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Eve of The Idol ~5th Night~ Deck the Halls with Sounds of Joy - Christmas Shuffle

Outside the carollers sing and inside the radio blares with joyful Christmas tunes, and when you turn to the windowsill to look upon those with merry voices across the road, you witness the first snowflake fall...

 5th Night 

I think that one of the greatest things about Christmas songs is that, no matter what, they can be under any genre, and still fit in with the time of year. They can be happy, sad, rock, punk... whatever it happens to sound like in the end, I'm pretty sure you can somehow fit that tell-tale Christmas spirit into it, or give it a little winter soul. That's pretty magical, if you ask me, as well as wonderful; this way, you can still have your Christmas Music-Cake, but in an abundance of flavorful sounds!

So, to continue our celebration in Idols and Christmas, let's take a look at a few different sounds from the winter season, and enjoy just how flavourful and unique they can be.

For 12 Nights, and 12 Nights only, let's take a journey with Idols of all kinds and enjoy the wintry styles they have adopted. Whether the song is old or new, let's celebrate all it delivers. This season, let's fall in love with our Idols all over again...

This is the Fifth Eve, and on this very night we will gather by the window to watch as the snowflakes fall, gazing in wonder whilst the air fills with the soft lull of Christmas tunes.

Let the music soothe your soul...


I did not intend for this to be the fifth post - it was, in fact, the 7th - but with time constraints and two essays that I had to finish, I thought it better to put up a post that was already there, rather than throw together a messy PV Review that I am not proud of. Hopefully the 6th Night will see another Music Video Review, but for this post, we will instead look at more Christmas and Winter themed songs, in the form of a nice little playlist that you can all enjoy!

Some of these songs are ones I already know, whilst others were given to me as suggestions when I queried what I should listen to for December '16. Hopefully, with both my tastes and others, a rather varied list has been created, and there will be something for all to enjoy, whether it's by a group you know or maybe someone you are unaware of! Also, just so you know, the content shared here will not be reviewed again in this years Christmas Reviews, though it could easily make its way into an individual 2017 Christmas post ;)

Now that is said and done, let's start the music, and begin a mini Party! Are you ready to wave your Christmas baubles in place of your penlights?

Winter Story by Buono

One of the most well-known winter songs of the current lineup, Winter Story is pretty much enjoyed by almost everyone I know. It's energetic, upbeat, and it mixes rock with Idol quite effectively. It's also damn catchy, an element of Christmas music that you kind of have to have, but it is still its own creation. It's original from beginning to end, never borrowing heavily from previous creations or letting itself fall victim to copy-cat jingles, like a few other Idol units have done. Not to say that's a bad thing, however, it is nice to hear something completely new and fresh in sound, yet still encompassing that feeling of Christmas and winter joy.

This is a great song, one I enjoy breaking out every year, or whenever I want to listen to it. It's the perfect winter jingle, with a kick-ass sound to keep you on your feet as you dance along.

everlasting snow by Aimer

A newer release, Aimer's everlasting snow is one of two main tracks on her recent November release, with one song celebrating the Autumn, and this one celebrating the winter season. A sweet, heartfelt song, Aimer sings about both the sadness and happiness of the winter and all it brings, from the lonely memories we look back on, to the joyous singing and warmth we see all around us. It is absolutely beautiful, and the video that accompanies it is just as sweet, showing a lone woman watching the people around her as they celebrate the winter in all its beauty, whilst also reminiscing herself.

The gentle instrumental paired with Aimer's earthy vocals is absolutely stunning, and I really can't help but fall in love with this song. It's a beautiful piece that brings together the cold and warmth of the winter holidays perfectly, showing us both sides to what can become one of the loneliest or happiest seasons, depending on the person celebrating or enduring it. Hopefully, you all find something to enjoy about this song, too, because it truly is amazing.

Koi wo Shite Ita Koto by JY

I don't know who JY is, but I saw this music video a while ago and, honestly, I quite enjoyed the song. The vocals are quite soft, but the song itself feels very pure and honest, and it just rings' Christmas', in look and sound. It's one of those positive Christmas tunes you come to expect, and is sure to be a track that will please quite a few people thanks to its playful, catchy jingle.

Though I have yet to experience the video in its entirety, (this being the only reason it's not being reviewed. Dang nabbit!) it seems that, despite its rather solemn opening, Koi wo Shite Ita Koto will be a positive music video with a nice focus on couples celebrating the Christmas season, with JY appreciating their happiness, despite her own sadness. That's absolutely lovely, if you ask me, and hopefully the full video will come out somewhere, sometime soon, because I kind of need / want it. I mean, come on... IT'S CHRISTMAS! Throw a nerd a bone, will ya!?

Wa~ MERRY Pin Xmas! performed by ANGERME

I love this song. I love seeing different Hello! Project members singing this song, and with Sayummy graduated for 2 years now, I did wonder just who might get to sing this song next. Turns out, it was ANGERME before Meimi jumped ship, and holy heck, it's gorgeous! This has to be one of the best renditions of the song I have heard, period, and honestly, it works so much better as a group piece than a duet. Like, holy cow, I was not prepared for the awesome!

Meimi herself is especially great here, but she has the ability to stretch her voice more than others and adapt to the cuteness parts of Wa~ MERRY Pin Xmas needs, however, all of the members sound great here, I can't fault any one of them. It's a cute, fun rendition of what can be an annoyingly sweet Christmas song, and ANGERME do it complete justice. Well done, you adorable bunch of sweethearts!

Mr. Snowman by E-girls

This one is honestly more for the video than it is the song, but honestly, I do enjoy both. That said, I can't deny how bland E-girls songs can be without their accompanying videos. It's an enjoyable song all the same, though, and fits in with the snowy season quite nicely! The video, however, is the absolute star of this set. I really do love all it has to offer. Good grief, it's so entertaining!

I have reviewed this PV already, back in 2014 on Christmas Eve, and I still think of it highly. It's a gorgeous piece in design, and it reeks of magic and fairy tales, Christmas and joy. I adore it, and I doubt I will wane in my love of it any time soon.

Christmas ga Ippai performed by AKB48 Team 8

This one was a suggestion from Facebook, and originally, I was not going to add it. Firstly, I'm never that keen on kids who can't sing, singing as a career. Also, the opening does not sound that Christmassy, though its chorus does, thank goodness. But, given this is a playlist mixed with a select variety of songs, I thought... eh, why the heck not? Even if I don't find much enjoyment from it, someone else will, and I know Team 8 is loved... at least a little bit, I guess.

Really though, this song is not my kind of cookie. It's not as appealing as previous AKB Christmas songs, nor is it as memorable or catchy. I know that, in general, AKB doesn't stretch too far out of a simplistic comfort zone, but this one takes the cake a bit... Still, I applaud all these toddlers for performing this, especially live, but it would have been nice to see them with a more upbeat song. This one was just a tad meh. Ah, welp.

Koibito ga Santa Claus performed by SCANDAL

Another suggestion, Koibito ga Santa Claus is one of those songs that has been covered multiple times, to the point where I am unsure of even who sang it first. Well, it was the SCANDAL version that was suggested to me anyways, so it will be the one I post and look at, because why not? I know there are a lot of SCANDAL fans out there, for sure, though I'm not one of them. In fact, this might be one of few songs I have heard from them, completely. And, yeah... they're pretty good! The lead doesn't sound as epic as I expected her to, but, I like her vocals, regardless. She has a nice voice.

The song itself is enjoyable, too. It has a nice rhythm to it (whether this is SCANDAL's doing or the original instrumentals beat, who knows), and it feels like quite a unique Christmas song. Thanks to SCANDAL's use of instruments, there are a variety of sounds throughout to keep you interested, whilst also giving it that magical Christmas jingle we probably all recognise by now.

It's a good cover, a great track, and SCANDAL are pretty damn good. When I have the time, I might give them a look... or, if I remember :p

Christmas Night by SMAP

Hey, look! SMAP finally made their way onto my blog, and with a Christmas song, no less! Now, given I'm no scholar in most things J-Ent, I really am unsure of who is who, so, I'll just go by hair. That's always best when looking at anything J-Ent, if you ask me. (The one with the fluffiest do, he reminds me of FuFu from Sexy Zone. Maybe they have the same stylist?)

All silliness aside, though, I really like this song. It is just the right amount of power and emotion, and it is really beautifully sung. The simplicity of the video only makes the song feel even more powerful, giving us focus on the vocals and their expressions, which is sometimes what you need in a video to a song like this. It also feels a little reminiscent of old school music videos, focusing on the performance and not the visuals. That's actually quite refreshing.

I'm unsure of this songs age right now, but really, I don't care if it's old or fairly recent; I like it, it's appealing to me, and I think it's one of those true-blue Christmas sounds that has heart and soul put into it from beginning to end. Definitely give this one a go, especially if you're feeling nostalgic.

Santa-san by Momoiro Clover Z

From passionate and soothing to absolutely deranged and tone deaf, it's time to check out a dose of MomoClo Z, and burn our ears off in the process. This song was also requested, though I've reviewed it before, all the way back in 2011 when these Christmas themed posts began! So, technically, I could go ahead and PV Review it again for the funsies... but I might have a go at it next year. Maybe :p

Anyway... this song is cute, but it is also as annoying as it is adorable. I really don't know how I listened to it so much back in 2011... maybe my ears hadn't fully healed from my Koharu binge? Well, whatever, I enjoyed it a lot, and I do enjoy it even now. It's fun, and it really does embody the spirit of a fun, energetic Christmas. Thing is, it also loses its appeal quickly after the first headache hits. The repetition, though, is awesome, and it really is easy to sing along to, because they don't really sing; they just scream and screech and wail SANTA CLAUSE, and not much else.

In short: It's a good song, it's memorable and fun, but I can't listen to it much on repeat any more. I'm kind of getting too old for this hyperactive, ear bleeding song style XD Still, I might return to it next Christmas and re-review it, for old times sake. Whaddaya say? :3

Merry Christmas -Dadada Daijyo v- by IDOL CLASS

Another oldie, I have also reviewed this one, and despite three years passing already, this is a video that I remember quite fondly for its handmade feel and homemade quality. It really is cute, and I'm so glad I decided to look back at it, because it's just as adorable as I remember it...

I kind of forgot the song, though. Well... at least I remembered the video, right? It means its impact is strong, and when your song is weak AF, you need a PV to hold it together and keep the fans interested! Actually, this isn't a bad song, per say, nor is it dull. In fact, I quite like it! The pacing is very fun and it fits perfectly with the video. The vocals are decent, I guess, and its repeat quality feels quite high. It's also not overly cute or stupidly hyperactive, though it does kind of borrow from Joy to The World towards the end. Hmm...

It's a nice song and a cute video, and I do enjoy it a great deal. Definitely check it out if you want something cheap and cheerful this Christmas!

Uchuu Ichi no Christmas (2013-2014 ver.) by Houkago Princess

A HouPri before Maika, huh? Well, if you know me, then you should have expected this one to come up at some point in the list, because it is my go-to Christmas jam! It's cute, it's HouPri, and it's Christmassy! What more could a nerd for HouPri like me ask for, aye?

I love this song a great deal, and yes, I reviewed it already back in 2013 as my Christmas Eve finale. If HouPri were to perhaps do another Uchuu Ichi no Christmas for this year, I would probably review that on Christmas Eve, too... depending on its quality, of course. Still, I do enjoy this song a great deal. It's very Idol meets Christmas, and it's just so darned pretty! Plus, it's HouPri. I kinda love and adore everything they do.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND I really have nothing else to say on that matter :3

Sekaiichi no Christmas by READY TO KISS

Believe it or not, I do think that the READY TO KISS copy of Uchuu Icho no Christmas is a lot better than the original. It's catchier, the instrumental is a lot more energetic and cute, and it feels just like a party song. I kind of want to get up and dance badly, and embaress all the young'ins with my dad moves. I mean, this is damn cute song, and it really does make me want to run around in circles and wave my arms happily.

It reminds me of school discos as a kid and Christmas games, and that's a pretty damn happy memory to have. God damn, I'm all nostalgic, and it's because of this song and all its Christmas feels!

If I hadn't already planned out the videos I am going to be reviewing, I would have actually included this one in my list, despite how much its lighting pisses me off. It's a fun, sweet video, and depicts the fun of a Christmas party filled with cute girls. I like it well enough, the song is really enjoyable, and I just think it is a very sweet piece that makes me get all nostalgic and happy. D'awwww!

Jin Jin Jingle Bells by Twinkle Veil

A cover of a song, this is also a previously reviewed music video from years gone by. Though I find the song quite annoying now, I still think it has undeniable charm and appeal. It's incredibly catchy - to the point where you kind of can't get it out of your bloody head, no matter how hard you try - and the video is a nice watch. I love the costumes on the members especially, and how they bring love to the cute couples of Japan, giving some of them the confidence to move forward with their confessions and actions. Seriously, it's adorable, and you can't help but get all mushy over it!

The song is a playful take on jingle bells, and definitely fits the personalities and charms of the members performing. Though it might not be my type of song now, I understand why Chiima of the past loved and enjoyed it. It's a happy tune, and the overall positive tone it delivers really does scream Christmas joy, doesn't it?

Also... wow, that Santa sounds a little pervy at the end. Ahahahaha!

Star Shine Story by GEM

I don't care if everybody else and their dog thinks this isn't a Christmas song, because I do. It's sound, the energy it holds, the hopeful tune and the colours throughout the video all ring those bells of Noel that I know all too well. Seriously, Star Shine Story is like an exquisitely wrapped present, and I still love it as much as I did when it first came out. Like, damn, I kind of wish it was re-released in 2016, because it would win my Top 2016 songs, hands down.

Yeah, I like it that freakin' much, and I'm kind of annoyed with myself that I left it till winter to crack it on the media player again. That said, it does feel all the more magical when hearing it right now, Damn... has it truly been two years since it was released!? Yes, yes it has, and I reviewed this one, too! Imagine that!

Burnin' X'mas by T.M. Revolution

Okay, so... this was not my idea, I swear! This is actually a suggestion from Danielle, because she adores this guy, and because she clearly wanted me to go on a burning spree with that ugly ass costume. Seriously... T.M. Revolution looks like Tuxedo Kamen, but blind to fashion, clearly. That said, the music video for this is... well, it's definitely from the 90's. Flamboyant as fuck, and making me question everything life has to offer.

This is not a conventional Christmas song, at least for me, but it is definitely a cool, interesting take on one, and honestly, T.M. Revolution is freakin' cool here, despite his horrible choice in fashion. But I think that is what makes it so entertaining, and clearly, it's not hurting his sex appeal; if he keeps singing like that, I say he can wear what the frick he wants.

A powerful song, and the least Christmassy of them all, Burnin' X'mas does leave me with a burning desire to hit whoever made that disaster of a costume, and also makes me want to jump and shout. It's catchy, it's good, it's quite heated in its performance. Too bad about that costume, though.

Seinaru Kane ga Hibiki Yoru by Tanpopo

Another suggested, this is a song I didn't know about. I was aware of the Yuki Tanpop song that includes the second generation of members, but this one is completely new to me. If I hadn't already figured out the videos I was going to review this year, I might have included Seinaru in the mix... alas, but hey! Maybe next year? For now, though, I want to include it here and share it with you all.

The song itself is very pretty and sweet, but the video is so old-school H!P, and I love it for that. It's cheesy and the green screen is terrible, but honestly, it has some spirit and creativity to it, and I can appreciate that. It's just beautiful all around, in look and sound, and I really am glad that this was suggested for me to take a look at when making my list of potential reviews for Christmas 2016. It's really good, and just goes to show how awesome H!P was way back in the day, as well as how different their style is now. Yet, still it sounds so very Hello! Pro, and so very Tsunku.

A classic piece that is sure to get some cheers from those who adore it, and hopefully, it will find love with newer listeners, too. It's a nice little ditty, and it should really be appreciated! Enjoy it, everyone! :D

Winter Alice by Miku

Before I end this playlist, the final song I will deliver is another suggestion, this time in the form of a Vocaloid song! Though I do not look to Vocaloid music a lot, I do like some of it when I give it my time and dedication, and honestly, Winter Alice is very pretty as a song. The vocals are not my favourite - then again, I am not a Vocaloid fan - but I do like the overall sound and idea behind it. The piano is especially attractive, but the vocals feel too quiet. That might just be me, though.

From what I know, Winter Alice is yet another song with a story embedded into the lyrics that is really lovely, but also deeply saddening at times. I admit, I have not read the lyrics that closely, what with essays and all, however I do like what they are saying from what I have seen. Really, though, I am no expert in Vocaloid songs; I don't know how many of them are nonsense, and which ones have in-depth stories and emotions deeply rooted into the words. All I know is, the lyrics do appeal to me, just as the songs bridge does.

It is an enjoyable song, though again, the vocals are not my cuppa tea, but I am sure a lot of people will take great pleasure in listening to this and sharing it with other people, so that they can enjoy it, too.

Deck the Halls with Snow and Singing...


And so ends our Fourth Eve in Idols and music. Hopefully this small playlist I have created for this post has sufficed, and that you all found a song and a group to enjoy for the evening. Personally, I do think I should have included more songs, however the ones I wanted to add are either the ones I aim to review eventually, or I could not find them anywhere online, making it quite difficult include them in this list for your listening pleasure. Of course, not everything will go our way, so I hope what has been included is enjoyable enough!

If there are any songs you enjoy that I have not mentioned, please feel free to comment and share those songs here, or elsewhere! In the spirit of the season we are celebrating right now, sharing is indeed caring, so be sure to give everyone a small gift of song, and come together with winter cheer.

Once the snow settles and your house fills with music, will you dare sing out loud as you open the door to greet the beauty of winter's world?

Until next time, appreciate the beauty of this world, and enjoy the season as well as your Idols. Take care, everyone.

Much Love and Merriment,

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