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Eve of The Idol ~11th Night~ Kiss of The Winter Blossom - Flower's 'Shirayukihime'

One these cold nights, I lie on this bed of flowers and dream of you, wishing for a return. Yet once again, I am awaken not by lips, but the kiss of first snow...

11th Night 

Isn't winter beautiful? It creates such purity, despite the fact its loveliness also takes away from us the life of the flowers and the trees. Yet despite this, there still flowers that prosper and peek through the snow, revealing their beauty and allowing us to remember that, no matter what, the snow cannot kill everything with its deadly beauty.

The snowdrop flower is one of my favourites. I also like the daffodil and the lily, however, it is the ability to grow even when the ground is frigid that inspires me so. This small flower, despite all odds, decides that it will show its strength and grow in the coldest of months, peeking ever so slightly through the snow with its head hanging low, waiting to be discovered and loved by all who find it in the midst of winters snow...

For 12 Nights, and 12 Nights only, let's take a journey with Idols of all kinds and enjoy the wintry styles they have adopted. Whether the song is old or new, let's celebrate all it delivers. This season, let's fall in love with our Idols all over again...

This is the Penultimate Eve, and the Eleventh Night we take to the very depths of the Winter Lands, where even when surrounded by beauty, grief still strikes those who enter. Yet, despite all that consumes these beautiful flowers, they still flourish and prosper in the depths of their own cold despair...

It's time to return this Princess of Snow to her true home, but when she returns, will she remember all that has transpired in days gone by...?


Good gawd, this lighting looks annoying e.e Hope it isn't like this all the way through...

... Okay, which one is this? I don't know any of the members' names, and given how much I screw up in these reviews, I'll not attempt it again XD Sorreh~

Yuki-hime: "Mirror Mirror..."

Honey, I doubt the Mirror will talk back to you, so stop now, before you look crazy...


Yuki-hime: "Yeah, bitch, it works!"

Ah fuck, she can put things back together, too! Telekinesis is at play here! Or maybe, the spell Reparo!

wOW, magical mirrors, everyone! Fixes shit and screws up your hair in the process. That's the price of magic, yo!

Yuki-hime: "... FUCK, my hair! Damn magical payments..."

Magic has a price, and it's sometimes physical appearance that suffers.

Wait, is that a nest? Is she a bird!?

And then, once the egg hatched, from within came a beautiful girl, who thought she was a bird...

This looks like chaos in a beautiful land, tbh.

Seriously, though. Is pretty, I love the contrast between the purity of the clothes and the blood-tinted red.

Good grief, this is gorgeous. I wanna go! *^* I want the dress, too! :D

Okay, HOW do they get all these ornate pieces up in the woods!? They're hella pretty, but damn, they look heavy AF.

It looks a bit like a dolls house *^*

This is one gorgeous landscape, here. I wish we had snow this year, then everything would seem as pretty as this woodland... TToTT

That nest, though. Looks a bit like my hair in the morning... e.e

Your return will bring the frost, and this land shall thrive on the snow once again...

Okay, I think I've found my favourite scene! *^* So. Damn. PRETTY!

I really love how whimsical this looks ;^; Gimme ALL the birdcage lamps!

Good gawd, I love that head piece. Pearls, my dear? Nice representation of your tears, there.

Oh! Found my Snow White! :D

Goodness me, she's a beauty! I love her lips, too ♡

How is this MV so pretty? Sony Music, you really know what the heck you're doing. Even AKB wishes they were as crisp and refined as you!

Cannot escape my fascination for this gorgeous setup.

Also, whoever she is, the lead singer is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful vocalist.


It looks like cake, and now... I. WANT. CAAAAKE 8U

I want a bed like this. Can someone make me a bed like this? xD

Good grief, she's a pretty thing!

Mirror Mirror...

There are two sides to every person, no matter how innocent and pure they might look...

Oh gawd, this is gorgeous! So ethereal, and slightly reminiscent of the Celestial Being's Hagoromo.

Still in want of cake. It looks... delicious *^*

Why are there s many gorgeous girls in Flower? Why am I not giving them my undivided attention?

So many questions, all unanswered... for now.

Are they all jilted brides? Is that why they are wearing white and veils?

All the gorgeous, all the Chiima happiness -sob-

I think I love this dress the most. It's just so damn ethereal and gorgeous, and it feels like it represents her being trapped quite beautifully.

The very things that restrain me are all I once loved...

Oh! Subtle differences to the reflection. Is there something she might not be telling us...?

The lies I hold are no longer mine to tell until the glass cracks...

You can escape! Just get on the horse, and leave! Do not be tied by duty or story! Break through the mirror, and find your freedom!

Yuki-hime: "But even when you escape, there will always be a way to make you return..."

This shot *^*

She is so damn gorgeous. Beautiful girl!

Honestly, sweetheart, I wouldn't run through a snow-covered woodland in my bare feet, but you do you, chickedy o3o

It's like it's just eating her, or she just bled all over the nest,

Yeeeah, there's an image for your head o3o KEKEKEKEKE!

The constraints of this prison were tightened... by you...

Yuki-hime: "I-I didn't mean to...!"


Repent and save us all...!

Mirror Mirror by my back... Bering she who can make this world fall and crack...

If only we could all run away from our problems this easily...

Life's a bitch, though!

Seriously: GORGEOUS! I want to keep her as a doll!

Just a merry lil' skip through the woods, now! Toppa de mornin' to yer! :3

In all seriousness, though... Are they all the ghosts of her past, or who she once was? Maybe all the people she left behind, to pay for all the distress she has caused within these snow ridden lands?

Please... please, return to us, Yuki-hime. Save us from this world...

FOCUS!!! D8<

Tears unseen, cries unheard. With no voice, these pearls will tell of her sorrow, instead...

So simple, but so pretty.

In a world that is so beautiful, there is deep sorrow that was planted from a seed, and from this seed, there grew and abundance of flowers who can only shed their tears...

Yuki-hime: "I'm sorry, everyone..."

In this world they prosper, but they can never leave. For they are all puppets, and this is the game they will never cease playing...

And yet, there is hope with each flower that falls, for one day, a saviour will come into their world.

And everything will fall...

So, when her tears finally fall, her compassion apparent at what she has done, the emotions she wields will encompass this world...

Until everything breaks, and the mirror that encases this land cracks.

She is the true Yuki-hime, and she is the one who can save this world.

So for all the sorrow she has caused, her tears are her repentance. The debt has been paid, and their freedom secured.

And again, flowers will freely bloom in this land where only the winter blossoms bloomed.

The beauty of this world will never die, but it will simply change.

Hearts will become whole, and the tears will finally stop.

Ties will be cut, and freedom shall be met, for it is what they have all waited for the disappearance of Yuki-hime.

Even those who cause distress will find freedom in a land with ever changing seasons, because everyone deserves a second chance.

And they will find a world of colour, flowers will bloom all around, and they will be happy.

This is the tale of Shirayuki-hime, who returned to the land from whence she came, to save all she had brought into deep despair with her leave.

And though I would like to say they all lived happily ever after, the future is not as clear as it seems...

For the first time, it is not the fallen snow that awakens me, but...

This has to be one of my favourite PV's reviewed, period. Not because it's a good review, but because it's a good PV. Honestly, I am in love with this one... and I like a lot of them, but god damn, this one takes the cake in aesthetics and winter themes!

Right now, I'm unsure of whether or not this one was suggested to me by someone (Angel, maybe), but when the full PV was discovered, I was in love. It was nothing like what I would have expected, and yet again, it's a sorrowful winter song... but it's wonderful. It's gorgeous to boot, too, and I really cannot get over the setup for Shirayukihime. Whoever did the design is a genius, and they definitely had a vision for a fairy tale-like creation, whilst still keeping it original and fresh.

Originally, I was going to have this one as my finale for the Eve of The Idol reviews, however, after much contemplation, I decided that I wanted the last hurrah to be a fun piece, to round off the delight the season that is Christmas brings me. So, Shirayukihime, in all its incredible beauty, is my penultimate piece, though it is not any less appreciated. Just so happens, I wanted to leave on a happy note.

I've had a whole lot of sorrowful winter tracks this year though, huh? Damnit, Japan, winter can be a happy time of the year, too! XD

Anyway, what can I say about Shirayukihime that I technically haven't? It's gorgeous. It's a masterpiece, even. The set is stunning all around, and I adore the contrast between the white background with the snow covered forest, and the red ornaments that adorn the place. I love what everyone is wearing and how they all seem to represent something different within the video. I love how it seems there is a reason for the members return, and that she is potentially the one who destroyed the land, either before or after she came back. The subtle hints towards the puppeteer being a manipulator in this is also pretty cool, because aside from the girl who is the clear visual lead here, she is the only other one we see 'another side' to. So, I wonder if she's the creator of this world, or if she is simply the one who pulls the strings, and decides what happens?

Whatever she might be, I have to say, it's fun to speculate. I wish there was more to the video, but hey! The great thing about music videos, in general, is that speculation aspect to it, and how much we read into something as wonderful as Shirayukihime.

I honestly won't say much more on the video because, sadly, I am ill and my head is killing me. To round it up, however: This is a gorgeous video with so much to look at enjoy. The members look stunning, the contrast is perfect, and the tone of the video fits the sorrowful feel that the song is going for. The shots are absolute perfection, too, and I adore what they are doing here. Though the story might feel unclear, it's nice to guess what the video is about and assume my own ending. I love Shirayukihime in both sound and vision, and I think that whoever directed this created something amazing.

In so many ways, this might actually be better than Mr.Snowman, and I LOOOOOOVE that PV.

Now that she has returned, will the snow finally settle enough to let spring through...?

Until tomorrow my dears. Please take care, love your Idols, and enjoy life.

Much Love,

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