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Eve of The Idol ∼2nd Night∼ A Winter Night's Tour - Magical Punchline's 'MAGiCAL MYSTERY TOUR'

As the day grows dark and the night draws near, five little witches wield magic they embrace. But when ones power takes flight, it is into the dark they run, on a Magical Mystery Tour to find the light...

 2nd Night 

With our days ending earlier and the nights becoming ever cold, we look to the lights that adorn our streets to lead our way home, and wish upon the stars for a guide. With winter comes a bleakness, however if you head towards the right path, the stars will lead you home, and you will find a rich and warming path of twinkling decoration the closer you are to your destination.

In the most biting of seasons, feel assured that out there, somewhere, the stars and lights will guide you home.

For 12 Nights, and 12 Nights only, let's take a journey with Idols of all kinds and enjoy the wintry styles they have adopted. Whether the song is old or new, let's celebrate all it delivers. This season, let's fall in love with our Idols all over again...

This is the Second Eve, and tonight we continue with a Tale of Journey. When looking for a piece once lost, you are sure to find something else in its place. Something magical...

Are you ready to be taken on a journey?


... Well, that is one crappy looking CGI banana o3o

And why in the heck does it have polka dots on it!?

I kinda want those jumpers.

Hmm, lemme guess... Lina's gonna be one of the bigger focuses in the PV? I mean, just a guess, given she's failing at magic right about now.

Anna's the Hermione of the group; infuriatingly good at whatever she does.

Himari: "... Well, fuck you too."

Himari's spotty banana does not compare to the fire egg Anna conjured.

Lina: "Are you freaking shittin' me right now?"

Lina's done.

Her face when she's annoyed is so adorable, though xD

Lina: "... Wait. WAIT!"

Lina: "I made candy, bitches!"

The absolute pride she has in her ability to conjure CG Candy is adorable as feck.

Yuna: "Ehehehehe gimme da mucnhies!"

ARRRGH that's a scary face! o-O

... And now the candy has a mind of its own? Lina, your magic is a tad stronger than even I anticipated o-O

Lina: "Aw, c'mon! Even my magic doesn't like me..."

Dude, when you make an inanimate object have its own mind, FEEL PROUD! Not even Anna, can do that.

No, they're not cheering at the fact the Candy abandoned Lina, though it would be somewhat hilariously cruel if they were doing just that.

I see lights! *^* Though I pray it doesn't rain; that would be a bit bad, with all those lights dangling around trees and the like... >o>

Yuna's expressions scare me a tad o3o I also don't trust her with anything related to fire, of any form. She might burn the forest down, or something.

She has a crazy look in her eyes.

Okay, Himari's just precious. Look at that cute little grin!

Anna's pyromania is showing. Pretty sure fire excites her o-O

Lina also has a damn crazy look in her eyes. Gonna keep her away from Yuna, for sure o-O

Aaaaaand Rena is just adorable. How can I not feel calmed by her relaxing aura?

Good grief, those costumes are adorable. Very Magi-Girl.

Also the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiights!

Five little Magi-Girls, heading into the woods... let's just pray a Wolf doesn't pop out, otherwise this could get disastrous DX

I just like this shot, and I am mesmirised by Anna's dress, especially.

Precious little Sunflower! Can she center a single, next time?

Lina is freakin' adorable, too, though... when she's not looking like she wants to burn the forest down or exact revenge on the runaway Candy.

Okay, Anna's just freakin' adorable, in general. She may look mature and refined, but dude, she's a kid at heart ♡♡♡

... And Rena is pretty much just a lovable dork XD

Little Psycho in the making Yuna can be pretty damn sweet, too.

Oh, Anna, honey, what the feck is on your head?

And why do you have a broom? Gonna sweep up the remaining Autumn leaves, or something?

Rena's getting ready to call you all out on some BS, or something.

Ah, these are the moments we live for in PV Land XD

... Okay, no, wait, THESE are the moments we live for! XD XD XD

I reckon Lina's waaaay too into this XD And c'mon, Anna, pick up the pace, those aren't even the right arm movements\! Y'all can't just swing em around like you're a monkey!

Himari is kind of too cute for her own good.

Himari: "Okay, THIS WAY!"
Yuna: "Didn't it hide in a tree?"
Rena: "Let us take flight, Minions!"

Unless one of you can levitate, going up is not gonna do y'all any good. Maybe you can ask Anna if you can borrow her broom?

Ah, there's the pesky lil' bugger! GET 'IM!

Lina: "Don't you fly away from me, mister!"

Yes, the Flying Purple Candy is a He.

oH GOOD GRAVY, what are those sleeves and why do they look alive!?

Lina: "Yeeeeeeeh, our costume designer kinda let the machine do its own thing..."

Thank goodness for your Sherlock Caplet, Lina!

... Whhhhy are you holding a book titled Do We Know Jesus! ??? Haaaah!?

This is adorable on so many levels, and damnit, I'm always drawn to Himari! Why is she so eye-catching and cute!?

... And Lina is reading Invertebrate and Fish Tissue Culture. Hmmm... :/

Adorbs to the max, though I do prefer the darker setting to this lighter set.

I actually love when Idols don't look at you, then make a point of staring to the camera as if they know you've been watching all along.

... Okay, that sounds a lot creepier than I intended.

I kinda want these costumes, and Anna and Lina are a really cute duo, aren't they?

Had to get this shot of Rena, she's far too cute, even with her man-eating sleeves.

Anna: "Peek-a... teehee!"

Good grief, she makes it hard for me to not like her!

Ah, there's the jammy bugger! GET 'IM!

And this is just cute, though it looks a tad crowded and shoddily done xD


Hot damn, that's a lot of stars in one place.

I'm guessing they went to one of those planetariums?

For crying out loud, Yuna XD Why is it so hard to screencap you? Too expressive for your own good, child!

Himari is, of course, perfect.

And so is Anna, even with that furry thing on her head. She is so lovely.

This looks like a move still. Make me a move out of these girls!

Rena and her power stance. 

Rena: "Fall in Line, MagiPuns!"

Rena: "Ru∼"

Quite annoying that this is the darkest shot of the light up scenes ;^; But Anna looks so pretty here.

Lina's discovery is so cute, probably my favourite in terms of how everything looks.

Yuna looks like she's greeting an old friend, rather than discovering something new and exciting.

Himari's delayed reaction is quite adorable XD

And I think Rena takes the cake with being the most excited by everything. She's seriously adorable xD

Good grief, Anna, please stop stealing my heart! 💖 💗 💖 💗

Himari is a precious little nutmeg, and she must be adored!

... I find this quite creepy, honestly, especially when Anna looks so stern XD

The cuteness is far too high, I can't contain myself!

Drunken Squad Goals.

Precious, I tell ya. PRECIOUS! 💕💕💕

Awww, look at the cuties! Sleep well, sweeties!

I wouldn't suggest reading in the dark, girls, it kinda messes with yo eyes. Why d'ya think my eyes are messed up!? Actually that has nothing to do with reading at night, but shhhh xD

No! Don't let Yuna near the sparklers! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Rena: "Let's set this shit ablaze, MahiPuns!"

Aw, crap, they're gonna light the night up in another way, aren't they! DX

Yuna: "You bet we will! Hand me the sparklers and matches!"

NU D8<!!!

Anna: "Don't forget, I can wield the power of fire∼"

Aw, crap-a-doodles, you're right. FUDGE!

Rena; "... Gyao∼"

Oh my gosh, so cute. You dork

She is a wonderful tiny bean, and I luff her.

... Wait, are they distracting me with cuteness? THEY ARE DISTRACTING ME WITH CUTENESS! RAWR! D8<

Yuna: "Look! My supper!"
Lina: "Witch, that's my candy! GET HIM!!!"
Flying Purple Candy: "Aw, shizz, they found me. Beam me up, Scotty!"

Good gawd, those sleeves, though o-O

Lina: "Get here, ya little-!"
Flying Purple Candy: "Screw this, I'm out! BEEEEEEEEEEEAM!"

And the Candy flew far, far away, never to be seen, or eaten, again.


... Wait a second...

Well, it looks like we have another story for another day. I wonder, will the candy finally be free, or will MagiPun find it once again and take it hostage? Until that time comes though, dear readers, we will have to finish this Magical Journey, and turn the lights off so we can say good night.

Lights Out.


For this Second Eve of The Idol post for Winter 2016, I wanted to take on a bright and energetic adventure to curve the emotional feelings of Ai Mei from my previous post. With its wonderful atmosphere and magical vibe, I feel like Magical Punchline's MAGiCAL MYSTERY TOUR is a great winter video to take a look at, simply because it shows off the delight and whimsy of Christmas lights, and just how powerful and beautiful stars can be during the darkest season. 

In how it looks and feels, there is no denying that MAGiCAL MYSTERY TOUR, though effective in what it delivers, is quite a simple video. There is a pretty easy story line to follow, and the finished product is not difficult in the slightest to watch or keep up with. It's relaxed and flows, the woodland setting creates that perfect winter vibe thanks to its cool tones mixed with smatterings of warm hues, and the members themselves look cosy and cute in both their winter jumpers and Magi-Girl winter wear. The energetic performance from the members themselves is also quite wonderful to see, and feels almost as natural as the rest of the video does, give or take a few scenes.

I would say one of my favourite aspects of this video, aside from how beautiful it looks and that wonderful winter feeling it brings me, is how unrefined it feels as a whole. Though Rena herself is a an Idol veteran of sorts, the group as a whole still has this very new, approachable quality to them, and to a degree, the video feels that way, too. This gives a rather nice impression of a relaxed, almost homely setting, and that's quite nice to see, especially in a winter music video.

In no way am I saying that the video is cheap because of how it feels, because it isn't, and it is rather well made. - aside from that CGI, but, c'mon - it's more that, I get this incredible feeling of warmth and sincerity from this performance. It's not stiff, and it does not feel forced or phoned it, which is something I greatly appreciate. (Though I admit that, at times, the choreography feels sloppy... but right now, my Christmas spirit is skewing my negativity, for now.)

It's an entertaining video, and I really cannot say much more than that. I like the performances from the members, I've found some strong candidates for favourites, and find that, overall, this is a really charming winter video that perfectly reflects just how magical and enchanting the winter season can be when you add beautiful lights and a lot of colour to a setting, no matter where you might be. It's truly wonderful, and I can't help but feel like I am really feeling the winter love with this music video! It's utterly delightful, and I think that it is something you should all definitely check out if this is the time of the year you enjoy the most.

Energetic, cute and enjoyable in all it delivers, MAGiCAL MYSTERY TOUR is a wonderful winter video that shows off just how beautiful the darkest of seasons can be. In both personality and video, this is a vibrant and bright display, and Magical Punchline have successfully delivered to us something magical and exciting for Christmas 2016. Already I am feeling the Christmas spirit, as well as great hope and cheer for this adorable groups career come 2017.

Let winter's stars guide you to an even brighter place tonight, and let yourself be taken in by the beauty and whimsy that this cold yet wonderful season can provide.

Next time, let's go on an adventure. Will you get ready for it?

Much Love,

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