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Eve of The Idol ~12th Night~ Gimme Gimme Christmas! - PASSPO☆'s 'Gimme Gimme action'

As the Eve of Christmas dawns upon us, we wrap the final presents and place them beneath the tree. Stockings hang above the fireplace or at the end of our beds, and we spend the day in longing wait, keen for the night to begin...

11th Night 

It's Christmas Eve! Everything is ready, from the lights that adorn the walls, to the tree that houses presents galore! It's time to get excited and enjoy all that Christmas holds, whether it is time together with your family, or giving out gifts and receiving them yourself! If you celebrate the holiday or not, remember, it's a time to be happy and remember the year gone by, and the people you treasure in your life. No matter who or where you are, what you believe or whether you practice religion or not, the season that is Christmas is one to enjoy with those you love!

This is the Final Eve, and after 12 Nights, our journey is coming to its grand finale! Hopefully you have enjoyed all these winter treats delivered straight to your webpage, and found something old
or new to adore! Now, however, it's time to celebrate, so crack out those party poppers, dig out your Christmas cake, and enjoy!

Eve of the Twelfth is here, and it's time to enjoy the seasons celebrations! Are you ready to have a peaceful dinner with your loving family, or will someone cause a ruckus before you can say 'Turkey'!?

Christmas, it's a wonderful time of the year, but when everyone is gathered around the table...!


Oooh, Christmas in a cabin! Fancy~

Ahahaha, little baby MioMio is being rolled away! LOOOOL!

Good gawd, look at Mammy rocking those mum jeans! And that double denim! Wowzers!


Daddy: Connoisseur of fine wine.

Mammy: Rocker of all things double denim, deliriously happy.

Ai: The hot nerdy daughter who is totally not hot until you take off her glasses, and let her hair down.

Oh good gawd, MioMio as a baby is XD YES!!! She was reborn for this role XD

I once created a pet pig in my random little drawings that I had named Bacon Chowmein xD

Basically: YES to the Bacon name XD

Hot older daughter Anna comes home with a ragamuffin boy hanging off her arm. Of course Daddy ain't happy!

Bacon and MioMio and Mammy, on the other hand, don't care XD

Oh my days, those faces! XD Ahahahahaha!

Anna: The gorgeous, rebellious daughter who has a thing for the bad boys.
Ryan: THE bad boy!

Daddy: "Anna, what in the heck are you doing with this piece of trash!?"
Anna: "Oh daddy, don't be silly! I love him!"

Ryan: "Hehehe, I'm the nightmare you only wish your daughter wasn't attracted to~"

The face of someone who knows he pisses people off, and scares fathers.

Ryan: "Hi! I am Ryan-sama~ May I call you Dad?"
Daddy: "MKLamkasmdkejern!?"

I PRAY they all auditioned for their roles, cause holy shit, "Ryan" definitely won them over with this grin XD

AHAHAHAHA, Daddy, you have some awesome reactions XD

Ryan: "Ehe, you're a cutie too, aren't you?"

Ryan is getting it on with all the girls in the PASSPO☆ family!

Daddy: "Hey, hey, HEY! You leave my other daughter alone, you rapscallion!"

Ryan: "Heeeey, Bacon, my boy! Gimme a hug!"
Bacon: "Ruff!"

Ryan: "Hey, hey, you're pretty fine yourself, m'am!"
Mammy: "Ohoho aren't you a sweet boy~"
Daddy: "Oi oi oi, stop macking on my wife!"
Mammy: "Oh, honey, what tosh, leave the boy be!"

Daddy: *glares*
Ryan: "Gehehe~"

Aww, what a happy family! xD

Ai: "... Hmph. My Otome game guys are so much cuter..."

The jealousy is strong, indeed! owo

Daddy: "Urgh, need a distraction..."

Yes, because TV will certainly detract from the motorbike riding gentleman caller your daughter brought home.

... EH! PASSPO☆!? Didn't know they existed in the 70's~80's!

Daddy: "Freakin' shoot me, now."

But it's so much more fun watching you suffer!

Oh my days, MioMio is swearing XD

Anna: "Aaaaaah~"
Daddy: "No, no, no, DON'T YOU DARE!"

Some of these perfectly timed clips are absolutely beauts ♡

Daddy: "What in the hey do you see in this jerk!?"

Aside from the good lucks, that killer smile, his leather jacket and terrible taste in shirts... YEAH! What does she see in him!?

Oh gawd, look at all that affection. He's definitely feelin' dat Anna booty!

Ryan: "Gehehehehe, now to check out the other sister...~"

Ryan has zero chill when it comes to the ladies.

Ryan: "Hey~ Ai~ What you playin'?"

AKA: Look at me, I'm so much better than those otome games you escape to.

Ai: "... E-EH!?"
Ryan: "Ah, you're kinda cute with those glasses on..."

Wait, Ryan... what ya doing? Don't go being all cliché, here... >o>

Ryan: "But without them..."

Oh my days, what a She's All That moment xD

Ryan: "Welp, gotta kiss ya now, you beauty, you~"

Ryan. CHILL! You have a girl already, and she's plenty gorgeous, too!

Anna: "What. The. Fu---"


YASSS, go, Daddy, GO! Save your daughters from this human trash!!! >8D


Anna: "My sister, MY SISTER!? Are you ^%$**$@! me, she's a nerd!"

Anna: "How in the *!#$ could you do this to me again, Ryan, AND WITH MY SISTER!?"

Ai: "... Oh, %^*$, Anna's Hulk mode activated again..."
Bacon: "Ruuff?"

Mammy: "Oh my gosh, you guys, how about we all have a slice of yummy Christmas Cake!♡"
Everyone: "... EH!?"

Mammy being her hyperactive, cute self, tries to solve everything with food and chipperness xD

Anna: "Damn you, Ryan! I damn you to Hell and back!" -smacks-
Daddy: "WOAH!"

This is quite possibly the happiest moment of Daddy's life xD

Everyone: "WOAH!!!"
Anna: "DIE!"

The drama! The dilemmas! The suspense!!! Whatever will Anna do, next!?

Anna: "Get back here, you piece of $&!%!!!"
Ryan: "Not the har, not the hair. NOT. THE. HAAAAAIR!!!"
Daddy: "... Okay, I kinda feel sorry for you, now, kid."

*Plays Benny Hill music*

This is basically a ball of a day for Bacon, it's a riot xD

Also, love how Mammy calmly stops to check on MioMio halfway through xD

Oh, good grief, now they're all crying! Damn emotions!

... Wait. Damn you, Ryan!

Ryan: "Whaaaat? I've got loadsa girls on the side, one more shouldn't hurt!"


Ryan: "Er... I'm sorry, I guess..?"

Good gawd, boy, you've destroyed this family, and it's barely even been three minutes since you stepped through that door!

Wow, Anna is not a pretty crier xD

Awww, no, you even made Mammy cry! Now THAT'S a crime, she's such an Angel! Ryan, you JERK! D8<

Ryan: "... Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned the ten other side chicks..."

Ryan: The very definition of a blimmin' homewrecker.


Wait, I said mute, MUTE!

... Oh, you're drowning them out with PASSPO☆? Good job, Bacon!

Roll my favourite clip, ever XD

Ryan: "Huh...? What's that music?"
Anna: "It's... happy...?"

Music, bringing broken families together again this Holiday Season!

Anna: "PASS... PO☆? Passports?"
Ryan: "Yeah, I'd tap all dat."

Shut up, Ryan.

Groovy, baby. Yeah, baby, yeeeeah!

Oh, gawd, there's a twist. TWIST AGAIN!!!

Only in a Hallmark movie could issues be solved with dancing and merriment. Well, that, or Footloose!

Good Bacon!

This scene has so much love in it, it's too cute!


Waaaaait, MIOMIO'S WALKING!? It's a Christmas Miracle, I tell ya, A MIRACLE!

-sobs happily-

And so the fight came to its end, and the family dinner continued without another hitch, though Ryan might have sneaked in a cheeky kiss with Ai beneath the strategically placed mistletoe!

The night is just beginning, but tomorrow is when the real fun begins!


From the moment I saw this PV, I knew that I wanted it in my Christmas review pile. For a long time - well before I found Shirayukihime - I had anticipated for this to be the 'one', my grand finale. After some changes and a few uhms and ahh's, I finally decided to keep this as the final review, because, why not? It's an entertaining PV, and it was the one that made me excited for Christmas from when I first laid eyes on it! Plus, I wanted to go out with some fun and laughter, and what better than PASSPO☆'s energetic, fun Gimme Gimme action?

This is one hilarious video - well, it is to me - and I have a whale of a time watching it whenever I put it on. The interactions between each character is believable and fun, the over-dramatic delivery of their expressions and over-exaggerated fights keep me hooked and entertained, and I feel like each time I watch it, I find it even funnier than the last time, or I pick up on new things that make it better. It's so well done, too, and despite the one-set setup and its simple premise, you can't help but get sucked into this fun and quirky piece.

I think one of the biggest selling points of this MV is PASSPO☆ themselves. In their 'other' characters, they deliver believable, entertaining performances with a lot of passion, charisma and personality. Each and every one of them is defined, perfectly balancing one another out without pushing certain members away from the spotlight or detracting attention from even the smallest of roles. 'Bacon' the dog is a great edition, for example, despite the fact that her character could easily be overlooked because she might lack impact or relevance. The fact that she doesn't, means that the character and depth has been worked on, and we are given the value of each and every individual. It's absolutely amazing that I can remember all characters fondly and individually, because sometimes, other members can get lost beneath stronger personalities. PASSPO☆, however, seem to have figured out how to work together in harmony and create a piece that shows them all in a perfectly balanced setting.

I really do love each and every 'character' in this video, with Mammy and Ryan being two of my favourites. Of all the characters, they are probably the most well-suited and well played, though everyone is great in their roles. Still, those two are my favourites, especially with Ryan and his antics as the player / punching bag. You can't help but love to hate him!

The pacing is another aspect of the video that I thoroughly enjoy, because it really fits with the song. At times, even the acting feels like it has been synchronised to the music, and I'm really loving it! One scene in particular, the AAAAAAAAH! with Anna feeding Ryan, and Daddy stopping her from doing so, sticks out, and a little shoulder shake from Anna, too. I'm guessing this was purposeful, because it is too well timed to be an accident.

PASSPO☆'s Gimme Gimme action is a fun-packed, energetic music video that has a very nostalgic feel to it, and allows us to see a more chaotic side to the holiday season. It's hilarious and even a little bit real at times, though its over the top acting certainly lends to its hilarity. The song is pretty damn good, too, and really fits that Christmas vibe. Often, it borrows from older songs, some I cannot pin-point right now, but I certainly know them from somewhere. Though this can get a bit tiresome, I do love these renditions, and PASSPO☆'s is a pretty good re-do of some classic Christmas sounds we might all know, and some of us will love it, for sure.

Are you getting ready to enjoy Christmas along with the PASSPO☆ family?

With the presents wrapped and stockings hung, Christmas is ready to begin. It's time to start the festivities, and end this journey on Christmas Eve...

Thank you for celebrating the Winter and Christmas Season of 2016 with me this year, and for coming to the final post. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday. Take care, everyone.

Much Love and Wishes,

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