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Eve of The Idol ~10th Night~ Wishes Before Midnight's Strike - Girls' Generation-TTS - 'Dear Santa;

Christmas is but one day a year, so when it finally comes around, be sure to treasure the day and all it holds, because before you know it, once Midnight strikes, the Magic will come to its end until the next year rolls around...

10th Night 

It is a time of the year to believe. Whether we ask our children to be good for Santa Claus, or to hope for a better new year, the Winter and December's end brings us hope and wishes. As youngsters we look towards Santa and ask of him the things we would like, yet as adults, we look towards a younger generation as well as ourselves for happiness, warmth and love. We hope for a better world, and for the New Year to grant these desires. Whether you celebrate the Christmas season or not, it seems that many people all hope for something better, and to see the world become just that little bit brighter for the on-coming year. 

Every Christmas I wish for joy and love. I want to see my family smiling, and I want to sincerely enjoy myself, too. I hope for my friends to have a good holiday, and to celebrate however they wish, and to be happy, too. Hopefully, this year, you can enjoy your holiday, and think of all the things you like, love and enjoy, too.

For 12 Nights, and 12 Nights only, let's take a journey with Idols of all kinds and enjoy the wintry styles they have adopted. Whether the song is old or new, let's celebrate all it delivers. This season, let's fall in love with our Idols all over again...

The Tenth Eve of this Idol Festival ready to go on an adventure, with memories to be made and happiness to find. Are you ready to take flight and begin a celebration of your own, or will you bring someone along with you?

The magic is about to start, so before it runs out at Midnight, be sure to make as many memories as you possibly can!


... Wait, am I in the right MV? I thought this would be exciting... >3>

Whoah, whoah, no to that hair. Her face looks a tad too long, here o-O

Taeyeon (Taeyong?) is hella pretty, though, BUT STILL! Dat. Hair. No. Thanks.

... Jessica?

JESSICA! TIFFANY! Or Ombre-Hair. Thank goodness for different hairstyles.

Okay, Seohyun? SeoHyunny? Why do you look like you wanna cry? I have a tissue, if you want it... -dabs eyes-

TBH though, I like those dresses.

The lighting is pissing me off here, though. It's casting rays on the screen XD Go away!

Good gawd, please don't tell me the whole PV's lit like this.

This angle is ♡ though!

Good GAWD, you're gorgeous, and very befitting of a regal look.

But pls, get a fringe, or something! Or just uncurl dat hair, gurl!

Holy Damn, you are gorgeous. InstaFAVE!

Wait, a midget! What's a midget doing here?

... Oh wait, it's Christmas. Must be an Elf >o>

... Eh? It's a id? Who let the kid into the mansion? I don't care how impeccably dressed he is, he must have an adult with him at all times, otherwise he might just break a vase, and I ain't having that in this mansion!

That is one fancy ass invite, though. Gold lettering, ooooh!

Seriously, SeoHyunny, you look miserable. Smile a tad more, it's Christmas.

SeoHyunny: "This corset is killing me. So, no to the smiles."

Taeyeon: "Ermagerd, is a ball!"
SeoHyunny: "... Wait, is that wench Cinders invited? I swear, she disrupts all my feckin' balls and steals my manz."
Tiffany: "I'm more worried about that one Princess turning into a frog again..."

Oh HOT DAMN, ombre is looking all fuwafuwa and shit! Cuuuuuute!


Okay, screw having fave members, THIS background is my new favourite thing! And that dress. Gimme gimme!

... An hour? They have an hour until reality hits again? Oh good lord, this is Cinderella, minus the romance!

Oooh, sparkly!

Okay, seriously, though, Tiffany is damn gorgeous. May I marry her?

Awww, she has a puppy! And she's all fuwafuwa in her coat, too *^*

... Her legs are on show, however. WHAT HAVE IT OLD Y'ALL ABOUT BARE LEGS AND WINTER!?!?

... Tiffany Tiffany...

TIFFANY! Watch where the uck yer walkin' >_>

Okay, so you stop but still manage to fall? How clumsy are you?

Also, all the Wonderland vibes. Love it.


SeoHyunny: "Mufufu, I will show you just how cute and happy I can be!"

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out, SeoHyunny is here to make the goods!

A perfectionist, if ever there was one.

Good gawd, I hope I get a cuppycake from SeoHyunny. Baked goods right from her hands, om nom nom nom *^*

SeoHyunny: "Whoops! 5 second rule~"

When was the last time you swept under that table, hmm?

More Wonderland vibes, and oooh, SeoHyunny behind! Kekekeke

Seriously though, Taeyeon is gorgeous. She has quite an innocent nd appealing face.

Taeyeon: "Hmmm, what to get myself this Christmas...?"

Wait, Taeyeon... it's meant to be you getting others something, not you getting you... Know what? Who cares. You do you, honey.

Taeyeon: "Oooh, a present for ME!"

They're all for you, aren't they? xD

I won't lie, when I watched this video the first few times, I thought this was a tampon, or something.

It's chalk =_=

Okay, I do love this. So sparkly and magical! *^*

With a little bit of Hope, Trust and Pixie Dust, you can fly, too!

This is also the best form of transportation to another world here, so I smell... FAVOURITISM e^e

THAT is the smile of someone who knows he's a little shit.

Seriously, though... HOW is Tiffany THIS cute!? She's adorable as heck and perfect. Hands down, the most adorable of the TTS trio.

... I thought the sleigh was a bath. Oops.

This is also a really nice scene, I love.

Taeyeon: "... And then the balloons raised me HIIIIIIIIGH in the sky."
SeoHyunny: "Bitch, you lyin'."

Once again, she looks too serious for this video XD Smile with your eyes AND your mouth, sweety!

OH! This looks like that one scene from High School Musical...

YEAH, that one! It just looks a lot damn cheaper and a little more tacky than Dear Santa's take o3o


And she's pretending to be a Reindeer, too ;O; Fuckin' cutie.

Wait, another Tiffany hairstyle, and more Tiffany sweetness!? Am I being spoiled by Santa early this year?


The absolute adorbs of these three is high, though, and I want to hug them all.

... Okay, I am officially dubbing SeoHyunny as the Hottie of the group. She's my Honey, now.

She may look all serious and bland, BUT NOPE! She's seriously cute, fun and gorgeous when she lets her emotions show.

This has to be the best transition of the MV, and omg, SeoHyunny's absolute love here ♡


I keep falling even more in love with both Tiffany and Seohyun. Help xD

Yep, this is Christmas, PJ's and all!

... Wait, this hair reminds me o--- HOLD UP!

SeoHyunny: "... I look like a moose."


Yes, let's all just look at Taeyeon as she reminisces and sings to us all.

... Yeah, this feels very HSM, too, but I cannot be bothered to get up a picture of that ugly ass moon from the end of the movie XD This is, however, BETTER! (Of course it is XD)

Cheese and Crackers, SeoHyunny, HOW ARE YOU SO GREAT!? Gorgeous, the best singer of the bunch, AND playful!? Whatever did I do to deserve you?

Ah, hello, product placement :3 All the $$$ be comin' in, now.

The Moose-Heads come together for some much needed Selfie Time...

Good gravy, look at SeoHyunny, hamming it up for the camera! Jessica is looking especially gorgeous, as well!

SeoHyunny: "This one's for your, Canada. WAAAH Aye~"

This is actually too damn adorable, but damn, Taeyeon, why throw down the candy cane!? That was violent as fuck! xD

Tiffany: "Let's make all the boy moose go WAAAH!"

gOD DAMN, I'm done for with these girls TToTT

Taeyeon: "Ehehe, touch the butt."
Tiffany: "Ahahaha, Taeyeon, leave me alone! Ahahaha~"
SeoHyunny: "Ewwwwww, Tiffy, you touched the bu~tt!"

These three are so damn entertaining XD I actually never anticipated this.

The Princess of course gets the flying horse. Buckle up, Tiffany!

I love Taeyeon's little jam session here xD

Gotta get a wink in there as a part of my early Christmas pressie, of course!

... I want a snow globe, now ):

(Wait, why are there quite a few snow globes in these PV reviews? Conspiracy theory of the Snow Globes!?)

... AHAHAHA, SeoHyunny! XD She's so weird and cute XD

Tiffany: "Ehehehe, I know what you're wishing~"

TIFFANY! Close that eye or Santa will not bring you something nice for Christmas!

Oh good gawd, I just realised, all these items that are teleporting them are Portkeys o-O

First Disney films, now Harry Potter. What next!?

Oh good gravy, those costumes are cute, but the skirts are all too damn short XD

SeoHyunny is a delight here, too. That child XD

Okay, this is just adorable. SeoHyunny has such childlike wonder ♡

... Dead. I'm dead. R.I.P, Chiima 2016.

Taeyeon: "Oi, get over here! Look what the Snow Globe dragged in with us!"

... Aslan? MGM Lion?

Apparently this lion cheated on all three of them. Of course they're a tad salty and refusing to give him their time of day.

Lion-sama: "You'll regret this, ladies..."

So many scenes, a whole lotta happiness and love ♡

TTS: "FUUU---!!!"

This is why we don't piss off lions!!!

Once the Clock strikes Midnight, the Magic will cease to exist...

But the memories you hold of the time you had will remain forever engraved in your memories...

Dear Santa, This Christmas, I wish for...!


Suggested to me by Angel after I asked for some Korean Christmas songs, Dear Santa by Girls' Generation-TTS was one of two suggestions, with the first being Shinee's Winter Wonderland. Of the two, this is undoubtedly my favourite, and I think you can see just why.

Dear Santa is a blast. It's energetic, bright, vibrant, playful and a oh-so Holiday appropriate. It includes everything you could imagine for a Christmas video: Giant snowflakes, flashy gowns, Santa-red pyjamas, a Christmas tree, snow, gold trimmings, Christmas magic, and more. It's like a giant present with a wonderful surprise inside, a treat you will never forget and fondly look back upon. It's one fun ride, and it's really well done, too, which makes it even better.

Then again, this is Girls' Generation; I kind of expect nothing less in terms of creativity and professionalism. I won't say it's perfect (though it kind of is), because nothing is perfect, (except, this is) however, this comes very close, and I adore every moment of the video, and keep finding myself entertained by whatever I see.

Now, there are two videos to Dear Santa, and both only include minor differences in some solo shots. The first would be the original Korean version, and the second the English rendition. For this review, I actually used the English version of Dear Santa because, quite frankly, I prefer it. I don't know why, but I just really love their English creation as a song. It's pretty, it reminds me of songs I listened and sang to as a child. It makes me feel happy and nostalgic, it gives me all the warm fuzzies, and, heck, I can sing along to it quite easily! Plus, I just think it sounds a little more upbeat and passionate. That might be me, though, and I do urge you all to listen to both, get a feel of how they are individually, then choose which one you prefer. Don't go by what I say, because you know your mind better than I ever will, and you make your own decisions in life. So, check them both out, for sure!

When I first got into both the song and the video, I admit that I was a bit... apprehensive, if you will. I was hoping for something cute and upbeat, befitting of the season. The opening was not what I had wanted, so I was going to pass on it. And then it began, and I was like 'Holy shiiiiit, this is EPIC!'. I have been hooked since, and I love this song and its video, and how both seem to effectively trick you into thinking this is some kind of classical piece fit more for a grand ball, than an energetic Christmas do. It was surprising, but so very welcome.

A good chunk of the video seems to perfectly contrast itself with the opening scene, turning these straight-laced, upright and proper aristocratic girls into fun-loving, energetic sweethearts who seem to have found their inner child once again. It's as if they all wished to be given something exciting after such a hard year (aha, don't we all wish this, after the aftermath of 2016?), and after hearing such a heartfelt desire, Santa grants them what they want for just one hour - the final hour - of Christmas day, showing them the magic and wonder of Christmas, and what it's all about. They find so much happiness, their friendship strengthens, and memories are created, allowing them to return to the real world delighted, hope renewed. It's an amazing little adventure they all take, and I love how we see them go from rather melancholy figures to bubbly, giggling girls who experienced something amazing in just one hour.

I really have little to complain about here, because this video is so well edited and so perfectly put together. I love how the girls are able to transport to these various locations in a variety of ways, and that we see them in different scenes and costumes multiple times. Yes, there is such a thing as overkill, but in this case, this isn't it. There is balance, and a clear devotion to all things that make Christmas so magical. I feel like whoever designed and directed this vision, they knew what they were doing, and it is so obvious that there is a great love for Christmas here. The abundant cheer and colour is infectious and absolutely delightful, and I can't help but think, 'Yeah, it's Christmas, and this is what it's all about'.

I love this video and all it encompasses, and I am so grateful towards Angel for introducing me to it, otherwise I would have never seen it. It is a music video I have been dying to share with you and talk about, and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I have. If you don't, then that's okay, because it might not be to everyone's tastes. For me, however, the campier it gets, the more delighted I become, and this is honestly Christmas in all its extravagant, campy glory.

Before Midnight runs out, may all your wishes come true!

Until next time everyone, please take care, wish for the best, and love your Idols.

Much Love,

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