, it is La Pompon's beautifully sung Sayonara wa Hajimari no Kotoba that has won my heart, as well as the top spot for my Top 100 Songs of the Year list. It is the one that defined 2016 for me, and the song that stood out above the rest. In all its beautiful glory, it is La Pompon and their original track that stand tall and proud, and I really could not have chosen any better.

Though I knew this song would certainly place high on my list, I wasn't sure it would ever place this high. Still, when it comes to these lists, even the song you are sure will make #1 can surprise you in where it goes, and for me, the song I thought might make #1 placed 4th, and the song I thought might place 4th, came into the 1st spot! It's weird how it goes, but, it's fun when you figure out from a giant list of 100+ songs just what you enjoyed most, and which ones stick with you emotionally.

Sayonara wa Hajimari no Kotoba is my winner for 2016, though, and what a wonderful win it is. This song has been through a lot with me this past year, so I think its place is well-deserved. Congrats to La Pompon, for their first win oin O!MT Land, and for taking the #1 place in my head, my heart, and on my blog.


And with this list all done and dusted, we come to the end of my Top List for 2016! For tomorrow we have the 2016 reprise, where I look back at the year that was, and recall all that has happened, as best I can! For now, however, it's time to have a rest. Until I see you next, everyone, take care, and enjoy the songs of 2016 til the very end.

Much Love, everyone.

PS: Here are a few of my:

~Honorable Mentions~
Kiseki by Shionoya Sayaka

Summer☆Summer by Akishibu Project

Authentic Symphony by ChouCho (from ChouCho Collection "bouquet")

Princess by miwa

High Free Spirits by TrySail

yakusoku train by Ray (from the album Little Trip)

Kimi omoi by whiteeeen (from the mini-album Koe)

Silent Majority by Keyakizaka46

Sayonara no Imi by Nogizaka46

~Album Recommendations~

TRY! by Chisuga Haruka

Lights by ReN

The World Standard by wa-suta

Hakoniwa Dramatic by Amatsuki

Cheeky Parade II by Cheeky Parade

V by Sakurako Ohara

Goodnight, all~


  1. Waahhhh, soo many songs to check out! LMAO. You really outdid yourself with the 100 songs! Props!!! Now I'm curious as to how many songs you'll include for 2017's list ;P

    1. I know, right!? So many! I don't think I'll do this many again, or more than 100 aha, it's a lot of songs to think of and write about! 2017 may be the same, or a little less, we shall see what the music brings!