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[PV Selection] November 2016

Winter is here, and so is the November PV Selection for 2016! The last of its kind, let's enjoy the music and the accompanying videos that have graced us from the month gone by before the year bows out. As per usual, all videos posted are what I have personally enjoyed; don't feel put out by the fact I did not enjoy everything you might have done, because opinions differ, or maybe I just didn't see them? Who knows!

Much like the Music Selection prior to this post, this will be my final PV Selection post for 2016, as I will not be creating the December version in January due to my End of Year Music Favourites post that I do annually. So, after doing this for near-on a year, I want to thank you all for reading, enjoying and supporting these Selection Posts from 2016! I hope you've liked them as much as I have!

Now, before the end of 2016 comes along, let's enjoy the final PV releases from the Year '16, and treasure the Idols who have created them! Are you ready to watch some Idol goodness?

Though my pickings are few, the ones I have here are what I would call the cream of the crop. Of course, they all appealed to me in more ways than one, but they also all stood out individually for various reasons, from great camera work to bright and colourful settings, or for how genuinely fun the video felt as a whole. Surprisingly, I've not found many Christmas themed videos this time around... or, at least the ones that I like, but no worries! There were many good videos this past month. Some just so happened to stand out more than others!

So, without any further rambling, let's get going and take a look at some of these videos! Will there be any that you enjoyed in this very list? Read and watch on to find out!


Mille-Feuille *Cute Version* by Tokyo Girls' Style

I'm not a follower of TGS, though I admit when I saw the original version of this music video, I enjoyed the song a bit, but not the accompanying MV. This version, however, I do like. It's bright, playful, a little contemporary, and eye catching. It fits the song decently, too, but the overwhelming abundance of personality and cuteness here is was stands out to me. It's actually nice to see the members of TGS in a more playful setting, as opposed to the cool or subdued videos I usually see them in.

It's adorable, and probably the version of the MV that they should have gone with. Be sure to check it out!

Kobushi no Hana by Kobushi Factory

Country in the City! Which seems a bit weird, especially for a group like Kobushi Factory, but actually... they really suit the country sound and feel, and it feels just right. Probably the best song they've put out this year, Kobushi no Hana is getting a bit of a buzz within the Western fandom for its stylistic choice in shots and editing. I've seen a lot of people compare it to film-quality in its look, and I will agree, though I don't see why it's much to hype about; it's nothing new to the Idol Industry at this point, especially when you look at the videos that AKB, Nogizaka46, BiSH and many others have put out. Heck, even H!P have done something this good looking before; look at some of Mano Erina's work (especially Song for the DATE).

So, this is nothing new, but it's nice to see the fans get excited for something like this. Hopefully, Kobushi Factory continue with good quality songs like this, and good PV's, too, because whilst they're not my favourite group, I do want H!P to continue dishing out videos and songs that are varied, decent and, above all, fun and fitting for the group they are given to. That final part is especially key here, folks!


One of the main aspects of this music video that I enjoyed was the use of a 'runway' during the member solos. In fact, that's pretty much the entire reason why this song is here. I like everything else about the music video too, don't get me wrong, but it is pretty basic. The camera shots are damn nice, though, and how they have edited it is really fun.

Actually, this simple but effective video just gets better the more I watch it. For a first single and music video, this is damn good, and these girls have amazing confidence and camera presence. I question whether or not they've been in other groups prior to this one, or if their company just chose some camera-ready girls really well.

I'm quite sad this is only a preview of what to expect from these girls, but honestly, it gets my hopes up! I really want to see more of DEAR KISS, and I hope that they go further than just a first single, because damn, they are pretty good at getting me to like them based on one 2 minute video.

Happi kite Happippi by Happippi

It's Ondo. It's feckin' Ondo, and from what that one shuffle unit Odoru♡11 song has taught me, I quite like Ondo music. Well, I like fun Ondo, and this is that. I have no clue who Happippi are, but this self-titled song is all kinds of fun, and really shows just how quirky they are with a style that fits them pretty damn well. It's nice to see some Idols taking on an old-school music style, and showing off just how well they can run with it.

I won't lie, I was initially going to ignore this group because they looked a little like Diet MomoClo Z, however I'm glad I didn't, because whilst they might look like they raided the Stardust costume department, their music style is a little more subdued, and certainly a lot less modern. Also, they're not as out there in terms of how they act on camera. Still, they look good, and they definitely have some camera presence.

It's a decent video, with some nice camera shots, some good vocals, and some wonderfully shitty sakura petal effects. The song is definitely one of the best parts about it, but the members are a fun bunch, too. I wonder which one will become my favourite? (Hint: I have no clue, either, though I'm fixated on the Red members under-bite, and the Blue member looks a tad similar to the Green Giant from Up Up Girls).

Check it out. Have fun with it. Enjoy the goodness that is Happippi. I hope they rise in Idoldom, come next year.

Mukidashi de Mukiatte by Morning Musume '16

Whilst this song does not hold up that well without its accompanying MV, I can't deny it fits the video well. But, let's be serious here; the real winner is the damn video, because in all its Holy Editing Glory, it is a masterpiece. H!P have shown us what they can do with Adobe After Effects, and it's all been heading towards this very PV to show off just how good they can make something. Heyll, they even make this song sound interesting thanks to how beautifully crafted this video is, and that must have been a feat to achieve.

If you're going to head into this single, period, I say check out every one of these songs with their corresponding videos, because at best, these songs are passable, with Sexy Cat being the best. Sadly, this song is itself the most forgettable, but it has the most flawless video. It's editing is perfect, the pacing is downright glorious, and it tries something completely new to H!P in terms of style. It has a subtle maturity to it that works in MM '16's favour, and it's (finally) not awkward in its subdued sexiness. Thank fuck for Mukidashi de Mukiatte's PV!

Shishunki no Adrenaline by Team 8 WEST

I don't think shitty cooking prep has ever looked so fun and exhilarating. In all seriousness, though, the 'adrenaline' side to the title is certainly fitting for this song and video, because the adrenaline rush these girls are giving me is immense! I really was not prepared to enjoy this as much I as have, however, I'm glad that this single contains such an enjoyable piece. The members especially look like they are really into it, and in turn, I'm enjoying what they deliver. Well done, tiny 48's!

 If I decide to actually give this single a listen, you can bet this is the song I'll tune into the most. My only complaint? Their costumes look far too similar to the old-school indie uniforms of HouPri. Then again, all Idols wear seifuku; of course they're going to look stupidly similar some days. Ah, well.

Now, where's the full edit of this MV!? I want my adrenaline rush to heighten even more! Give me ENERGY!

Koi hana by Flower Notes


Er... ahem. I-I just was not expecting that, but dude, it's like hearing a deep baritone coming out of a female lead from Bob's Burgers, or something (note: I have not watched that show), and okay, time to be honest; that's where my interest in this group and song ends. I mean, it's a cute PV, and the song is decent... but otherwise, I kinda don't care. Mostly because that dance sequence looks like it would wreak havoc on my hay fever, and the scenes outside of it look too washed out.

I ain't keen on that saturation game, yo.

It's a pretty music video, don't get me wrong, and it fits in with the groups name and the song title... oh, and deep voice eats a flower. Maybe that's why her voice is that low? She might have indigestion problems, now. Who knows.

This video got weird at the end, and I'm done. DONE! XD

Magical Mystery Tour by Magical Punchline

This is technically a December PV, given it was released on December 1st... however, because I won't be posting a December PV Selection come January 2017, I feel I have some right to post it. Plus, this is my blog; I can break dem rules I set if I so please o3o So, let's BREAAAAAK THEM!!!! -snaps rules in half-

... ahem. In all seriousness, though, I do like this music video. It's cute, the members are pretty damn charming from what I can see here, and the video itself screams 'Christmas' to me. In a simple but effective way, Magical Mystery Tour takes us on a midnight journey through the forest, where the members come across a beautifully decorated glade, lighting up once the members come across it. With its use of the night time and Christmas lights and stars, the woodlands come to life and the sky begins to brighten, and I can't help but think of how the streets look at this time of the year, much like the woodland does here. It is truly magical, and makes me feel like Christmas is truly here.

Abundant in cuteness and vibrant in colour and light, this is an adorable song and music video that is sure to get you pumped for Christmas! Now, let me go on a magical journey myself, and find some Christmas lights!

Futari Saison by Keyakizaka46

This PV was suggested to me by a reader (Anonymous) originally, and I admit, when I first viewed this some time back in November, I really did not care much to view it after the beginning. The song, I could easily pass on from what the opening promises, though I will admit it gets better after the stupidly high pitched opening lines. Aside from the somewhat off-putting pitch, though... yeah, this is a really pretty music video.

A bright contrast to Silent Majority - and to a degree, Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai - Futari Saison is a graceful, beautifully shot piece that is simple in execution, but powerful in what it tells. Much like Kobushi Factory's Kobushi no Hana, there isn't much in the ways of story telling or linear plot, but there is a lot going on in the image and the beautiful editing. It's smooth, it glides, and it feels absolutely beautiful. The members feel as if they are floating at times, which shows just how powerful the editing and cinematography is, here.

Very nicely done, and worth the wait from that rather bad opening line from the song itself.


And with that, we end the final PV Selection for 2016. Hopefully you have all enjoyed the videos I have posted this past year, and hopefully this list has given you insight into what makes me squee, as well as allowed you to open your eyes and hearts to more wonderful groups out there! For sure, it's given me a chance to check out even more groups, and allowed me to find some incredible music videos along the way!

Once again, I thank you all for continuing this journey in Selection Posts throughout 2016, and for both reading and supporting all the random things I do. I sincerely hope that by doing this kind of series, you have been able to experience something new, or possibly rediscover old groups you loved way back when by looking at their newer works. This has been a wonderful experience, and hopefully I will keep it up come 2017, even if it is just with the Music Selection posts and a few select MV's.

Until that time comes though, please enjoy the remainder of 2016, Idols and all! I will see you in up-coming posts, everyone, so please enjoy the very last dregs of the year before we roll into the next one. Take care, enjoy, stay happy and healthy, and Love yo Idols!

Let's meet again soon♡

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